[Discussion/FAQ] What are the recommended scripts&mods? Ask here.

The place to discuss scripting and game modifications for X³: Terran Conflict and X³: Albion Prelude.

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[Discussion/FAQ] What are the recommended scripts&mods? Ask here.

Post by jlehtone » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 08:28

It is inevitable. A user will enter this forum, and despite staring diligently at the Community Library and other invisibles, will still have a question of "What scripts&mods are recommended/"must have"?" That will become a FAQ after a while.

If we could collect them into this thread, then the next user with the same question should find the answer from here. This won't sticky, but there is a link in sticky to here, so it should always be within reach without the dreaded SearchFunction.

Occasionally, some summaries look "reasonable". They might beceme outdated though, and are always subjective.
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Post by B0rG » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 09:56

*. Factory Complex Constructor:
position you factories/complexes nice way. Absolutely must have.
thread here

*. SpaceLootTransporter V2.1.1
tired of manually fly over those missiles?
thread here

*. Explorer Software - Scan Asteroids
this command is absolutely must have, but not included in the X3TC, and the script is packed and signed so I can't port it to X3TC. Really need!

*. Ship Creator / Ship Installer
for those of us who don't mind cheater ship or simply more into complexes like myself. I guess this will have to wait until ES releases them to public...

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Post by JoeDawson8 » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 18:31

I think the cockpit call back is a must have for a lot of people. We already have a working prototype even though it causes a crash when docking etc.

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Post by ITFUncleDave » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 19:50

The one thing i REALLY want ported to TC and is a MUST HAVE would be the Commercial Agent...can't live without it D:

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Post by Borse » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 22:04

Automatic activation of SETA after gate jump? I haven't seen this in-game, so I assume it's out. Would be awesome for long travels.
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Post by Graxster » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 23:14

Must have: Unlimited Salvage Insurance (part of Cycrow's Cheat Package). I'd hate to have to play the game w/o this! :D


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Post by ThisIsHarsh » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 23:31

Though you can capture big ships now with marines, I still haven't seen any NPC vs. NPC pilot bailing. For that reason I wanna see a X3TC version of Bail Signal Extension.

It really provided a whole other non-combat income as a salvager. Also opened up the piracy route much better since you could use non-playerships to cap ships. This would be especially useful with the new 'Attack shields' command.

One thing it really needed though was NPC salvagers to compete against to balance it out a bit, but thats a topic for another thread.

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Post by AxisKiller » Wed, 22. Oct 08, 01:41

Yes, I hope that Bail Signal Extension will be re-made for XTC, capturing ships was fun and that was my main source of income in X3R. One pirate here who wants his NPC vs NPC bails back. I'm reinstalling X3R to play on the side just because of this, until I get some of my favorite scripts back. (I can't live in X3 without scripts :P)

Also, I would love to have Cockpit Callback remade for this, as some other people said.

Hmm, what else...Race Response Fleets? (This may have been included in XTC, haven't gotten much playtime in yet)
Sector Takeover?

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Post by Garga-Potter » Thu, 30. Oct 08, 18:21

Commodity Logistic Software... where are you both? Can't live without these wonderful scripts...
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Post by Scoob » Thu, 30. Oct 08, 18:53


CLS and CAG are available for download as Alpha builds on the German forum - they have full english language files included. Been using CAG myself for a while now & it's been working flawlessly - don't know why they call it an Alpha at all! :)



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Post by andrewas » Thu, 30. Oct 08, 18:54

CAG -> http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=216726
CLS -> http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=216728
EST -> http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=216730[/quote]

Use babelfish to translate the instructions if you need to, but the scripts themselves will run in english.

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Best Mod to replace MK III traders question

Post by Mad Ashy » Mon, 8. Dec 08, 13:29

For TC 1.3 what is the best mod to get some pilots hired to do trading I hear MK III is still broken in 1.3 and soon I will be buying a second trade ship.
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Post by maxfever63 » Mon, 8. Dec 08, 13:40

Mad Ashy
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Post by Mad Ashy » Mon, 8. Dec 08, 13:44

Thanks mate I'll try that out :)
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Post by wyvern11 » Mon, 8. Dec 08, 13:45

nah ! commercial agent is for factories

EST is for free trading
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