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News and Patch Information - Latest Version: 4.30 (254587)- Updated: 2017-12-07

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News and Patch Information

In this thread you'll find links to important information such as recent news and press releases, patch notes, and other information that might be of interest to you.


Recent News Image

Patch Notes Image

Other Information
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Supported Languages

The list below shows the languages that are currently supported in X Rebirth, along with those that are currently being worked on.


Text: Supported
Voice: Supported


Text: Supported
Voice: Supported


Text: Supported
Voice: Supported


Text: Supported
Voice: English


Text: Partially Supported (update available soon)
Voice: English


Text: Supported
Voice: English


Text: Supported
Voice: English


Text: Supported
Voice: English

NOTE: Most of the above localisations are created by our own DevNet volunteers. If you would like to see support for your language in the game, then our DevNet program gives you the opportunity to help make that a reality.
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Version 1.x Patch Notes

Below are patch notes for version 1.x patches.


Patch 1.20 - 2013-12-17

• Fixed several more causes of crashes and freezes.
• Fixed mouse controls not working after loading certain savegames.
• Fixed trade ships getting stuck after upgrade.
• Fixed skipping trade menu when going back to it.
• Fixed graphics options not setting correct shaders.
• Fixed missing build notifications from architects in other sectors.
• Fixed player trade ships trying to trade with enemy stations.
• Fixed menus showing out of date info about build progress.
• Fixed trades in another sector taking too long.
• Fixed upkeep mission to deliver architect to builder ship not ending.
• Fixed player ships not being returned during plot missions (will not re-create ships already lost, sorry).
• Improved ship movement in certain situations.
• Improved logic for station owned miners.
• Cell Recharge (fuel) stations in Omicron Lyrae now require Bofu instead of Food Rations.
• Various performance improvements (should be most noticeable when shadows are NOT enabled).


Patch 1.21 - 2013-12-20

• Added new Refuel order.
• Fixed more causes of crashes.
• Fixed another case where the player could be teleported into the middle of nowhere.
• Fixed problem with NPCs being assigned to multiple locations.
• Fixed scan overlay not being removed when docking.
• Fixed capital ships standing still forever with the boost effect running.
• Fixed trade menu problem (in German only) when trying to sell and the ship doesn't have the requested ware.


Patch 1.22 - 2014-01-07

• Fixed more causes of crashes.
• Fixed more causes of negative cargo amounts.
• Fixed several causes of zero-credit trades.
• Fixed incorrect display of station upgrade levels.
• Fixed engineers running wrong scripts.
• Fixed problems with cargo collect mode (mode must be stopped and restarted to take effect).
• Fixed problem with mining ships gathering the wrong resources.
• Added pilot command to stop current task.
• Reduced frequency of station warnings when attacking.
• Helpfulness of NPCs now depends more closely on relations.
• Added trade and welder drones to Canteran home station.
• Added options for borderless window mode and mouse confinement.
• Some small performance improvements.
• Added otherwise-unavailable wares to player station during plot mission.


Patch 1.24 - 2014-02-04

Includes changes from Patch 1.23 that was not released outside the Beta process.

New feature: Manual target control with keys for target nearest crosshair, closest enemy and next/previous target. Further improvements planned.
New feature: Logbook system covering non-plot missions, player ships, discounts/commissions and game tips. Logging of a wider range of events planned.
• Added shipyard to Gemstone Manufacture.
• Added escort fighters to some capital ships.
• Increased Pirate, Reiver and Xenon activity for more action.
• Increased yields for mining regions in DeVries and Maelstrom.
• Fixed error causing map to suddenly close under certain circumstances.
• Fixed more causes of being teleported into the middle of nowhere on loading a savegame.
• Fixed cases where destroying a ship could result in the target element not getting removed.
• Improved update frequency of target elements.
• Fixed cargo collection mode.
• Fixed mining ships collecting ware containers.
• Fixed builder ships not being able to trade with stations reliably.
• Fixed one problem with building restarting when player not present (another build issue remains).
• Added filtering by station/ship in trade offer menu.
• Added Hire option with negative response for certain NPCs.
• Prevented certain plot ships from being sold.
• Fixed problem with timing of money transfer to/from manager.
• Added means for NPCs to return to player ship from assignments.
• Fixed marines not showing up in player ship units.
• Fixed builder ship menu not updating player account.
• Fixed negative total yield amounts for asteroid fields.
• Fixed more inconsistencies in weapon counts.
• Fixed drone count calculation for ship trader.
• Fixed several issues with active mission/guidance info being disabled.
• Fixed missing/incorrect highway names in mission objectives.
• Fixed assigning a ship to a station without a manager.
• Removed "taglauncher" from encyclopedia.
• Removed civilian factions from encyclopedia.
• Fixed several encyclopedia layout issues.
• Fixed several issues with build/repair drones.
• Fixed incorrect cargo prediction based on shopping list data under certain circumstances.
• Fixed trade menus not keeping track of selected ship in some cases.
• Added default "protect" behaviour for ships in your squad.
• Improved capital ship fight behaviour.
• Fixed problem with ships not attacking.
• Fixed enemies not attacking correct target in certain circumstances.
• Fixed another cause of jumping ships ending up in invalid positions.
• Fixed player ship sometimes being in the wrong place after undocking.
• Fixed problem with engineer sometimes being paid twice for player ship repairs.
• Fixed incorrect player engine price calculation.
• Fixed incorrect weapon counts in ship menu.
• Ships working for a station no longer sell wares to their homebase (goods just transferred, no money involved).
• Shipyards and fuel stations should no longer run out of resources (may take a while to take effect).
• Fixed cargo drones bumping into hull of mining ships and blocking trade.
• Reduced likelihood of mining ships transferring more minerals to a station than it wants.
• Added hotkey for docking (Shift-D by default).
• Fixed welder drones appearing in property menu.
• Fixed "keycode NNN" appearing in Options menu.
• Fixed problem remapping keys used in Detail Monitor (C, I and G)
• Changed resource cost for ship-building in Omicron Lyrae
• Changed ships available for construction in DeVries
• Fixed URV Wharf module in Integrative URV Forge not producing drones
• Fixed scan sound being replayed for something that has already been scanned.
• Fixed scan highlighting not being properly removed when leaving cockpit.
• Fixed trade missions not completing.
• Fixed problem resulting in player getting stuck in Canteran air ducts.
• Fixed floating crate on Albion platform interior.
• Fixed floating ad signs and incorrect traffic at DeVries wheat station.
• Fixed DeVries shipyard interior orientation.
• Fixed lights in prison being too dark.
• Fixed bench obstructing hangar entrance of DeVries repair platform.
• Fixed NPC stuck in locker on DeVries repair dock.
• Fixed not being able to take cases out of cardboard boxes.
• Improved Russian localisation.
• Improved support for Chinese text.
• Fixed another problem with borderless window mode on certain hardware.
• Fixed freeze and memory-related crash caused by ships shooting excessively under certain circumstances.
• Fixed several more causes of crashes.
• More small performance improvements.

Patch 1.24 Hotfix 1 - 2014-02-14

• Increased amount of Fuel Cells produced per cycle by Cell Recharge Factories and decreased price.
• Improved logic for ship AI to refuel earlier.


Patch 1.25 - 2014-02-26

Russian and French localisations of texts that are new to patch 1.25 are not yet included. These will be added as soon as possible.

New Feature: Player-owned ships and stations can now be renamed.
New Feature: Smalltalk reward allowing you to receive trade offer updates for a station remotely.
• Added logbook entries for refuelling, trade and building.
• Added call from manager when a station is low on credits.
• Added ship name when player gets a call requiring a response from a player owned ship.
• Fixed a cause of occasional crashes when loading savegame.
• Fixed a cause of occasional crashes during large battles.
• Fixed several other causes of occasional crashes.
• Fixed another cause of the game hanging after Alt-Tab.
• Added prices for small ships so that these can now be sold.
• Cargo value is now taken into account when selling a ship; you get roughly half it's value.
• Fixed price calculations for intermediate wares.
• Fixed two causes of disappearing ships and one of ships ending up in strange places.
• Fixed certain station elements being rotated incorrectly after loading a savegame.
• Fixed problem with random station elements being built and preventing further building.
• Fixed problem with small ships preventing building.
• Fixed problem with drones not being able to dock at certain mining ships.
• Fixed incorrect container amount being dropped from cargo drones.
• Fixed another issue with cargo collection.
• Fixed buy offers for more wares than can be stored.
• Fixed player being able to start multiple boarding operations on the same ship.
• Fixed abort button for boarding operations.
• Fixed info and comm options for externally docked ships.
• Fixed issue with operational range settings resulting in ships looking for trades in the wrong places.
• Improved station-owned mining ship AI to prevent station from filling with more resources than it wants.
• Improved shooting logic for NPC ships (more improvements to come).
• Fixed a problem resulting in inactive patrol ships.
• Fixed a problem with NPC beam weapons not firing correctly.
• Fixed tag darts occasionally tagging something other than their intended target.
• Added inter-system traders to DeVries.
• Fixed station scan mode remaining active when it shouldn't.
• Fixed rare case resulting in missing info points and dock icons.
• Fixed subordinate count in orders menu.
• Fixed incorrect trade status in ship menu.
• Fixed "+" button not working in map menu under certain circumstances.
• Fixed sold ships and collected drones being displayed as destroyed in the logbook.
• Added missing descriptions for systems to encyclopedia.
• Improved rewards after successful smalltalk on platforms, including trade subscriptions.
• Improved dialog structure to find people on platforms.
• Fixed missing architect on plot builder ship.
• Fixed player being sent to a hostile NPC when asking for directions.
• Fixed ships not in player squad requesting player input when out of fuel.
• Fixed visual flicker when returning to the cockpit from a platform.
• Fixed location of visor/glasses on certain NPCs.
• Fixed missing physics data when loading a savegame.
• Added graphics settings for SSAO, Glow and Distortion.
• Fixed incorrect display of certain options in graphics menu.
• Fixed incorrect resolutions when changing displays in borderless mode.
• Improved stability of job system and patch code with modified games.
• Added support for catalog files in mods.
• Added Korean localisation (text only).
• Added Spanish localisation (text only, incomplete but included to enable feedback to translators).
• Further optimisations resulting in small performance improvements, particularly on lower-end graphics hardware.

