Index of Bonus X2 Plug-Ins

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Index of Bonus X2 Plug-Ins

Post by CBJ » Tue, 20. Jul 04, 01:11


They are x2 plugins and will either already be in X3, not ready or dropped
[/quick edit]

Bonus material for X2 is now available. The descriptions of these Plug-Ins are available here:

ZIP Version for MAC users [hosted by LV]

MAJOR UPDATE - All plugins have been reworked to some degree. Most changes to existing scripts were minor in nature. You should download and install this new package to get the latest versions of your plugins.

Latest changes marked with a *

X² All In One Bonus Package v. 1.04.01 [11/8/05] download from the Bonus Material Downloads Page
see installation / usage instructions and complete version history at end of this thread

This complete archive contains all of the bonus plugins, any number of which can be selected for installation.
Simply run the .exe and follow the instructions. Only the plugins you select will be installed.

  • The first time you run the installer, make sure you have all of the plugins that are already active in your game checked, otherwise they will be removed.
  • The installer program will suggest a possible installation directory. DEPENDING ON YOUR COPY OF X2, THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE CORRECT DIRECTORY. Double check which directory on your hard drive actually contains your game, and make sure to point the installer to this location.
The all in one package contains all of the following plugins:

Advance Trade Command Software MK1 (formerly BPH Upgrade Kit MK1) v1.40.04 [11/8/05] - (advanced factory based trading software) [unofficial FAQ]

Antiballistic Missile Defense Mosquito v5.0 [11/8/05] - (defense from missiles for small ships)

Basic Patrol Commands v1.03 [11/8/05] - (assign ships to patrol any number of sectors)

Commodity Logistics Software MK1 (formerly Kri'Me SDS Station Delivery Software) v9.2 [11/8/05] - (supply software to aid setting up player owned factory loops)

Exchange Freight v1.1 [11/8/05] - (exchange freight between two ships)

Fusion-Injector (formerly Tuning Kit Mk1) v3.0 [11/8/05] - (temporary afterburners for ships)

Hired Gunnery Crews v3.02 [11/8/04] Trained personnel man the turrets of your ships, increasing effectiveness [FAQ]

Manual Trade Commands v1.5 [11/8/05] - (intelligent manual trading commands)

Station Management System v3.1a [11/8/05] - (station management software with logging options)

TelCat - Teleporter Catapult v1.61 [11/8/05] - (quick launch and carrier/fighter management commands)

Trade Command Software Mk3 v1.41 [11/8/05] - (includes universe trader)

Waremanager v1.0 [11/8/05] - (manage wares in trade stations / equip docks)

The following downloads are also available on the Bonus Material Downloads Page:

TP-Rename v1.04 [21/07/04] - (automatically rename TP class ships with orders to carry XL goods, useful when upgrading X2 to v1.4)

Note: Bonus Material downloads are for registered users only and may not be mirrored.

Hopefully coming up!
- A piracy script allowing the theft of cargo from other ships
- The Xai Corp advanced AI
- Autonomous mining software
- AL plug-in scripts (if you have any of these, please submit them for signing)

How to Use the All In One Installer

How to Use the All In One Installer
You will be given an opportunity to check or uncheck each individual plugin to be installed. After the first time you run it, the installer will remember which plugins you have installed and will have these checked by default when you next run it. It will update all of your installed plugins to the latest version.

Whenever any plugin is updated, we will release a new version of the all in one installer. Simply download the new installer and run it. All of the plugins that you have activated in your game will be checked by default to be upgraded. If you want to add a new plugin, simply check it to be installed. Run the installer to upgrade all of your installed plugins. It's that easy!

Uninstall Feature:
If you uncheck a plugin that is currently installed, the installer will give a warning message. If you continue, the installer will partially uninstall the plugin by removing the necessary files from your /scripts folder.
To complete the uninstall and correctly remove the plugin, you must revert to a save game from before the plugin was first installed
If you do not go back to an earlier save, but remove the files, the plugin may still be partially active in your game. If there are any wares, these will likely still exist (although do nothing), ships which are running the commands will continue to run them until stopped, and all sorts of other weird things may potentially occur. Do not attempt to remove a plugin unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. Ask in the forums if necessary, we will be happy to help. Uninstallation is an unsupported feature which is provided for your convenience.

Autosave Backup Feature:
To make reverting to previous saves more convenient, every time you run the installer, it will create backups of your two autosaves, X20.sav and X21.sav. These will be placed in a backup folder with the names X20_1.sav and X21_1.sav. The next time you update your plugins or add new plugins by running the installer, these saves will be renamed X20_2.sav and X21_2.sav, and two new backups will be created as X20_1.sav and X21_1.sav. The installer will save up to 6 different pairs of backup save games before deleting the oldest ones (1 being the most recent, and 6 being the oldest).

The nitty gritty details for the power users out there:
Common files are always installed and updated
When unchecking a plugin, only the setup.xml files are removed. This way the plugin will no longer activate on game load, but the core scripts will still be in the /scripts folder to prevent possible problems.
If you have multiple installs of X2, the installer will not recognize that you are installing to a new directory when deciding which plugins to check by default, it only remembers your last settings.
If you use the installer for multiple installations of X2, and you use the windows control panel to uninstall, it will remove the scripts from every installation directory.

