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[DID] Best Served Cold - APR Book 2

Post by Triaxx2 » Sat, 19. May 12, 23:41

Prologue: A month of Sundays.

A lot can happen in a month. Empires can rise. Empires can fall. Plans can change. Worlds and men can collapse.

In the month since the destruction of the Unsuspected Gains, I've found an increase in Paranid patrols, out looking for me. They haven't found me, not for the most part. But those that did found that they'd universally bitten off more than they could chew. The fact that I now have both Hammers and Tomahawks in fairly large numbers means that anything that does threaten me can now be dealt with in the proper fashion. By the application of large amounts of nuclear fire.

Pax Mort Paranidia, what the crews have named UW534, has taken shape. I've ventured out just enough to gather the necessary stations for a SQUASH/Laser Tower Complexes. 3 SQUASH, 2 Laser Tower each. That nets me two laser towers every two hours. So I've been setting them up in pairs, after I got 8 put into place around the gate. Anything coming through is going to have a very bad day. The mines I started stockpiling in Warehouse Alpha, a Terran Atmosphere Lifter I... lifted. From there, I've been personally supervising the placement of small clusters around the sector. 5's far off, and 15's closer. The Hammer/Tomahawk complex is now protected by a sphere of armed SQUASH mines. Of course, this made expanding the complex a bit of a bear, because I had to disarm the mines and then rearm them. The hub for now extends down beyond the sphere. Some of the workers were nervous, until I detonated one of them and let them watch it not effect the shields. Of course some still are, but I pay them enough compensation that they don't complain. The large grouchy Split I put in charge also helps.

The huge wall of mines now has more mines than ever. So anyone trying to sneak through there is going to have a nasty shock.

It turned out the rumors of a more powerful tractor beam were so much hocus pocus. Oh, it exists, that's true, but installing it was so much of a frustration, I decided it wasn't worth bothering with. So instead the busted gate is now in the middle of a mine field 5km out.

The best way in and out is to use one of the three jump beacons, which have small laser tower bulwarks, even though the beacons are coded only for my ships. It never hurts to be careful. At least, it never hurts me...

In addition to the HUB, and the Barren Shores complex, I have one other sector I am now based in. Actually it's two sectors, but one is primarily full of mines. Lots, and lots of mines. The sector with actual infrastructure is south of that. The northern one connects to Paranid Space. I heard tales about them, and slipped down there in Amazon. The Paranid were none too pleased, but since I'd jumped to Barren Shores aboard Decadence, escorted by Knight's Lance and Shriking Banshee, I hadn't wasted space on jump fuel. Instead I was full of Mosquitoes and two fighter drones. They never really had a chance, but after having had missile shot at me before, I didn't want to have it happen again.

Slipping into the sector, I found a stashed Paranid fighter, and flattened it with PAC fire. There were a lot of asteroids in the sector, and more in the southern one. Including a lot of Silicon. Of course, to find that out I had to call in Decadence and it's escorts. The northern sector, I used Shriking Banshee to move the mines, not in front of the gate, but instead close enough together to be complexed easily. The remainder of the sector, about 5 km north of the Mines starts a minefield. When I say minefield, I don't just mean a few large bunches of mines, instead I sent in a TL, to drop nearly two thousand mines in clusters of ten, plus and minus 5, and 10 km off the ecliptic. And not in any other sort of pattern. Also at 2.5 and 7.5. Anything trying to wend it's way through that also has to deal with pairs of laser towers.

So yeah, plowing through that is one expensive proposition. The southern sector has two complexes. One massive one containing all the mines, and a whopping eleven SPP's. 7 XL's and 4 M's. 649,717 energy cells an hour.

With that over flow, it means that not only do I always have jump fuel, but I also have enough to keep my other complexes going.

Weaver's hasn't really changed, though I've been considering adding another fab and making it a further refueling station.

The Hub hasn't really changed either, and with the completion of the Teladianium phase, I repurposed the plant into a point of sale, and it's generating a nice profit with no intervention from me.

Avarice is mostly unchanged, though the crystal complex has been expanded with the addition of a self-sufficient power core, and now the overage goes entirely to the complex in Legend's Home. Speaking of which, I expanded it a bit, adding another FAA,

Speaking of the Fleet, it's been getting quite a lot of exercise lately. Just recently we invaded Zyarth's Dominion for a load of factories. We made the local Split forces quite nervous. You would be too if a Pirate Military Transport arrived in sector, deployed 3 jump beacons and left. And then two Destroyers jumped in not far from your Shipyard and were followed by 5 M7's, 2 carriers and 7 TL's dropped in. Plus all the assorted patrol fighters launching from the carriers and M7's. Even after learning they were there to buy, you'd be a bit nervous. Particularly once you saw at least three of the ships were reported stolen from other Split sectors. As absurdly aggressive as Split can be, sometimes even they become unsure of victory.

Once we'd gotten the initials up and running, I bounced Decadence to Family Ryk, escorted by Knight's Lance to pick up the Sun Oil L production facility. Ryk met us with a destroyer. I saw that and raised them an M7M. They blinked first. So we finished the Lasertower factory and put some Mistral SF's in place hauling energy and ore. Technically that's one Mistral a cycle for energy and two hauling ore. Since they're running in system though, none of them are packing shields, or guns. Or experienced pilots. I'll rotate them out as they rank up, and move them to more vital areas.

Speaking of cargo pilots, I've finally figured out how to work the delivery of the Ore Mahi Ma has... asked for. Yes, I'll use that phrase, as opposed to demanded from someone with enough firepower to completely annihilate him and the complex he's at. So how do I intend to do it? Very simple. Of the three jump beacons currently populating PMP, (Pax Mort Paranidia) two are standard fleet jump beacons and are located some 30 km from any of the factories. The third is located near the hub for the main asteroid complex, and there are currently three Mistral SF's waiting nearby. Each of these has a very experienced pilot, and has been carefully calculated for the maximum transit of ore vs fuel necessary for jumping from here to the Hub and back plus three.

Now, Delivery Wagon/Hub, is currently docked at the Hub itself, and is joined by my latest TL addition, Grand Trunk, a Mammoth 'acquired' from Omicron Lyrae. I'm not sure if they miss it yet. In that sort of soup, you could indeed lose an M2... Hey, now that's a good plan...

Anyway, the jump works like this. There's a second beacon in the HUB, matching the one in PMP. Now, to the south, protected because it's projected by Scavenger's Lair, which is now packing a wing of bombers, just in case of a Q incursion, is a Projected Gate in Getsu Fune. Much farther south in Legend's Home, is a second gate, this one protected by the Colossus. I still haven't got a name for it, but I'm working on it.

Anyway, it's protecting the Gate in Legend's Home, and while the Argon aren't precisely happy, I'm not too concerned. I have enough firepower to blunt any attack they might make on me. I've already had to punch holes in a Paranid attack group that tried to breach the Hub. The Ody went down without a big fight once it was surrounded by two destroyers. Rapscallion took a couple of knocks, but that's to be expected. Born somehow slipped through unscathed.

There's one more piece of the fleet I need to mention. When Unsuspected was destroyed, I and my fighters and fighter pilots were left without a home. The Paranid destroyed more than just a ship. They destroyed a symbol. My mightiest ship. A warship that carried me through the horrors of two wars and gave me what I had lacked. A true place to call my own. While my mission was originally a frankly impersonal one to avenge my 'father' and perpetrate a secret war against the Paranid for a shadowy Argon organization, I preferred to follow the life of a pirate. But now... Now it's personal. The Paranid hurt me and for that, I will carry out my plan to scour their home world of all life. 20,000 Hammer Heavy Torpedoes will do the job effectively.

But from where should I base my campaign of annihilation? From Scavenger's Lair with it's hugely protective shields and massive anti-fighter firepower? No, far too slow. From the Colossus with it's massive hangars? No, much too unwieldy.

How about from the very agile, well armed, and fast Panther? Yes. A nicely sized hangar, holding 32 ships. Meaning I can move all the fighters from Unsuspected aboard, and have room to add a Bomber Wing. Plus a bit to spare.