Patch 1.25 Hotfix 1 - 2014-03-10

• Improved stability of cutscene playback while on a platform.
• Fixed stuck drone production on URV Forge.
• Added French localisation for texts that were new in 1.25.
• Improved font for Russian localisation.


Patch 1.30 - 2014-04-15

Localisations for text relating to the new Joystick Deadzone option are not yet included. These will be added as soon as possible.

New Feature: Steam Workshop support.
• Improved support for joysticks and multiple input devices.
• Improved mining behaviour for all sizes of ships.
• Improved trade ship behaviour to favour profitable, non-empty runs.
• Improved station scan mode which no longer highlights objects that are not relevant.
• Improved attack and evasive maneuvers and AI.
• Improved flight pathing during normal flight, when following other ships, and when docking.
• Improved collector drone flight behaviour near large objects.
• Improved map handling of ship command hierarchies.
• Improved trade menu, including text search, sorting and colours.
• Improved appearance of small ships flying in lanes around stations.
• Enabled comm/info interactions with player property that is more than 10 km away.
• Added missions relating to the upkeep of ships and stations.
• Added new ship types to DeVries.
• Added list of platform NPCs to station menu (only available if you're in the same zone).
• Added more information and command hierarchy to player property menu.
• Added information to encyclopedia about stations/ships that can be built.
• Added option to stop displaying steering mode message.
• Fixed missing manager comm option.
• Fixed wrong mouse-steering mode being entered in some cases incorrectly when leaving a menu.
• Fixed several other incorrect or inconvenient menu behaviours.
• Fixed calculations for gathering certain resources out-of-sector.
• Fixed player being sent to NPCs on ships or on hostile stations when asking for directions.
• Fixed some objects left in construction state after building finished (still at least one rare case remaining).
• Fixed trade missions not completing if the station storage was full, notably the food trade plot mission.
• Fixed trade ships not stopping their current order after clearing their shopping list.
• Fixed trade orders for selling items using ships in player squad.
• Fixed ships blocking docking bays after having docking interrupted.
• Fixed incorrect docking icons under certain circumstances.
• Fixed not being able to unlock skills of defence officers on platforms.
• Fixed displayed total counts of stored units.
• Fixed drones that should have a commander appearing in property owned menu.
• Fixed destroyed drones not being properly removed from drone storage.
• Fixed incorrect ship position after leaving a highway with a menu open.
• Fixed stations creating trade offers with higher value than it can afford.
• Fixed building and production remaining paused after modules having been hacked.
• Fixed ships assigned to stations being incorrectly assigned mining jobs.
• Fixed outdated trade offer information appearing on event monitor.
• Fixed trade ships assigned to player stations sometimes not updating their range.
• Fixed object menu not restoring after closing station trade offers.
• Fixed production menu information not updating correctly.
• Fixed production showing very long production times in certain cases.
• Fixed production stalling due to stations filling up with intermediate wares.
• Fixed several pathfinding problems, which should prevent ships from flying through stations.
• Fixed ships equiping drones or ammo getting stuck in the shipyard.
• Fixed problem that could cause following ships to get stuck when the target changes zones.
• Fixed most cases of dropped containers being stuck inside each other (can still happen occasionally).
• Fixed architect destroying drones in storage without adding them to the station.
• Fixed issue with parking ships when manager (stations) or pilot (construction vessel) are not present.
• Fixed trade ships waiting too long for a free parking location when intended trade is no longer possible.
• Fixed calculation of required funds when trading with other player property.
• Fixed pilot not being placed on ship's platform.
• Fixed ships trying to go to the same coordinates by default.
• Fixed mining for medium size ships.
• Fixed incorrect mining order for ships which can't transport the mining wares.
• Fixed blocked trades involving discounts if there is only enough money for the discounted amount not the full amount.
• Fixed built ships not leaving the shipyard after shipyard construction module has been destroyed and subsequently repaired.
• Fixed several other cases of ships getting stuck, not moving when they should.
• Fixed owner of fuel station in Gemstone Manufacture.
• Fixed incorrect lasers being used by medium ice collector ships.
• Fixed problem with accuracy of time data in savegames with long play time.
• Fixed rotation of construction ships after flying to build location.
• Fixed visual glitch on map when targeting/entering/leaving highways.
• Fixed animation problem with highways in games with long play time.
• Fixed stalls when entering highways in savegames that have been saved/loaded many times.
• Fixed another cause of the game stalling for a short time.
• Fixed crash when loading certain savegames.
• Fixed several causes of apparently random crashes.
• Various optimisations resulting in performance improvements.
• Significant performance improvements on some AMD graphics cards, particularly R9.

Patch 1.31 - 2014-05-06

Localisations for text relating to the Joystick Deadzone option introduced in 1.30 are not yet included.

• Fixed further problems with ship and station build, upgrade and repair processes.
• Fixed crash when starting game with more than 4 joystick devices installed.
• Fixed several other causes of occasional crashes.
• Improved handling of pre-1.30 savegame compatibility problems caused by mods leaving files in the root extension folder.
• Improved error reporting in crash dump files.
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Version 2.x Patch Notes

Below are patch notes for version 2.x patches.


Version 2.00 (183618) - 2014-05-20

New Feature: Three new gamestarts, each with a new cockpit configuration.
New Feature: All new Argon Secret Service missions.
New Feature: Rebalanced combat with three difficulty settings.
New Feature: Additional commands for your ships.
New Feature: Autopilot can fly your ship while you are busy.
New Feature: All new highway flight model.
New Feature: Most tasks can now be performed without landing on stations.
New Feature: Full screen HUD detail monitor option.
New Feature: Clicks on event monitor now open relevant menus.
New Feature: Map/radar on event monitor.
New Feature: New ships in Omicron Lyrae.
New Feature: Huge new Xenon ship.
New Feature: Four new missile types.
New Feature: Improved graphics for an even more beautiful universe.
New Feature: New graphics options and presets.
New Feature: New start menu scene.
New Feature: New Steam achievements.
• Added support for up to 8 input devices (now even your pet octopus can get the most from the game).
• Added option to buy replacement player ship cockpit layout from certain traders.
• Added shield damage for collisions.
• Improved responsiveness of main menu and dialogs.
• Improved event monitor with more space for important information.
• Improved positioning of interface elements in first person mode.
• Improved production logic now skips products where the station has too much stock.
• Fixed gamepad mode switching on when axis has non-zero value while at rest.
• Fixed problem with wrecked state of ship/station surface elements not always being loaded from savegames correctly.
• Fixed collectable objects not showing a target element.
• Fixed gates not showing a target element.
• Fixed info points not being displayed at drone launch pads.
• Fixed cases where clicking on larger targets didn't work.
• Fixed rare instance of mission objective bar being stuck on screen.
• Fixed text field not being reset when closing and reopening trade menu.
• Fixed problems with overlapping/truncated text on first person event monitor.
• Fixed cases resulting in jumping target elements.
• Fixed incorrect text in certain conversations.
• Fixed icon size in licence encyclopedia entry.
• Fixed distance sorting in trade menu.
• Fixed capital ships becoming invisible when boosting while player is close.
• Fixed cases where build icons were displayed without a builder ship in the player squad.
• Fixed missing trade offers for architects with no money.
• Fixed rare case of missing target elements (usually build locations or player owned cap ships).
• Fixed cases where targeting objects using gamepad/joystick controls did not work correctly.
• Fixed trade restrictions menu getting stuck.
• Fixed several causes of occasional crashes.
• Various optimisations resulting in small performance improvements.


Thanks to Jonathan "MAD Joker" Ziller whose NESA mod was a major source of inspiration for our version of the functionality to allow most tasks to be performed without landing on stations.


Update 2.10 (184088) - 2014-06-11

• Improved dock info menu by marking enemy NPCs in red.
• Fixed incorrectly sorted NPCs in the dock info menu.
• Fixed CVs being unexpectedly relocated when rammed by boosting capital ships.
• Fixed item trader telling you about an "excellent choice" when you didn't buy anything.
• Fixed long range scanner effects not showing for distant objects.
• Fixed resource menu not opening for ship trader.
• Fixed mission finding player-owned objects as targets.
• Fixed several other small mission issues.
• Fixed architect not being set up correctly on plot CV.
• Fixed capital ships trying to use their jumpdrive when they should go through a gate directly.
• Fixed several cases of incorrectly oriented ship parts on the radar.
• Fixed issues with sending cargo collector drones from certain capital ships.
• Fixed Omicron Lyrae sectors not having an owner faction.
• Fixed inconsistent interact menu item positions.
• Fixed one cause of cargo collector drones having trouble launching/docking.
• Fixed event monitor sounds coming from the wrong direction in first person mode.
• Fixed text errors in German localisation.
• Fixed repair not being available for damaged objects when some sub-components are damaged.
• Fixed build duration and resources required when running a "partial" build (usually in response to missing components).
• Fixed build durations generally not taking into account production method and efficiency.
• Fixed repair resources not being calculated correctly.
• Fixed integrated sub-components sometimes being wrecked independently.
• Fixed various issues with visual build progress becoming inconsistent during building.
• Fixed inconsistent component states, both visual and functional, after destruction/repair in certain circumstances.
• Fixed NPCs on destroyed player platforms not being killed resulting in problems assigning new ones.
• Fixed problems with stop task and with clear shopping list not clearing the shopping list.
• Fixed pilots losing money when they are no longer in the squad when they finish their last planned trade.
• Fixed ships sometimes failing to line up correctly to trade offer docks, blocking trades.
• Fixed problems with drones not returning to dock.
• Fixed problems of losing reputation in wrong cases.
• Fixed various issues with upkeep and Secret Service missions.
• Fixed cases with missing target elements (especially for newly built stations).
• Fixed cases where a super-highway exit incorrectly showed a target element.
• Fixed target element at left side for the playership, when player is under cover.
• Fixed police ships sometimes attacking innocent objects.
• Fixed keeping PageUp/PageDown pressed down not cycling through target when being inside a drone.
• Fixed keeping Shift+F pressed down causing an FPS-drop.
• Fixed achievements for Hard difficulty not unlocking in some cases.
• Fixed several minor physics issues.
• Fixed one cause of "micro-stutter" during gameplay.
• Fixed several causes of occasional crashes.
• Various optimisations resulting in small performance improvements.


