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Bill Huntington
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Post by Bill Huntington » Mon, 27. Aug 18, 20:34

I'm just checking out the Valhalla. It's got 7 x 2 shields but it's so slow. It's so wide it can't even fly through a gate. It can carry ships inside its cavernous bays.

Have any pilots used it in direct combat? How does it rate?
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Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 27. Aug 18, 21:48

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Post by DrSuperEvil » Mon, 27. Aug 18, 23:50

I never use it for general combat since the need for a Jump Beacon or an Aran to ferry it is very inconvenient and it has big blind spots.

I mostly use it as a base ship for UFJD exploration since you can use Kestrels to deploy a 4x4x4 grid of satellites to help find tunings to make it faster. The high shield regeneration make it a good mobile miner with docked TS ships using CLS to collect the minerals.

Combat wise it is best used as an M6/M8 carrier but with the lethargic construction time in the PHQ you are better off going for multiple Tyr, Woden and Kyoto ships. As far as frontal fire power goes the Tyr is on par while the additional SSCs on the top and bottom turrets are not that useful given how they are scattered over the large surface area of the ship. In general it takes a huge investment to make it fast enough to get to a battle before it is already over and the Aran does better as a heavy carrier. Again the production speed if the main disability compared to the 6x2GJ Tyr or the 7x2GJ Kyoto which is more mobile.

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Post by jlehtone » Mon, 27. Aug 18, 23:56

Alan, I don't even dare to guess how you can pull that stunt every single time. 8)

Google claims that I wrote last Oct:
In other news:
A privately owned Valhalla was spotted on its maiden flight in Xenon 472. All witness telemetry confirms that the ship had only PSP's onboard and no escorts. The barge could barely hit 30m/s. As expected, Xenon fighters surrounded the toothless giant. Probably by mistake, the Captain of Valhalla did shout on open comm channel: "Ramming Speed!!".

Our rocket engineers are still clueless about what did terminate the Xenon fighters. Valhalla ramming anything should be physically impossible.
Personally I don't recall the event, but it cannot have been utterly bad. I must have had a beacon bearer, for Valhalla cannot enter any Xenon sector on its own.

... I have a faint memory of "dashing" between two ATF Valhallas. They never saw* it coming ...

I prefer Dragon and Python. How do I rate anything?

* "... nothing moves in Terran space without ..."
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Post by Sovereign01 » Tue, 28. Aug 18, 03:01

I was fortunate enough to board two of those things while the Terrans were fighting the Argon, they're definitely Awesome But Impractical. Their slow speed means that while the rest of the fleet goes to engage, the Valhalla is left all too vulnerable. As long as you have a fast JD-equipped ship plus ecells (I used a Springblossom), that takes care of the problem of how to get away once you capture the thing! :D
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Post by JJRSC » Mon, 3. Sep 18, 03:48

I have occasionally cheated one in in TC and outfitted it just for kicks (no fighters though). The first time I "Cheat Jumped" (using the cheat command so it doesn't blow up at the gate) into Xenon Core 023. This was pretty late game, so the sector had several Js and Ks, about a dozen or so Qs (with more jumping in all the time) and loads of fighters... it would be a challenge even in a Boreas, so I figured this thing was so big and slow that it wouldn't last too long. So I just plunged in to see how long I could last, strafed and dodged the best I could - and the thing chewed up and spit out everything in the sector. It just ground through the entire sector and shields never dropped below 75%. I couldn't believe it. I could have gone and made a sandwich and the damn Valhalla still would have owned everything in the sector. I've tried it a few more times since then, with pretty much the same results.

Might be different in AP though, with the hull buffs and other changes. But that's my experience, FWIW.

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