And the name I chose for my new flag ship? Something taken from a Terran history book. Meet:

Queen Anki's Revenge
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Post by Nathancros » Sun, 20. May 12, 00:40

Good to see your picking tis back up again :D

also a wierd coincidence

ur choice of shipname

about 10 minutes ago i just named my Cutlass "Queen Anne"

as. you know.. Cutlass. Pirates era sword :P

anyways cant wait to see the fun you have now :P
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Post by Kirlack » Mon, 21. May 12, 22:19

Yay! \o/

Anki's back :D

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Post by Triaxx2 » Tue, 22. May 12, 01:08

Yeah, I'd have added more, but I miscalculated how many mines I need. The one South-west of Unholy Descent is in it's final stages of construction because of that.
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Internet's acting weird so if this doesn't post correctly, that's likely to blame.
See, told you so.


Chapter 1: Finances

The nature of piracy being what it is, finances are always a concern. I mean yes, there are pirates who suggest that simply killing all targets is the best option. And frankly, these are usually the pilots you see in Discoverer Raiders attacking Titan Battlegroups. They are not exactly at the top of the pirate food chain, because they don't think big. Actually, they mostly don't think at all. And while I can get behind 'charge straight in and kill them all', I have to say that it's not the best way to do piracy.

I mean, sure the way to go seems to be make enemies with everyone. It doesn't really work. I mean, mainly because the pirates don't offer a shipyard. Well, except for the Yaki, but they hate regular pirates. And despite the despicable reputation of most pirates, the truth is that we need the races to be prosperous. I mean, stealing from those that have nothing really doesn't do any good. It's like taking the stick from the candy from the baby after it's finished the lollipop.

Not really helpful. Of course, jacking ships works pretty well, but if they don't have the cash to buy them, then it doesn't do that much good.

So the money I spent in the construction of the various complexes was funded almost entirely by piracy and the majority of it Paranid. Frankly, waiting for enough Hammers and Flails to be produced to achieve success was the hardest part. So while I waited, I plotted and planned. There are two options to launching my offensive on Paranid Prime. Option one is to buy the necessary 11 Gannet's. That's 550 million credits. Plus shields. Plus the missiles necessary to ARM them.

Well, okay, I'm producing my own Hammers. And yes, I could do it easier with Tomahawks. But Bombers don't hold as many, and they don't have the shields to survive if something shows up during the launch. So Gannets it is. I'll probably bring a few bombers as well, just in order to ensure the utter destruction of all life on the planet, and to intervene against any capitals that engage my Gannets.

The other option is to begin stealing M7M's from the Teladi. This is kind of dangerous, since stealing one too many could provoke a nasty response such as revoking my docking rights. That would be bad. So if I make that choice, I'll have to space out my strikes, and use mission work to maintain my reputation between each hit I take for jacking a ship. It's hard though. Particularly since there are pairs of Gannets to be found often in Ceo's Sprite. The military outpost is a hotspot for stocking certain... product's the Teladi find interesting so there's always a lot of defensive firepower in the sector. And often they want to dock to partake of the services on offer.

So it's a risky proposition, particularly if the local M1's, or M2's get involved. Mainly, I lack the numbers necessary to steal more than two ships at a time, and don't have the direct talent for the Steve style fighter suppression boarding operation. I can run a Mak G'vyr style missile operation, but it's hard to get the timing just right. So it's all about managing to hit the target and get out without getting too badly entangled in a fight I don't want.

On the other hand, if I accept that I'm going to seriously P/O the Teladi, I can take the Gannets, and anything else that gets in the way. This is dangerous though, because while my assets are mostly in Argon and unaffiliated sectors, there's a lot of Teladi traffic everywhere, and it's bad enough that my CLS ships are afraid of the Paranid. But the Teladi are so prevalent that they'd never get anywhere.

The Boron on the other hand are not so prevalent, but their ships go for less, and while it would make nice with the Split, it would also annoy the Argon, which I'd rather avoid. Once again, the entire logic comes down to two choices. Option One is continue to annoy the hell out of the Paranid. The other is to spread annoyance around evenly.

Option Two is looking far more fun. I think I'll try that. So the first thing to do is go see about making an arrangement with Duke. If not, I'll just steal his ships. I could use some corvettes and more capitals always go down well. Besides, a second Brigantine would be terribly helpful.

First though, a few words on the CODEA fighter command system. Frankly, it really goes beyond the ability to manage fighters just by telling the people running the system to change a few settings. I mean, I like to go hunting in Xenon Sectors, but Q's tend to eat fighters for lunch. So preventing them from launching is the best way to keep them safe. Conventionally, I'd have to initiate a manual over-ride for each and every ship to halt an auto-matic launch defense system, built into the ship by it's designers. But with CODEA, all I have to do is tell them not to allow fighters to launch.

Simple as that, nothing gets in the air. Second, the crash docking system, using the transporter to launch-land fighters, also gives CODEA the ability to beam bombers directly in and out of the hangar. Of course, this requires some rather precise co-ordination between the Technician and Mechanic on the individual bombers, as well as trajectory and course information from the docking computer, plus skilled transporter operators.

One mistake and things get very expensive.

I've also run into one minor technical glitch with the Panther. And I say minor technical glitch, but I mean one big ugly problem. The Panther has a mere 4100 cargo space, and that's not enough. Seriously. I mean, it's an amazing ship for a lot of things, but that cargo space is a definite weak spot. I mean, even if you get there, you can't bring any loot back.

And forget about carrying armament either. And so while heading through Family Zein, I took an opportunity and stole an Arena floating around the sector. It survived with it's jump drive, and was taken without a casualty. Very helpful. I did discover one minor problem, in that I had no Lieutenants free to fly it. So I grabbed one of the lieutenants flying a Pike, promoted him and offered to mercilessly slaughter him if he bent my bird. Then I sent him off to fix it up and get all the software and stuff necessary to make it work.

As a result, I now have a Tender, catering to all the needs of my ship. It in turn is fed by a supply tender, in this particular case a Caiman Superfreighter. The problem, which I learned after attempting to set my Lieutenant into charge of the Elephant I acquired. The computer won't recognize a Lieutenant as a valid commander for such a large ship. I'm not precisely sure how flying a corvette is supposed to qualify someone to fly a bloody capital class anything, much less a relatively fragile freighter, but I guess it does. Bloody stupid I think.

I had to set up a supply complex in the sector west of Unholy Descent, in addition to the main energy supply complex. Just two Wasp Plants and Mosquitoes for missile defense. Interestingly, it seems that the simple addition of Wasps and Mosquitoes has increased the survivability seriously.

Ultimately, it ended up working better to move Dala Gi out of the Caiman and into the Elephant once she reached Commander rank. Then my Lieutenant went into the Caiman. This is the same Lieutenant who took the hit near his cockpit not too long before the destruction of the Unsuspected. So he's happy to be out of fighters. I'm suspecting that the time behind the helm of a TS will calm his nerves so that I might be able to put him into a Frigate at some point.

I understand now why Steve had problems with his empire towards the end. After a while the size starts to get to you. Managing a small wing of hearties is easy. Operating off a single capital ship is not that hard. The problem is that from that first capital ship, things tend to snowball rapidly. And then it's just that much harder to stop, but you've got to co-ordinate things and get everyone working together to keep the operation running smoothly.

In fact it's become such an issue, that I've actually had to hire two people. Daron Seldon, a Technician originally, who is now in charge of keeping the fleet from blowing up as bits and pieces fall off. More clearly his job is to watch shipyards to tell me when a ship has docked for repairs so I can sign off on them. I occasionally wonder how some of these ships get damaged, when they should be in areas completely safe from all traffic that might threaten them.

Then again, I remember how bad some of the pilots can be, particularly those who are piloting freighters and figure that since no one is shooting at them, they don't have to be careful. I think I'll have to send a memo reminding them that if they aren't careful, I'll be the one shooting at them.

The other person I've hired is a Split female by the name of B'sn's W'm'n. She is, for lack of a better description, a Combat Accountant. To be completely honest, that's not the right term, but the original Split phrase translates to something like Book Battler. I strongly suspect much of the aggression present in the Split is due to the difficulty of pronouncing their language, and the complexity of some of the concepts therein.