Update 2.20 (184360) - 2014-06-27

NEW: The 64-bit EXE is now the default. See below for more information.
• Fixed Secret Service missions constantly reminding player to talk to mission actor.
• Fixed campaign progressing unexpectedly when docking at station.
• Fixed player occasionally being in wrong position on platform when loading savegame.
• Fixed trade offers on player ships/stations occasionally not appearing in trade menu.
• Fixed claimed ships not showing up in property menu.
• Fixed ships continuing to move when ordered to wait.
• Fixed trade orders not being executed when ship has been ordered to wait.
• Fixed various cases of drones being unable to dock/return.
• Fixed missing docking bay on Wheat Plantation.
• Fixed missing container storage on Pharma-Spice Farm.
• Fixed missing MK2 weapons after completing plot (you may need to change zones before this kicks in).
• Fixed map not showing player stations.
• Fixed incorrect positions of some elements on map.
• Fixed menu slider controls breaking under certain circumstances.
• Fixed controls no longer working when opening ability menu on a platform.
• Fixed controller A-button not working after having left the cockpit while an interactive notification was displayed.
• Fixed station under construction becoming invisible after Alt-Tab.
• Fixed a leak causing savegames to grow slowly in size over time.
• Fixed several causes of occasional crashes.


We are now sufficiently confident about the 64-bit version of the game to make this the default. Both 64-bit and 32-bit versions now include this information in the game's start menu. If you encounter serious problems with 64-bit and would like to try reverting to 32-bit then you can subscribe to the 32-bit "beta" using the Steam client. To start using the 32-bit version, right-click X Rebirth in the Steam client, select Properties and go to the Betas tab then select release_32 from the dropdown list. If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows you will automatically receive the 32-bit version of the game, though such Windows versions remain unsupported.

Note: The system requirements for the game have always stated that it requires a 64-bit version of Windows, and that future updates for the 32-bit version are not guaranteed indefinitely.

We suggest that if you create a savegame in 64-bit you use that savegame with subsequent 64-bit-versions only and do not load it into a 32-bit version. While we do not know of any issues in practice with savegames between the two versions, there is a theoretical possibility that you might corrupt your savegame to a point where it cannot be restored if you load a 64-bit savegame into a 32-bit version.

Steam does not currently support automatic crashdump upload for 64-bit applications. We are therefore using a third party tool to provide this facility. If there is a crash then a standard crashdump will be created and uploaded to the third party site, from where we can perform analysis to determine the cause. As with Steam crashdumps no personal information is included in these crashdumps.

Note: The primary aim of the 64-bit version is to remove the memory limitations of 32-bit. This should improve stability, because the game is less likely to run out of memory, and reduce stutter, because certain essential assets that cannot be loaded in the background can stay in memory for longer. It is not likely to significantly improve general performance, though it's possible that it may do so for certain people under certain circumstances.


Version 2.50 (187052) - 2014-10-09

New Feature: New side-bar based main menu.
New Feature: External camera view.
New Feature: Free look in cockpit.
New Feature: New shipyards for small and medium sized ships.
• Added Drone Hunt generic mission.
• Added Protection Detail generic mission.
• Added Diplomatic Aid mission chain.
• Added respawning of specialists with increasing hire fees.
• Added incoming remotely ordered wares to item trader menu.
• Added auto-refuel setting.
• Added small ship traders.
• Added primary shields to large ships which did not already have them.
• Added "civil war" behaviour between Plutarch and Heart of Albion in Albion.
• Added ability to replace destroyed CVs so that station construction can continue.
• Added ability to assign ships to other ships of same size or to any large ship.
• Added option to choose between stopping and maintaining speed while in menus.
• Added event monitor display to drone control mode.
• Added target elements for player-owned small ships.
• Added statistic for storage modules hacked.
• Added crash report option with privacy settings.
• Improved event monitor with "picture-in-picture" mode.
• Improved hacking gameplay.
• Improved engine animation and effects.
• Improved ship AI behaviour in numerous situations.
• Improved generation of mission enemies.
• Improved "Assign new superior" command.
• Improved ability menu to show when a drone is unavailable.
• Improved mission target indicator to point always to the closest mission target.
• Improved trade offers menu (shopping list is included in ship cargo).
• Improved docking behaviour of drones.
• Improved build tree menu user experience.
• Improved several mission briefings.
• Improved Open Comm Link menu in legacy main menu.
• Improved scan time for police scanning illegal activities.
• Improved lifetime of containers dropped from cargo bays.
• Improved remote controlled player drones flying back to the player ship.
• Improved rendering of distant objects to reduce flickering slightly.
• Improved Mission Bar so it no longer obstructs menus.
• Improved crash report content to help us find and fix causes of crashes.
• Fixed several plot and other mission issues.
• Fixed player ship cover faction not being reset from Xenon after plot.
• Fixed player ships returned during the plot being inactive.
• Fixed incorrect Player relations with Plutarch.
• Fixed Reiver reputation not being mutual in new games.
• Fixed drones not being able to return to their home base.
• Fixed an issue with station expansions not completing out-of-sector.
• Fixed multiple ship dealers per platform.
• Fixed escort ships disappearing after loading a savegame.
• Fixed a pathing issue for ships flying to stations.
• Fixed an issue with gas collectors not collecting.
• Fixed production module animations being stuck after having been out-of-sector.
• Fixed incorrect AI ship behaviour after having been forced out of a highway.
• Fixed several problems with drone docking.
• Fixed problems with transport drones not picking up containers.
• Fixed drones failing to get a new commander if theirs is destroyed.
• Fixed several mining bugs (resource gathering, movement, searching...).
• Fixed cases of player drones getting lost when you enter a highway.
• Fixed police not detecting illegal cargo in player inventory in many cases.
• Fixed station building not proceeding correctly when not in the player zone.
• Fixed refuel budget menu assuming that the trader has no money.
• Fixed case where build resources are requested for the playership.
• Fixed problem involving disappearing wares.
• Fixed managers pestering the player for money.
• Fixed stuck trade offers and refunded money to all participants.
• Fixed shields not protecting surface elements on several ships in Omicron Lyrae.
• Fixed jumpgates sometimes sending the player to invalid positions.
• Fixed mining drones not picking up asteroids in some cases.
• Fixed ships getting stuck waiting for drones.
• Fixed some ships not shooting at large objects.
• Fixed some trade ships ignoring trade opportunities for extended periods of time.
• Fixed storage calculations for intermediate products that caused storage requirements to be vastly overestimated.
• Fixed exploit allowing repeated instantly-profitable trades on shipyards.
• Fixed temporary loss of faction discounts when temporarily losing reputation.
• Fixed remote transport drones ending up in the player squad.
• Fixed station-to-station trades sometimes ending prematurely.
• Fixed dropped inventory items being picked up again immediately.
• Fixed picked-up objects disappearing due to timeout.
• Fixed several problems associated with hacking gameplay.
• Fixed mining drones being unable to return to some capital ships.
• Fixed Split "Gangrene Chaser" turrets disappearing and allow re-building.
• Fixed upgrade resources being counted twice for building.
• Fixed upgrade level rounding issues resulting in incorrect upgrade counts.
• Fixed ship category in encyclopedia for Hermod, Light Sul and Heavy Sul.
• Fixed inconsistent upgrade counts between encyclopedia and ship dealer.
• Fixed player ship selectable in Assign to Commander conversation.
• Fixed unidentified station modules having a name in the map.
• Fixed being able to remote comm NPCs in the same room.
• Fixed offset mouse position in borderless window mode.
• Fixed mouse confinement when starting the game in borderless window mode.
• Fixed minor button selection bugs in menus.
• Fixed issues with scrolling down in some menu tables.
• Fixed automatically changing selection in map menu.
• Fixed initial button selection in menus not being highlighted.
• Fixed rare cases of hotkey buttons not working.
• Fixed occasional freeze when opening the options menu.
• Fixed cases where the dialog menu was not displayed.
• Fixed mode options being available in the player ship's back room.
• Fixed left mouse clicks not closing ability/interact menus in some cases.
• Fixed double clicks on current target not always opening interact menu.
• Fixed stuck scroll-bar when returning to a previous menu.
• Fixed platform trader menu getting stuck with discounts.
• Fixed various other issues with UI and targeting behaviour.
• Fixed dialog or legacy main menu sometimes not showing buttons as selected.
• Fixed pressing ESC/DEL on loading screen returning to startmenu after loading is done.
• Fixed target cycling not working in highways.
• Fixed targets being lost in some cases.
• Fixed mission targets showing group target elements for ships instead of single ship target elements.
• Fixed certain invisible ship/station components being selectable as target.
• Fixed keyboard navigation selecting options from time to time.
• Fixed input actions and states mapped to axis on joystick 3-8 not working.
• Fixed ability to comm from a remote control drone using the "C" shortcut.
• Fixed stuck shift keys when alt-tabbing or changing window focus.
• Fixed station hints not being shown in non-plot games.
• Fixed mission offer locations being displayed when in a drone.
• Fixed weird camera behaviour when flying relative to moving capital ships.
• Fixed main menu font issue in Chinese and Korean.
• Fixed the boost effect not stopping in some situations.
• Fixed missing Ad Sign text in event monitor.
• Fixed wrongly-scaled buy ship menus on detail monitor.
• Fixed wrong message text when standard drones arrive via remote delivery.
• Fixed subtitles changing too fast for long lines.
• Fixed incorrect English voice lines for a Teladi speaker.
• Fixed excessively bright lights on certain objects.
• Fixed disappearing ice asteroids.
• Fixed missing advertising signs.
• Fixed several of the most common causes of crashes.
• Various optimisations resulting in performance improvements.

Version 2.51 (187332) - 2014-10-17

• Fixed failure to deselect current target under certain circumstances.
• Fixed crash when loading certain savegames.
• Fixed several other causes of crashes.



The system requirements for the game have always stated that it requires a 64-bit version of Windows, and the 64-bit version of the game is now successfully in general use.

This is the last version for which a 32-bit executable is available.
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Version 3.x Patch Notes

Below are patch notes for version 3.x patches.


