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[MOD][TC][AP] - Vanilla Enhancement modpack - Vanilla Friendly!

Post by Sinxar » Tue, 20. Dec 16, 19:03

X3:TC/X3:AP Vanilla Visual Enhancement With Complex Capital Docking

No ***modified*** tag!


Image ImageImage

What is it exactly?
This is a vanilla friendly mod pack that helps to improve the visuals of vanilla X3:TC and X3:AP. It also includes an advanced complex hub that allows for the docking of two capital ships. Complex spaghetti is gone thanks to the tubeless complexes. Asteroids are given a different texture and the Aldrin asteroid is made much smaller. Other changes include a flat galaxy map for easier navigation and cleaned up sector backgrounds. A new gate and gate effect has been added along with a clean menu screen that loads quickly.

Is it compatible with mod X Y Z?
Maybe, I wouldn't risk it though. There is a link to each of the mods used if you want to use them in your game without the extra stuff. This modpack is designed to be used by itself in a vanilla game

I have slow internet and 26MB is too much to download! Do you have any images?
Sure do! Click this link to view the album on Imgur:
Before and after images

Pics of the specific mods:

How do I install it?
This part I tried to make as simple as possible. Since all the mods are in one package it is very easy!

If you want to install for X3:AP first you need to navigate to the folder AP is installed in (X3 Terran Conflict/addon) then create a new folder called "mods" (without quotes). Then drag and drop the .cat and .dat pair into the newly created mods folder (X3 Terran Conflict/addon/mods).

For X3:TC the procedure is the same except you need to create the mods folder inside the X3 Terran Conflict folder (X3 Terran Conflict/mods).

Once you start the game there will be an option to "Select Mod Package". Click that then click on "Visual Enhancement" then click "OK". Now you are all set to enjoy your upgraded visual experience!

Are there any known issues?
Yes there is one potential problem. While this mod can be added to any vanilla game in progress, there is the potential for crashing if it is removed while using the Advanced Complex Hub with ships docked to it. To avoid this, make sure you undock all ships from your complexes and go to an empty sector before removing this mod.

This modpack is provided as-is. The mod authors cannot help you if there is a problem. I am not a modder either so support for this pack is extremely limited. I have extensively tested this pack with my own games and have never gotten a ***modified*** tag. With the exception of the advanced complex hub, no game mechanics are changed. This mod pack was created with X3 Editor 2

Sounds good, where is the download?
Here you go!


What mods are in this pack?

A few:

Gate Mod by Solek
http://thexgalaxy.ucoz.com/load/x3_albi ... d/4-1-0-44

New Gate Effect mod v1.0
http://thexgalaxy.ucoz.com/load/x3_albi ... d/4-1-0-35

Asteroid Texture Pack V1.1
http://thexgalaxy.ucoz.com/load/x3_albi ... k/4-1-0-33

New animated Stock Market Boards v1.0 by Zeron-MK7
http://thexgalaxy.ucoz.com/load/x3_albi ... s/4-1-0-36

Gate effect pack
http://thexgalaxy.ucoz.com/load/x3_terr ... k/3-1-0-12

Main Menu scene Pack
http://thexgalaxy.ucoz.com/load/x3_terr ... k/3-1-0-20

Advanced Complex-Hub [2.0-beta.1] by Saetan (capital ship docking to complexes!!!!)

more performant complex tubes (tubeless version)

XRM Backgrounds Pack v1.02 (modified to be vanilla friendly)

Full Flat Map 00749.bod v1.0 by Ketraar

Aldrin asteroid pack v1.0 by Zeron-MK7
Permission to redistribute these mods has been given by their author and proof can be provided upon request.

Please leave any feedback about this modpack below. Thanks for trying out my Visual Enhancement modpack!

Thanks to all the modders who make the game better. We value your hard work.

Other awesome mods to check out



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