[SCR] Nanite Hull Repair (7 Sept 2011)

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Post by Wintersdark » Thu, 8. Jul 10, 05:58

Thanks! I love it =)

If I can request a feature, though, it would be: Please add a configuration screen (linked through CyCrow's community plugin config libraries?) to let the user adjust the repair rate factor and set a minimum repair rate (that would hopefully function even in the absence of shields).

Unlike other posters in the thread, I'm largely in the other camp. I strongly believe notions of balance and cheating in a purely single player game are largely absurd. Play the game the way it's fun for you!

My feeling, in regards to repairs, is that I can repair anything for free. It seems strange to me that my avatar/pilot can repair his own ship for free, but none of my other ships (which I like to imagine have their own pilots working for me) are able to repair themselves normally.

The extension to that is that I don't view time investment as relevant. I don't like boring parts of games. Sure, I could weigh down a key and go have a bath, but that's just silly and broken.

Currently, I use CyCrow's cheat function to repair recovered ships. It'd be free either way, but this way I don't have to stop playing to do it which is important given I have very limited game playing time in a week.

I don't like doing that, though. I do NOT want to be able to repair ships in combat, and I'd rather it not be instantaneous. Your script works very well for me here, because while it *can* be used in combat, forcing ships to stop and drain their shields is pretty much garaunteed to be fatal.

Also, I love that I can remotely order ships to repair themselves without needing to babysit them directly: important when you use remote sector salvagers! It sucks badly to have to order badly damaged ships capable of only extremely slow travel to fly to a dock for repairs.

Thanks again, I absolutely love this script!

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Post by dains » Mon, 30. Aug 10, 01:54

Ahhh, exactly what I've been looking for. I just downloaded the whole "mobile repair" thingy but haven't tried it out, then I saw this. I really like your approach, and while there's some debate about how much/little to repair, that strikes me as an argument over how fast warp drive or hyperspace really is.

(The answer by J. Michael Stracinsky(sp?) for the ships in Babylon 5 was "They move at the speed of plot" lol. Point being, it's irrelevant as long as it supports the execution of the story.)

So I think having your script fix ships at the speed of gameplay is entirely valid. I like having it require energy cells too, as that imposes both a credit cost and a logistical one- keeps it interesting!

Edit: Have you considered making this a ware, so that players have to go buy one for each ship? I'd suggest making it about equivalent to a jumpdrive or transporter device and putting it in the same stations. Also, like a jumpdrive, making it an M or L size so the dinky ships have to use repair facilities.

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Post by Khaakbuster » Fri, 14. Jan 11, 17:33

I really like the idea behind this. What I don't like is the high repair rate and the fact that you have to sit still in space and wait for the repairs to finish. That's why I decided to completely rewrite this script. So if anyone is interested in it - here you go:

Advanced Nanite Hull Repair Version 1.0 (ZIP file)


Just copy the "Scripts" and "T" folder to your X3:TC directory.

What does it do?

This script adds another command to ships of the classes M1, M2, M7, M6 and TL - the "Advanced Nanite Hull Repair".

This ability will allow these ships to repair damaged hull over time by the use of shield generator energy. The repair rate and the shield drain rate depend on the strength of the power generator. The higher the output of the power generator the higher the repair rate.

Using this ability will slowly drain your shields. Having bigger shields installed will help you keep the command active for a longer period of time. On "weak" ships with little shields you may have to restart the repair process after the shields have been recharged.

How to use this?

You can start the repair process with the help of the "additional ship commands". That means that you can keep flying and even fighting! I wouldn't advice fighting a larger battle with such a shield drainer active. ;)

If current shield strength drops below 25 percent of installed shield power the process cannot be started or will stop if it was running.

Used slots:
Command Slot 1245
Text Page ID 7521 (conflicts with the old "Nanite Hull Repair" by arcana75, this is intentional !)

V1.0 - initial version

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Post by escondido » Wed, 26. Jan 11, 10:23

hey m8...im playing the x-tended terran conflict mod and have instaled the first script....for now is working well....e hope you can make another and beter sript like this 100% compatible for this mod ( mi idea is the cript work very very slow..i mean the repair rate is like a snail :lol: ...thanks :wink:

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Post by boxleitnerb » Thu, 15. Dec 11, 06:22


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Post by michael007 » Sun, 19. Feb 12, 12:24

Hi guys

This mod looks wonderful theres just one problem...

I need it for X2 the threat Not x3

my question is: is there a version of this script for x2?
If not, How do I try to adapt it so it works on x2
(yes I have looked for some time and did not find)

Thank you in advance for any and all help given

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Post by DireEpidemic » Thu, 9. Apr 15, 19:20

question why have it drain shields as opposed to say heal 1% of the hull per in game hour or something similar? after all if a ship is damaged the crew would try to fix it. :l

its close to what im looking for but not quite.

[edit] i checked this script out in the in game script editor and stopped it from draining shields. is there a way to have it run in the background, and be able to keep moving (not having the ship stop)?

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Post by trlababalan » Thu, 12. May 16, 17:09

DireEpidemic wrote:(...)after all if a ship is damaged the crew would try to fix it. :l(...)
It's "Nanite Hull Repair". The idea is that nanobots are storming around, finding damage and repairing it, thus using energy.

Having said this, I'd like for them to use up some of the available resources in the cargo hold at random. Specifically; Teladianium Panneling, Hull Plating, Engine Components, Nvidium, Ore and Silicon Wafers. Depending on resource used, different amounts of ship's health would be restored at different speeds. I'm positive that engine components are destroyed when a ship takes damage since it slows down. And I'm pretty sure the nanobots can use the raw stuff. Maybe slower, because it's structure is a mess, but still...

OK, this derailed my thoughts a lot. What I wanted to ask is: Does this script work on AI ships and stations? And if not, could it?

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Post by Spgsamuel » Sun, 11. Dec 16, 22:16

ive used this script b4

its incredibly useful.

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Post by maxzhao » Fri, 22. Dec 17, 16:34

Not showing up in special commands for me, the other modified version also not working.

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