Version 3.00 (189926) - 2014-12-11

New Feature: Interactive holomap with mouse support, rotation, panning and automatic zoom between map levels.
New Feature: Stations can now be built in Empty Space zones.
New Feature: Dangerous regions that can damage your ship.
New Feature: Crafting of special items.
New Feature: New non-plot mission chains.
New Feature: Employee training to improve skills.
New Feature: Ware exchange between player ships and stations.
New Feature: Subsystem target cycling.
• Added ability to run in first person mode.
• Added custom trade offer price settings.
• Added new kind of floating crate that must be opened by destroying locks.
• Added new trade and targeting software upgrades for the player ship.
• Added option to enable automatic refuel when ships call player if they are out of fuel.
• Added build progress display to monitor and map.
• Added option to display non-squad ships in Trade Offers menu.
• Added Patrol Zone order to continuously secure a zone.
• Added Gather Resources for mining in different zones.
• Added option to recall all drones.
• Added encyclopedia page showing station build costs.
• Added estimated profit to trade menus.
• Added default drone setups to ship dealer drone menus.
• Added encyclopedia button to trade details
• Added shortcut display to new main menu.
• Added shortcuts for property owned, player inventory and undock.
• Added ability to rename Empty Space zones once a player station has been built there (improves new feature in 3.0).
• Added reminder to restart game after enabling/disabling extensions.
• Added new in-game statistics.
• Added new tips.
• Added localisations and voice recordings for new texts (new text in 3.0).
• Added Broadcast order button to property owned menu.
• Added new order 'Withdraw from Battle' to stop firing, fly away from enemies and wait for new orders.
• Added support for expanding/collapsing the map menu list with right/left keys.
• Added feedback when player property is attacked out of sector.
• Added pancakes.
• Added Attack action to interact menu for non-player-owned ships and objects (replaces Hail).
• Added event and reputation loss when player-owned ship is scanned and has to drop illegal cargo.
• Added new achievements and statistics.
• Added ability to hack shield generators resulting in shields being drained immediately.
• Added boarding resistance display to ship info menu.
• Added estimated total price per build stage to station build cost in encyclopedia.
• Improved gamestart balancing.
• Improved smalltalk gameplay.
• Improved smalltalk reward balancing.
• Improved hacking gameplay.
• Improved AI turret avoidance.
• Improved AI fuel station selection to reduce queues at the pumps.
• Improved AI attack behaviour on fleets of capital ships.
• Improved AI missile target selection.
• Improved small fighter attacks on big targets.
• Improved enemy target selection in non-fighter capital ships defending themselves.
• Improved police scan behaviour, giving more time to drop illegal inventory items.
• Improved duration of station response after being attacked.
• Improved positioning of highway advertising signs to avoid traffic.
• Improved price calculation and discount system to make trading viable for a wider range of wares (new base prices to come).
• Improved balancing of police licence prices, bounty rewards and mission rewards.
• Improved refuelling behaviour so that local budgets are no longer wasted on fuel.
• Improved effect on production efficiency of station employees, including skill levels.
• Improved AI engineer balancing.
• Improved holomap colour settings.
• Improved sound levels to muffle outside sounds when on a platform.
• Improved Defending/Attacking reaction time of the Defence Officer's configuration.
• Improved 'Attack Object' to not trigger negative reputation before start shooting.
• Improved AI combat movement to use the correct maximum combat range.
• Improved balancing of Teladi XL combat ships.
• Improved flight movement of boosting capital ships.
• Improved fight music so that it now also plays if a nearby player-owned object is attacked or attacks an enemy.
• Improved NPC trade ship distribution to address supply/demand inconsistencies in the default universe
• Improved NPC mining ship behaviour for better resource distribution.
• Improved balancing of ware price ranges for more interesting trade opportunities.
• Improved balancing of resources required for drone and small/medium ship construction.
• Improved balancing of boarding gameplay.
• Improved engineer repair behaviour allowing higher-skilled engineers to repair to a higher level.
• Improved balancing of station component prices to better reflect their contribution to profitability.
• Improved balancing of chance for NPC pilots to bail out when attacked.
• Improved default follow flight behaviour for player owned ships.
• Improved 'Fly to my Current Position' flight behaviour.
• Improved feedback from player-owned ships when under attack.
• Improved audio feedback for hacking gameplay.
• Fixed occasional highway-related sound cut-out.
• Fixed builder ship positioning.
• Fixed respawning of hidden ships once claimed.
• Fixed hull sections of certain ships appearing wrecked when they shouldn't.
• Fixed further cases of production getting stuck when storage for some products is full.
• Fixed attack/defend configuration of Defence Officer not working in some cases.
• Fixed unfriendly NPCs allowing further question options after 'Where can I find...?'.
• Fixed Refuel command being displayed twice in the pilot info.
• Fixed command info showing 'Docking' when ships undocking.
• Fixed wares being listed as available for resource gathering on ships not capable of mining them.
• Fixed damage not being taken into account when selling ships.
• Fixed some wares being illegal even to Pirates, the Xenon and Ren himself.
• Fixed collection of station dropped cargo not being flagged as illegal activity.
• Fixed negative credits in logbook messages.
• Fixed missing remaining discount time.
• Fixed "unlocked" percentage being shown for player-owned objects.
• Fixed incorrect unit capacity calculation in trader menus.
• Fixed incorrect number of engines displayed in ship detail menu.
• Fixed production times in the info menu not updating.
• Fixed 'Account Updated' notification sometimes reporting double amounts, even when transferred amounts are correct.
• Fixed trades failing completely if pilot funds are not sufficient for entire amount.
• Fixed additional wares being transported if an empty transport drone is destroyed on its return trip.
• Fixed player-owned ships not completing current tasks when being added to or removed from the player squad.
• Fixed switches on platforms not working when the game was saved while they were activating or deactivating.
• Fixed ships with trade orders stuck in following player ship (stuck trades will be completed after current task).
• Fixed capital ships not shooting at some stations.
• Fixed station not attacking enemies in several situations.
• Fixed damage per second simulation for ships using missiles as weapons when player is not present.
• Fixed demolition drone ammo.
• Fixed remote controlled missiles not moving if player stops controlling them.
• Fixed mining ships potentially getting stuck when they are unable to unload their wares.
• Fixed ships not finishing planned trade trips in certain situations.
• Fixed ships behaving as though moving while actually standing still.
• Fixed ships getting stuck in highways.
• Fixed at least one cause of unexpected warping of player ship to a new location.
• Fixed cockpit camera movement not working when loading a savegame.
• Fixed missing voice feedback for some orders.
• Fixed incorrect NPC voice feedback when there are no explicit orders.
• Fixed minimum budget display not taking into account local prices.
• Fixed object positions on map when viewing a different sector.
• Fixed random initial mouse position when mouse cursor activated on platform.
• Fixed target cycling sometimes skipping a target or selecting the wrong one.
• Fixed rare case of current target being lost when cycling targets.
• Fixed problems targeting certain objects using gamepad controls.
• Fixed repaired surface elements not being targetable.
• Fixed capital ships not showing target elements directly after having been constructed, refueled, or repaired.
• Fixed incorrect rotation of target element for collectible items.
• Fixed several other rare problems with target elements.
• Fixed various problems with "re-pinging" of mission targets.
• Fixed various problems with crosshair information display.
• Fixed Ability menu not updating if new drone is installed while menu is open.
• Fixed slider range for drones on small ship trader.
• Fixed flickering of buttons in Ability menu with mouse controls in some cases.
• Fixed case where buttion in Ability menu could get stuck in the active state.
• Fixed mouse-selection problems in dialog menu in certain cases.
• Fixed several minor issues with crosshair display.
• Fixed several other minor menu behaviour issues.
• Fixed shield values not being maintained over savegames (only applies to new savegames).
• Fixed mining order being available for CVs when it shouldn't.
• Fixed map mode showing ships in construction when it shouldn't.
• Fixed non-fighter small ships engaging fights even if they don't have fire-power.
• Fixed stations not becoming enemies when attacked by player-owned ships.
• Fixed price calculations for stations with build modules.
• Fixed stations not removing ammo offers if they no longer have any operational ammo-users.
• Fixed missing temporary reputation loss notification.
• Fixed command info on 'Attack Object' order.
• Fixed 'Attack Object' not attacking the target in several situations.
• Fixed stations/ships in different zones not being selectable for attack order
• Fixed small fighters not moving when player is not present.
• Fixed damage applied when player is not present.
• Fixed incorrect hull percentage display for ships when player not present.
• Fixed some cases of lights "popping" when player turns while close to an object.
• Fixed looping ability menu sound when pressing Alt-Tab in fullscreen.
• Fixed UI animation issues when capturing videos with fixed framerates.
• Fixed missing M-sized docks on various stations.
• Fixed infopoint location on xenon station.
• Fixed excessively bright lights in Albion interiors.
• Fixed missing engine descriptions on Teladi ships.
• Fixed missing explosion/schield effects on several engines.
• Fixed texture seam in local highways.
• Fixed mirrored text on several ships.
• Fixed engineer repairing first item after a pause almost instantly.
• Fixed stations not attacking enemies in some situations.
• Fixed rare case of player ship being invulnerable after using remote control.
• Fixed "ghost" cargo in storage that is wrecked and later repaired when player not present.
• Fixed boarding sometimes being missing from the interact menu.
• Fixed ability menu showing wrong reason for drones being unavailable during highway flight.
• Fixed UI-animation issues when capturing videos.
• Fixed 'Transfer Wares' command in several situations involving small and capital ships.
• Fixed cancelling intro conversations not cancelling the rest of the intro properly.
• Fixed lipsynch in certain conversations.
• Fixed transport drone arm pickup animation.
• Fixed another case of multiple ship dealers on one platform.
• Fixed stations sometimes offering to buy missiles for their turrets even though their ammo storage is full.
• Fixed possible rare case of some station component rotations not having been corrected in a previous update.
• Fixed NPC distribution on DLC stations when loading savegames from very old versions.
• Fixed case where mass traffic networks could get stuck forever.
• Fixed case where mission could get stuck if the player hit Escape during the mission briefing.
• Fixed case where mission could fail when giving crafted item to client.
• Fixed case of incorrect view after conversation ending.
• Fixed externally triggered music playing over fight music.
• Fixed missing option to clear shopping list.
• Fixed multiple cases where interact menu did not show certain actions if an object changed ownership (e.g. when the player claimed/boarded/sold a ship).
• Fixed Smart Defence button being available even if you had no drones.
• Fixed victims of attacks being excessively tolerant when the player is not present.
• Fixed rare issue with displaying hull values in the drone HUD.
• Fixed drone hacking of ships.
• Fixed several more causes of crashes and UI freezes, and improved crash reporting.
• Optimisations resulting in performance improvements, especially in busy areas.

