[script/mod] ImprovedRaces R15.31 (24.04.2012)

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[script/mod] ImprovedRaces R15.31 (24.04.2012)

Post by djrygar » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 00:48

"Improved races aims to make the races more of a threat without changing any ship statistics.
This is done through the use of items, new artificial intelligence routines, and...sometimes...overwhelming numbers."

for information and download of original, R13 and R14 versions please go to this thread

This is continuation of great plugin written by 7ate9tin11s. Since he is not around for a moment, we took care of it trying to balance and patch it up to make it more stable and even better.

have fun!
Rygar and Jack08

    This plugin is able to initiate wars between races. Shipyards will produce assault fleets of different sizes, and use them to takeover sectors from their enemies, and regain control over lost territories
    It allows player to take control over sectors, collect taxes from AI factories, some change from your own factories, and taxes from planets in system (depending of their size and distance)
    It changes behaviour of Xenon and Kha'ak, making them very aggressive and dangerous, also gives them new abilities. Kha'ak use different AI for combat and similar tricks like players use - they try to isolate and outnumber single ships. They are able to build stations in far corners of sectors and perform invasions from there. Xenons use another tactics to defeat enemies - figure it out how to stop them!
    IR adds defence fleets for Yaki and Pirates, they are also able to perform their own assaults to gain new territories. Yaki have few additional features that allow them to effectively defend themselves even from hardest assaults
    Because factories often get destroyed, shipyards will launch additional TL ships to build new ones. They will mostly deploy basic food/minerals/energy plants and Trading stations/Military bases, but all others are also possible, even beam factories!
    Friendly races will also build factories in your sectors (taxes..taxes...), provided that they have shipyard nearby and are not friends with previous owner of the system.
    IR contains a dynamic notoriety system (called TrueRelations), that will make it very hard for player to befriend with all possible races, when they are lethal enemies to each other. Rule is 'friend of my enemy is my enemy' is used by all races (but also opposite - "friend of my friend is my friend"). This system will force you to change the way you play, make game much harder and more interesting. You will need to ally with different races and earn good notoriety with them to be able to complete plot missions. This alone will make game MUCH longer than usual, as you will not be able to travel everywhere you want everytime you want, especially when sector defences are now very tough. This system has also another side effect - when you try to actively earn your reputation, it will rise faster than usual, because of 'oscilation' effect
    (for example - you do a very hard mission for argon, that improves your Argon notoriety considerably. This has 2 effects at first - improves your Boron notoriety and worsens Paranid notoriety. But then there are second-grade changes (obviously much less intensive). Because of improved Boron notoriety you gain even more Argon notoriety (so here is oscillation effect), and loose Split notoriety (so you loose a small amout of Split notoriety, even if Split are neutral to Argon)
    Forget about buying a ship in shipyard and sending it to action right away. From now, you may immerse yourself even deeper into X universe. Order ship at Shipyard, and shipyard will start its construction ASAP. Painful? Yes. But as soon as you get used to that, you will notice that it is more natural than just immediate spawning of unlimited number of ships. And here's a candy for you. Shipyard, for a fraction of ship's price, will offer you a warranty for this ship. When ship's hull is broken, you may just dock it at this particular shipyard, and it will be fixed for free (of course fixing also takes time). Time needed to build ship is exactly the same that is needed to build other IR ships (Guardians, Assaults, Taskforces). Of course this is optional feature.
    You can set relations between races (with several exceptions), and TrueRelations system mentioned above will take those settings into account. Race1 is also covered here, so you can adjust Litcube's Phanon Corporation relations with other races
    Several sectors in universe is excluded from possible assault targets so you will be able to finish first plot lines
    You may earn money and notoriety by eliminating occupants of lost sectors. Previous owners of the system will be pleased when you fight in their name and will show this appreciation in hard cash. This way you can earn lots of notoriety even with race that hates you, without cheating and taking vanilla artificial missions.
    automatic fixer that will update notoriety changes. In vanilla game you surely noticed when you improved your standing from 'enemy' to 'friend' against some race, some stations, lasertowers and ships belonging to this race remained unchanged (they are still "red" despite you being friend with race). This function works only when you (or one of your ships) enter sector, so there is no performance hit (no background task). Since ver 15.25 there is also an enhancement to this function - auto sector mapping. If you enter friendly area, stations that you can dock at (i.e. friendly and neutral) will be revealed automatically. Yes, I know this 'kills exploration aspect', but.. really, come on ;) We have XXI century now, and GPS system is already considered ancient:) We have google maps and hundreds of other mapping solutions - isn't that really stupid that in future stations cannot drop some kind of beacon that will advertise that it has something to sell/buy? And, what sense of exploration you have while discovering Argon Prime for 27th time?
    Almost all of features can be switched on/off during game so you can shape your game the way you like. Use Cycrow's Plugin Configuration Menu to set options (you may run setup menu from AL PLUGINS menu as well)

AP Libraries by 7ate9tin11s of at least r2 for common functions
AP Libraries SPK: http://x3.rygar.net/AP.Libraries_r2.2.spk

  • Image ImprovedRaces
    requires Plugin Manager to install.
    Note Read about known problems below and how to avoid them
  • Image ImprovedRaces Addons
    'No wrecks mod'
    (files TDocksWrecks and TFactoriesWrecks in types folder)
    Destroyed factories and docks will not leave any trash that in extreme situations can fill whole sector when there are frequent battles

