[SCRIPT] Mercenaries Guild V2.90 : Updated 13/03/2007

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[SCRIPT] Mercenaries Guild V2.90 : Updated 13/03/2007

Post by Cycrow » Mon, 7. Nov 05, 18:02

Original hire mercenaries idea from this thread:

Name: X3 Mercenaies Guild
Version: V2.90
Author: Cycrow
Updated: 13/03/2007
Thanks to Mailo for the german translation
Thanks to RU4PT for the russian translations

My other scripts can be found Here

:arrow: Script Package: Download - Mirror Download


To use the script package file, you need the X3 Script Installer from Here

:?: Bugs: Report any bugs you find here - Just select the script from the project list on the right


1. Basic Idea:

This script allows you to hire mercenaries to attempt to destory a station without you losing any relation with the race.
You hire the mercenaries and they will send a fleet of ships to attack a station of your choosing.

It also allows you to join up with the mercenaries guild to become a mercenary yourself and take on missions to gain ranks and earn money

2. Attacking a station

In one of you stations, you use the station command to Order mercenaries and then you select the station which you wish to attack.
You will then receive an incomming question and you have 4 options of how big the fleet should be, the bigger the fleet the more
it will cost you. Choose which size fleet and the attack will begin, they will travel from another sector and head towards the station
then start attacking.

You will receive a message when the attack has either failed and all the mercenary ships were destoryed, or when they have destroyed the station.

3. Joining the Guild

To join the guild, you need to search the BBS for offers to join the mercenries guild, then just pay the one off fee to join.
To view the status within the guild, goto your current ships additional command slots, and select, "View Guild Status"

4. Missions

Missions will be found on the BBS once you have join the guild, it will detail what you have to do for the mission and the money you will get from it.
Completing missions will increases your level within the guild to give you access to more lucrative missions.

Delivery Missions:

Deliver weapons to a specified trading station within the time alotted, the pay will be the full price for weapons with an extra bonus on top
1. Delivery of Low Grade weapons (IRE, PAC), Available at any level
2. Delivery of High Grade weapons (HEPT, PSG, PBE), Available at level 2 and above
3. Delivery of Capitol Grade wepaons (FAA, PPC), Available at level 3 and above

Ship Delivery:

Deliver captured ships to the guild and get paid for each one, with a bonus if you manage to deliver them all. Just send the ship to dock
at the target station, and the guild will claim it from you.
1. M5 Delivery, available at any level
2. M4 Delivery, available at level 2 and above
3. M3 Delivery, available at level 3 and above
4. M6 Delivery, available at level 4 and above

Escort VIP:

Escort and protect a traveling VIP to a certain sector.
You will be given the sector and ship to meet up with, you just have to head there within the set time. Once you reach the VIP, they will message you
telling you where your heading to
You just have to make sure they arrive to thier destination station in one piece, the mission will complete once the VIP docks at the target station
If you travel too far away from the VIP, you mission is failed
Make sure the VIP always travels thru the gates ahead of you otherwise you will fail
You will also fail if you dock at a station while on the mission.

Kha'ak Invasion:

A sector is under seige by constant kha'ak attacks, and the guild has been requested to send thier mercenaries to help out.
Your mission is to engage the kha'ak ships to help defend the sector, you will be paid for each ship you take out.
The higher level missions will have increased numbers of kha'ak to kill, there will also be other mercenaries to aid you.

Specific Ship Capture:

Like the ship delievery missions, but you will be given a list of ships to capture instead of just a class, and you have to get each ship on the
list to complete the mission

Border Control:

Help a race protect thier borders from an impending invasion, you will join the defence force and prevent too many attacking ships make it to
thier destination gate. The attacks will attempt to break through your lines to make it to the next sector
If too many ships make it to the next sector, the mission will be failed, and you wont get paid.

Solo Border Control:

Like the border control mission, only this time, there will be no mercenries to back you up so have have to defend the sector on you own.
It's advisable to bring in a fleet to help you accomplish the task, you will get more money when doing it solo.

Yaki Defence:

A station is under attack from the yaki, and they need mercenaries to help defend it. Its your job to protect the station and
destory the yaki.

Blockade Runner:

Like the border control mission, but this time you will join the attacking side, you will attempt to break through the defensive lines to allow
the attacking convoy to make it to the next sector.

Solo Blockade Runner:

Like the Blockade runner but without any help from other mercenries, so it helps to use ur own fleet. However you will be paid alot more
for these missions.

Station Attack:

Attack a race station for the guild, you will have to fight of the defending ships as well, that will jump in to protect thier station.
You will be joining an existing fleet of mercenary ships to try take down the station.

Solo Station Attack:

Same as the Station attack mission but without the help of other mercenaries, you will be on your own but you will get paid more for the mission

5. Mercenary Escorts

You can now hire mercenaries to escort your ships.
in the ships addtional commands, there is a command to hire or release these mercenaries.
Hiring mercenaries costs an inital fee, then an houly charge for thier services, they will follow the ship whereever they go
as well as jump when the ship jumps.

