a quick question about CapShips

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a quick question about CapShips

Post by phanhuyen » Mon, 16. Apr 18, 04:47

Hi, I'm new to the forums and X3TC, I've been playing Albion Prelude for the past week and I thought trading was very boring so...after trading for 20 hours or so and only earning about 2 million credits I decided to go scripting...yea I gave myself 110mil to buy a CapShip Terran Osaka and give it cool weps and stuff.

It's fitted with compatible weps, EMPCs, MALs, and PSPs...but for some reason the weapons won't fire during autopilot attack and I can't manually fire them, the laser bays do not show up in the lower left hand corner of the screen (is that normal?)

So my question is, how do I get the laser bays to fire from a Capital ship? Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If it helps only the front and back laser bays are fitted with weapons, but I am usually facing the front.

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Post by Sinxar » Mon, 16. Apr 18, 05:08

Derkylos wrote:Command Console->Turret Commands->Set them to whatever you want the turret to do. To get more options than "Attack My Target", you'll need Fight Command Software MK 1/2 installed.

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Post by Timsup2nothin » Mon, 16. Apr 18, 05:21

Use F1 to toggle yourself from view to view. You can manually fire whatever turret you are viewing from. Note that a couple of the views are not from turrets so don't allow firing. Eventually you will cycle through and back to the regular main battery view.
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Post by Triaxx2 » Mon, 16. Apr 18, 13:24

F2 then F1 should set to you instantly back to the main view.
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Post by wathman00 » Mon, 16. Apr 18, 15:10

Also note that the range on EMPC is only 2km, it really is a fighter/corvette weapon. It does have some utility on say the rear of a terran capital ship if you are doing something like missile defense only, but starburst can fill the same role and more with better range.

If you used a lot of EMPC all over the ship, it's likely you aren't close enough to your target for the EMPC to fire. As for the MAML, they have better range, but still are more of a corvette range weapon (don't forget the ammo). PSP should be firing in what you'd consider "normal" distance for a capital ship, though they are painfully slow since they only fire about once every 10 seconds

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Post by jlehtone » Mon, 16. Apr 18, 16:55

Furthermore, in X3AP: https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php ... 97#3759097
The Turret Command Configuration tools is available under the Advanced Game Settings section of the Gameplay menu, which is accessed from the Options entry on the sidebar. The menu lists the available turret commands, including three new custom ones. Selecting any one of these allows you to modify the target selection priorities and laser switching behaviour of that command. Each command can be configured individually, giving you a much greater degree of control over how your turrets behave.
For example, I have customized the 'Alpha' and 'Beta' commands. The first is primarily "Attack my target" and the second "Missile defence", but more aggressive. On Capital I do set left/front/right turrets to run Alpha and the others to run Beta. The improvement compared to the default turret commands was noticeable.

I have couple times jumped into combat and wondered poor effectiveness. I had uninstalled guns / turned off turret commands. :oops:

The default viewpoint on the Capital is on the bridge, where you can steer the ship. The turret viewpoints turn that turret, not the ship.

If the bridge/cockpit view has any gun slots, then they are fixed to fire forward. Good on nimble fighter, terrible on big ship. Turrets (e.g. Front Turret) do turn to track target. However, big guns (e.g. PSP) turn slowly.
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