    'Gentle sounds'
    (wav files in "s" folder)
    2 slightly modified sound files for ship computer: 'missile fired' and 'enemy in range'. I filtered them down a bit (cut off high frequencies) and lowered volume a bit. Also they don't start so agressively, but fade-in quickly. Did it especially for new IR's function that removes Khaak fighters, so you dont hear short (few milisecond) peak before script kills them. I made them because my ears were bleeding while playing X

    'IR missile mod'
    (file "TMissiles.txt" in types folder)
    Missiles have high speed, prices in 500-10.000 cr range (most of them is cheaper than 5000 credits) but are weaker than vanilla ones. Great thing for hull multiplying packs. Also makes missiles available at Military Bases in reasonable quantities, as well as lets you equip your fleet using single factories instead of huge missile complexes

    'Real Defence MIssion (for Khaak and Xenon)'
    ("Director" and "t" folders)
    Writtten by Mysterial. Generic fight missions. Look on S&M forums for more information

Known problems:
Those are currently recognized problems, unsolved yet either because they are hard to find or require huge amount of work/time to resolve.
  • Yaki Aodeon Response may cause performance problems after longer time of gameplay. It is good idea to not enable it

This script shall not be used together with Race Response Fleets (RFF) or Military Base Response Revamp (MBRR). Those scripts are more or less similar to Improved Races, and you should use only one of those 3 at the same time.

STO (sector takeover) will work, but it is not required as most of its functions are integrated in IR. It MAY potentially cause problems.

Pirate Guild and Yaki Armada are generally OK to use with IR

Ship/Weapon modifications are compatible.
SHIP REBALANCE MOD is strongly recommended. ImprovedRaces even requires it to unlock some of its functions (like new khaak ship)


Install SPK, start new game, change pilot name to Thereshallbewings, save and load game. Now you can set up plugin options

If you want to use Hot War option (race wars), remember to set up race relations properly!
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Post by djrygar » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 00:48

Guides & FAQ:
  • Does this script require new gamestart?
    No, you can start it at any point of game
  • Nothing is working after installing SPK file
    that because you need to enable and configure it
    see here for some details:
    http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php? ... 41#3628741
  • Can i use the hotwar editor without true relations?
    Of course you can, Yes!
  • Is that compatible with X3TC Xtended mod?
  • How taxes work?
    see here for details
    http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php? ... 71#3400371
  • No wrecks mod

    this file contains 2 files that should be dropped to "types" folder, that will remove 'destroyed' variants of factory models.
    It very often happens, that races constantly fight over the same sector, due to how HotWar logic works. Normally, this may cause sectors to be filled with so many factory wreckages that will make it impossible to even enter there. This mod will remove all those models from game. There is no other way to get rid of them (except you doing it manually one by one). Wrecks that are supposed to be there (like wrecks in Presidents End sector on in The Hub) or other plot-related wreckages will not be removed. They are defined in different files
  • Those Khaak are MAD!

    - yes they are. The key to defeat Kha'ak is to destroy their base by any possible means. They use bases as jump beacons so they can send additional forces right in base's vicinity. Also, if they don't control sector yet, they cannot build guardians, meaning their bases are vulnerable to long-range missile attacks.
    - unless you have sizeable fleet of your own, don't expect to kill them all with your wonderful Hyperion. If you are in early game - join other fleet and help them win. Khaak Destroyers will usually win with all other ships when 1 vs 1, so key to defeat them is to use large number of ships, so they cannot focus their attention on single target
    - Khaak are able to jump between bases easily. They are controlled by single Hive Mind ;). It's very hard to defeat them because they drop reinforcements from other bases pretty quickly. You may use this to your advantage, attacking 2 bases at the same time.
    - big Khaak ships are built from smaller ones. If you kill small scouts and interceptors, Kha'ak station will not have smaller Khaaks to build bigger ones. It cannot create destroyer out of nowhere (but they still can come from other base)
    - beware - from destroyed station swarm of really angry corvettes will show up. Really angry. They will immediately attack ship that destroyed station!
    If sctor is controlled by Kha'ak and you see guardians around station, it means that station has Kha'ak Queen inside. She will pop-up from destroyed station with additional Corvettes. Be prepared ;D
    - Destroying Khaak or Xenon stations will give you huge notoriety increases! You will be loved by race that you helped. Remeber about that when having True Relations enabled, because that increase will have consequences with enemy races (probably that will change in future so this increase will not affect other relations)
  • Economic Booster!

    - this is invaluable option for those who love to fight, but hate to build infrastructure. Vanilla universe is purposefully designed with many holes in economy, so player can trade. There is constant lack of food and energy resulting in poor availability of weapons. With EB enabled, shipyards will build additional infrastructure, mostly for basic goods, that will fill those holes. It also helps when many factories is destroyed by IR-created fleets.
    For Traders this will be competition and challenge, because many good-old-well-known trade routes will become invalid (but also new ones will emerge)
    TIP: unknown sector, the most south-east on map: if you take it under control, Borons almost always will build a Military base there (if youre friend with them of course). Mil.Base will give you good chunk of tax-money plus some small military support for you
  • Plot protection!

