[SCR] [X3TC+X3AP] [25.01.2009] [V3.7.1] SpaceLootTransporter

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[SCR] [X3TC+X3AP] [25.01.2009] [V3.7.1] SpaceLootTransporter

Post by Cadvan » Fri, 17. Oct 08, 18:48

German thread


Cadvan was bored. Again a battle was fought and the space was filled with floating wares. Everything ok so far, but collecting the loot was.... a bad job.
But automated ships are worse: drifting in circles they need up to christmas to collect one container.
There has to be an other way.
Back at his headquarter he commanded his engineers to find a solution.
After a short period of time they presented the SpaceLootTransporter.
Only a transporterdevice was needed.
Cause drifting container in Space are so small, the maximum range decreased to 2500m and the cargo could only be transferred complette. But this was still better: no more exact flying over a Container.

The Engineers succeded even to let automated ships use the SLT. But here no human controll the progress, so the maximum distance was set at 1000m for security reasons. If the ship has to approach the container its down to 500m. Here the Special Command Software MK1 was needet too.
There are two options: either the ship collects a single container or its collecting every container in sector if possible until it gets a new command.

After some more time and work SLT could now even beam Drohnes, Satelites and Lasertowers onboard. So now he could use Freightdrones on M7.


After downloading the Zip-File extract the Files form "scripts" to the same directory in your Terran-conflict-directory. And files from t to the t-directory
The file in deinstallation is only used if you want to uninstall the script.

Or even you download the SPK-File and use cycrows Plugin-Manager to install the script.(availible as beta)

With using this Script your game will be automaticly set to modified.
With the start of your game you can assign a hotkey.


- Playership: Get the container as target and hit the hotkey. Everything should be transportet now.
You need: Transporterdevice

- Remote Ship: Choose SpaceLootTransporter - Collect Ware in special commands. Then you choose the Warecontainer.
Or: Choose SpaceLootTransporter - Collect Ware in Sector in special commands. Then you choose the Sektor to collect in and to collect illegal goods. ( 0 means don't collect, 1 means collect)
You need: Transporterdevice, Special Command Software MK1

General Info

On Playership you can use a hotkey to beam the wares directly in your cargohold.
Container have to be within 2500m, you need enough space in cargo for full transfer and your ship must be capable to carry it.
If an error occures, the reason will be told with audio-comments.
Remote controlled Ships are flying near the target (500m) if the distance is greater than 1000m
Ships with command collect in sektor will do so as long as you don't command anything else or its cargohold is full.
If it cannot find anny more container it will send you a message.
Full means that no remaining container fits in cargohold and free space is less than 1%
Ship with full cargohold will move to a save station, dock there, sends you a message and ends the command.
If your ship has assigned a homebase it will fly over there.
On Playership you can collect now Satelites, Drones or Lasertowers with hotkey.
Freightdrones have to be unloaded.


SpaceLootTransporter(SPK-Format for Plugin-Manager)

This is my first script and im native german. I'm still learning, so it may not be perfect written. But now its complette as long as there is no bug found and statet. I will erase the bug then of course.
Or if you have some ideas wich would fit i will see if i can make them possible.


02.10.2008 - 1.0.0 - First release with hotkey only (X3R)
03.10.2008 - 2.0.0 - Remote controlled Ships can use it (X3R)
17.10.2008 - 2.0.0 - Script written again in X3TC - same like X3R-Version
20.10.2008 - 2.1.0 - Changed error-messages from logbook to audio,
Reworked English Translation
20.10.2008 - 2.1.1 - Error in audio-messages corrected
21.10.2008 - 3.0.0 - full automated in one sektor now is availible
22.10.2008 - 3.0.1 - Fixed idling-bug
23.10.2008 - 3.1.0 - Added Ware
23.10.2008 - 3.1.1 - Dangerous bug found and killed
23.10.2008 - 3.2.0 - changed Ware
24.10.2008 - 3.5.0 - Removed Ware, cleaned Script. - this Version will be sent in to signing, i hope it will!?
02.11.2008 - 3.5.1 - added Delay, added error-message in collect-sector, corrected t-file (english), command no more availible in fighter drones and spacesuite
06.11.2008 - 3.6.0 - added to hotkey: transports Drohnes, Satelites and Lasertowers too
09.11.2008 - 3.6.1 - Sectorcollector now stops its command when cargohold is full and docks at save station
09.11.2008 - 3.6.2 - Collect in Sector - bug killed
11.12.2008 - 3.7.0 - Activated scripteditor is no more needet. If your ship has a homebase it will fly over there if the cargohold is full. If the cargohold is full or no more container are found it will send you a message.
25.01.2009 - 3.7.1 - Cargocontainer now explodes after Transport. Collect in Sector now asks to collect illegal goods too.