In any case, she's not only an accountant competent enough to squeeze credits out of a Teladi, but she's also more than capable of shouting, and shooting down any comments, arguments and complaints brought forth by the various pilots, crew and other idiots in charge of various things.

She's also managed to lock down and 'eliminate' several credit leaks in my organization. Usually by airlocking them. Publically. I'll be honest, she makes me very nervous.

In any case, with some assistants handling the less important details, I can deal with the bigger pictures without having the details pop up and slap me in the face. One of the details is that I need to get some docking facilities for my capital ships. Supposedly, the Boron have a Headquarters building they're preparing to sell, but I can't find more than rumors concerning it. It might be a myth, but if it's not, it might be a worth while investment. I'll have to keep my ear to the ground.

Metaphorically speaking anyway.

I really like stealing destroyers by the way. The Pirate ones are good, so are the Paranid ones. Possibly the only useful thing the Paranid have ever done is making their ships valuable for sale. In any case, during the past month, I successfully stole three destroyers in less than two hours. The best thing about stealing Pirate destroyers is the Pirate escort doctrine. They don't use Bombers. The Paranid on the other hand... I spent more Flails shooting down incoming Tomahawks than I did holding the shields to 2-4% during the capture.

Stupid three eyes. On the other hand, those three captures netted me 190 million credits. So it was worth the effort. Mostly anyway.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have carriers. Not only are they harder to work with, they tend to launch fighters, instead of coming after you themselves. The best solution seems to be hit them with a Flail barrage to get them to launch fighters, then launch another barrage or two to deal with the fighters. Of course for the Split Raptor, and Argon Colossus, you might need three or four barrages to deal with the huge amounts of fighters they tend to spew out.

I've noticed that since I put Guard Dog on duty at my chip complex in Barren Shores, I've had far fewer incursions of Pirates and Paranid annoying the complex. Even more surprisingly, his fighters are still alive. I have to admit having expected them to die horribly by now. Of course, he might not have CODEA turned on.
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Best Served Cold – Asset List


Solar Power Plant L Alpha {Akeela's Beacon}
Solar Power Plant L Beta {Akeela's Beacon}

BS Chip Plex {Barren Shores}
>Boron Chip Plant X3
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L
>Teladi Silicon Mine L x2

LH Plex {Legend's Home}
>Argon Chip Plant
>Argon Crystal Fab L
>Teladi Flail Missile Production Facility
>Teladi Flak Artillery Array Forge
>Argon Cahoona Bakery L
>Argon Cahoona Bakery M
>Teladi Sun Oil Refinery L
>Argon Cattle Ranch L
>Argon Cattle Ranch M
>Teladi Flower Farm L
>Teladi Ore Mine L
>Teladi Silicon Mine L

Argon Wheat Farm L {Legend's Home}

Pax Mort Paranidia Energy Complex {Pax Mort Paranidia}

>Teladi Ore Mine x15
>Teladi Silicon Mine x7
>Boron Solar Power Plant XL X2
>Boron Solar Power Plant M
>Boron Crystal Fab L x5
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L x6
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L x6

Pax Mort Paranidia Missile Complex {Pax Mort Paranidia}
>Boron Hammer Heavy Torpedo Fabrication Facility x2
>Boron Tomahawk Missile Manufacturing Plant

Pax Mort Paranidia SQUASH-Lasertower Complex {Pax Mort Paranidia} x2
>Split Chelt Space Aquarium L
>Split Rastar Refinery L
>Split SQUASH Mine Factory
>Split Laser Tower Factory

Avarice Crystal Hub {Unknown E of Montalaar/Avarice}
>Boron Crystal Fab L x2
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L x2
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L x2
>Teladi Silicon Mine L

Booze East {Avarice}
>Argon Space Fuel Distillery L
>Argon Wheat Farm L

Booze West {Avarice}
>Argon Space Fuel Distillery L
>Argon Wheat Farm L

Weed East {Avarice}
>Teladi Bliss Place L
>Teladi Dream Farm L

Weed East {Avarice}
>Teladi Bliss Place L
>Teladi Dream Farm L

Southern Energy Complex {South-west of Unholy Descent}
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L x16
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L x16
>Argon Cahoona Bakery L x3
>Argon Cattle Ranch L x3
>Boron Crystal Fab x16
>Argon Flail Missile Production Facility x7
>Argon Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility x7
>Teladi Ore Mine L x8
>Teladi Silicon Mine L x10
>Boron Solar Power Plant
>Boron Solar Power Plant L x7

Southern Energy Complex Supplemental {West of Unholy Descent}
>Teladi Ore Mine L x12
>Teladi Silicon Mine L x5

CODEA Supply Complex {West of Unholy Descent}
>Argon Cahoona Bakery L
>Argon Cattle Ranch L
>Argon Mosquito Missile Factory x2
>Argon Wasp Missile Factory x3

Weaver Missile Plex {Weaver's Tempest}
>Boron Crystal Fab L x3
>Boron BoFu Chemical Lab L x4
>Boron Bio Gas Factory L x4
>Teladi Silicon Mine L x3
>Teladi Ore Mine L
>Boron Solar Power Plant XL
>Boron Flail Missile Production Facility x3
>Boron Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility

Xenon Hub {HUB}

Teladianium Hub {HUB}
>Teladi Teladianium Foundry L x5


Goner Aran [Command and Control – Repair Station]
Teladi Condor [Scavenger's Lair]
Argon Colossus [Going Xenon Commando]
Boron Medium Orbital Weapons Platform
Teladi Small Orbital Weapons Platform


Teladi Phoenix [Born of Ashes]
Split Python [Great Wyrm]
Pirate Brigantine [Rapscallion]


Split Panther [Queen Anki's Revenge]
Split Tiger [Knight's Lance]
Split Cobra [Venomous Cobra]
Teladi Shrike [Shriking Banshee]
Teladi Gannet [Gunboat Diplomacy]
Argon Cerberus [Guard Dog] 'Captain Gil Gusta'
Argon Minotaur [Death Barge]


Pirate Centaur [Commodore's Yacht]
Teladi Osprey [Legend's Defender]
Terran Vidar [Legend's Guardian] 'Captain Flot Cheram'
Boron Hydra [Snake in the Roids]
Goner Truelight Seeker
Split Heavy Dragon [Wyvern]
Pirate Osprey x3
Argon Centaur x2
Pirate Centaur
Argon Heavy Centaur Prototype
Split Heavy Dragon x2


Split Viper [BOM Viper] {Queen Anki's Revenge}
>Lieutenant Rabeka Pareii
>Lieutenant Neol Poler
>Lieutenant Jarren Gisler
>Lieutenant Kriss Weamond

Split Viper [Crystal energy Supplement] 'Logistician Frenk Halter'
Split Viper [Energy><Crystal Transfer] 'Logistician Nyota Colard'
Split Viper [Viper Strike]
Terran Claymore
Argon Gladiator
Split Viper x2

Pirate Blastclaw (ATF Blastclaw) {Decadence} 'Recruit Gil Giorno'
Argon Nova (ATF Nova) {Decadence} 'Lieutenant Frenk Giorno'
Pirate Nova Raider (ATF Pirate Nova Raider) {Decadence} 'Lieutenant Kareen Sillarn'
Teladi Falcon Hauler (CSV Falcon Hauler) {Decadence} 'Recruit Janit Cheram'
Split Mamba (CSV Mamba) {Great Hold} 'Recruit Yatima Keppel'
Teladi Falcon Hauler (IBL Supply) {IBL Supply Transfer Station} 'Logistician Holu Lu'
Terran Cutlass (INC Cutlass) {Queen Anki's Revenge} 'Lieutenant Endy Silsarna'
Argon Eclipse (INC Eclipse) {Queen Anki's Revenge} 'Lieutenant Jennaia Pareii'

Split Mamba (INC Mamba) {Guard Dog} x6
>Lieutenant Thalia Cruise
>Lieutenant Ashunty Halter
>Lieutenant Jo Silsarna
>Lieutenant Kleo Weamond
>Lieutenant Janit Springer
>Recruit Boso Ha