    - some sectors are excluded from possible targets to allow you finish Terran plotline. Plot protection works like this: shipyard before invading checks a short list of sectors that should not be invaded, then checks sector for indestructible stations (for example pirate station in unknown sector next to PTNI is such station). It's good idea to kill those stations using cheat package after doing part of the plot that used them, and this way IR will no longer see this sector as protected.

    2 stations that are particularly a trouble are:
    * Terran patrol base in heretics end - it is created by Terran plot and locks whole Terran area - because of this station heretics end is protected, kill this station after doing Terran plotline, so other races may invade terrans.
    * Teladi food factory in Grand Exchange, where you get orders to destroy convoy in tears of greed. This station locks Grand Exchange, so Xenons have less possibilities to get out of their sectors. Destroy this station after Truelight Seeker boarding during Goner Plot.
  • Ship types

    IR is designed to use all possible ship types. Yet, from v15 it will not use Prototype, Enhanced and Advanced variants. Those ships are supposed to be unique, so seeing large fleet of Advanced Mambas somehow spoils sense of achievement when you finally get one in your hands. Also, in v15 I have implemented caching methods to save CPU cycles, so IR does not have to test all available ships when it wants spawn single fighter. While this saves a lot of performance, you must remember to use 'reinstall' option after you install new ship mod, that introduces new ship types. Do this when, for example, you install new version of Ship Rebalance Mod that introduces new ship types.
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Post by djrygar » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 00:56

  • removed xenon limiter
  • tokens for guardians are granted at 2x slower rate

  • fixed error in notoriety calculations during tax payment
  • takeover 10mln bug fixed
  • lowered tax
  • removed custom scripts from LTs (no longer needed)
  • smaller number of guardians at shipyards
  • other bugfixes

  • bugfixes
  • increased number of fighters for military bases
  • stronger Khaak

  • Fixed notoriety penalty during tax payment. It is also now dependent of True Relations, ie, TR must be enabled for penalty to happen. There is also subtitle telling you that you lost notriety due to unpaid taxes. Penalty is scaled this way, that if you are short on cash, or just very greedy, and have good relations with race owning sector, you can give yourself a bit of rest and refuse to pay for some time, ie notoriety will not drop so fast for single factories. Especially cheap ones, like mines or low food wont give much of penalty.
  • Tadaaaam! Fixed Economy Booster building terran factories for other races. Yet, you notice it only in new games. Or, if you somehow manage to clear universe from already built ones. Yep, after 2 years finally this one got squashed :D
    edit; you may also use this file (x3.rygar.net/aaa.rygar.clearfabs.xml) to clear universe from all terran factories from other races without restarting game

  • ATF Couterstrike: massive fleets shall not be issue anymore. They can still appear from time to time, yet usually you will see them in much smaller numbers
  • Xenon invasions: size of fleets has been capped. They still may be massive, but also may not. There is now variety in fleet sizes, and even if fleet is very big, it will still be limited (previously Xenon stations were producing ships constantly until they conquered sector or have been repelled). While it may seem to make things easier, it really is not, as it results in more frequent invasions. Yet, in most cases, you will be able to engage them personally, because...
  • ...Xenon attack routines in attacked sector are improved. They will attack many targets at once. But also easier to engage, as they spread across sector, making it bit easier for you to fight them, performance during battles should be way better now. Happy robot-hunting!

  • small bugfixes
  • "smart carriers" option was not working on response ships. Added.
  • notoriety fixer now works only when player ships arrive to sector. In addition, when player owned ship enters friendly sector, stations will automatically become visible (only friendly ones)
  • enhanced khaak antispawn - added 'reposition' option. So now instead of removing them, script will position them somewhere further. This is way safer in many situations (as they may be spawned by mission, be some special ships etc), and still make things more fair - as khaak will attack other ships, not only yours

  • fixed bug with some response carrier script crashing (resulting in 0m/s response carriers)
  • added ability for player ships and AI ships (even those created by jobs) to deploy fighter drones, mines and lasertowers
  • limited counterstrike size a bit (mostly because of massive ATF fleets - they should be little more sane now
  • punishment for not paying taxes: if you enabled tax system, you have to pay taxes for fabs in AI owned sectors. If you dont, it hurts your notoriety
  • increased max number of factories that can be built in sector
  • changed eco-booster prerequisites for AI: to build stations in player-owned sector player must build a trading station in sector and there must be no TL (owned by you) in sector for other races to build anything
  • about 10 other smaller bugfixes and improvements I forgot to write down and they vaporized from my memory)
  • lowered notoriety bonus for destroying X/K stations. Negative impact with TR enabled was too big and unjustified
  • added Alliance Tactical Network option in IR window
  • fixed streams of fighters problem - huge performance fix
  • restored Homebase designation for bigships
  • fixed kill-bonus notifications for IR-generated ships
  • improved takeover handling, sectors should now automatically return to previous owner
  • fixed recon drones patrolling only part of sectors
  • fixed bailed invasion leaders blocking invasion slots
  • added back several sectors to plot protected areas
  • added self-repairing routines to khaak & commonwealth takeover logic
  • races can now take over unknown sectors
  • fixed Khaak Disruptor for SRM
  • Pirates are now stronger. They build ships faster and have stronger defences (now they can sport up to 12 corvettes as guardians!)
  • increased patrolling radius for guardians
  • slightly increased constructor jobs
  • fixed readtext bug when tax is negative
  • fixed bug causing oversized assault fleets in some cases
  • fixed bug Khaak taking over sectors with previous owner stations/ships in it
  • Warning: update was released in May 13th - friday ;D
    there are still several known bugs
  • After installing use 'reinstall' option in menu

