[XTC Script]XTC 2.2 - Repair Laser on Normal Difficulty

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[XTC Script]XTC 2.2 - Repair Laser on Normal Difficulty

Post by Khaakbuster » Sat, 29. Jul 17, 12:22

After a long absence from the game I got in the mood to try out "X-Tended Terran Conflict" (XTC). To my surprise I couldn't even repair the little dents in my fighter anymore using the space suit. I learned that this was a design decision which I can understand for "Hard" and "X-treme" difficulty but not for "Normal" which most players probably use. Long story short - I couldn't find a mod that changes this so I made my own little modification because I didn't want to go the only officially possible route and set my game to "Easy".

What's this?
This little script replacement modifies the difficulty settings script of XTC 2.2 and gives your space suit the repair laser back on "Normal" difficulty.

This was done for XTC 2.2 and Hotfix 2.2a. It's not compatible with older versions of the XTC mod.

XTC 2.2 - Repair Laser on Normal Difficulty

The archive in the download contains a modified "plugin.XTC.Lib.SetDifficultyLevel.xml". Just put that script into your XTC scripts folder overwriting the original script that was part of XTC patch 2.2.
If you start a new game on "Normal" difficulty the change will automatically activate. If you place this modification into a game in progress you need to re-select "Normal" difficulty so the script is run again.

Just replace the modified script with the one in the XTC 2.2 patch and re-select your difficulty level.

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