Yaki Tenjin (INC Tenjin) {Queen Anki's Revenge} x2
>Lieutenant Jennaia Pareii
>Petty Officer Ban Jerigan

Xenon L x23 {Going Xenon Commando}
Pirate Blastclaw (LH Supplement Blastclaw) 'Logistician Scot Springer'
Xenon LX {Going Xenon Commando} x4
Split Mamba Raider {Scavenger's Lair}
Teladi Falcon Hauler (Nividium Transfer) 'Logistician Aron Nedley'
Argon Nova Vanguard {Decadence}
Pirate Advanced Eclipse (Valkyrie)
Boron Barracuda Vanguard x3
Pirate Blastclaw x2
Pirate Blastclaw Prototype
Split Chimera
Argon Eclipse
Teladi Falcon
Teladi Falcon Sentinel
Split Mamba x2
Split Mamba Vanguard x2
Argon Notus Hauler
Argon Nova Raider x3
Argon Nova Vanguard x5
Yaki Susanowa Hauler
Terran Xperimental Shuttle


Boron Pike (ATF Pike) {Queen Anki's Revenge} x17
>Lieutenant York Colard
>Lieutenant Val Jovi
>Lieutenant Babu Na
>Lieutenant Tosi Bu
>Lieutenant Jo Gilharno
>Lieutenant Latasha Seldon
>Lieutenant Pok Cheram
>Ensign Warren Keppel
>Petty Officer Kuli Pi
>Petty Officer Nini Wu
>Recruit Daye Jovi
>Recruit Frenk Marval
>Recruit Kuli Fo
>Recruit Babu Na
>Recruit Hali Mo
>Recruit Gululu Du
>Recruit Kulo Mi

Boron Pike (ATF Pike) {Scavenger's Lair} x24
24 Teladi Pilots whose names I am NOT writing out. Thank you kindly.

Boron Pike (INC Pike) {TDR Elephant} x10
>Recruit Humko Pu
>Recruit Humko Bo
>Recruit Holu Pa
>Recruit Holu Hi
>Recruit Himi Lo
>Recruit Hili Fa
>Recruit Hili Do
>Recruit Halilo Da
>Recruit Hali Gu
>Recruit Dala Bo

Pirate Elite (ATF Pirate Elite) {Decadence} 'Petty Officer Kleo Sillarne'
Argon Buster Raider (Busta Raida)
Argon Buster Vanguard
Boron Pike (CSV Pike) {Queen Anki's Revenge} 'Petty Officer Kulo La'
Yaki Raijin (CSV Raijin) {Queen Anki's Revenge}

Boron Pike (ESC Pike) {Queen Anki's Revenge} x4
>Petty Officer Mak Giorno
>Petty Officer Hali Bi
>Petty Officer Mulu Bo
>Recruit Yvona Keppel

Boron Pike (Fish Stick)
Boron Pike (Gas Station Mover 1-7) {Gas Station} x7
>Logistician Aron Slamer
>Logistician Ban Selek
>Logistician Erine Hang
>Logistician Frenk Keswen
>Logistician Kaylen Halter
>Logistician Jo Springer
>Logistician Pico Sahkarna

Argon Buster (Hub Energy Supply)
Xenon M x14
Pirate Elite {Decadence} 'Recruit Endy Jerigan'
Split Asp x2
Argon Buster
Argon Buster Raider x6
Argon Buster Sentinel
Teladi Buzzard Vanguard x2
Argon Elite x5
Boron Mako Raider x3
Boron Pike x12
Split Scorpion Prototype
Split Scorpion Raider
Argon Solano

Pirate Kestrel (Amazon)
Argon Discoverer (Aran Equip Tran)
Teladi Kestrel (Delivery of Goods)
Argon Discoverer Raider (Destroyer Escort)
Argon Discoverer Raider (Disco Sat Dropper)
Argon Discoverer Raider {Going Xenon Commando} x5
Argon Discoverer (Fuel Trader) 'Logistician Warron Sillarn'
Argon Discoverer Hauler (Fuel Trader B) 'Logistician Iaron Springer'
Boron Octopus Raider x2 (Gate Scanner 1,2)
Argon Discoverer Raider (LH>AB Crystal B-1,2,3) x3
>Logistician Karry Sillarn
>Logistician Scot Keppel
>Logistician Mayenne Kayean

Argon Discoverer Raider (LH>AB Crystal Crystal Transfer A-1,2,3) x3
>Logistician Scot Braks
>Logistician Daye Gisler
>Logistician Ulla Brano

Split Jaguar (Lucky SOB)
Xenon N x11
Argon Discoverer Hauler (REC Discoverer Hauler) {Scavenger's Lair} x6

Argon Discoverer Hauler (Weaver's Energy Mover 1,2)
>Logistician Uma Keppel
>Logistician Ulla Sillarne

Argon Discoverer Hauler (Weaver's Fuel Trader) 'Courier Jo Hang'
Terran Advanced Discoverer
Argon Discoverer x2
Argon Discoverer Raider x3
Split Enhanced Jaguar
Teladi Harrier
Split Jaguar x3
Split Jaguar Raider
Split Jaguar Vanguard
Boron Octopus Raider x2
Boron Octopus Sentinel
Terran Rapier x5


Yaki Ryu (Decadence)
Argon Mammoth (Delivery Wagon/Hub)
Teladi Albatross (Gas Station)
Split Elephant (Great Trunk)
Terran Atmosphere Lifter (Great Hauler 1)
Terran Atmosphere Lifter (Great Hauler 2)
Terran Atmosphere Lifter (Warehouse 1)
Terran Atmosphere Lifter (Missile Warehouse)
Teladi Albatross (Great Hold)
Argon Mammoth (Grand Trunk)
Split Elephant (TDR Elephant) {Queen Anki's Revenge} 'Commander Tata Di'


Argon Magnetar (Commodore's CLS) 'Logistician Jennaia Jovi'
Yaki Chokaro (IBL Supply Transfer Station)
Split Boa (Jump Boa)
Yaki Chokaro (Mos Eisley)
Argon Magnetar (Replen)
Argon Zephyrus (Tow Wagon II)
Split Boa

New Entries:
Split Caiman Superfreighter XL (TDR Caiman XL) 'Commander Susu Pa'

Boron Angel (EST Angel) 'Major Dealer Kleo Springer'
Terran Scabbard (Hidden Blade)
Split Iguana Vanguard (People Picker) 'Lieutentant Latasha Springer'
Argon Express (Wheat CAG)
Boron Angel x2
Argon Express x3
Argon Express Hauler
Split Iguana x2
Split Iguana Vanguard x2
Boron Manta Hauler
Teladi Toucan x3
Teladi Toucan Hauler

Goner Ranger (Ranger 1-5)
>>Dal Jovi
>>Yannet Kayean
>>Frenk Gusta
>>Daron Bro
>>Sheron Jerigan

Not totally complete, heat forced me to turn off my computer before I could finish.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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love the work to date im trying to keep up but time constraints etc. anyway thanks for an entertaining read

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Post by Triaxx2 » Tue, 29. May 12, 12:51

You're welcome. I completely understand time constraints. The game is a bit slow going now because the heat around here is forcing me to keep play to a minimum.
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain

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Chapter 2: The Violent and Strange path of the warrior.

I really dislike fighting Kha'ak. I mean, not just: 'Oh, how annoying are they.' No, I really, really hate it when I have to fight them. Why? I was asked to patrol for enemies. Where? From Montalaar to Ceo's Doubt. Seems simple enough, normally it's because of a Xenon patrol. Ha.

No, it seemed the Kha'ak were desperate to get.. something from these sectors. They were sending groups of 5 Corvettes. I jumped into Rapscallion and took out the first two groups with ease. Then they started sticking together. I called for M7M back up, in the form of Venomous Cobra because it was closest and fully armed. Unfortunately, dealing with Kha'ak corvettes requires 4 barrages a piece. As it turns out 16 is a bit overkill for five. Fortunately they'd brought along some friends, so the extra missiles didn't go to waste. Unfortunately, at a cost of 118 missiles per attack, it's not something I can easily repeat.