  • fixed bug in HotWar editor causing attacking neutral races by response/assault ships
  • changed teladi/yaki and teladi/pirates relation in preset back to neutral to avoid problems with generic missions

    IMORTANT - please use 'import from preset' function if you see mentioned problems

  • over 30 bugfixes
  • max assault force increased, Military Base fighter number decreased - it was overpowered and hurting performance a bit
  • changed preset for True Relations, fixed neutral relation from 0 to -10 points as it was wrong, changed available races, removed Xenon and Khaak (they always should be enemy) and added Goner to increase possibilities in designing relations. You can reload preset, but beware that it is different than previous one, so it may change relations in your current game
  • collateral damage is back
  • fixed exploit with buy ship mission - now buy ship mission will show up at Equipment Docks instead of shipyards

  • Fixed bug preventing Khaak to takeover sector - also causing them to spawn in larger numbers than required (could lead to performance problems)
  • reduced max number of fighters for Military Bases. Increased max possible size of assault fleet
  • improved Taskforce - not fully tested yet, but they may now be sent after player assets when player messes with assaults/responses (as revenge-diversion). or just when your notoriety is really low (can only happen with True Relations enabled)
  • smaller features and bugfixes

  • Permanently Disabled Collateral Damage due to invulnerable ship creation
  • Fixed an issue allowing one race to field 7 assaults at once
  • Fixed an issue that would slowly cause the universe to become stagnant after a long period of time
  • New: Improved Hot War Editor - Including slide switching and intelligent Friend or Foe controll + relation preset for True Relations
  • Implemented a percentage slider for cargo bay extension in the player ship construction loadout editor
  • Hijacked 'True Relations' Menu option under Universe Options to link to new sub menu

  • bugfix to prevent new games from registering hotkey as "ReadText8972-8020"
  • Updated German Translation
  • Added feature: Send Ship to Warranty Station - Allows you to use the modified IR:CS hotkey to send a damaged ship to its repair shipyard
  • Updated German Translation
  • Fixed terran fighters appearing without weapons in the loadout menu
  • Fixed issue preventing ATF ships appearing in the ship selection menu
  • extended ship constructor feature: it is now possible to order ships with predefined equipment! Always hated when you had to add all those docking computers for your Codea fighters manually? Now you can order fighters with docking computer installed!
  • you can set homebase for ordered ships - works also when you order 10 fighters at once!
  • building time for ships has been increased

    see this post for more details

  • fixed Khaak Sentinels and Khaak Disruptors

  • fixed bug preventing Khaak invasions (khaak camping near stations despite messages telling that they perform invasions)
  • new feature: Collateral Damage!
    finally it's there :D Huge ships (M7/M1/M2/TL) cause damage to nearby ships when exploding!
  • updated German translation

  • New Empire Overview window allowing you to enable/disable taxes
  • improved response - factories can now report attack to nearby MB/SY
  • IR Communication System -similar to ECS (yet much simpler)
  • see http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php? ... 71#3400371 for detailed info about new functions

  • fixed bug with too many guardians buzzing around shipyards (another instance)
  • fixed several smaller glitches
  • reduced max. number of simultaneous Khaak invasions
  • fixed bug with too many guardians buzzing around shipyards.
    to remove existing ones - either destroy them manually (with cheat package) or perform cleaning operation
  • additional protection for guardians to stop them attacking claimed ships that bailed with NPC Bailing Addon 1.7.x installed
  • slightly increased tokens for military bases
  • True Relations rebalanced a bit.
  • fixed Disruptor Mammoths when there is no SRM installed

  • fixed glitch - shipyards changing names to 'saving bigship types to cache'

  • fixed token bug for assault fleets (1 ship fleets), and rebalanced token cost of several ship classes. Large fleets are back :>
  • unlocked Taskforces
  • fixed and rebalanced payments for ship/station kills

  • fixed bug in Xenon ship creation
  • added jump-flash effect for Assault ships following leader when they pass gates

  • Improved response mechanics - all AI stations can now ring alert at shipyards/Military Bases when they are attacked. This is especially useful for Sector Size mod, where sectors are too big to be effectively patrolled by recon drones.
  • slightly rebalanced Khaak. They are now allowed to drop fleets from time to time to nearby systems as decoys / guerilla attacks
  • small rebalance for True Relations, it now starts working bit later, so for first hours of new game you will not worry about relations. Simply, at beginning of new game you are too insignificant for other races :) As soon as you start gaining higher notoriety (fight rank and trade rank) it will more and more influence your notoriety.
  • fixed several smaller bugs for Khaak. Enabled flash jump for them
  • Fixed bug with shipyard guardian tokens, They should appear in proper numbers now.
  • changed name of "Fang" to "Disruptor", so Betty will say its name when you target it (SRM 0.85 required). In case of detected SRM 0.85 Improved Races will automatically switch itself to use new ship types (Disruptor instead of Fang and Sentinel instead of Sphere)

  • fixed glitch with multiplied sectors shown in 'Sectors taken over" in menu
  • improved cleaner

  • fixed bug with multiple tasks running on stations after 'reinstalling' procedure.
  • fixed ship constructor hijacking ships bought from npcs at stations in sectors that have shipyards