Version 3.10 (190048) - 2014-12-18

• Fixed problem with mission chains where no reward being given would result in the entire chain being failed.
• Fixed hacking mission with fewer than 6 target points being impossible to complete.
• Fixed player-owned ships in Teladi game start having no actions running.
• Fixed excessively long timeout for stuck ware exchanges (further fixes to prevent it happening to come in a future update).
• Fixed cockpit walk-in animation not stopping when quitting a cutscene early.
• Fixed cockpit placement on Omicron Trade ship obstructing a shieldgenerator.
• Fixed unreachable crate on ship platform.
• Fixed floating adsign on Omicron station.
• Fixed hull value of Albatross XL (Liquid).
• Fixed loss of "volatile" crafting wares when using external view or after loading savegame.
• Fixed rare ships appearing with "(Remove) Teladi Pirate" in their name.
• Fixed missing hull sections in certain ships since 3.0.
• Fixed UI/control lockup if autopilot is deactivated from within a menu.
• Fixed some more causes of potential crashes and improved crash reporting.


Version 3.20 (190820) - 2015-02-03

• Added fuel info and planned trips to property owned menu.
• Added build progress info to architect order.
• Added credits due from trades to player status menu.
• Added boarding attack strength to player ship info menu.
• Added crafting progress info to event monitor when collecting crafting items.
• Added logbook entry for captured ships.
• Added killer information to logbook entry when player-owned objects are killed.
• Improved player station defence behaviour to include defence of ships.
• Improved guided missile flight behaviour when launching them.
• Improved Transfer Wares flight movement when docking and undocking.
• Improved price info in menus for ships at shipyards.
• Improved accuracy of click-recognition in mini-game.
• Improved ambient sounds.
• Fixed a case resulting in non-working highway entry gates.
• Fixed several cases where crafting wares were destroyed unexpectedly.
• Fixed cases of ships full of wares not performing correct behaviour if assigned to a station.
• Fixed ships assigned to stations not using all relevant wares when station extensions introduce new products.
• Fixed lockboxes ejecting wares when destroyed.
• Fixed rare case of missing specialists on stations in some newly-started games.
• Fixed player-owned ships reporting attacks by player.
• Fixed reputation not being lost when player-owned ships destroy objects.
• Fixed several issues with crafting missions.
• Fixed ship damage not being taken into account when selling ships.
• Fixed stuck production in some production modules in certain older savegames.
• Fixed incorrect boarding pod position when claiming an ownerless ship.
• Fixed case where damaged ships could become stuck when sold due to missing Engineer.
• Fixed command info incorrectly displaying 'Undocking' in several cases.
• Fixes clicks on zone map on objects in zones other than the current one.
• Fixed stuck holomap zoom if changing zoom direction under certain conditions.
• Fixed inconsistent behaviour when selecting gates on the holomap.
• Fixed rare case where map failed to display proper object.
• Fixed info locations not being visible while in Scanner/Hacker drone if Skunk is too far away.
• Fixed stations attacking objects that are too far away when player is not present.
• Fixed discount from "unknown faction" in certain gamestarts.
• Fixed unnecessary reputation loss events in some cases.
• Fixed some instances of overlapping text in menus.
• Fixed secondary resources usage.
• Fixed player-owned ships not reacting to neutral ships attacks.
• Fixed incorrect behaviour of ships escorting other ships when the escorted ship is destroyed.
• Fixed certain shipyards not having miner or collector drones in their inventory.
• Fixed weapon panel not showing the correct weapon for the Heavy Laser MK1.
• Fixed reversed buy/sell text in planned trips info in some cases.
• Fixed overlapping menu elements in equip drones menu.
• Fixed not being able to deploy a CV to a station which already finished construction.
• Fixed inconsistencies in ware exchange info between different UI displays.
• Fixed some cases where UI was not visible when it should have been.
• Fixed case where player could be locked out of mission offer due to UI issues.
• Fixed case where game stops accepting any input.
• Fixed UI crash in encyclopedia with very long descriptions.
• Fixed some cases of employee skills not being visible.
• Fixed mission timer not showing up in menus under certain circumstances.
• Fixed upkeep mission category being displayed if there are no upkeep missions.
• Fixed missing sound when clicking on menu close button.
• Fixed missing shield generators on Teladi Phoenix.
• Fixed missing fuel storage on Teladi Albatross (Liquid).
• Fixed problems caused by the game being installed in folders with names containing Unicode characters.
• Fixed some minor memory leaks.
• Fixed various crashes caused by issues introduced by mods.
• Fixed several causes of common crashes and improved crash reporting.


Version 3.50 (192864) - 2015-03-12

• Added new Onil mining ships to Canteran shipyard in DeVries.
• Added "Container Magnet" which attracts nearby collectables to the player ship (now with key for activation).
• Added several new generic missions and mission variants.
• Added new generic mission for clearing explosives or rigged asteroids.
• Added upkeep missions for assigning ships to stations and acquiring drones.
• Added voice notification for incoming missile on player ship.
• Added hint display to loading screen.
• Added option to give New Orders to player ships without Commander.
• Added come back on board command to npc detail menu.
• Added hotkey to toggle sound on/off (not mapped by default).
• Added text search field to map.
• Added FXAA to graphics options.
• Improved station manager and station owned ship trade behaviour.
• Improved balancing and accuracy of combat calculations when player is not present.
• Improved collision handling so that small collisions don't cause damage.
• Improved response of player owned stations to nearby player ships being attacked.
• Improved relation change behaviour on accidental hits, preventing friendly factions from attacking each others so fast.
• Improved capital ship collision avoidance with other capital ships.
• Improved police mass-traffic scan reaction to collision.
• Improved missile turret target selection.
• Improved stability of in-game map.
• Improved Russian localisation.
• Fixed multiple problems with capital ship shields and engines.
• Fixed escort ships respawning when loading a savegame.
• Fixed ships still attacking targets after the pilot bails, or ship is captured or claimed.
• Fixed several cases of turrets still shooting when there is no line-of-sight.
• Fixed capital ships not attacking after commander was destroyed on 'Withdraw from Battle' order.
• Fixed autopilot causing loss of control if it auto-deactivates while a menu is open.
• Fixed add/remove ships from squad while player is docked resulting in wrong commands.
• Fixed player ships with command action 'Waiting for drones' instead of 'Standing by' in some stations.
• Fixed one ship being able to be selected for modification at two different ship traders at the same time.
• Fixed planned trade trips not being cleared when assigning a squad ship to work for a station/ship.
• Fixed map not displaying objects around player property in some situations.
• Fixed menu issue allowing pilots to be sent to stations and capships.
• Fixed remote transfer selling all player drones of a type regardless of specified amount.
• Fixed fighter drones not changing their flight behaviour in some situations.
• Fixed several issues resulting in unit storage calculations to become incorrect.
• Fixed some specialist NPCs being incorrect types of characters.
• Fixed case where player could be asked to talk to someone who did not exist.
• Fixed positions of Construction Vessels which were pushed away from their stations.
• Fixed several problems with superhighway flight and exit.
• Fixed case of peculiar player movement when ending communication with an NPC while on a platform.
• Fixed trade offer target elements being displayed for invalid/outdated trade offers.
• Fixed plot course button being available in map modes.
• Fixed detail monitor not folding away under certain circumstances.
• Fixed map zoom being disabled for ware exchange partner selection.
• Fixed incorrect count of known systems in encyclopedia.
• Fixed several menu scrolling issues.
• Fixed several cases of plot ships being destroyed and left-over plot objects.
• Fixed engineers not repairing as fast as they should in some situations.
• Fixed captured ships not being taken into account resulting in certain missions not being flagged as completed.
• Fixed incorrect hull display in certain menus.
• Fixed several issues with navigation meshes.
• Fixed boost effects not always being removed when they should.
• Fixed pilot on boarding pod not being able to claim small ships.
• Fixed lockboxes remaining after being opened.
• Fixed cases of capital mining ships getting stuck when mining turrets have no line of sight.
• Fixed engineers not finishing repairs resulting in Construction URVs being stuck indefinitely.
• Fixed ships getting stuck at end of fly-to movement in several situations.
• Fixed The Teladi Output DLC factions not rewarding reputation after the player killed enemies.
• Fixed Xenon ships being used by mission characters.
• Fixed CVs not becoming subordinate of station if game not saved/loaded while architect assigned to CV.
• Fixed duplicate NPC stations built during the plot.
• Fixed "lost" storage on previously-hacked ships.
• Fixed station managers stuck "executing trade" when loading older savegames.
• Fixed engineers sometimes trying to repair items that are not damaged.
• Fixed NPCs not responding to enemies of their commander's other subordinates.
• Fixed mass traffic police attacking too far away from their home-base station..
• Fixed infopoints and platforms on player stations being flagged as "undiscovered" until they have been scanned.
• Fixed various trade computer errors (e.g 64).
• Fixed lost Construction URVs or with Command Explore.
• Fixed excessively loud highway entry sound.
• Fixed broken pre-selection of menu rows in several cases.
• Fixed incorrect credits due value on player menu.
• Fixed player ship not being able to launch Constrictor missiles when loading older savegames.
• Fixed cases with repair drones not returning after they finish.
• Fixed several plot-stopping errors.
• Fixed Protection Detail mission problem resulting in player not being able to finish it.
• Fixed upkeep missions suggesting incorrect credit transfers.
• Fixed ship-to-ship trades finishing instantly.
• Fixed jerky movement of trade mass traffic.
• Fixed boarding pods avoiding the ship when flying to it.
• Fixed UI mod files failing to load from catalogs.
• Fixed more causes of menu crashes.
• Fixed several more causes of common crashes.

Version 3.51 (193058) - 2015-03-20

• Collision shield damage now only applies to player ship, or drone when under player remote control.
• Improved balancing and accuracy of combat calculations when player is not present.
• Fixed missing drone docks on Sucellus and Balor.
• Fixed missing shield protection for drone bays on large Teladi ships (Teladi Outpost DLC only).
• Fixed player being thrown far into empty space when leaving super highway under autopilot.
• Fixed mass-traffic "clumping" after loading a savegame.
• Fixed problem with mapping buttons on certain joysticks.
• Fixed very rare case where a target might not be selected using gamepad controls.
• Fixed delay when launching mining drones from Teladi capital ship (Teladi Outpost DLC only).
• Fixed engineers not returning Construction URVs in some situations.
• Fixed incorrect maximum shield values during and after construction.
• Fixed repairing of station parts not correctly restoring surface elements.
• Fixed "free" upgrades on stations extended when the player is not present.
• Fixed scan station missions not completing.
• Fixed missing variation name on several ships.
• Fixed "zombie" NPCs on certain stations who will not respond to attempts to talk.
• Fixed capital ships not being able to boost if shields are too low.
• Fixed claimed ships not running commands after claim is complete.
• Fixed drones bumping while trying to dock on certain docks.