Hammers and Tomahawks are basically useless, unless you have enough to throw around and I don't really, given the slower nature of production. In any case, I ended up with Rapscallion, Scavenger's Lair and Queen Anki's Revenge all in Rolk's Legacy for clean up operations, chasing down the last stragglers of one wave, when another popped up. Into the face of the local Ray. Glad to see someone else being shot at for a change. The third wave proved more difficult, blowing through my shields and knocking out my jump drive. Waiting as they recharged, I called for Tow Wagon to jump in and replace my drive, then jump out again. The fourth wave got through and this time destroyed one of the shield projectors. I admit being nervous to enter Great Trench when asked. After some careful consideration, I decided it was time for a fleet exercise. Born of Ashes, Knight's Lance, Great Wyrm, Queen Anki's Revenge, Scavenger's Lair, and Rapscallion.

It's still not nearly enough, but the sheer weight of numbers of heavy combat ships, combined with huge wings of turret distracting fighters gives me enough of an advantage to make it easier for all ships to survive with minimal damage. Knight's Lance still gets caught by some fire and has to withdraw to the Great Trench shipyard for emergency repairs.

The final battle in Ceo's Doubt is interrupted by the sudden appearance first of a wing of pirate Blastclaws, then by a Duke's Trader. Great Wyrm handles both with ease. The final tally is seven Pikes destroyed with no survivors, some damage to all capitals, except the Born of Ashes which has proved it's worth as a mighty member of my combat fleet. Knight's Lance lost one of it's active IBL's, but I managed to scrape up a replacement for it from my operations stocking the plants in Weaver's Tempest.

The complex south-west of Unholy Descent is producing an overage of everything except for Argnu Beef, BoFu and BoGas. The upside is that it's throwing out twenty-eight Hammers an hour, and forty-two Flails.

There's a huge ore overage, which is also going to be diverted to feed the Hub. Of course it means my initial plan is bust, but I've worked it out. I need three Atmo Lifters, two elephants, and six Mistral SF's. How will it work? Simple. Two Mistral SF's at each location will fill the Atmo Lifters with Ore and fifteen hundred units of energy. The two Mistrals in the Hub will haul Ore to DW/H and ensure the Atmo Lifter there maintains 1500 energy itself. This ensures that the Elephants running Ore can continue jumping back and forth between the three points.

Of course, the Terrans won't be happy when I jump in to snag another Atmo Lifter. Not that I care particularly. But it's easier if I'm getting along with them.

So the idea is to take Venomous Cobra, jump into the second Jupiter Jump Beacon, and send my A-Team to take it with as little damage as possible. Not that I expect it to work, but who knows. The Terran habit of under shielding their TL's is kind of annoying.

I have to say, I really love the Panther, the speed, agility, and firepower are all amazing. With the addition of the Elephant tender, it's complicated jumping for combat. Entering any sector without jump beacons becomes an issue, because I have to go via the gate in order to avoid tender splat. I need to get some Pikes to man the Elephant if for nothing else than a point defense.

I keep getting pirates that pop in, and attack my energy complex south-west of Unholy Descent. I think I need another Cerberus. Which means a Captain for it. So I'm going to get a wing of Kestrels, and set them up as a Security and Rescue Service wing, patrolling across both sectors, with the CODEA supply complex as their strong point. That means they will rank up every time they stop for fuel and while that's going on, I can find some corvettes for them to move up to.

That shouldn't be too hard, but I'll also need to put my hands on a Cerberus. I figure if I can put together a wing of four corvettes, Legend's Guardian, and a Cerberus I'll be able to move the fighter pilots into the corvettes, the best pilot into Guardian, and then when the Guardian captain is promoted to Commander, he'll go into the Cerberus, and the corvettes will become part of a CODEA combat group centered around the Cerberus. It'll also have the Kestrels as it's recon wing to maximize efficiency for patrol.

I have precisely zero intentions of buying a Cerberus. Not when the Argon are flying them around, free for the taking. I think I'll take Venomous Cobra out for a run and see if I can get a three-fer. One Atmo, One Cerberus, and a Galleon. Or perhaps a Shark. I like the look of the Shark, and I'm sure it'd fit with all the Pikes I've been buying. For that matter, given the number of Pikes I've bought, I should get a free Shark. Free Shark with every hundred and fifty Pikes.

I might well see what's hanging around Duke's as well, as down in the southern Pirate sectors. Cash is always welcome, and if I can sell enough capitals to outright buy the Gannet's I need, well, then the Pirates are going to be busy looking for new capitals.

What I find though, is a Minotaur cruising around the Argon Prime area. Assigning Tow Wagon II to follow along, I start monitoring it, waiting for an opportunity to take it. Meanwhile, I jump into Omicron Lyrae, to mitigate the rep-loss because CODEA won't stop killing Paranid in other race space. At least when it does it in OmLy it only incurs Paranid anger. And I can live with that, while they can't.

I'm in the midst of operations when I suddenly get a message about the loss of the pair of Laser Towers dropped in the sector west of unholy descent. Flicking down, I see the problem.

A full on Odysseus task force. Nuts. With Bombers. Double nuts. Knight's Lance is hanging off the CODEA complex, and gets tasking orders to engage with the corvette escorts. I jump into the beacon off the Ore/Silicon Complex and move to an intercept range.

Mean while, my CNC Supplier suddenly gets blown up by a Paranid Nemesis. In Perdition's End. What was the bloody idiot doing there. I know for a fact that I give all my CLS ships jump drives and orders to fuel up. So WHAT was the idiot doing there? Really. Sheesh.

Okay, checking the records, it seems that he did have a Jumpdrive, but had been damaged and lost it. And instead of docking somewhere, it decided to continue on. Sigh. I suppose it's my own fault really. As I'm engaging the Ody, a Deimos appears out of the gate. Fortunately, about that time the Tomahawk's from the Bombers are reaching the Ody and smashing it flat. A second strike deals with the Deimos just as easily. All in all, I lose a grand total of 5 Pikes, three with pilots who manage to eject. With my tender running MARS, a fight breaks out over the left overs of the fight. That's fine, I order the CSV to return as soon as it has the pilots. I'm going to have to swap them to salvage personnel only. Given the tendency of the Tender to lose it's drones, I think I might want a drone production plant. That'll let me produce my own, and considering I was only hit by one missile because I didn't have MARS running on my own. Thankfully, the fighters were able to lock down and destroy the bombers. Of course, that's where one of the fighters went after it blew up a Tomahawk just launched, which fortunately also took out the Nemesis.

With the amount of heavy firepower around it doesn't take long to finish off the fighters, particularly not once the MARS system engages the Panther's turrets and fire from Knight's Lance, making it's way into position. Born of Ashes arrives out of the gate, adding more fire and infinitely more confusion to the battle. I'm not sure it got any kills, but it did convince the last fighter through the gate to turn around and run. Fast. I suspect I need a more potent defense in this sector.

I have an idea of exactly what I want to put in the sector. A Tyr. Of course that means seriously antagonizing the Terrans. And risking life and limb to put my hands on it. Of course, not MY limbs. I just have to deal with the ships protecting it.

I need more firepower. A lot more. Okay, technically I could do it, but I need something to hang around here to defend this sector from the Paranid while I take the Tyr. I'd rather not risk Knight's Lance, and Born isn't quick enough to get the drop on the capitals that the Paranid have. But, I'll bet I can put my hands on a Ray, which is both fast enough and carries enough firepower to knockout anything the Paranid can throw. With 24 forward guns, the Ray has a lot of weaponry at it's disposal, but even so, it'll be hard pressed to hold off fighter swarms. So I'm also going to try and acquire a Shark to fill with Pikes to assist in defending the sector. But I can live with just the Ray. But I'd like the shark. Then again, there's also the problem of arming them, but I've been lucky during operations to capture the destroyers to fund my complex, and I have quite a few spare weapons. Of course, I'll also have to capture a separate destroyer for sale so I can afford to fill the Shark with fighters, but that only becomes a problem if I actually get a Shark. For now, I'm going to steal that other Minotaur. Even if it's in Argon space, I can take the hit to my rep. I want a second Hammer launcher if the Paranid are going to start getting uppity. Besides, one Minotaur isn't enough on it's own. They're just designed to work in pairs.