  • fixed bug preventing takeovers to be succesful
  • decreased amount of tokens for Military Bases (this will reduce number of fighters)
  • updated German translation

  • fixed critical bug that lead to crashes and military activity to stop (bug connected to Economic Booster function)
  • Added new submenu for TrueRelations. Now you can monitor changes made by this function so you can understand how it works and adjust your actions accordingly. It will show you also notoriety increase caused by, for example, completing mission.
    Should be huge help in setting proper race relations.
    note True Relations option in 'universal options' does not work anymore. Switching it changes nothing.
  • fixed glitch with response fighter names when they are newly created (docked at carrier), and increased their randomization
  • fixed another instance of Mammoth bug (Capital Ship Response)
  • Introducing Khaak Sentinels (they will be fully functional only when you use SRM 0.85 or newer - if not, they are just harmless eye candy)
  • updated German translation
  • fixed fleet building time. For some ship classes time build increased
  • fixed randomness for player ship constructor when TP or TS has been ordered

  • New feature that I always missed: when entering Kha'ak owned sector, game engine endlessly spawns small groups of fighters or decoupled cluster every 20-50 seconds close to your ship. This function will remove them immediately after they spawn, you will probably not notice them, besides very short 'beep' sound (enemy in range) that is immediately cut off. You may use modified alert sound (included in IR addons 1.8 ) to get rid of even this short peak of sound. From now fighting Khaak can be enjoyable experience:>
  • IR no longer needs to be removed when starting new game. There is delay added, working in similar way like MARS installer - meaning it will launch itself next time you start game
  • no more spamming by Economic Booster. Shipyards will report only successful operations. TL also nicely jumps in from gate and jumps out after building all factories. Exclusion zone for regular factories has been reduced to 4,5 km which makes it much easier for Constructor to find good place to build station, only Terran ones have still big exclusion radius. Also, it shows how many factories have been built
  • removed glitch - debug message in some sectors
  • added some randomness to fighter response - slightly better performance, more life-like behaviour
  • enabled more race relations in hot war editor
  • improved performance when generating counterstrike fleet

  • (optional) New feature: ship construction. Shipyards will build ships instead of handing them to you right after purchase. They also offer warraties for bought ships
  • New type of force - Taskforce ships are kind of patrols, that can enter any sector (including yours) and kill everything on their path.
  • added German translation (made by TheDante)
  • several smaller fixes and improvements to Economy Booster: preventing Constructor ships from blowing themselves up on factories they just built, Military bases will no longer be placed in the center of the sector
  • fixed serious issue with some ships not de-spawning (in sectors with shipyards and military bases) that appeared in RC32
  • some smaller improvements in AI

  • fixed token/time calculations for invasions, resulting in much smaller fleets (they were way too large in latest releases, due to bug in calculating ship cost)
  • added cache function for ship selector (heavily reduces CPU overhead when creating fleets)
  • added same ship evaluator for Yaki as rest of races use

  • fixed bug causing building of huge fleets (thanks to AlphaSpecies for finding it)

  • fixed bug halting invasions after some time
  • fixed small bug causing all races to use Albatross as Constructor TL
  • fixed bug preventing filling carriers with fighters in some cases
  • added check to prevent Goners from building fleets when using Spacefueladdict's Sector Size & Background Mod that adds shipyard to Elysium of Light
  • added Aran to blacklisted ships

  • fixed pirate/response carrier Mammoth bug
  • removed debug message that was accidentaly left in 27b
  • fixed Xenon/MB Mammoth bug
  • fixed crash/freezing caused by Economic Booster (thanks to Jack08 for isolating this bug)
  • fixed Mammoth bug for ATF carriers
  • Setting counterstrike strength will also regulate number of shipyard's guardians/capital ship response
    - strong counterstrikes will result in the same amount of guardians as it was previously, other modes will decrease it
  • no more advanced/enhanced/prototype ships for assaults

Addons 1.7
  • added tfactoriesWrecks and tDocksWrecks (based on SRM 0,76) cleared of all scenes - stations will not leave wrecks. NO WRECKS/DEBRIS IN GAME (even in president's end and other sectors that usually had it).
  • jobs file: reduced civilian jobs by 50%

  • Khaak sector cap wasn't working as expected, and this could lead to performance problems/crashes. Also increased this cap a bit. On normal, there should be no more than 110 khaak ships in sector at once. If there is more, khaak station will just kill them all immediately (because this means things get out of control for some reason)
  • disbaled cover state for TLs
  • for pirates, changed Pelican to Albatross for contruction work

  • blocking TL from building in plot protected sectors (read The Hub, Earth and few others)
  • checking exclusion zones around new factories. TL will only drop factories in places where there nothing in 20 km radius Also factories may be placed even further from sector center. TL will only place factories on the other side of system than the closest planet is to avoid collisions with planet atmosphere (may easily happen in sectors like Kingdom End, where atmosphere is very close to sector centre. The only thing that is not detected is destroyed station debris
  • several smaller fixes

  • Implemented all SK's suggestions (main AL with 2 min period, ship jobs will now run with prio 70 instead 99, some Pirate Guild compatibility improvements for True Relations)
  • Improved Economic Booster - stations should rarely be built close to each other. Also shiyards will check if there already is TL in sector, so it should not send whole fleet of TLs to populate it. In small sectors (like Hatikvas Faith) - stations will usually be built 'outside' sector, far from center
  • some Khaak will now drop nividium when killed (also OOS!)
  • those of you who love to play as traders - friendly shipyards will now inform you when they decide to deploy new stations in one of their sectors.

