[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Turbo Boost

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[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Turbo Boost

Post by jlehtone » Sat, 24. Apr 10, 19:57

Turbo Boost

Version: 2009-12-17
Scripter: Cycrow
Thread for development version
Bonuspack index



When the Split decided they needed a bigger advantage in combat, they commissioned Cycrow Technologies Inc. to create a device capable of pushing their ships even faster.

The result was the Turbo Booster which is capable of temporarily speeding up ships beyond what's normally possible. Although the device was very successful it wasn't without its problems. Due to the amount of strain it adds to the ships engine the device needs to cool down after use and can only run for a limited time.

The device is available from all good Split Equipment Docks. The MK1 (1,845,524 cr) is for small ships, and the MK2 (7,926,236 cr) for large ships.


Using the Device

The device is designed to integrate into any ship and a simple hotkey can be used to activate and deactivate the device. Configure this hotkey in your ship's control system to use.

Energy Requirement

The device requires a certain amount of energy to use, this can come in 1 of 3 ways, either use (1) spaceflies, only one is required for the whole duration of the turbo. Or just use (2) good old energy cells, but the device would require a constant feed of these to remain active. Otherwise, (3) the device links into your shield generators to use your shield energy to power it.
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Post by jlehtone » Tue, 27. Apr 10, 16:04


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Post by Harrass » Thu, 29. Apr 10, 20:21

Any hint, where exactly i can find this one to make a hotkey ?
The only boost i see is the standard one.

Deleted User

Post by Deleted User » Thu, 29. Apr 10, 21:19

Was looking for this myself.

Found it by going to controls and interface. Scroll down and you will see the command asking for a key bind.

Now to try it out myself!

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Post by Predator02 » Fri, 30. Apr 10, 10:12

Okay, crash on use issue.

Steam version 2.6 using 4.1.00 of the bonus pack
Turbo boost crashes on use when used in either in proximity to an enemy ship or near a large object (like a gate.)

Problem occurred in Neptune orbit, first battle of the Terran Start.

The older non bonus pack version from 10/20/2008 works fine though without the nice bottom screen meter.
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Post by DeLoreanLover » Fri, 30. Apr 10, 22:08

So basically it's Turbo Boost from X-Beyond The Frontiers that the Xperimental Shuttle had on board, it just doesn't drain the shields.

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Post by ncc386 » Fri, 30. Apr 10, 22:30

I just wish it didn't have a cooldown period. It already eats energy. That should be enough of a penalty, IMO. Good mod, though. I do like it!

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Post by jlehtone » Sat, 1. May 10, 11:55

DeLoreanLover wrote:So basically it's Turbo Boost from X-Beyond The Frontiers that the Xperimental Shuttle had on board, it just doesn't drain the shields.
I do not know what X-Btf had, but this script is pretty much the same as the Afterburner script in X2 and X3R; it does increase engine tunings (i.e. overtunes speed) of your ship temporarily.

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Post by Xenon_Slayer » Sat, 1. May 10, 12:10

If you have no energy cells, it uses the shields (which I prefer anyway).
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Post by rujikin » Sun, 2. May 10, 17:14

reminds me of freelancer now :D
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Post by mr.WHO » Thu, 6. May 10, 16:54

Is it possible to switch between "Fuel" (flies or EC) and "shield" modes?

I carry EC for jump drive, don't carry spaceflies because they're illegal and I'm qiute happy with powering the booster with shields (or even with guns if it would be possible).

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Post by Gruber1232002 » Wed, 2. Jun 10, 21:22

It may be helpful to mention the difference between mkI and mkII and the general energy consumption by ship type. For quite a while I thought mkII made mkI more efficient. :roll:

Thanks for the great mod BTW :)
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Post by mr.WHO » Wed, 2. Jun 10, 21:25

From what I uderstand, Mk.2 (in addition to Mk.1) is required to turbo the capships (M6 up).

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Post by ADStryker » Thu, 3. Jun 10, 03:48

mr.WHO wrote:...Mk.2 ... is required to turbo the capships (M6 up).
That's consistent with my limited testing.
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Post by Targ Collective » Thu, 3. Jun 10, 03:52

But not with mine. My M6 runs fine with only Mk1. I would say M7 up.
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