So that's what I'm planning. Four captures.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Chapter 3: Bull by the Horns, Ray by the Tail, Shark by the fins.

Okay, so it's going to take a little longer than I intended. For one thing, I'm totally out of boarding pods. So while my CLS pilots hunt down some more, I'm going to take a... pleasure cruise. Through Haktikvah's and on towards Elena's Fortune. I figure that if I find nothing else of interest, I can set up there to take the Minotaur. Unfortunately, as I'm preparing for that, I get a flash from Tow Wagon II that the Minotaur is heading into the Pirate Sectors. That would be okay, but there's a Brig battle group in Nopileo's Memorial. Which I presume is what they Minotaur was going to engage. I've got two options. Option one, destroy the Brig, and save the Minotaur, or try and take the Minotaur in Danna's Chance.

I decide to try and take the Minotaur. It's a risk, because Gunboat Diplomacy is not faster than the Minotaur, and the Minotaur is armed, but I don't have a way to disarm it without causing massive collateral damage.

Fortunately, mugging the Minotaur turns out to be easier than I expected, it attempts to save it self with a barrage of Flails, but fails. The Tomahawks that it's escorting bombers fire are more of a concern, but I get lucky as an incoming flail hits one, which trips the entire group, and takes out the bombers as well. Once the Marines are on-board, everything looks clear. Until the Brigantine I'd been trying to stop from destroying the Minotaur, pops through the gate as I'm trying to get a jumpdrive transferred to the Minotaur. Since it had no shields left after the boarding, I was lucky enough for it to get out of the sector just as the first few rounds from the Brig's IBL's pass through the field as it jumps out. A quick check shows no damage incurred. Since the Gunboat is out of Boarding Pods, (Again) and completely empty of marines in any case, I let the Brig go.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to lay down a mine field West of Unholy Descent, to protect the sector while I locate a Ray to steal. There's one in Lucky Planet's, so I jump into Rolk's Legacy, which has an active Jump Beacon, hop into Amazon, and head to Lucky Planets, while the Revenge heads to OTAS HQ to fit it's fighters with Docking Computers. The Elephant will be doing the same.

The Lucky Planet's Ray is a bust, but I get flash from a contact saying there's one moving through Rhy's Desire. Arriving, I find it's headed for Barren Shores. I'm torn between needing it for my own uses, and wanting it to be hanging around in BS to defend my complex. The fact that it's carrying HPD sways me. I'll let it make it's way to BS and bust some heads down there.

As a temporary measure, I order Born of Ashes to defend the east gate. On my way to check out a lead on a Ray, I get an urgent message from a frantic Argon, begging for help with a Xenon incursion in BHS. Dropping in, I realize I have a severe problem. I'm very short on fighters. Not through enemy action, just the nature of operations causing them to be left behind as I jump from crisis to crisis. It takes a bit of work to collect them all, but I do, and engage a Xenon assault mission. Rapscallion comes in handy, sitting above the North gate and dealing handily with the Q's that come through. Since it's above the gate, it's got a distinct advantage of the Q's having to come around the super structure before they can open fire, while the short length of a Brigantine means it can fire around the structure with it's bow and aft guns, while the Q has to turn to face it. The first goes down to overwhelming fire just as the second arrives.

I lose another Pike, but the pilot manages to eject. Cargo Salvage ducks out to collect him. Or her. It's a Boron, so I don't look too closely. I wonder if that's why the Boron are so weird. No fish boobies to look at.

Anyway, Knight's Lance also joins the party, and engages with gusto. IBL's and PALC fire are flashing all around, and the MARS defense system, nothing penetrates the Revenge's engagement envelope, and those that get close, they wish they hadn't. Surprisingly enough, Tosi Bu's fighter is the only casualty. Now I find I need to abandon my previous plan. I'm going to use a minefield and the Born of Ashes.

I still want a Ray, but that's secondary for the moment. I need a cash injection and quickly, which means it's officially Brigantine season.

Finding boarding pods is challenging. Even though the ships only fire four or five at a time, it's time consuming to replace them, because they're not mass produced. They're hand made in small numbers because of the complexity of building something that will fit into a missile tube, that can also cross space, and have enough room for the marines to hold onto it.

First thing is first though, it's come to my attention, that I need Tomahawk's for my bombers. So I'm linking in in a small scale production into my CODEA supply complex. Now, since the Mosquito and Wasp plants are currently precisely balanced, I've elected to shift to Boron food and Tomahawk plants. I still find it strange that the Boron have Tomahawk plants, but that their bomber was such a complete, miserable failure. I suppose they figured they'd sell them, as long as they'd designed them.

I've been watching, and haven't seen the IBL forge in Loomanckstrat's Legacy be reconstructed, but I might have missed it while I was dealing with the Paranid incursion into WofUD. So I'm going to take a nice, leisurely cruise up through Desecrated Skies. A Medusa bails and it's got too much on board to leave it, so I claim it and send it to dock with the Tender Elephant. As I'm scanning the sector for threats, this catches my eye. I didn't know there was a shipyard in this sector.

Moving closer, it's called 'The Marauder', and it's enough to bring a tear to my eye. It sells every single pirate ship I've ever seen, something called a Headquarters, and more importantly, Incendiary Bomb Launcher Forges. Of course I can't afford any of it right this moment, but it's extremely interesting none the less. Turning towards the east gate, I see something shooting off towards it. Zooming in with the Video Enhancement Goggles, I can see it's a capital ship. Helpful, I know.

Approaching, it turns out to be a Galleon. And given the trouble it's having with the fighters, it's obviously not using flak. I decide to engage. The one issue I have with CODEA is that there's no easy method to tell the tender to stand off and stay clear. Which is why this one has it's own defenders. And MARS.

I consider deploying the Bombers and decide it's not worth the effort. The guns on the Revenge, combined with the fire from the Pikes and my interceptors, should be enough to deal with the Galleon. Closing at flank speed, and rolling missiles to catch the attention of the Galleon itself, I want it to turn towards me and try and hit me. It's mounting IPG's, or CIG's.

Okay, so I was wrong. It happens. It was indeed not packing Flak. It was however firing PPC's and IBL's as well as IPG's. Sadly, the only bird lost is the Medusa before it can dock. In fact, I lose more birds to a Paranid Freight Transporter in Black Hole Sun than I do in DS. Figures.

A Pirate group triggers a response, and I lose two more Pikes to a Pirate Falcon. I watch on BBQ'd on a remote camera. I also order the MARS drones to stop fetching ships. I'd rather not, but it's taking too long to be able to get out of a sector, because I have to wait for them to fetch the ships, and then land again. A Paranid Border Control Perseus Vanguard takes out another Pike. That's becoming aggravating. Particularly in light of their stellar performance against the Galleon. Of course I did manage to capture it's attention. 91% of it's attention, judging by my shields. Passing through into Moo-Kye's Revenge, I turn for the north gate. This sector seems a bit less active, which is good.

I'm thinking I might have to add some heavier fighters to the attack wing. The question is which ones? There's only one M3 of equal speed to the Pike, and having them engage as a formation is part of their success. The Tenjin and Chimera are just a bit slower, but have three times the shields, and thus theoretically three times the survivability. Of course lots of theories don't prove true.

I think I also need some more potent missiles. The Wasp serves well against lighter fighters, and even for turret distraction, but against M3's they need more punch. Particularly since more and more seem to be mounting PBG's and HEPT's. Both of those go through Pikes like... well, flame throwers.

The Pike has a fairly wide range of compatible missiles, including the Tempest, Silkworm, and Thunderbolts. They're also compatible with Hammerheads. There are numerous problems with mounting those, starting with the fact that I'm not nearly idiotic enough to mount those any anything smaller than an M7.

Both the Tempests and Thunderbolts are also problematic, because both are capable of taking out the launching ship without any effort. On the other hand, it's less of a problem because of the small radius of damage, so while it might take out the launcher, it won't take out the rest of the wing, unlike the Hammerhead. Thunderbolts are Split missiles, as are Tornadoes, which while not much help for fighter combat, are excellent for dealing with capitals.