Version 3.52 (193370) - 2015-03-27

• Fixed default NPCs being able to board the playership and getting stuck.
• Fixed being able to get more than five skill stars through employee training before skills are revealed.
• Fixed ship animation issues when leaving the area and returning later.
• Fixed some Russian localisation issues.
• Fixed a problem loading plot savegames made in versions created prior to 3.51 while player ship docked.

Note: Although the last fix listed above does restore Yisha if she was accidentally removed in 3.51, we recommend that you do not use savegames made in 3.51 which suffered this problem as you may encounter problems such as stuck plot missions. Savegames made in 3.50 which would have suffered this problem had they been loaded in 3.51 should be be fine in 3.52.

Version 3.53 (193580) - 2015-04-02

• Improved extension handling so that loading order of mods now follows defined dependencies.
• Fixed several of the most common remaining causes of crashes.
• Fixed capital ships being unable to boost if they have no shields (fix in 3.51 did not work in all cases).
• Fixed broken buttons on player ship entry in encyclopedia.
• Fixed rounding error relating to upgrade counts.
• Fixed missing text truncation for objectives in Mission Manager.


Version 3.60 (198327) - 2015-09-02

New Feature: Target can now be set directly from within the holomap.
New Feature: Flight assist mode can now be disabled.
• Added audio feedback for when the game is saved.
• Added possibility to talk to Ship Dealers and buy/sell ships remotely via the station's communication conversation.
• Improved behaviour of acceleration/deceleration controls when crossing zero speed boundary.
• Improved text-readability of distance and destination texts at target elements.
• Improved performance and responsiveness of UI.
• Improved accuracy of mouse click/pick detection.
• Improved shooting behavior in external view.
• Improved readability of start menu, options menu and sidebar by removing "scan lines".
• Improved accuracy of out-of-sector trade lane calculations resulting in faster trades via Cargolifters URVs.
• Fixed memory leak in upkeep missions causing large savegames and long game shutdown times.
• Fixed player falling through floor of ship if walking around while in super-highway.
• Fixed broken player movement after certain multi-stage conversations.
• Fixed mouse cursor being stuck hidden and confined when loading a savegame while on a platform.
• Fixed police not picking up all dropped illegal containers from player when scanned.
• Fixed engineer repairing hull too slowly if there are no other damaged elements.
• Fixed shipyards potentially starting to build when something is docking/undocking.
• Fixed ships/stations still shooting at objects when they shouldn't in certain cases.
• Fixed some cases where small ships and drones were dragged by capital ships instead of flying to the correct destination.
• Fixed combat drones not using evade manoeuvers in several cases.
• Fixed missing weapons in playership encyclopedia entry.
• Fixed several issues with crafting mission.
• Fixed several issues with text and localisations.
• Fixed several issues with the Twilight Sentinel plot battle.
• Fixed Plutarch Overwatch station repairing itself after being destroyed.
• Fixed engine rotation of the Eterscel Raider.
• Fixed trade reservation clean up when canceling trade plans on player-owned ships.
• Fixed issues with drone capacity after a drone launch pad is destroyed.
• Fixed not being able to steer after loading certain savegames.
• Fixed several bugs related to launching and docking remote controlled drones.
• Fixed some cases where mouse-picking positions on menus were incorrect.
• Fixed distance text at target elements not being centered.
• Fixed details menu for ships in construction.
• Fixed some incorrect speed values in menus.
• Fixed problem highlighting station modules by clicking on them in the map.
• Fixed incorrect part positions in holomap detail view.
• Fixed accuracy issues with trade prices in savegames.
• Fixed rare cases of turrets trying to shoot through other objects which are in line-of-sight of their actual target.
• Fixed rare cases of sound-effects coming from the wrong positions in the cockpit or during remote control.
• Fixed several causes for managers reporting incorrect recommended budget and transferring too much money to player account.
• Fixed NPC built stations in the plot from sometimes never being completed by allowing a new builder ship to be ordered.
• Fixed several small glitches with the crosshair in external view.
• Fixed player being allowed to dock at ships after they were sold.
• Fixed re-entering ROVs at the last moment causing issues with bomb ammo and exiting the drone again.
• Fixed architect not asking for enough credits.
• Fixed incorrect profit calculations.
• Fixed cases of stuck ships in build-areas preventing stations from being constructed.
• Fixed missing rare engine reward bug in crafting mission.
• Fixed station-owned ships ignoring non-player-owned stations when attempting to sell off products or leftover cargo from their homebase.
• Fixed drone units being marked as "in use" even if launching them failed.
• Fixed Traitor drones not replenishing bomb ammo when bombs are detonated while the drone is docked.
• Fixed certain cases of being unable to dock on captured ships.
• Fixed issue causing excessive stalls when quitting a game session.
• Fixed issue causing performance to degrade slowly over a long game session.
• Fixed several more causes of crashes.
• Several small performance and memory optimisations.

Version 3.61 (200382) - 2015-09-25

• Added ability to toggle HUD display (default mapping Shift-H).
• Improved "flight assist off" mode by allowing stop key to operate.
• Improved AI pathing and mission guidance to and from Empty Space zones.
• Improved DPS calculations for launchers including one very wrong case of overpowered missile turrets.
• Fixed multiple causes of "stuck trades".
• Fixed construction vessels adding unbuilt upgrades after repairing a station.
• Fixed welder drones occasionally working on wrong parts of station after loading savegame.
• Fixed player owned ships ignoring the "Refuel automatically" Captain's option when they are not in squad.
• Fixed beam weapons not heating up over time.
• Fixed infopoint location at several stations.
• Fixed secondary resource efficiency effects not showing up in menus when only some resources are present.
• Fixed targeting of mission offer or infopoint causing zone map to stop working.
• Fixed hotkeys and back button on repair menu slider not working.
• Fixed in-game processing of mouse clicks when click is bringing game window into focus.
• Fixed Steam Workshop options not being available in Extensions menu if the extension list is empty.
• Fixed selection of gates using map.
• Fixed problem with stuck mouse cursor caused by Steam client update.
• Fixed game hanging while trying to load certain savegames.
• Fixed several more causes of crashes.
• Several small performance and memory optimisations.



The system requirements for the game have always stated that it requires a 64-bit version of Windows, and the 64-bit version of the game is now successfully in general use.

There is no 32-bit version for 3.xx. Please note that The Teladi Outpost DLC is not compatible with the final 32-bit release, 2.51.
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Latest Patch Notes

Below are patch notes for the latest patch.


