[TC] T.M.I. Complex Suggestions

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[TC] T.M.I. Complex Suggestions

Post by deca.death » Sun, 29. May 11, 14:10

Terraformer Military Industry

I often find myself trying to explain some new player where and how to invest. Here are some examples of my complexes, few tips, and many useful guidelines for new player, everything in one place for easier future reference. So...Terraformer Military Industry (T.M.I.) is small industry for combat oriented players who actually don't like building too much. You could say that this is a "bare minimum" of constructing/building you need to reach endagme phases (not that you need to build really anything but still...). Type and position of many of these factories will be safe enough that you won't need too big defensive fleet as well, leaving you to play game the way you see fit.

Missile Retail Sellers

One small issue: "Missile retail sellers" as I call them (missile plexes that sell small quantities via M5 to EqDs) are by some players considered an exploit. Thing is, Every EqD and every company HQ will actually buy small quantity of any missile type (even weapon IIRC) even if they do not stock item. This mechanics is presumably devised in order to rid player of unnecessary combat loot. If not normally stocked, Items sold in this way just "disappear" from game and (providing you sell small quantities in many runs using M5 as a seller) you could do it forever - effectively circumventing normal mechanics of supply and demand on the market. So it's not an exploit in a way of selling your ship twice, but still... it's safe, highly profitable (Input (Ore/ECells/BoFu) will cost you roughly 60k/per fab/per hour, and you’ll get 202k/per hour from the EqD selling Dragonflies. Net profit = 140k. 2x more than food/weed/booze/teladianium… and 50% more than with 1MJ shields...) and it certainly could prove unbalancing, especially if you decided to make enormous megaplexes selling exclusively that (in similar way as nvidium mining). Solution which I would carefully advise is to make just several dozens of these factories to serve as top profit weapon industry, but also building other factory types as well. Economic aspect of this game is rich and interesting, no need to castrate and monotonize it by using exclusively one type of a product /one way of earning money.

When you determine what type of missile you want to produce (usually Dragonfly and Wasps for starters) dock at customer EqD/Company HQ and check amount of missiles they are willing to buy (have those missiles in cargobay). Your M5 seller should not be able to carry more then EqD is willing to buy at once, otherwise it would disrupt your manual trade run routine. For manual trade run you'll need Trade Mk1. Sw. and Trading Extension Sw. Set price at missile average -1. Launch the “Manual trade run" order. It’ll ask you from which station you want to buy. Select the missile fab /select the missile (money will be taken from your player’s account), select the EqD, select the “repeat” option. It should continue on it's own now, no further attention required.

1) AdvSat-Drone Factory:

Complex cost: 18.5 Mil.
Profitss: 0.24 Mil /hr
Location: Any with 25 yield silicon asteroid
Online Complex Calculator link

This is useful complex in early game stages, useful for all players but mandatory for ST/UT trader commodore. It requires some energy input and delivers steady production of Fight drones mk1 and Advanced satellites.

2) Newbie missile production:

Complex cost: 16.4 Mil.
Profitss: 0.6 Mil /hr
Location: Any with 25 yield ore asteroid (IS EqD is very advisable)
Online Complex Calculator link

This is complex that I would recommend new (combat oriented) players to build ASAP. It will give you ability to spam missiles at will, thus significantly improving your combat value, ensuring that extra kick you need in difficult situations (when facing PBG armed fighters for example) it will produce tempests, Dragonflies, wasps and Hurricanes. It's not expensive, and don't be concerned with input resources cost, that Dragonflies/Wasps sold as retail will net you enough to cover all expenses and some extra. Later, when you fill few TSes with missiles, you could sell the rest. Build a complex in a same sector as dock that doesn't stock missiles produced if possible.

