[MOD] Aldrin asteroid pack v1.0

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[MOD] Aldrin asteroid pack v1.0

Post by Zeron-mk7 » Sun, 2. Oct 11, 13:05

Aldrin asteroid pack v1.0

Pack replace big asteroid (moon type) into the sector Aldrin.

Pack contains - 10 new asteroid models.


All new asteroid models are about half smaller size, than vanilla "asteroid_AAA_ClassMoon" asteroid model.

This mod does not trigger a "modified" in the player statistics.

Compatible with all mods, who does not change the "asteroid_AAA_ClassMoon" asteroid model.

Aldrin asteroid pack must be installed as False patch.

Aldrin asteroid pack link

Fern Gally
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Post by Fern Gally » Mon, 3. Oct 11, 07:32

Thanks for this Pack. The Aldrin-Performance is more then ......... :D

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