All in One Bonus Package Version History
1.04.01 - a few script conflicts resolved, MTC: cmd display fixed, Basic patrol: restart on game load fixed, CLS: experience calculation adjusted
1.04.00 - major update: renamed/updated a few scripts, added AMDM script, added excahnge freight script, added MTC script, added TelCat script.
1.03.03 - added packaged versions of languagefiles
1.03.02 - 1. Polish language files added, 2. Start menu addition now X2 instead of X²
1.03.01 - fixed german and english default install path
1.03.00 - 1. Patrol: friend/foe override fixed, 2. Trade Mk3: fightdrone bug and traveling thru xenon sectors fixed, 3. BPH: khaak detect range to 65 km.
1.02.00 - 1. GC: incorrect crew calculation honestly fixed this time, 2. SMS: numerous small fixes, 3. Patrol: new enemy detection logic
1.01.00 - fixed incorrect crew calculation in Aegis Gunnery Crews
1.00.01 - introduced new versioning system, 1.00.00 used to denote bugfixes, feature adds, 1.00.00 used to denote minor languagefile fixes, cosmetic changes, etc.

edited by Abyss & Burianek
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Post by veelad » Thu, 22. Jul 04, 20:29

CBJ .... what does BPH mean bud ?


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Post by Aro » Thu, 22. Jul 04, 20:44

Some ETAs would be nice too..
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Post by CBJ » Thu, 22. Jul 04, 20:55

The SDS is imminent, the BPH is still a week or so away.

I'll get back to you on what the BPH is. ;)

Edit: OK, all I've been told is that it is similar to the F.A.T.E script. Hope that makes sense to you.

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Post by Scarecrow » Thu, 22. Jul 04, 22:24

Don't have a clue

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Post by veelad » Thu, 22. Jul 04, 23:54

Thanks CBJ

I just run a search on FATE and some posts indicate its some sort of trade script that can run factories with one ship (hope im right) :roll:

both scripts sound good to me, cannot wait

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Post by moggy2 » Fri, 23. Jul 04, 00:02

F.A.T.E was the predecessor to Xai Corporation's Trade Commands Mk1 which allows 1 ship to service all the needs of a station. Supplying all the required resources and selling the product.

Another Xai Corporation script cloned by the script development team. :P

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Post by vonstalhein » Fri, 23. Jul 04, 18:01

I would absolutely LOVE to see a faster laser mod signed. This, in my humble opinion, would make a much more fundamental and important change to the game than Bph, and would make it a LOT more fun, fixing, as it purportedly does, a number of combat issues uncluding having to get so close to an enemy to shoot it that you run the risk of being rammed.

After all, you don't have to run it if you don't want.


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Post by Burianek » Fri, 23. Jul 04, 19:14

I wouldn't hold your breath asking for a mod to be signed, that's not really the point of signing things.

A signed script adds to the functionality of the X-universe. A mod makes a deliberate change to how things work. If the devs wanted to make a mod official they'd just incorporate it into the game ....

(Learn to live with the modified tag, live life on the edge ;))
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Post by Falimer » Sat, 24. Jul 04, 12:29

Note for PPL trying to download the TP name changer the link points to a non valid link if you change the link name in address bar at the end where it says 1.3 to 1.4 it works :-) :idea:
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Post by Argonaught. » Sat, 24. Jul 04, 17:28

moggy2 wrote:Another Xai Corporation script cloned by the script development team. :P
I agree with that.
The least that Ego could do is give credit where it is due.
Apart from the TPRenamer those other scripts were first created by the Scripting folk here and not the Ego Scripting Team.
Saying these signed scripts are original will get everyone here up in arms so please don't attempt it.....we've had these scripts from the fans first, those above are slightly altered player made scripts so EgoTeam can get away with claiming it's their work :o .

I have yet to see them sign off on player made scripts that all are using or have used.

Can't wait to see what they call SEWSDatalink.
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Post by CBJ » Sat, 24. Jul 04, 18:04

If you look at the SDS script you will see that it is credited to GothicK who is, I believe, a script developer on the German forums.

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Post by BurnIt! » Sat, 24. Jul 04, 19:33

Well in fact there are no signed scripts on the download page that come from Egosoft - they were all made by users from these forums. (yes, even the MK3 Trade Software - written by mkess and myself)

By the way, who said the Egosoft Scripting Team claims these scripts as their work? We look at the scripts that have been submitted for signing, test them and if they meet the requirements they will eventually get signed.

So please stop spreading such false accusations because - quite frankly - that's bullsh*t!
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Post by OnlineKenji » Sat, 24. Jul 04, 20:04

It is always fun when an Admin gets mad enough to throw out profanity. Good job!
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Post by BurnIt! » Sat, 24. Jul 04, 20:18

OnlineKenji wrote:It is always fun when an Admin gets mad enough to throw out profanity. Good job!
I fail to see the "fun" part here.
In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft. / In peace lies strength.

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