Tempests are Boron, which will fit well once I sell another M2, since I just added a Tomahawk plant, which is by the way, starting to supply me with Tomahawk's. Of course, then I'll have to free up some space in the Revenge. I know, I know, I'm sounding like a broken record, considering all the other good points, but the cargo hold is absurd on a ship designed to house this many fighters. Seriously!

On the other hand, I've decided to use the Tenjin as my secondary fighter. The two I have in the Interceptor Hangar work fantastically. Now, I have no plans to phase the Pike out entirely. It's too capable of a fighter for that, but since it and the Tenjin have a comparable missile compatibility, and nearly identical weapons loadout, I'll be able to mount the same missiles on both. The Pike will be the initial hitters, and confuse any fighter wings being engaged. Then the heavier Tenjins will arive before any one Pike can be picked out and wiped out, and add muscle to the proceedings.

Of course, at five million credits a pop, I'm not trusting my Tenjins to Rookies. You must be this rank to drive, will be etched into each and every Tenjin. If you're still learning to tell the fire missiles, and unhook docking clamps buttons apart, you are not flying my Tenjins. In fact at that point I'm probably not even trusting you with GUNS, much less an armed fighter. I think Ensign will be the minimum rank I'll let fly them, and the new ones will go to the Lieutenants who've had their birds busted.

Of course at this rate, I might find myself flying nothing but Tenjins anyway. Bah, problem for another day. For now, I'm headed north, though the discovery of the Marauder means my actual reason is rather moot. Perhaps I'll make a change to Venomous Cobra, and go looking for a destroyer. Reports note that the Brigantine that nearly vaporized my Minotaur earlier is still active in Danna's Chance, but it also has it's entire escort, and I don't relish the idea of trying to hit the escort hard enough to kill it, without also turning the Brig into a large stain on the fabric of reality.

I'll bet good money that there's one hiding down by Duke. I'll bet he's also rebuilt his Carrier since my last visit. You'd think he'd learn I'm just going to come back and steal, or blow it up? Oh well, his loss, my financial gain.

Yes, I've noted before that I despise taking carriers. And no that hasn't really changed except for one thing. Duke's Carrier rarely has any fighters. Now, I can't tell for sure if that's just because he's cheap and will take any piece of junk he can find so he can fix it up to arm his carrier, or if he's so thoroughly disliked by the rest of the universe they spend all their time down there blowing up his fighters. Either way, it works out well for me.

The first option, that he's cheap does worry me a bit, because there's always the chance that he won't buy, or build another one. But not as much as if he realizes that he'd do better with fighters, which would make me waste missiles blowing them up. And I hate to waste good missiles if I don't feel like launching them just because.

Of course it's pretty unlikely, since he hasn't caught on yet. But you never know...
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Chapter 4: Brig baiting, for fun and Profitssss.

Duke usually has a Brig floating around in his sector, but not this time. His Zeus is hanging around, but there's no sign of a Brigantine. I'm in slightly desperate straights, so I jump east to the Unknown Sector where the incident occurred so very long ago and head through the North Gate. Unfortunately, it's packing the tri-fecta of no-nos, and so I have to abort.

Punching out to Avarice and landing near Decadence and the North Jump Beacon turns out to be very interesting. As I arrive, so does a Dragon, flying under the name Hussar. I get a message from the captain, complaining as I light up by my tubes in preparation to engage.

“Hey you, I know that's you with the Ryu.”

“Do I know you?”

“No, but you're going to shortly. I know you were in a sector to the south, where you dropped a Bliss Place. It exploded shortly after you left, and there was a reporting of a massive malfunction during the transitions. No one was entirely sure what happened.”

“Oh, you don't...” I slumped back in my chair. “Who are you?”

“My name is Morgan Utley. And you?”

“Anki Drakhar.” the woman on the other end of the communication channel looked as though she'd be unflappable, but that startled her.

“That can't be a coincidence.” she took a breath. “Permission to come aboard, Admiral?”


“So what are you doing here, and how did you get here?” was the first question I had.

“What I'm doing here is looking for you. And how I got here is that I got blown up.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“Alright, let me start from the beginning. A month ago, gods, that sounds like it's should be a lot longer than that, I was aboard the equipment dock in Tkr's Deprivation. A Heavy Dragon, running under the name Leviathan docked. I didn't think anything of it, and continued to the bar.”

“What were you doing on the station?”

“Drinking actually. My previous stint as an engineer on a Caiman Superfreighter had just come to an end, and I was in the market for a new job. So anyway, on my way to the bar, that being the fastest way to find a job on a Split station, short of killing a captain and taking his ship, I had just sat down when a large, boisterous Split stepped in and announced free drinks to the first ten Split to join his crew.

After they cleaned up the mess, he hired the last ten Split standing. And me. It seems I'd impressed him. He said he'd never seen a human being stand up to Split the way I did. He said he had a mighty Split warship for me to keep running.

Oh, by Gunne was that the worst piece of junk I had ever set foot on. The shipyard was a had shorted him and his commander, using Teladianium 90, instead of 45.” I held up a hand.

“What's the difference?” She gave me a hairy eyeball. Obviously she'd learned it from the Split, were masters of the technique.

“Teladianium 90 is diluted. The number is how much of other materials are mixed in with it. 90 is ninety percent other stuff. 45 is the best balance for strength and flexibility and maximizes the ability to keep the ship going under combat. The Split solution to the problem was to add cross-bracing, using very poor welding.” she seemed offended at that last in particular. Then she chuckled.

“He got banned from the bar you know?” she laughed. “They had to change the name. 'Tok'lo charok jakar'.”

“ Blood Soaked Stones?” she nodded. “Yeesh.”

“Indeed. So anyway, after spending my first day and a half working to duct tape the ship back together, my 'Captains' boss came aboard. Admiral Drake Drakhar.” I suddenly realized why she'd startled at my name. “Killed by the Paranid?”

“No. His father was.” chills ran through me. “So was yours.”

“Yes. No.” I picked up the glass I'd been poured, and threw it down. Then clinked it on the coaster. The Split waiter appeared, poured again, and vanished as if disintegrated. Even those Split who didn't follow the warriors path somehow managed to work with dignity and honor in the professions least thought of as being one where dignity and honor were useful or even valuable.

“Drake Drakhar is my father. But I am not his daughter. I am his clone. I was created to bring Argon vengeance to the Paranid. Now I have my own reasons for wanting to destroy them.”

“Drake would be very interested to meet you I think. Presuming he's still alive.”

“I think I'd be interested to meet him as well. They called me, him by a nick name. Scion. Supposedly the joke was that if he was after you, you had to wish to had Scions to carry on the blood line, because you weren't going to survive to do it.”

“Really? I'd heard the name, but I hadn't ever made the connection.” Morgan set her untouched drink back on the table, avoiding the coaster. I smiled to myself. She was sufficiently well versed in Split custom and etiquette to avoid summoning the waiter without necessity. I found myself liking her.

“You seem like a woman in need of a job and a place. I'd like to offer you both, at least until you work out how to get back.”

“I'd like to take you up on that offer. I notice that not only is this sector pretty familiar, but it's also developed much differently than the one I'm used to seeing.”

“Ah yes. Avarice. It's quite the different sector isn't it. I've got Space weed and space fuel near each gate. That means that I don't get a lot of through traffic, so most people don't see the main complex.”

“Definitely different. I presume the two capital ships are not all you have?”

“Oh no. Not by a long shot. In fact, I was just in the market for another one. To sell of course.”

“Really? Mind if I tag along and see how you do it?”

“Not at all.”

“Excellent. Let me send a message back to the Hussar and I'll have them stand to near the Ryu.”

“It's called the Decadence.” Morgan raised an eye brow. “It was the first ship I bought with a full suite. If you've never slept on a Yaki ship, you haven't the slightest idea of what you're missing.”