3) Dragonfly Retail Seller:

Complex cost: 10.5 Mil.
Profitss: 0.76 Mil /hr
Location: Queen's Retribution
Online Complex Calculator link


This one is great for beginners. Low cost, very good profit plus you get to improve Boron race relations via trade. You will need one TS+ (S.F. variant, as big as possible) to buy Ecells on CAG script, bu even simple "buy Ecells for best price" will work.

4) Wasp Retail Seller:

Complex cost: 36 Mil.
Profitss: 1.3 Mil /hr
Location: PTNI
Online Complex Calculator link


(build it 25 km above x coord. btw.)
It has healthy Ecell surplus and very small crystal/silicone wafer deficit so you'll need one CAG (train it up by Kor'ah CAG/CLS pilots training guide) and harrier hauler for selling wasps to PTNI hq. it cost only 36 mil and it's completely self sustained, fire and forget.

5) Avarice Booze-Weed Complex:

Complex cost: 74 Mil.
Profitss: 1.6 Mil /hr
Location: Ex-Avarice (Unknown Sector next to Montalaar)
Online Complex Calculator link


As you can see, other industries require much greater investment for similar results. This compelx requires no input, it's completely self sustained and good thing with Weed-Booze plex is that distribution is not yours concern, NPCs will buy your stuff as produced. You need no ships here but I put one CAG to each of my complex, just in case.

6) Scale Plate Weedplex:

Complex cost: 69 Mil.
Profitss: 1.5 Mil /hr
Location: Scale Plate Green

Online Complex Calculator link

This is something very similar, weedplex in Scale Plate Green.
EDIT: This sector borders Xenon, although it's possible to build there other locations might be better suited for beginners. Alternative locations would be: PTNI HQ, Profit Center Alpha, Ministry of finance.

7) Military One:

Complex cost: 94.6 Mil.
Profitss: 2.4 Mil /hr
Location: Antigone Memorial
Online Complex Calculator link


This is your first and real military production megaplex ready to feed you fleets with all types of missiles. It will primarily produce Flails and Hammers for feeding M7Ms for your boarding or destroying operations. Further more, it would produce Tomahawks for your bombers (what's an army without a bomber : ) and Typhoons /Wasps as a general swarm combat missiles. It's a huge investment but once you fill up few of TLs with missiles to use as buffer you could sell excess in same way as missile retail sellers do and net very handy income. Serious army needs serious backup industry, and war ships without ability to shoot missiles at will are not nearly as effective. Btw EqD in Antigone Memorial does not stock any type of missiles produced ; )

8) Terran Two:

Complex cost: 140 Mil.
Profitss: 2.2 Mil /hr
Location: Asteroid Belt
Online Complex Calculator link


Now this is my complex used for developing Terran part of my military forces, supplying them with weapons and missiles which are hard to get by or are especially useful. For example Poltergeists are kind of Terran heavy wasps, they retarget if previous target is destroyed so very little goes to waste. They are very effective if you feed them to your terran based carrier fighters and still small enough that won't damage your own ships when detonating under launch by enemy fire, unlike more powerful missiles. Further more, capital Terran weapons ensure you will be able to equip Terran Capital ships, which are most heavily shielded destroyers in game and are among rare vessels able to withstand power of Q in OOS. And here are few small weapon factories, terran fighters tend to be quite powerful and are handy to fill carrier with. Of course, size and scope of this particular complex might be reduced or enlarged as needed to better suit your player style and affinity for terrans.

9) Hub Chipplex

Complex cost: 240 Mil.
Profitss: 4 Mil /hr
Location: Ore Belt
Online Complex Calculator link


This monster is IMHO bare minimum of what you need to finish HUB quest in some reasonable time. It consists of 25 chip factories and it is completely self sustained full loop. Build two if you have the patience : ) Build ASAP and store chips in TLs, even before quest. Btw chip plants could be temporarily closed for "crystal phase".