  • changed p2p behaviour for Khaak. p2p jumping setting will work in-sector only (so you may disable it), and never OOS. But they may jump to other sectors.
  • sometimes Khaak were going into zombie/idle mode when Bailing Addon forced their victim to eject
  • fixed minor issue with Economy Booster (was allowed on military bases)

  • enhanced Economic Booster. Races will more likely build stations in your sectors. Also, shipyards will now look after area near them, rebuilding infrastructure (you may see Constructor TLs from time to time)
  • List of fixes is too big to list them
  • Changed payment system. There is huge notoriety boost for killing enemy stations in occoupied territories
  • Improved O.F.F. logic. Ships/races wil now be more carefully chosen, so OFF ships will not be attacked right after leaving shipyard (because OFF launched paranid ships to fight with Khaak)
  • payments/notoriety depend of you being in sector or OOS.
  • only friendly ships will now show homebase/target
  • notoriety fixer should now affect only on non-custom-script controlled ships/stations
  • khaak are nasty again :D Also, it was reported that they disappear after few reinstalls - fixed

Addons 1.5
  • updated mossile mod. Some missiles are even faster, I also lowered their agility. Finally you will see AI using dumbfires like Aurora with success. Most dumbfires are swarm type (so they are weaker-per warhead, making them less effective OOS - which is something you want, and more effective IS.
    For the same reason - narrowing differences between OOS and IS battle result, M8/M7M missiles are weaker. They still have some punch, but are not so insanely powerful like in vanilla. If you dont belive - watch OOS battle - single M7M is able to wipe entire destroyer fleet OOS in matter of 2-3 minutes. While IS is completly helpless, especially when Mars is enabled for AI
  • improved jobs file - some nameless ships should disappear, decreased military patrols a bit, slightly more traders, especially energy traders (superfreighters). Will be updated/increased in near future, when IR will more actively rebuild local production chains
  • plot-ships protection returned back
  • tweaked takeover notoriety penalty
  • added code for future plot-protection enhacement (managing plot protection by Mission Director). Prepared it to be usable also by other war-scripts (read RRF/MBR)

    no reinstalling needed, just overwrite
  • if you start new game or install IR for the first time, plugin will store information about all sector owners, allowing you to revert to vanilla/original state in case when you want to remove IR or perform cleaning procedure.
  • fixed bug with relations fixer causing neutral races to be enemy when relation was slightly above 0 (at beginning of new game)
  • fixed bug with stations not recreating lost recon drones in certain situations
  • temporary removed omitting plot protected ships. All ships with disabled race logic (meaning IR ships, PG ships, MBRR ships etc) were considered as plot-ships, obviously bad thing. I think I have new way of fixing that, but I must make some tests first. Sectors with plot-related stations will still be omitted when choosing targets for invasions.
  • added self destruction mechanism to Yaki's lasertowers
  • removed player sector auto-reclaiming. Sectors are quite cheap again, it's not required, and irrelevant as after clearing universe/removing IR you will loose your sectors
  • added auto-cleaning mechanism to takeover database, so when it goes out of sync, it should fix itself. 'Reinstall' function also launches this thing, if you want to run it manually. (this fixes cases when race launches invasion against itself)
  • and finally the most important thing...: prettier subtitles while reinstalling/cleaning!!! ;D

  • fixed serious bug introduced in RC17 (generating zombie ships) - if you have installed RC17 unfortunatelly you'll need to clean universe (or you may just kill those non-moving ships using cheat-package)
  • fixed bug with khaak stations spawning in plot protected sectors
  • fixed bug with stations not creating recon drones after cleaning/reinstalling
  • fixed problem with xenon lasertowers in some high-traffic xenon sectors (there was multitude of them after long time)
  • added several unknown sectors to plot protected list, removed protection from original khaak sectors

  • added another hard cap for Khaak. (maximum 50-200 ships in sector, depending on difficulty set in options)
    Usually number of ships should be always lower than that, it just for unexpected situations where things go out of script control
  • some minor performance adjustments for Khaak
  • number of Khaak Fangs dependent of Khaak difficulty setting
  • changed takeover logic - price for sector takeover goes back to lower values - 35mln. To prevent this to not become too easy money maker - you will collect much less tax money from your own factories. Also, notoriety drop caused by hostile takeover is now VERY HIGH. Practically taking over sector that belonged to other race (even if you cleared it all by yourself from Xenons/Khaak) means you will have really hard time to fix relations with said race
  • most IR ships will display their current target in their info panel. So you may see which ship is attackig you or your assets.
  • hugely improved plot protection - sectors with plot stations should be safe now, even in custom maps or new plots
  • IR ships should not attack plot-related (indestructible) stations and ships anymore
  • permanently disabled OOS p2p jumping for Khaak Carriers

  • many bugfixes
  • added Bailing Addon compatibility (yes, finally you can lay your hand on all those prototype ships ;) )
  • enhanced True Relations - automatic sector relations fixer (similar to the one from Cycrow's cheat package - fixes relations to player when you change your standing against race - cases when you become a friend and factories or ships remain red to you. It does not change relations immediatelly, but chooses random sectors, so changes are applied over time
  • reduced number of counterstrike retries, so shipyards give up earlier in counterstrike attempts (when race lost sector), so another shipyard can take action. As a result there's much more activity in universe