Version 4.00 (208311) - 2016-02-25

New Feature: Bulletin board system to keep track of offered missions.
New Feature: Major overhaul of external view (enabled menus, target elements, external view in highways, and more).
New Feature: Orders for multiple selected ships in the Property Owned menu (replaces 'Broadcast' order).
New Feature: Trade Deals menu with profit estimates.
New Feature: Economy logging and statistics.
New Feature: Time acceleration using SETA.
New Feature: New mission to obtain player ship jump drive.
New Feature: New missions to hack stations and obtain rare or valuable items.
New Feature: You can now find and craft rare weapon modifications that increase your weapon's stats when installed.
New Feature: New in-game tutorials.
• Added 'Fly to position' order selecting a position via map click (replaces 'Fly to Zone' order).
• Added ability to access various features (event monitor/info point interaction, comms, mission/trade offers, etc.) while remote controlling drones.
• Added radar while remote controlling drones.
• Added ability to claim ownerless capital ships by placing NPC on platform.
• Added current target as default destination for autopilot hotkey (Shift+A), uses mission objective as before if no target set.
• Added new Nyanae ships to Omicron Lyrae, replacing the Gigurum ships there.
• Added new Mercancias ships to DeVries, replacing the Gigurum ships there.
• Added new Xenon P ship.
• Added heat damage from engine jets.
• Added new "very hard" difficulty level.
• Added navigation skill influence on effectiveness of AI pilots.
• Added efficiency influence on cooling rate so that some weapons (e.g. Pulsed Maser) don't stop building up heat when damaged.
• Added mouse look for camera rotation in all external views and in the cockpit (default is middle mouse button).
• Added Xenon pilot self-destruct allowing ships to be claimed.
• Added notification if a player squad drone was lost or killed.
• Added missing ion and plasma resource fields to Maelstrom.
• Added NPC population to player owned stations.
• Added indication of unread entries to encyclopedia.
• Added mouse-over tooltips for various conversation options.
• Added status report notifications during boarding.
• Added new variation to mission where player must clear an area of explosives.
• Added jump drive and fuel storage to Xenon I.
• Added axis labels and visualization of jumpgate direction to holomap.
• Added drones launching from stations depending on Defence Officer skills.
• Added revealing of NPC skills when they are hired.
• Added NPC flee and retreat maneuvers based on skills.
• Added new achievements.
• Added in-game links to tutorial videos.
• Added autosave once per hour if no docking autosave takes place in that time.
• Added savegame compression.
• Removed option to replace a working architect, which broke the both of them!
• Removed restriction on number of entries in station shopping lists.
• Removed legacy shaders.
• Improved small ship AI to use boost in combat situations based on pilot skills.
• Improved behaviour when following mission target using autopilot.
• Improved HUD toggle now toggles more elements and works in more cases.
• Improved speed of medium sized ships.
• Improved gate transitions for capital ships, with better entry positions and a queue system.
• Improved missiles cycling, skipping missiles for which you currently have no ammunition.
• Improved event monitor display when picking up multiple containers in space at the same time.
• Improved upgrade menus to distinguish between capital ship primary shield generators and smaller ones.
• Improved balancing of NPC ship group sizes in Hard and Very Hard difficulty.
• Improved max skill engineers so they can now repair hull up to 100%.
• Improved mouse accuracy in menus.
• Improved station manager logic to better coordinate multiple owned ships.
• Improved highway entry/exit sounds.
• Improved balancing of ship prices (increased price of container transporters by 50%, reduced other medium sized ships by 25%).
• Improved NPC behaviour when flying through Jump Gates to clear the area.
• Improved accuracy of combat damage calculations when player is not present.
• Improved balance of pirate wings for easy and normal difficulty.
• Improved auto-aim behaviour when not firing at cursor.
• Improved docking behaviour of ships.
• Improved guided missiles flight behaviour.
• Improved target selection using gamepad controls.
• Improved text quality for smaller fonts in some rare cases.
• Improved readability of target element texts.
• Improved behaviour of ships trading with warehouse stations.
• Improved station drone launching.
• Improved mission reward balancing.
• Improved AI pathing.
• Improved mission bar positioning and appearance.
• Improved holomap presentation.
• Improved balancing, timing and behaviour of Pirate ship groups.
• Improved shielding of drone launch pad for Balor.
• Improved visibility of target arrows in external view on bright backgrounds.
• Improved radar range of all CVs from 12km to 32km.
• Improved mission guidance.
• Improved quality of local lights.
• Improved FXAA colour-correction.
• Improved crash reports to indicate whether game has been modified.
• Changed default setting for menu display from "Side Console"-mode to "HUD"-mode.
• Fixed trade ships assigned to stations not respecting their new commander's subordinate range.
• Fixed being able to issue multiple transfer orders for the same wares when using ware exchange with a station.
• Fixed another scenario that could lead to incorrect amounts of unavailable units.
• Fixed incorrect quantity of bought fuel cells on 'Refuel' order if the ship already had some fuel.
• Fixed several bugs with Marauder Pirates not being able to steal dropped containers from their targets.
• Fixed several cases resulting in ships getting stuck when following other ships out-of-sector.
• Fixed missing command info for mining drones and for transport drones picking up ware containers.
• Fixed stations complaining when player destroys an ownerless ship.
• Fixed broken game controls after interacting with a trade offer while controlling a drone.
• Fixed rare cases where objects showed incorrect outlines.
• Fixed encyclopedia display of maximum speed for capital ships.
• Fixed player ship sometimes jumping positions when changing zones while flying on autopilot.
• Fixed engine ambient sound volume and pitch not working correctly during autopilot.
• Fixed autopilot stopping when following a ship that changes zones.
• Fixed autopilot continuing when entering a remote-controlled drone.
• Fixed remote controlled missiles not moving while entry animation is running.
• Fixed AI roll rotation in several flight behaviours.
• Fixed event monitor hints overlapping the "Press F" text on the HUD eventmonitor.
• Fixed capital ships boosting backwards or sideways.
• Fixed broken aim indicator when controlling a drone.
• Fixed station owned in Empire Builder not being able to replace Construction Vessel.
• Fixed plot Construction Vessels being boardable.
• Fixed station managers losing their account when involved in ware exchange trades.
• Fixed ships on autopilot sometimes not accelerating to full speed (e.g. when player ship leaves a highway).
• Fixed player ship getting stuck at the exit of a highway if a menu is open.
• Fixed being able to shoot dumbfire missiles backwards in external view.
• Fixed broken jumpdrive not allowing refuel order to be given (still not allowed if jumping required to refuel).
• Fixed garbled text on target elements in Russian localisation.
• Fixed accumulating highway ad signs.
• Fixed calculation error with recommended budget resulting in value sometimes being too high.
• Fixed incorrect flight orientation on AI drones and Xenon fighters.
• Fixed wrong rotation on the mining movement of medium miners.
• Fixed player ship auto-roll when menus are open and the auto-roll option is off.
• Fixed capital ships flying too slowly or getting stuck when avoiding other ships.
• Fixed certain ships not being able to pick up collectables.
• Fixed dark or black loading screen when pressing ESC quickly after starting a new game.
• Fixed player being able to click on invisible UI elements, such as while HUD not displayed.
• Fixed several missions not cleaning up properly.
• Fixed traders having too much scrap metal.
• Fixed hack panel missions telling the player to return to ship when docked.
• Fixed problems with the player auto pilot going through jump gates.
• Fixed tumbling highway ships when the player exits highway.
• Fixed production resource consumption not being calculated correctly in rare cases.
• Fixed double "Cr" in logbook messages for money transfer for Fuel Cells.
• Fixed issue where a 'static' effect remained over the event monitor during the plot.
• Fixed Particle Repeater weapons building up heat slower at higher framerates.
• Fixed player ship not being able to enter highways with an open menu.
• Fixed rare case of missing highway/gate/ship group target elements after starting/loading a game.
• Fixed rare case of non-working input controls after starting/loading a game.
• Fixed interact menu not always being on top of other target elements when using mouse/gamepad controls.
• Fixed current target not always on top of all other target elements.
• Fixed target elements not always on top of other target elements which are further away.
• Fixed rare cases of clicking on a target element actually targeting another object.
• Fixed target elements jumping when interacting with it while controlling a drone.
• Fixed rare cases of crosshair showing weird animations.
• Fixed rare cases of UI issues when switching to/from external and/or drone view.
• Fixed cases where weapon panels showed startup animation in cases other than entering the ship.
• Fixed various trade price discrepancies in menus due to incorrect rounding.
• Fixed game over not showing player ship explosion sound or visual effects.
• Fixed game starting in non-default full-screen resolution when running it for the first time.
• Fixed voice samples for several encyclopedia entries in German localisation.
• Fixed excessive marine loss when attack strength slightly higher than defence strength.
• Fixed Transfer Wares order not working between small/medium ships and Construction Vessels.
• Fixed very rare cases where target elements were missing or being displayed when they shouldn't be.
• Fixed double sound effects in certain menus.
• Fixed ship capture chance ignoring hull state.
• Fixed several cases of small ships stuck and not following other ships into Highways.
• Fixed line selection in sector map with many zones.
• Fixed hitting a destroyed lock on a lockbox blowing up the lockbox.
• Fixed some cases of drones flying far away before docking on their launchpads.
• Fixed loading of buy/sell configuration for trade wares from savegame.
• Fixed case of production not progressing to next possible item if current item is blocked.
• Fixed partial wrecking of certain ships.
• Fixed blending at screen edges with FXAA.
• Fixed cases of ships fleeing while docking or executing trades.
• Fixed target loss and failure to target in certain cases.
• Fixed ships being able to rotate with all engines destroyed.
• Fixed stuck ships at highway entrances.
• Fixed problems with station supply delivery.
• Fixed several cases of small and capital escort ships not shooting or being stuck.
• Fixed several cases of capital ships not boosting when flying between zones.
• Fixed capital ship navigation issues due to bad alignment to the boosting orientation.
• Fixed cases where ships cross jump gates and only use them after turning back.
• Fixed some cases of capital ships not defending themselves when being attacked.
• Fixed some cases of mining ships not collecting tagged asteroids on Mining mode.
• Fixed hacked ships still being able to use their jump drive.
• Fixed issue with activating auto pilot from a menu while near a large object.
• Fixed pre-selected line in menus not being on-screen in all situations.
• Fixed mouse steering being active initially when starting a game in some cases.
• Fixed text overlapping mission objective bar.
• Fixed muffled exterior sounds after loading a savegame while on a platform without quitting to main menu.
• Fixed some zones not being visible from inside nearby highway.
• Fixed visibility range of huge asteroid in Verdant Profit.
• Fixed external camera view on mass traffic ships aborting when zooming out too far.
• Fixed external target view being zoomed out far too much on some ships.
• Fixed cockpit camera movement not working directly after loading a savegame.
• Fixed obstructed target elements when docked at Teladi capital ships.
• Fixed several issues with mission guidance involving highways.
• Fixed stations not always being connected to each other with mass traffic if there is more than one highway nearby.
• Fixed case where having the auto pilot follow a jumping capital ship could make the player end up in an invalid position.
• Fixed engines on small ship wrecks sometimes appearing not to be wrecked even though they are wrecked and do not function.
• Fixed relative movement when entering the Skunk's back room.
• Fixed equip drone/missile trades not updating when scheduled.
• Fixed rounding issue in trade price display.
• Fixed ships assigned to a commander not working after receiving a new Captain.
• Fixed upkeep missions to transfer credits not completing if the wanted amount was reduced.
• Fixed Game Paused message text not being centered.
• Fixed throttle feedback sound being played when pressing "full stop" key while in a menu.
• Fixed menu crash when viewing certain modules of R&D Chem Labs in the encyclopedia.
• Fixed incorrect throttle setting when returning from the Skunk's back room while being dragged along by a capital ship.
• Fixed trade ships remaining passive when new planned trips are added while undocking after last planned trip.
• Fixed erratic autopilot movement when flying near station's surface elements.
• Fixed 'Withdraw from Battle' order not properly working in some situations.
• Fixed several cases of lost combat drones launched from capital ships.
• Fixed player owned escort capital ships having wrong behaviour when their commander's captain is replaced.
• Fixed rare cases of ships teleporting after giving new fly orders if they were moving previously.
• Fixed some cases of area damage not working correctly.
• Fixed follow behavior for squad ships, where occasionally bumped the Skunk.
• Fixed builder ships not being able to receive wares from stations in high attention.
• Fixed transport drones taking too much time to reach their destination.
• Fixed rare cases of incorrectly positioned elements in menus.
• Fixed cases where no mission target was displayed.
• Fixed crosshair not showing mission target arrow.
• Fixed targeting issues in gamepad mode.
• Fixed several issues with event monitor during campaign.
• Fixed too frequent "Incoming missile" warnings.
• Fixed various cases of ships and other objects that moved too far away from any known zones.
• Fixed issues with certain savegames taking an excessively long time to load.
• Fixed collision avoidance being active when controlling a torpedo.
• Fixed ships becoming invisible, especially during escort missions.
• Fixed boarded capital ship escorts continuing to escort after boarding.
• Fixed object menu layout with NPC subordinate ships.
• Fixed missing text for Onil engine.
• [TTO] Fixed playership being immovable on first game start in very rare situations.
• [TTO] Fixed some navigation issues with NPC ships flying to Albion gate in Fields of Opportunity.
• Fixed game freezing when quitting the game with Alt+F4 while in loading screen.
• Fixed startup issues with corrupted or incorrect DLLs in Windows system directory.
• Fixed several small memory leaks.
• Several more small performance and memory optimisations.
• Fixed more causes of crashes.


