[Script] Switch Turret Orders

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[Script] Switch Turret Orders

Post by Khaakbuster » Mon, 24. Jan 11, 23:53

Switch Turret Orders 1.1

This script allows you to configure up to 8 hotkeys for quick selection of previously stored turret command sets. It supports the standard X3 turret commands:
  • none
  • Kill Enemies
  • Protect Ship
  • Attack my Target
  • Missiles only
  • Missile Defense
  • Attack Fighters
  • Attack Capitals

  • Kill Enemies from Missile Defense MK2 by Gazz
  • Missiles only from Missile Defense MK2 by Gazz
  • Missile Defense from Missile Defense MK2 by Gazz
This list could be expanded by simply expanding the script to contain new commands.

Switch Turret Orders V1.1 ZIP package


Just copy the scripts and t folder from the ZIP archive to your X3:TC directory.
The script will be installed the next time you start X3:TC. You will receive a message telling you that it has been installed.


Open the script editor and run the script "plugin.kb.switch.turret.orders.uninstall". It will remove the hotkey registrations. After that save and exit the game. Remove the script files.


1. The script registers 8 hotkeys which you can find in the controls configuration. They are labeled "Set Turret Orders <number>". Use as many as you like. The hotkeys will load a command set for your player ship.
You can use the script to remotely save/load sets for other ships as well. Just use that ships command console. The primary use for this script is the player ship however. That's what I made it for.

2. Define your turret commands like you are used to, for example Front=Attack my Target, Rest=Missile Defense MK2.

3. Save this configuration to one of the 8 slots. To do that enter your ships command interface and choose "Combat". There you can find the command "Save Turret Orders...". Select it and choose a slot where you want to store this configuration. You have 8 slots for each of your ships. So your favorite M2 can have different command sets than your M3+ for example.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for as many command layouts that you wish to store for this ship.

5. Press one of the hotkeys whenever you want to activate the corresponding command layout.

Used resources:
Text page: 8030
Fight Command Slots: 360 and 361

Version History
1.0 Initial Version
1.1 Bugfix for missing argument

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