Complex protection

Here is what you need to know about your complex protection. Location is the first and major thing. Do not build your complexes on Xenon migration routes. Do not build in sectors neighboring Pirate strongholds such as Gaian Star or Xenon sectors. Do not build in Zyareth's Dominion, actually avoid all upper right part of map. Core sectors are much more safe then border. There you will be protected by race military. Build your factories 25-30km above main trade lines, so pirates will not bump into them. Assign a security team to each complex. One M6 (any kind will do) and 5-7 of Solanos, arm all gun mounts with strongest weapon possible. Order Solanos to attack the target of M6 and you will only need to issue order to M6 team leader. No need to waste wing there. This will be your security forces to to deal quickly with those annoying stray pirate fighters and other low intensity threats (and to keep powerful foes busy long enough). Assign one powerful "worst case scenario" rapid response team. Pair of M8s filled with Tomahawks, a Carrier or M2, even well equipped M7 will do if you are comfortable taking out multiple capitals with it. These ships might never be needed but if they do, you better have them ready.

Building tips


As you see in these pictures, I practice grid building (layers rather then cube) which is fairly fast method and still looks quite neat. In short: First you need advanced satellite (I usually put it in the middle of sector, 10-15 km above x coordinate, bigger sectors may require more). Next pick some location, I would advise in a sector corner (least busy) but still visible on default zoom of sector map. Always build 30km or so above x coord. to avoid enemies just to bump in your complex. Then tow your mines there, grab them by building part and try to position them to connect easily afterwards (mine buildings toward complex position). Then build factories in some logical layers, hit "K" and zoom in to see how your factory looks like and how it's best fitted onto others. Group similar sized factories together, target previous factory, align with hitting nr. 5 on numeric kb. then move it not to overlap with neighbor. Check both axes (hit 'Ins'). It takes some time but after few complexes you'll pick up.
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Post by Infekted » Sun, 29. May 11, 14:14

That's awesome. Good job 8)

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Post by GCU Grey Area » Sun, 29. May 11, 14:37

My favourite early game factory: Drone Production Complex.

Costs under 10 million to build including 1 TS to fetch e-cells (as long as you don't go mad with the size/spec of that TS) & produces mk1 drones at a faster rate than I can normally use them. Mostly a convenience build rather than for profit - saves the bother of having to buy drones a handful at a time from the NPCs. Complex calculator reckons profits of 134k/hour but can't confirm that since I always keep all the production for personal use. However since mk1 drones are stocked by a vast number of Trade Stations I don't forsee any problems getting rid of them if they were to be sold.

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Well Done!

Post by David Howland » Sun, 29. May 11, 19:10

What a great job deca, a fine comprehensive guide to plex ideas for the beginner. The only idea I would quible with, is your SPG rec., if you are going to build next to Xenon, then weapons/ missiles that can used against them would be the order of the day for me. My SPG plex produces Guaze cannon and amo. also EBC and amo., keeping my defence patrols supplied and turning a steady income! The weedplex might be better positioned in PTNI, just a suggestion?
My Miltary 1 plex is in Ore Belt which is next Terecorp HQ where more than half my new ships pick up jump drive and other ext. supplied there. My hub chip plexes are in Rhys Desire and the massive silicon sector further south.
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Post by Master of the Blade » Sun, 29. May 11, 20:14

actually avoid all upper right part of map.
Not once have I been attacked in the UK sector West of X534, and it has truly impressive resource yields, including large Nividium asteroids. My favourite homebase sector.

Also, the UK East of Zyarth's Dominion has relatively poor resource output with regard to silicon, but is again safe from most attackers. I've only been attacked by the 3x pirate fighter attack groups when set up there too.
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Post by deca.death » Sun, 29. May 11, 21:25

GCU Grey Area wrote:My favourite early game factory: Drone Production Complex
Yes, that's what I lack: small drone /adv.sat production complex
Useful and needed right from the start

I will add that later


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Re: Well Done!