Version 4.10 (232953) - 2017-04-19

New Feature: TrackIR support added.
• Added ammunition display to detail menus of ships and stations.
• Improved font readability in certain cases.
• Improved crosshair visual quality.
• Improved slider bar behaviour for large range values.
• Improved positioning of minigame display to try to avoid obstructing other elements.
• Improved output errors caused by mods which generate certain UI problems.
• Improved output from errors caused by Steam configuration issues when trying to start game.
• Improved AI fight/flee behaviour.
• Improved squadron engagement logic.
• Improved combat movement for capital ships with forward-mounted weapons.
• Improved determination of zone in which to mine for station-based mining ships.
• Improved station-based miners engaged in inter-sector mining.
• Improved defence officers on capital ships now target surface elements of hostile ships.
• Improved movement from explicit player-given movement order.
• Improved capital ship movement in areas with many asteroids (asteroids now break when rammed by a capital ship!).
• Improved mouse cursor hotspot in OSX/Linux version.
• Fixed several issues with Chinese localisation.
• Fixed scroll-bar overlapping frame background in menu in some languages.
• Fixed sliders in some menus starting somewhere in the middle rather than at the left.
• Fixed notoriety bar not displaying correct LED-states in certain cases.
• Fixed several crosshair behaviour and appearance issues.
• Fixed several other minor UI visual glitches.
• Fixed NPC command not updating correctly in menu.
• Fixed sound position of long range scan echoes.
• Fixed Xenon capital ships being boardable.
• Fixed mining laser getting weapon mods that affect cooling.
• Fixed Withdraw From Battle not holding fire.
• Fixed squadron escorts not moving to attack in some cases.
• Fixed trades getting disrupted by ships fleeing.
• Fixed escape pods not moving after being ejected.
• Fixed capital ships sometimes getting stuck trading, especially with other ships.
• Fixed ships and stations not becoming hostile when their trade drones are destroyed.
• Fixed rounding issues causing engineers to sometimes not make progress when repairing hull.
• Fixed several issues with ship pathing.
• Fixed rare cases of untargetable icons being displayed or comm-actions being listed incorrectly in the interact menu.
• Fixed relation mismatch between the Argon Secret Service Licence and the mission rewarding it.
• Fixed Argon Secret Service Licence not being able to be regained when achieving the required Argon relation.
• Fixed engagement distance tolerances for capital ships moving in combat.
• Fixed long-range scan hints appearing too often.
• Fixed R&D Chem Lab stations requiring Bio-Optic Wiring during construction.
• Fixed subordinates of capital ships taken from the player during the plot ending up in a broken state.
• Fixed weapon mod menu being available on NPC ships.
• Fixed circular command structures when assigning multiple ships a commander.
• Fixed request to repair ship resulting in new drones being installed instead.
• Fixed case of fleeing ships failing to do so.
• Fixed crash starting game on a PC with more than 8 graphics devices.
• Fixed external view being in the wrong position when activated for the first time.
• Fixed ships sometimes ending up in wrong positions after loading a savegame.
• Fixed cases where player drones bounced off the ship instead of docking.
• Fixed ship traders failing to determine the amount of ammunition currently equipped.
• Fixed long range scanners not detecting objects in adjacent zones.
• Fixed passengers being commable from space, allowing them to be picked up.
• Fixed Xenon P being generated for missions more often than it should
• Fixed ships patrolling while guarding something, occasionally getting continuously distracted.
• Fixed construction drones flying to incorrect positions.
• Fixed cases where ships took unnecessary detours into potentially dangerous areas, especially in Home of Light.
• Fixed inability to move with a capital ship if a station is nearby (especially the large Split station in Maelstrom).
• Fixed mouse input being enabled for flight or first person movement while a game overlay is active.
• Fixed inability to leave a highway while a menu is open.
• Fixed problems with targeting objects in various cases.
• Fixed endless loop when loading a savegame in certain cases.
• Fixed several small memory leaks.
• Fixed several causes of crashes.
• Fixed a cause of performance drain and memory leak affecting long play sessions, particularly large battles.
• Numerous small performance improvements.

Version 4.10 Hotfix 1 (250752) - 2017-10-19 (Windows only)

• Fixed crash starting game after Windows 10 Fall Update.


Version 4.30 (254587) - 2017-12-07

New Feature: All-new quick menu.
New Feature: Target locking when using gamepad.
• Added zoom buttons to map.
• Added back button to Start/Options menu and Encyclopedia to allow use with mouse only.
• Added tabs to quickly switch between Property Owned, Inventory and Weapon Mods menus.
• Added shortcut to correct inventory trader in the Remote Comm menu from the Inventory menu.
• Added flight-assist note when flight assist is disabled.
• Added pause message when options menu is displayed.
• Added chance to acquire trade agents for defeating hostile ships close to a station.
• Added option to use the entire range of a slider for forward speed.
• Added empty weapon slot to missile cycle.
• Added ability to click on certain monitors in player cockpit to open specific menus (use NumPad to look down).
• Improved AI fight/flee behaviour (again!).
• Improved price calculation logic for stations with multiple production modules.
• Improved targeting behaviour especially when using gamepad.
• Improved organisation and labelling of controls in control configuration menu.
• Improved mission bar design for better readability.
• Improved visual appearance of ability menu.
• Improved mouse picking in the ability menu so that hovering the cursor over the hotkey buttons correctly selects the button.
• Improved mission target behaviour by reducing ping-effect in scenarios where there are more than 8 mission targets.
• Improved cases where turning the ship switched displayed target elements a lot.
• Improved tutorial missions and fixed several issues with them.
• Improved highway flight by allowing roll axis to steer left/right instead of doing nothing.
• Improved replacement of architects.
• Improved mission enemy balancing.
• Improved game over animation.
• Improved behaviour of L and XL mining ships assigned to warehouses.
• Improved interaction with crates/buttons/hack panels by doubling interact distance.
• Improved preset profile for Saitek X52 to make use of changed interact menu positions.
• Improved input mapping options (NOTE: some input profiles, especially for joysticks, may need to be reset).
• Changed maximum distance of location-based icons to reduce icon clutter on station approach.
• Changed main menu to deactivate steering while it is open.
• Changed interact menu layout to be usable for 4-directional joystick POVs.
• Replaced gamepad controls menu with auto targeting menu..
• Fixed fighters dismissing valid targets if they are far from their commander.
• Fixed Xenon not spawning in Albion on higher difficulty levels.
• Fixed ships warping between unconnected highways.
• Fixed Plasma Cannon Mk3 not having area damage.
• Fixed NPCs on platforms engaging in smalltalk even if no smalltalk dialog option available.
• Fixed Assign Trading Ship upkeep mission for warehouses being impossible to accomplish..
• Fixed several other smaller mission issues.
• Fixed drone dealer hint text.
• Fixed successful player kill being registered if they destroyed a crate they were supposed to collect.
• Fixed event monitor opening and closing directly when switching to external view under certain circumstances.
• Fixed very rare case of broken event monitor.
• Fixed very rare cases of incorrect colors being displayed in the UI.
• Fixed rare cases of interact button (A on gamepad) stopping working.
• Fixed full stop action not aborting boost while throttle is at 0, e.g. with gamepad.
• Fixed first person rotation being much too slow in certain cases.
• Fixed very rare case resulting in an event monitor being displayed in 1st-person or inside the drone HUD when it shouldn't.
• Fixed target elements being stuck in-place with the opening interact menu.
• Fixed saving game in a damage area being a death sentence.
• Fixed reward notifications spamming with very short delay,
• Fixed cases where target elements were missing on ships.
• Fixed rare cases where the target elements or interact menu would be displayed behind the crosshair.
• Fixed rare cases of hull/shield bars being displayed for obstructed targets without a target element.
• Fixed cases where target elements appeared to flicker wildly.
• Fixed case of crosshair arrows pointing to incorrect position.
• Fixed case in which the selected menu line was not scrolled into view when pressing Up key.
• Fixed cases of Enter key having no effect.
• Fixed case of game being stuck on pause when UI is reloaded while game is paused.
• Fixed cases where the game paused text vanishes even though the game is still paused.
• Fixed cases where game unpauses automatically, e.g. Alt-Tabbing out and back.
• Fixed issue with using non-bidirectional throttle together with gamepad mode.
• Fixed missing particle effects when loading a savegame.
• Fixed missing ship trails in highways.
• Fixed disappearing engine trails for ships entering and leaving gates and highways.
• Fixed missing normal map on floor in the Teladi gamestart station.
• Fixed inability to change a Construction Vessel's orders before it starts moving to deploy.
• Fixed problem with SETA not remaining deactivated while holding down fire button.
• Fixed small and medium ships not considering fleeing after deciding to attack.
• Fixed squadron subordinates attacking non-combat ships on sight when not attacked first.
• Fixed Trade Deals menu breaking if a ship's queued trades are all with other ships.
• Fixed player getting notifications for player-owned Construction URVs and Cargolifters getting destroyed.
• Fixed area damage of Plasma Mk3 being overpowered when shooting without charging.
• Fixed damage calculations for certain weapons.
• Fixed ROVs not moving to dock.
• Fixed welding effects of build and repair drones not appearing after loading a savegame.
• Fixed warehouse trade ware prices not being locked to average price in some savegames.
• Fixed rare issues with targeting objects using the gamepad.
• Fixed lost steering input after closing a menu in certain cases.
• Fixed short freeze when trying to cycle missiles when none are present.
• Fixed NPC warehouses not trading at average price (for real this time).
• Fixed moving the mouse not activating mouse mode reliably at high framerates.
• Fixed inconsistency with "target closest object" behaviour.
• Fixed causes of several rare crashes.
• Various small performance improvements.


Please be aware that this patch contains some input handling changes which might invalidate your current profile. We believe this only applies to customized joystick profiles.

We suggest you review your profile and adjust it if required. You can also load one of the default profiles and make adjustments as needed based on these.

A summary of the most notable changes:
- new interact menu positions (up, down, left, right)
- new explicit actions to execute the selected entry in the interact menu, ability menu, quick menu, and dialog menu
- new directional controls for the ability menu, quick menu, and dialog menu
- with joystick controls: changed behaviour of the interact menu state, which now closes the menu without executing the selected entry

The old gamepad mode was revised. In principle it now only controls whether auto-targeting behaviour is active or not (while before it also controlled whether menus were stick/non-sticky in joystick mode).

As a result of this change, if you relied on the non-sticky menus behaviour then you might have to change your joystick profile.


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