  • assault readtext fix
Addons v1.4
  • completly new missile mod - try it if you start new game - missiles are expandable, dirty cheap (so when you find 20 hammerheads it will not be worth fortune like normally - old tricks to gain fortune from dropped missiles in early game will not work anymore, you must find other ways.
    Now your greed will not stop you from using them :D

    But main reason for this is to have EQ Docks that store reasonable amounts of tomahawks and other missiles, so you can actually equip your M8's and M7M's. Seems much more natural! Also it will not look so silly to see AI firing barrages worth millions to shoot down some scout.

    this is preparation for future developments, so AI ships will actually buy missiles and weapons produced in factories, not spawn everything out of thin air
  • Updated jobs file. Removed all Split and Paranid military ships from Argon Sector 148. Changed number of jobs for some traders and patrols

  • fixed Invasions bug that was there for loong time (since frst R14 release) - if you ever seen plenty of capital ships sticking around some gates, those ships are actually assault ships waiting for attack signal
    right after installing this version this signal will come - so you will see plenty of action.
  • True Relations adjustments


- True Relations - now it depends of your Trade and Fight ranks how much notoriety you loose. At beginning of game - it will be hardly noticeable - but when you become a tycoon... better plan your trading and fight activities


- just one optional new feature - True Relations
How it works? - If you do a mission for argon, your notoriety in Argon will increase. But they are at war with Paranid. So Paranids will get more suspicious towards you (your Paranid notoriety will drop). But Borons are friends with Argon so you will get some small increase in Boron notoriety. And then Split notice that Borons like you much more.. So you will loose a bit of Split notoriety.. :)))
It will change your game experience quite seriously, enable True Relations and Hot War and have fun


- race invasions fixed
- ships and drones now have their homebase specified in ship information panel. Assault Ships also have their destination sector specified.
- khaak rebalance


- bugfix release (plenty of bugs fixed)
- recon drones fixed
- assaults and response forces are fully functional again (something was broken in R11)
- sector ownership price slightly lowered (390mln)
- general balancing improved (balancing was done around SRM+CMOD+SSRM+MBR+PG combo - thats what I use)
- nerfed recon drones a bit - they were too effective - khaak had no chance of making any serious invasion in R11 when set to easy


- fixed Guardians (another instance). There is now hard limit for them (20 max). Station will destroy guardians that are over the limit automatically.
- only station that has Hive Queen can make guardians (indication for player that this station is more dangerous)
- other small fixes


- just one nice new feature
after Khaak take over sector, they will consider it as safe and will sit quiet, busy with creating Hive Queeen. When she's born, their station becomes fully operational and create new Khaak warriors faster, also, reaction time to incursions will be shorter, her presence helps Khaak in many ways
If you will be lucky and catch them off guard while they are creating Queen (it takes them a good chunk of time), you may have opportunity to easily destroy their station. Same is true for Commonwealth Assaults
- slighly increased (back) commonwealth ship creation (especially smallest)


- next attempt in epic fight to fix ship names (ATF Assault ARRAY...) and wrong ship/race combinations (Teladi Ray...)
- false/errorous invasion notifications and ships granted to player (side effect of messed relations)


- Khaak ships no longer split-up into smaller ones when killed (except for Guardians and Khaak station)
- Khaak Fang now causes damage like Ion Mine instead of Squash
- lower missile firing probability for most ships
- changed OFF/ATF countrstrike/assault AI (slightly better target evaluation - assault forces should now stop chasing scouts and ships that are 100km away, while Khaak station is calling destroyers for help)
- Fixed bug with unlimited number of guardians at gates
- permanently disabled p2p jumping for Khaak (OOS) - now they may lure assault to their base
- deferred Khaak invasions - loading last savegame won't help you - they decided to attack you long before they apperared in your megacomplex sector
- improved Xenon ship generation - no more 150+ Xenon destroyers invading nearby sectors (still, they ARE lethal)
- included Missile Rebalance Mod by imperium3, changed by me - Khaak missiles were toned down for better performance (no swarm missiles) and balancing (damage values), because Improved Khaak love to use missiles
- included Real Defence Mission by Mysterial,
- included same mission as above, but tweaked to work with Khaak
- Decreased Khaak spawn rate
- modified jobs file - prevent Xenon respawning when there is no Xenon station, respawn delay increased to allow Assault ships takeover sector. File based on jobs from Sector Size and Rebalance (more traders etc), so it helps when there are heavy loses in traders due to IR activity
- increased creation time of Commonwealth and Xenon ships
- only regular races factories will pay taxes. Pirates, Xenon, Khaak and Yaki don't pay ;) (they used to.. even Khaak)
- Recon drones have now limited scanner range, but scan for stations and check different areas of sectors
- sector claim fee slightly increased (550mln)
- because of that player owned sectors from previous installations of IR will give you money as they used to (automatic re-claim on install)
- cleaning procedure now also removes IR generated Xenon and Khaak stations

...and some other things I already forgot about
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Post by GruntOfAction » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 01:10

Is there any chance of this being put into a .spk file so we can use it with the Plugin Manager?

