[MOD] No Floating Icons (removes floating mission icons over stations)

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[MOD] No Floating Icons (removes floating mission icons over stations)

Post by Graxster » Sun, 26. Oct 08, 19:10

This mod will remove the big Trade/Fight/Think/Build icons that float over Stations. You will still be able to see which Stations are offering missions by opening the Sector map and looking for the small icons next to the Station name. I didn't remove the Blue Book one (for storyline missions). Enjoy!


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Post by corhen » Mon, 27. Oct 08, 05:52

i agree thoes are too big, how about a "." sized dot with the color of it?

a Green period for Build, a Red for Fight, and White for Think, and a yellow/gold for Trade

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Post by Sandalpocalypse » Mon, 27. Oct 08, 06:22

Nice. Thanks.

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Post by unknown1 » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 21:53

does this works with 2.5?

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Post by Argonaught. » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 21:59

Yea works with 2.5 .

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Post by Schabernack » Thu, 23. Aug 12, 09:36

It seems it doesnt work with AP 2.0,

I also used either minimal hud or pure hud, but also without any hud the icons above the stations are still there.
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 23. Aug 12, 20:56

The cat has the wrong folder structure for X3AP. The IconData.txt has to go to the addon/types folder. So either create a types folder in the X3AP-"addon"-directory and place the IconData.txt in it or change the folder structure within the cat, so that it says "addon\types\IconData.pck".
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Post by Schabernack » Sat, 25. Aug 12, 14:45

i installed the X3 Editor 2.

i opened the 07.cat. And when i choose "safe as", i created a folder "addon" parallel to types within 07.cat. Within "addon" a subfolder "types". There then i tried to safe but got Error message.

Error saving file:

Interface Function SafeFile of plugin TDebugger
(DS.X3E.TDebugger.MainWindow)[TDebugger.plugin] threw exception

The Objectreference wasn't defined to the Objectinstance(this last part was translated from german)

:oops: so what did i do wrong?

after the first time i did it nothing changed in the cat, but i checked again the cat and there the folders i defined and the IconData.pck was there as intended, still that error message would be nice to know what that was about.
Out of curiosity, when the IconData.pck has been opened with the catmanger, there seems not much to be done there, it says:
watch from offset [empty] to [empty] #Button Clear#
and below empty columns Name,Value, Index

Shouldn't there be something in it?

i wanted a parallel folder so it would be a version compatible to TC and AP,
is this the correct way to do it ? or is it just lazy :D

i tested now a cat version with and one without a parallel structure


both versions were put into AP/addon folder
thereby i got graphical bugs, first in the start menu and later after undocking from station.

the original cat version i also put into the AP/addon/ folder, there i din't get any graphical bugs, but the the floating icons were still there.

it all worked out now, majorly i believe it had to do with using the X3 Editor 2 with system administration permissions.

Also when i compared the IconData.txt from the addon/01.cat with yours Grax i noticed some variables were missing. As i believe the changes you made were due to setting the "...,...,0,0" zeros at the end i uploaded the changed IconData.txt. If the other missing variable were intended please elaborate.

And at last last i want to ask if i can use this mod/idear within this
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Post by ptb_ptb » Sun, 11. Nov 12, 16:48

I think it would be nice if we could have an "AP Fixed" version of just the Icon Remover available in this thread.

Not everybody is going to want all of the merged mods in Minmax installed.

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Post by boy » Sat, 15. Jun 13, 01:36

I'd also really like to see this posted for AP. The floating icons are currently the only constant annoyance I have with the game right now. :(

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