T-File: 7010
Pageid: 7010
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Post by Cadvan » Mon, 20. Oct 08, 04:15

Version 2.1 released

Errors are no more printet in logbook, you can hear them now through audio-messages.

English Translation reworked


Version 2.1.1 released

problem with audio-messages corrected

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Post by davey666 » Mon, 20. Oct 08, 15:09

Great Idea, maybe this can be added to mining shios too, the collection of minerals and rocks is slow too.


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Post by Coruskane » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 02:26

thankyou :)

1 significant step closer towards 'freelancer playership hit tab and everything is gravy'

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Post by mrgman » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 13:28

sounds cool but your download link takes me to a download button pic lol
can you pm me when the link is updated please

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Post by Cadvan » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 13:37

davey666 wrote:Great Idea, maybe this can be added to mining shios too, the collection of minerals and rocks is slow too.

Basicially a good idea. But thjere are allready scripts out there who are made to collect rocks. (for example lucike's prospektor, listet in german S&M-Forum)
Maybe they will use my script to collect the ore!?
To collect the ore they need to call plugin.huefte.cargotrans.transp and tell the target.

this will come up with next version im working on at present. its allready collecting everything in sector if possible. last problem is: after collecting everything its idling aroubnd forever!? :-S
maybe it will come aout today, then this script is complette.

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Post by reanor » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 16:53


Your link points to a picture. Please change it so we can finally download your script.. :lol:
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Post by Cadvan » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 18:09

Version 3.0.0 Released

Full Automation implemented.

Now you can command a ship to collect everything inside a sector. It will do this until you give an other command.

To make it easy accesable i needed a seccond command-slot

Download-button removed. now you shoud be able do download it.
(i don't know why firefox wantet to download the picture instead of the link)

Version 3.0.1 out now
fixed minor bug in Collect ware in Sektor (ship was idling even when there are container left)

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Post by Cadvan » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 18:43

Version 3.1.0 Released

Now you ned a new ware to run the SpaceLootTransporter,
Remote controlled ships don't need the spezial software mk1 any more

SpaceLootTransporter - Computer enhancement should be availible at every Argon Equipment dock. price 95.343cr.

Im no beats and im writing this script not only for me but for you too. If you have suggestions like: "without costs it smells like a cheat" then tell me so and i can change it.
I've chosen to not need EZ every time you use it cause the transporterdevice itself dosen't need them too. in my story i said it needed computer poser, so i choose to use an so called computer enhancement.
It may be a little bit expensive, but it's an "one time price" and not "pay every use"

Next time please tell me suggestion directly here and don't say: the other script isbad/a cheat" in toher threads, so i can work directly on my script for us all.

I still have problems with the price:
availible prices would be:
477 - used by egosoft
393 - used by egosoft
7.945 - used by lucike: Commudity logistic software
10.752 - used by lucike: commudity logistic software
38.996 - used by egosoft
95.343 <- at moment used here
501.338 - used by egosoft
601.595 - used by egosoft
and 6 times 477

wich free one should i choose?

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Post by Cadvan » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 20:21

Bug found and eliminated.

there was the posibility for an invinitive loop, wich could kill your game.

if you have allready used V3.x, you need to install new Version.

Version 3.1.1 released.

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Post by tatakau » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 20:54

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Post by Cadvan » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 21:38

at present after some change of words in devchat i'fe changed to ware 08, so costs are down to 38996cr

if you have allready used it in version 3.1, you need to run the uninstall-script of version 3.1 bevore you use v3.2

an option mentioned in chat:

every time you use The RWT you loose a little bit of your hull. For example 25 points!?
Whats your opinion for this?

the next days (maybee tomorrow) i will rework the script so i can send it in to signing. so please tell me your opinion: what would be better:
loosing hull? no costs? need a ware?