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Post by djrygar » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 01:12

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Post by AtomicDryad » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 01:14

Heh. Earlier today I started testing the r14 of 13/09/2009. Discovered yours, just got done making an spk for RC7. >.>
*revert #3*

$questions = array alloc: size=65535....

How's the fixed R14 compare to R13? I'm looking for added realism as far as military response, and a couple of shooting wars (paranid<->argon, boron<->split, or better yet a setting), not random invasions just because...and not unstoppable hordes of flying purple laser shooting voltron wannabes conducting an enforced simulation of Czechoslovakia in 1939 >.>

Which one is more likely to be doing the above to my cpu? :P

Does it break STO if it's sector takeover is disabled?

Does it play nicely with pirate guild?

Cautious, because I tend to rollback to old saves when deciding a script like this doesn't work for me :P

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Post by russbo » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 01:14

Nice to see you continue this fine work. One question, my apologies for apparent ignorance, as I have not been following these threads all that well..

How does this script's sector claiming abilities interact or interfere with this one: http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php? ... t=takeover

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Post by AtomicDryad » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 01:15

- Khaak ships no longer split-up into smaller ones when killed (except for Guardians and Khaak station)
Please ignore my voltron comment =^.^=
AtomicDryad wrote: Does it break STO if it's sector takeover is disabled?
russbo wrote: How does this script's sector claiming abilities interact or interfere with this one: http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php? ... t=takeover
lol >.>

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Post by djrygar » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 01:27

AtomicDryad wrote: How's the fixed R14 compare to R13? I'm looking for added realism as far as military response, and a couple of shooting wars (paranid<->argon, boron<->split, or better yet a setting),
then probably Race Response Fleets is more suitable for you. It is far more advanced that IR in this area, and probably better written
AtomicDryad wrote: not random invasions just because...
all current war scripts are random. IR keeps track of takeovers, races try to regain control of lost territories.
AtomicDryad wrote:and not unstoppable hordes of flying purple laser shooting voltron wannabes conducting an enforced simulation of Czechoslovakia in 1939 >.>
hmm... I think Czechoslovakia gave up without one shot?:)
AtomicDryad wrote:Which one is more likely to be doing the above to my cpu? :P
this one is better for CPU than R14 RC2... I am not sure about R13..probably comparable
AtomicDryad wrote:Does it break STO if it's sector takeover is disabled?
Never used STO, no idea.. probably not (someone stated in IR thread that it works OK)
AtomicDryad wrote:Does it play nicely with pirate guild?
not entirealy. PG bases/ships are hidden. I seen Khaak flying around and not caring about PG base. But I am using PG and IR all the time and generally its ok
AtomicDryad wrote:Cautious, because I tend to rollback to old saves when deciding a script like this doesn't work for me :P
absolutely, Its far from being perfect
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Post by djrygar » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 01:37

GruntOfAction wrote:Is there any chance of this being put into a .spk file so we can use it with the Plugin Manager?

but you may do it and upload somewhere, I'll iclude the link. But beware that there were about 5 versions since last week

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Post by AtomicDryad » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 02:26

djrygar wrote:
AtomicDryad wrote: How's the fixed R14 compare to R13? I'm looking for added realism as far as military response, and a couple of shooting wars (paranid<->argon, boron<->split, or better yet a setting),
then probably Race Response Fleets is more suitable for you. It is far more advanced that IR in this area, and probably better written
Still testing that one on a forked game, so perhaps...if I can beat it's ptp jump code into submission with some sort of limiting factor...inaccuracy or distance from center of sector etc. Seeing IR's response actually fly to a Q incursion was nice. ...Though the response was a bunch of fighters that got curbstomped without waiting for the bigger guns.

X3 has too many pilots with major depression issues.
djrygar wrote: all current war scripts are random.
I have too many projects >.>
djrygar wrote:
AtomicDryad wrote:Does it play nicely with pirate guild?
not entirealy. PG bases/ships are hidden. I seen Khaak flying around and not caring about PG base
Eh, lack of interaction isn't so bad, could chalk it up to the Khaak being smart enough not to kill an enemy's enemy.

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Post by Argonaught. » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 02:32

Will give a a go and let you know. I have v13 installed atm so will backup my current scripts folder and saves before I load up.

Will report any weirdness, if any, tomorrow evening or earlier.

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Post by djrygar » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 04:00

I knew it wont take long until I find first bug in RC8....

"Player Attack group has been formed in family zayarth.."


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Post by Argonaught. » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 05:05

djrygar wrote:I knew it wont take long until I find first bug in RC8....

"Player Attack group has been formed in family zayarth.."

Does that mean the game has assigned an attack group as belonging to the player even if he has no other ships?

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I lurk alot for the most part now

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Post by djrygar » Fri, 26. Mar 10, 09:41

No. Seems it is only wrong message..

Actually it is great it happened. Because this bug was there since R13. It just manifested itself slightly differently

I mentioned about it 10 times since september that there sometimes subtitles like:

"Teladi in Sizewell assebled forces to attack Teladi in Grand Exchange"
sometimes it was Argon, sometimes split. Appearently one of last changes between RC7 and RC8 I introduced Player as one of races in specific part of code, and bug exposed itself. After months of hiding and annoying me i can tread it ;D Where are you, little bug? come on!

Well, this invasion message subtitles/messages feature has been nominated to termination anyway. It is counter-immersive. Information about happenings in another corner of universe should be delayed and uncertain. And presented in more suitable way - read Galaxy News Service

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