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[Repository]Imperial Scripts Index

Post by LV » Fri, 12. Mar 10, 19:25

Last updated 12/3/10


Required Utility Scripts for all my plugins

* Imperial Library Scripts

My Lib's simply chill out in your script directory only lifting their sombreros when called upon by other Imperial Scripts to create arrays, objects and sounds.

These Lib's should be installed if you use ANY of my scripts for TC.

* Forum Name Library

In a spout of boredom i decided to add forum members names as another choice when naming ships, can be used by any scripter

* TC {EMP}
The EMP mod for adding extra wares into the game, used by many plugins


Help Topics

* Tutorial Opening the Script Editor

* Tutorial Creating a Menu in TC

* How To Use AL Plugins


Script Index

* Enhanced Jump Interface

Being the benevolent Sith that I am I decided to share it and add some bells and whistles for balance and such.

The EJI will overwrite the stock egosoft navigational command for "Jump to Sector" and also install a hotkey so you should remove your current vanilla hotkey and use this one.

Defined Jump

The Interface's main purpose is to allow quicker jumping by using the Command "Defined Jump" this option allows you to type in the sector you wish to jump to.

example: I want to jump to Family Pride, If I enter F (must be case sensitive) the every sector starting with F will come up with the needed energy requirements for the ship . If I enter Fal it will only have Fallen Shores come up. The full name is not needed


* Station Friendly Fire Interface Hotkey

Once installed you will be given a hotkey to hail stations to apologise for friendly fire.

As long as the target station is hostile and within 5k of your ship (and targeted) you can apologise and the station will revert to a neutral status.

Every station allows you 3 indiscretions before a fee is required which increases with each subsequent apology.

In addition if you happen to be in the middle of an invasion mission or sector where there is a Khaak or Xenon Capital class ship the station will assume that the fire was due to you taking on these enemy ships and revert itself to neutral without charging you.

Only stations thats shields are above 70% will allow any apologies.


* Global Friend Foe Upgrade

Detailed Description

As many people have problems with rogue combat ships they own going postal on races they should be neutral to and hammering down rep i built this upgrade
(As i've broken all my other scripts I also had to write something new before i went insane)

Once installed you will find the option for "Set Friend Foe" in your custom commands interface

The ship will then bring up a menu with option to set races as friend foe


* NPC Boarding Plugin


AL plugin that creates AI M7's that capture all other race ships of classes [M1/2/6/7/8/TL/TM]

the plugin creates 1 special forces m7 for the main races.

(Pirate, Terran & Yaki can be opened by yourself if you wish by docking at the new marine base.)

These ships then scan the universe for bounty and as long as the notoriety between the hunter and the mark is <-99 for your ships or < 100 for other races they will jump in and target the mark. (there is also a 1/50 chance you will be attacked by a friendly race.


* The Apocalypse

Once installed once you start your game you will be given the option of choosing your enemy, You can choose any race to be the enemy!

Once chosen the Entire universe will suffer a fatal unknown virus attack which turns every single ship and station and sector under control of that enemy.

The only sectors left are Khaak, Xenon & Pirate and empty sectors

You many then choose 1 ally of any race, and capture back the universe


* Test Drive & Hire Centre

The plugin is brought to you by Imperial Laboratories, Pilots via their custom command interface can call up the TDI (Test Drive Interface) when in a sector that has a shipyard.

As long as you have enough standing with the race you can either test out their ships or hire them.

When taking a ship for a Test Drive you will be transported to a random sector that is low on traffic to test it's flying prowess, in addition you will be able to test different weapon loadouts and also spawn some dummy ships to see how it's lasers and shields perform. These ships will not effect any notoriety as they are "enemy race"



Detailed description:

This plugin, once installed, will run in the Artificial Life menu automatically. The plugin can be disabled in the same way as any other AL plugin.

The purpose of the plugin is to make the response of a race to aggression by another race upon its military assets more realistic.
One of the big plus points of this plugin, is that it fixes the problem you would normally have with race ships completely ignoring attacks by the player on other race ships. For example if you destroy a station in a sector where there is a capital ship, the capital ship will normally ignore you. This will not happen with JTP. Both attacks on race ships and on race stations will be met with a considerable response.