Post by deca.death » Sun, 29. May 11, 21:37

David Howland wrote: What a great job deca, a fine comprehensive guide to plex ideas for the beginner. The only idea I would quible with, is your SPG rec., if you are going to build next to Xenon, then weapons/ missiles that can used against them would be the order of the day for me. My SPG plex produces Guaze cannon and amo. also EBC and amo., keeping my defence patrols supplied and turning a steady income! The weedplex might be better positioned in PTNI, just a suggestion?
Thnx David.
I already put Wasp Retail Seller in PTNI, well complex places are just suggestions anyway, you can build those complexes wherever you like, provided that few asteroids with same or more yield are IS.

Scale Plate is in a middle of good busy trade route, it's in a Teladi space, and has few good asteroids. If built 25-30 km above x coord. Xenon are bound to leave you alone in most cases. If not, all you need is good M7 or M8 full of missiles. Of course, no SETA overnight if you like this kind of "adventurous" building ; ) Btw i almost got bored, hundreds of factories, hundreds of defence crafts and no attack whatsoever ; )

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Post by Hubert99 » Tue, 21. Jun 11, 15:57

Very nice and useful thread.

Some quirks I have retail selling Flails.

So I have my Flail plex in Avarice (Unknown Sector), and assigned a Kestrel to sell Flails in Ianamus Zura.

First, my Kestrel started out all empty ... no idea why. It went to the Teladi Sapce Equipment dock, than returned to my complex. Than, it loaded only 4 Flails, although I was careful to make it have exactly 40 units of cargobay available (8 x 5 = 40, where 8 is the number of flails the ED buys, and 5 is the volume of a single flail)
The complex of course had enough flails, 64 in number, so this can't be an issue.

So question, why does my Kestrel only load 4 Flails, when they are available, and it has enough cargo space ?

It has one 5 MJ shield equipped and 12 energy cells. That's 3 + 12 = 15, from the max cargo capacuty which is 55.

PS. Nevermind ... eventually he got the idea, and now is working as intended ... no idea why was he hesitating, though. :)

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Post by saco3 » Sun, 3. Jul 11, 16:20

Is there any specific reason to choose the boron chip stations for the chiplex?

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Post by nponoBegHuk » Sun, 3. Jul 11, 16:39

Boron food is cheap.
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Post by saco3 » Sun, 3. Jul 11, 18:55


2nd is how did you manage to line up the asteroids in that manner. I've check ore belt and they ones you used are scattered around the sector.

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Post by deca.death » Sun, 3. Jul 11, 23:37


It's mentioned in a guide, thingy is called tractor beam and you can tow /rearrange your assets (stations, mines very slow ships like Aran) at your liking, including mines and asteroids they were built upon. You have to OWN the asset to move it btw, so don't you get funny ideas : )

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Post by GalenEvil » Wed, 6. Jul 11, 02:09

Not sure if this is entirely the best place forthis post to go, but my phone is having issues with the advanced search today.

What distance between stations do you use for your ggrid? Is it determined by the minimum distance that the stations are safe from collision or a static distance that is safe for most stations? I ask because some stations, like 1MJ shield fabs, can be nested really close to one another to look sorta like <<<<< if looking at it from the top or bottom while others are flatter and can be stacked like ||||. If it just a distance based on station geometry than please tellhow you determine the safe distance between stations.

Or if your advanced search can find it please post a linky to where such information can be had.


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Post by deca.death » Wed, 6. Jul 11, 09:02


Well in the beginning I used exact on km place method which varied with each station type (for some i used 1.5 km, others 2.5km etc) but lately I just placing them by approximation, hit "K", check both intersection lines (ins) and just place one near the other. Works as same and it's quicker. You cannot detect any imprecision by naked eye, at least not on my complexes.

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Post by Flozem » Wed, 6. Jul 11, 17:38

Lasertowers are cool too... nice fireworks and nothing beats the firepower of 200 Lasertowers destorying an enemy fleet. I finished that particular Balance of Power mission where you fight off a Terran fleet with them...

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