[SCR][UPD: 26.06.09] V 1.0 Automatic Money Transfer to Station

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[SCR][UPD: 26.06.09] V 1.0 Automatic Money Transfer to Station

Post by XGamer » Fri, 26. Jun 09, 21:55

This Script is the Opposite to the Default Command Auto Money transfer to Player account.
After it has been installed it adds a new Command "Automatic Moneytransfer to Station" to every playerowned Station.
With this Command its possible to keep a Stations Credits over a certain value.

1. Download and extract the Rar File into the X3 Terran Conflict Root Directory.
2. Run the game.
3. If you didnt have any Scripts or MD Files active in your game before activate the Scripteditor
4. Choose a Station and run the Command (see How to use below)
5. Give Feedback here ;)
6. Have Fun :)

How to use it:
Once you run this command on one of your Stations you will be asked to select the Station that should receive money from the Station that is running the Command. If you select the same Station that you just started the Command on this Station will receive money from your Players Account. Otherwise the Station you select here will get the Money from the Station that is running the Command.
Next you have to enter the amount of Credits that should always be present on the Station you just selected.
Finally you have to enter how many Credits the Station that is running the Command should always keep for itself. Or (incase the Station running the command is the one that receives the money) how much Credits you want to keep on your own Account. This is so that the Station or you can still buy Upgrades or Ressources. Note that any input below 50,000 Credits in this last Step is ignored (and the Default of 50,000 is used instead)

Once all this is done the Credits of the Targetstation are checked every minute and if below the value you entered in Step 2 will receive Credits up to that amount. If for some reason there is not enough money available to fill up the other Station you will get a message saying so and the command will stop, so that you/the Station can earn some money again. You have to start the Command again in order to start the moneytransfer again.

If you have a self sufficient Complex producing lots of money you can in theory supply up to 10 different Stations with credits. Just start the Command multiple times on the rich station ;)

Current Version: 1.0
Version from: 26.06.2009


Any Questions, Problems, Feedback? Just post here :)

Used Resources
Commandslot: 1144 COMMAND_TYPE_STATION_44
Textfile: 9200
Page: 9200

This Script utilizes EasyCommandAllocation by SymTec Ltd. so in case that in your Game the Commandslot used by this Script is already in use by some other Script just go to the Textfile (9200-L044) in the t-folder and change TextID 10 in Page 9200 to the Slot this Command should use instead.
Important: The Value have to start with 11 followed by the Slot it should use. ie.

Code: Select all

<page id="9200">
<t id="10">1150</t>
will change the Commandslot used by this Script to COMMAND_TYPE_STATION_50.
You have to change every occurance of 1144 in the File to the new Slot (there are 5). If you don't you will end up with lots of Readtext Errors ingame ;)

You may include this Script in your own Mods / Scriptpackages aslong as you do not change the Files and give Credit. Also please drop me a line in which Mod/ Scriptpackage you are going to use it :)

Have Fun :)
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Post by Mojo00 » Fri, 26. Jun 09, 21:57

I was just asking myself the other day how useful a mod like this would be and then BAM...here it is :D ...thanks a lot, I'll try it out when I get the chance.

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Post by Madtrack » Thu, 6. Aug 09, 18:10

This is mighty useful and works like a charm, thank you :)

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Post by Schabernack » Sun, 9. Aug 09, 17:07

thx this is a must have :)
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Post by Razgriz9 » Mon, 28. Sep 09, 02:18

Link seems to be broken now. =(

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Post by XGamer » Mon, 28. Sep 09, 03:30

Razgriz9 wrote:Link seems to be broken now. =(
Nah, the Download still works fine, its just some Problem with a Script that doesn't work anymore coz the Page it did query went offline or sth that generates the ErrorSpam on top of the Page. Just scroll down a bit and you'll find the Download. :)

Gotta have to work on the Page again someday and purge old stuff from the files that doesn't work anymore... :S

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Post by Razgriz9 » Tue, 29. Sep 09, 00:22

Ah, I figured it out. Thanks.. Didn't realize at first I had to enter that code next to the download link at the bottom.

Thanks for the reply!


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Post by gnasirator » Tue, 3. Apr 12, 09:11

Not Found
The requested URL /downloads.php was not found on this server.

Still looks pretty broken to me :/

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Post by jack775544 » Tue, 3. Apr 12, 10:58

gnasirator wrote:Not Found
The requested URL /downloads.php was not found on this server.

Still looks pretty broken to me :/
Or we can use an identicle feature of the Commercial Agent script that allows the transfer of credits to any designated repositry.
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Post by Thraxwhirl » Sun, 22. Apr 12, 20:14

Anybody willing to share a copy of this? I reckon it'd be phenomenally useful.

Mind you, I've always thought the idea of having seperate budgets for stations just seems ludicrous to begin with. Sector Traders don't need it, and countless other automated functions(like ships buying e-cells or restocking missiles) just uses your empire's bank account, thanks to the joys of modern technology and data transfer etc.

Wonder what ever possessed Egosoft to code stations in such a prehistoric fashion? And why they never changed it after X2?

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Post by AlekMance » Thu, 27. Sep 12, 04:53

I could use a copy of this mod as well. I found it quite useful a while back, but have had some computer difficulties since then and I apparently didn't keep a copy of it or misplaced it, so if I can't get a working download link I'll have to see if I can extract the mod files from the X3 directory on my old hard drive, assuming that's possible. :|

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Post by joelR » Thu, 27. Sep 12, 04:56

This script does the same thing plus a lot more. So if no one has a copy for you then this is a great alternative.


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