When JTP response ship incurs enough damage from either by a Cruiser or above, or a wing of smaller ships, it will send an emergency signal to its HQ calling for help. Within a minute or so of sending the message, a number of capital ships (M1 , M2 or M6) will have jumped into the sector to render assistance dealing swiftly with the aggressor. Combat ships in this sector will also be called in. If the aggressor then activates it's own response signal, its own response fleet will jump in creating a major skirmish in that sector. This normally culminates in quite a large fight between capital ships. Once the action is over the ships (if they survived) should then jump back to their original sector.

Players entertaining the notion they can still go wild in Race sectors will quickly learn otherwise!


* Escape Pods

AL Plugin giving the playership escape pods to immediately launch when close to death or on pilot orders.

Escape Pods can be found via Argon Equipment Docks (Teladi & Boron Soon)

On their own they do nothing but after you have set the 2 new hotkeys you can install an Escape Pod to any of your ships.


* Carrier Drone Software

Detailed Description

During the recent terran conflict pirate clans called a brief ceasefire in order to combine their efforts to obtain and research new technology while their enemy's attention was elsewhere

With some help from Pimperial Laboratories pirate clans were not only able to gain access to Terran Hull Plating but also research 2 new ship upgrades

* The Drone AI Interface

* The Drone AI Docking Net

Any carrier with the correct amount of Energy, Microchips, Silicon wafers, Quantum Tubes and Hull Plating can create Deadly Support Drones of M3,4,5 class.

These upgrades can be found at pirate bases and they are not cheap

Once the Drone Interface is installed many options will be available

I've created this plugin because it's simply too costly, time consuming and god dam annoying watching 100's of millions of credits fall down the drain using your own ships as carrier support.

Drones are not that cheap but significantly cheaper than using your own ships and they come ready for action and when they get nuked it's no big deal.


* Upgrade Kits

Detailed description:

On loading the plugin a Goner Upgrade Kit Amnesty Forge will be built in Getsu Fune. The fab will build Upgrade Kits which can be converted into various upgrades. If the station is destroyed it will re-build itself.

Each kit costs 10,724cr and the charge for installing is 94k making it just a touch higher priced than the normal Upgrade as it also installs 1 unit of Nav Software also.

When a ship is carrying UDK's the command "Install Upgrade" will be available on that ship and when chosen it will install a Upgrade.

Both the New UDK fab in Getsu Fune and the Terracorp HQ in Home Of Light will offer UDK's also.


* Imperial Laboratories

Introduces a new race and many upgrades and commands, too big for small description, see topic.


* Medusa Rapid Fire Missile Interface & ECM System

The Medusa Interface is available from Paranid Equipment Docks for just over 1 million credits. Once a ship is equipped you will gain "Fire Medusa" | "Fire Medusa Single target" Commands in any of your ships Combat Menu that have the interface installed.

At Paranid Military Outposts you can also buy ECM anti missile charges.


* Freight Transporter Upgrade

Ships that have the upgrade installed in addition to a transporter device can beam any flying ware which is within 3k of their ship as long as they have space in the cargo hold.

This FTU will also beam aboard other astronaut's on board but remember that you need a cargo life support system for your newly acquired slave.
*****Note feature currently disabled while i find how to tag marines to be ignored*****

Each item beamed onboard costs 5 energy cells!

The plugin also has a hotkey command to speed up retrieval


* Bountyboost

A simple AL Plugin that add additional payouts for killing ships



The Deathmatch Arena is a specialist sector where players are able to test their combat and racing skills

Found to the East of Mists of Elysium players who target the station and are within 7k of the DMA HQ will be offered Deathmatches and races if their rank and license requirement are high enough

Periodically Deathmatches will also be offered in random sectors outside the Arena which players can also choose to participate in

Rewards are cash/ships/stations/upgrades etc


* Dock TS

This command will allow your TS ships to dock at M1 & TL class ships as long as they have enough free docking bays. The TS must also be equipped with a Docking Computer

You can even now command your own ship to dock


LV's TC Scripts
Readme's For All My Scripts

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