6. Next Version

* Hire out your ships to join mercenries patrols
* Long term patrols of sectors



* Loaning your ships for use by the guild
* Mercenaires being sent out after your stations


* Remade Border Control Mission, ships come in waves
* Fixed Border control and Blockade runner mission end
* Added ships and equipment to guild stations

* Increased Frequency of Border control Missions
* Added DDRS ship selection
* Fixed no shield problem
* Added LCD Promotion Display

* Fixed null sector display for border control mission
* Fixed ship delievery payout
* Fixed weapon deleivery, removal of weapons after completing
* Prevented guild stations from being targets in yaki defence mission
* Fixed yaki merceneries from attacking other mercs
* Added mercenaries guild equipment docks and shipyards
* Added BBS news messages for new stations
* Higher frequency of missions avaialble at guild stations + joining the guild
* Improved jumping of escorts, so they will properly jump with UT's
* Escorts will jump in multiple steps if its too far, instead of trying to fly there
* Escorts will detect change in course of target and adjust accordinly
* Removed any kha'ak missions for Border Control Mission (especially for xfp)
* Border Control Missions will more likly use own races ships
* New Mission: Blockade Runner
* New Mission: Solo Blockade Runner
* New Mission: Station Attack
* New Mission: Solo Station Attack

* Fixed discoverer ship delievery
* Fixed player owned sectors for border control mission

* Added Hirable mercenary escorts
* Added Yaki defence mission
* Fixed goner mammoth spawning

* Improved Border control mission
* removed unknown sectors from border control
* Fixed BBS freezing when displaying missions
* Fixed displaying of correct races when completing border control
* Fixed Xenon using correct ships

* Fixed xenon on border control missions
* Using shared "View Guild Status" command
* Redused price to join the guild
* Changed pricing to join the guild to more random
* Decreased number of ships for border control mission
* Increased speed which ships are spawned in border control
* Improved random ship selection, races have more chance of using thier own ship, but still uses others as well
* Fixed jumping to gates in same sector for border control
* Stopped mercenaries from scanning cargo
* Fixed removing of mercenaries after missions
* Fixed non moving kha'ak clusters (i think)

* Fixed notoriety for border control mission
* Improved Jumping out of mercenraries after mission is finished
* Reduced frequency of joining guild messages
* Increased payout for Kha'ak invasion missions

* Improved Station/Ship Attack
* Fixed Expierence for Kha'ak Invasion
* Changed displaying of Mercenary support ships
* Fixed Jumping out of mercenaries in kha'ak Invasion
* Removed escorts through xenon space
* Fixed ship capture missions
* Removed xenon border control missions
* Fixed notoriety for Border control missions


Please let me know of any bugs and improves that might be good :)
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Post by madcaddie » Mon, 7. Nov 05, 18:06

Hey haven't got X3 yet still waiting for it to come in the mail so I haven't tried this yet but I think the mercs should jump out if the battle goes bad for them they are after all fighting for money.

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Mon, 7. Nov 05, 18:08

yes sounds good, maybe if a certain number of thier feelt gets destoryed they could cut thier loses and leave

ill have a look into that

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Post by Surray » Mon, 7. Nov 05, 18:35

sounds pretty cool, I'd love to get rid of some competition. As you can't buy em out or destroy em yourself this will certainly be very useful in my quest for ultimate economical domination of the universe.
I'll go try it :-)

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Post by bendyspex » Mon, 7. Nov 05, 22:58

Sounds great, Il try it when I next have the game on. Are the fleet options like 2,4 or 6 ships, or can you choose the type of ship they send. If so do they use any M6's or M1's or 2's?
Thanks, I really like these addons, already have the escorts and bounty hunter scripts in and it is so much better.

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Post by bendyspex » Mon, 7. Nov 05, 23:22

I have just tried to install this using the self-extrating download, but it comes up saying that it needs to replace a file called 'lib.cycrow.addware.xml'
Is this a conflict with another script?

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Tue, 8. Nov 05, 01:50

do u have the bounty hunters script as well ?
its the same file so it doesn't matter if u overwrite it

i just write certain parts of my scripts in lib files that u use with all my scripts

so any lib.cycrow files should be fine to overwrite

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Post by bendyspex » Tue, 8. Nov 05, 18:23

I do have the bounty hunters sript, and have installed it there. They work fine and are both great mods. Thanks :D

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 01:57

Updated the next version, making mercenaries jump out to save themselves when in trouble
as well as the ability to attack ships as well as stations

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Post by Simon029 » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 11:32

I didnt test your script yet, but i thought it would be nice, if the hired ships have a different target colour. Instead of green or blue.
Is something like that possible? So you could better see which ships you hired when you fly with them. This would be useful in your planed future features.

sorry for my bad english,

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Post by Cycrow » Wed, 9. Nov 05, 14:08

i dont think its possible to change the target color in a script

ill have to check if its possible to stick a hired tag on like you do when hiring out TL's but im not sure if this is possible in a script

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Fri, 11. Nov 05, 19:29

im planning on making this script into a Mercenaries guild were as well as hiring out mercenaries to attack ships and stations, but you can also join and take on missions with the guild

Id like any ideas for misions you could do as a mercenary, a few ideas i have so far include:

Deleivery of weapons to the guild to help stock up thier ships
join in with an attack on a station/ship along with the guild
be hired to protect a sector from invasion

any more ideas and suggestions are welcome

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Post by hox » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 02:07

I've downloaded the exe , and installed to the x3 directory -

but the command to order the mercenaries hasnt appeared in the station commands menu?

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 02:28

have u enabled the script editor ?

if you have, save the game, then just reload it, and it should then show up
for your own stations

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Post by hox » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 03:59

yes I have, I'll try saving it and reloading

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