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Post by Makita » Thu, 23. Oct 08, 23:50

IMO i think all i it should require is a transporter.

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Post by tatakau » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 00:42

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Post by Cadvan » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 06:25

your wish, my command. this script is for you, so you should choose.

first i have to say sorry because of everything yesterday was going on here.

in the next hours i will work on version 3.5:

no costs added like it was first.

only transporterdevice and for remote controlled ships spezial command software.

Version 3.5 because i will rework it so it can maybe signed (i will send it in)
sugestion from Devchat wrote: SUGESTION if neccesary for signing - please state your opinion

I think if costs are necessary for signing i will add a small amount of hull damage (for example 25 points. a m5 has around 900 points;-))
of course with watching status: hull lower 50% then the SLT wont work and send message.

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Post by Cadvan » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 08:35

Version 3.5.0 is out now

no extra ware is needed any more.
only Special command software for remote controlled ships.

i've even made a script to clean the mess i probably made with your save if you have used a version from 3.1 or above.
only copy it in your script-folder from TC. After the next start your equipment docks should be fine again.
After save you can delete it again.

This Version will be sent in in hope it will get signed - maybe.

Bugs, suggestions, ideas: please tell me so!!

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Post by Makita » Fri, 24. Oct 08, 21:36

I was thinking i would be cool if the shields would lower a second or two before the transporter could initialize then another second or two to go back up, would make it alot more realistic. Just my 2 cents.

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Post by Cadvan » Mon, 27. Oct 08, 09:42

The last days i thought about your suggestion. but i cannot find the point. in X3:R it was needed to open cargobay and so to open shields to collect ware. Not to do so was one intention of this script. in TC this isn't needed any more. and you even don't have to open your shields to transfer wares between ships or to beam yourself to another ship.

but still: thanks for your opinion and suggestion :-)

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Post by draffutt » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 21:13

Hello Huefte;

just tried this out.

1) in your next update can you change the 7010.xml in your .spk to 7010-L044.xml? my german is really bad. :D

2) if i use the the collect ware in sector on a remote ship betty says command accepted even thou my ship did not have a transporter device installed so my ship just sat there for a while before i realized this. but if i use the command collect container betty says transporter not installed. so can you include this voice message for collect ware in sector for the remote ship that does not have a transport device installed?

3) since you are going to try and get this signed can you include these commands in your setup file so the command doesn't show up in the fighter drone menu:

Code: Select all

 0019  global script map: ignore: key=$command1, class=(fighter drone), race=(player)

Code: Select all

 0025  global script map: ignore: key=$command2, class=(figher drone), race=(player)
personally i like to keep my command menu clean as possible of commands that are not usable for a given ship.

4) Player ship: if the player clicks on collect in sector and selects a sector betty says autopilot activated but the player ship doesn't do anything. but if a player clicks on collect ware and selects a floating ware the ship undocks and collects the ware.

5) suggestion maybe put a small delay in collecting each individual item. i was able to pick up 15 items floating around my in one swip.

hope your script is accepted for signing.
None of us is as smart as all of us. ~Ken Blanchard

TC player bug fixes
Reunion player bug fixes

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Post by Cadvan » Sun, 2. Nov 08, 16:04


thanks drafutt, i've made the necessary changes.

1. t-file renamed. Cause every egosoft-english-t-file is without -L044 i thought it schould work here to. changed back to 7010-L044.xml.

2. Added the voice message that transporter is not installed when commanding to collect in sector and transporterdevice is not installed.

3. now you cannot use this command on fighterdrones and spacesuite.
freight-drones still have this command.
originaly i intended to let every ship use this script. but youre right. neither spacesuites nor fighterdrones can possibly use it, so i blocked it for them now.

4. i don't know why, but i've tested it here and it works fine with playership. when it has enough cargospace free and the floating wares can be loaded it will left the station and collect it. otherwise it will of course stand in station.
no errormessages added for this case cause if you have 10 automated ships like this floating arround you don't really want them all to call in every second or!?

5. i've added a delay of 2 seconds after every transport.
i've heared bevor that this script could mutate to a vacuum-cleaner so i originally only decreased the range for automated ships. This delay is a good idea too :-)

Bevore i allready added the voice out with wares you have collectet now when using hotkey :-)

Version 3.5.1 is out now with the changes above.

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