Arriving in Danna's Chance the Brigantine is pre-occupied annoying the life and ships out of the local freight traffic. I must admit. I've never quite understood the theory behind using a Destroyer for piracy. I mean, yes, the various races use destroyers to hunt pirates, and thus the pirates designed and built the Brigantine as an answer. That's just good sense, if they undershielded it a bit, that's not a big concern, since it's quite quick for a destroyer, and frankly, it's not meant for stand up combat, but mostly as a way to hold off military destroyers to organize a response, or evacuation.

The thing I cannot understand though, is using a multi-million credit combat ship, designed to go head to head with race capitals, for raiding the trade lanes. I mean, yes, it's got shields enough to withstand counter attacks, and I suppose that if you have the patience you can get a lot of bails out of it. Except... it's not really designed for that. I mean, yes, I used Unexpected Gains on occasion for purposes it wasn't designed for, but carriers are by their nature more multi-role than destroyers.

The Carrack, or any of the corvette's either Centaur or Osprey converted to pirate specs make far better raiding ships. It's just silly using a full on heavy capital to knock around some traders.

Anyway, I'm digressing. Morgan took the first officer's chair, while I took the Captain's chair. The actual captain had given me the bridge then asked for permission to retire to his state room. I'd granted it and asked if anything was wrong. He'd shaken his head, and laughed.

“Not at all Admiral. I'm just glad I can take a break from managing this crew of monkey's.” He waved at the largely Split crew. Most of them grinned back. He picked up a bottle of space fuel from a fridge, offered me one, which I declined, and then headed off the bridge, hitting the comm officer in the head with the cork as he went. The Split muttered something, and shook his head. I made a note to ask his first officer what that was about and then settled down to business. The Brig was distracted and so I ordered them to get his attention. 16 Hammer heavy torpedoes winged out towards the Brigantine. Which turned and managed to blow 6 of them with a lucky flak shot, despite Flail's running interference. Fine. Sending a few more manually, we get it's attention and put the marines straight up it's nose. It takes a whopping 7% damage, but the marines take it. I do lose four marines, One to explosive decompression and the other three to a plasma grenade tossed by a careless engineer which does more than half the total damage to the Brig. I'm glad I'm not keeping it, or I'd be more than slightly perturbed.

Since I'm not though, I transfer the marines back. Now CNC jumps in and the Brig moves towards it. Great Hold also jumps in and begins collecting the salvage in the sector. With that done I withdraw to Avarice, or I'm about to, when I get a flash from Black Hole Sun. Scavenger's Lair has run into a minor issue, consisting of a Xenon attack group. I've lost two ships already by the time we can get into the sector, and I dump six barrages, for a total of forty-eight expended missiles and 348 warheads in the air. That scrambles the entire fleet quickly, and then goes chasing off after a very unlucky Paranid trader. Great Hold drops in and picks up some more salvage. In a moment of inspired stupidity, I accept a mission to defend the Equipment Dock from another wave of Xenon. Why is it stupid? Because I didn't move Great Hold away first.

Morgan expresses surprise at the firepower I bring to bear as the Revenge joins the fighting. From there, once Great Trunk get's off it's tail and refuels me, I jump to the Hub, having had Morgan send the Hussar to the SPP's in Akeela's. She's very impressed with my fleet there.

“What the hell is that?” she's pointing at CNC, and I realize she didn't see it when it moved the Brig to Legend's Home for sale.

“A Goner Aran. It's the only ship I know of capable of docking capitals.” she's speechless. “You've never seen one?”

“Drake isn't exactly Goner friendly.”

“Figures.” We stare in silence for a few moments. “Why Split ships?”

“What?” she's asks, and I know I've broken her out of a reverie.

“Why serve on Split ships?”

“You have humans on your crew. You know what humans, particularly human males can be like. Split are similar, but they hold to their codes of honor. Striking a female, particularly one of another race, who hasn't struck first is generally considered bad form. And I make it a point that if I strike first, they don't have any ability to strike back.” Morgan shrugged. “I rather like Split. They're pleasant, open, and rather squishy, once you know the anatomy.” I blinked. “And the marines are very useful to have around.”

“They are indeed.” the two Split Marines, who follow me everywhere, since the incident with the Gains, straighten slightly, the younger of the two flushing slightly. Neither of them are ever really relaxed, though frankly, a relaxed Split is at least as aware as an alert human. “I find them of particular use carrying the bags on shopping trips.” the pair of marines laugh. It's happened to both, though at, least once they've dropped the bags, pulled a pistol and fired, then grabbed the bags again before they landed. Split are very fine Marines indeed. Of course now I employ a porter just for the task, but even so being Split he's at least capable of defending himself better than the average human marine.

“Is this all the fleet?”

“Not exactly. The Brig up there is Rapscallion, and I have a Phoenix, south of here watching a gate. I've also got a Gannet assisting it.” I pause. “There's also a Python waiting for a purpose. And mostly some more guns. I think it's up to eight TL's or so now, you've seen two of the elephants, one acting as a cargo carrier for the Panther, and one running fuel around to the various capital ships. I have two Mammoth's, and three... no, four Terran Atmosphere Lifters, and two Albatross. Plus a couple dozen TS, all working together to keep this massive disaster running.” I shrug.

“Wow. Sounds disorganized.”

“It is. I try to keep it that way so I can remain flexible. Of course, I'm trying to build redundancy into the system, so that no matter what should happen, I don't instantly lose all of my production or supply capabilities at once. For that matter, I now have the Manufacturing for all, or most of my M7M missiles split between three different stations. Shortly, I'm going to send Venomous Cobra here up to the Missile Depot, to be restocked. But for right now, what I have to do is find and take a Ray and a Shark.”

“I guess there's nothing I can do is there?”

“Yes, actually there is. I need someone who understands how to keep a sector safe. I want you to fit out your ship and use it as a training platform. I need pilots capable of running corvette's. And people I trust. Think you can manage that?”

“How many do you need?”

“Five. Quick as you can get them.”

“I'll do my best.”

“That's all I can ask.” I shook her hand, and she hugged me. She whispered in my ear, and I laughed, loud enough to make the two marines give one another a puzzled look. They wouldn't understand. Then Morgan stepped back, saluted, and walked away as I returned it. I heard the transporter report shortly there after, and saw one of my TP's slide away towards the Akeela gate. A few minutes later, I transferred to the Revenge, trailed by my Split Marines. They stopped just outside my suite. A pile of paper work waited for me, but I needed a bed first. Everything could wait until morning.
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Sadly, this is not an update. I'm not finished with this by a long shot, but my video card is on it's way out so I can't play very well. It just tells me it can't create a direct 3D device and boots me.

So I'm on a temporary Hiatus until I get a new one. I hate when this sort of thing happens.
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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Aw, that sucks. Hope you get your pc back up and running soon :) *fingers crossed*
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am :D

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Yeah, me too. I can still use it, but it's really hard to actually get into the game, because it's done it on entering sectors, including for missions which as you can expect, does not make it fun. At all.
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The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

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b]Chapter 5: Fish Fry[/b]

Today is going to be annoying. I can feel it in my bones. I've finally figured out that the only option I have is to invade at least one, if not two Boron sectors to snatch and grab a Ray and a Shark. I'd rather not do it in their own sectors, and particularly not their core sectors, but if there's no other option, then there's no other option. Morgan is reporting that she'll be back up in a couple of hours, and I'm glad. I'll be sending along the first of the Lieutenants. Having a captain for them to work under will accelerate the progress, and I'll shortly have a bunch of pilots waiting to form my patrol wing.

Of course, there is a Teladi Gannet transiting Light of Heart, on it's way to Ceo's Sprite. No, no, no, I have to stick to the plan. Of course that doesn't mean I can't take missions, like the easy one to defend the Cattle Ranch L alpha north of the LoH north gate. Unfortunately, Gannet becomes a no-go as soon as the Tomahawk's from the Pirate Hades slam into, and destroy it. Since I need more boarding pods, my next objective is to putter around Aladna Hill while we wait, but first I need to make a stop in the Hub, to drop off cargo at the Missile Warehouse (Atmosphere Lifter).

Of course, like everything else, it takes more time and effort than it really should. I decide to stop for lunch before continuing on with my plan. On the other hand, I did locate a second boarding pod aboard Rapscallion. And as usual, things don't go entirely to plan. Fortunately, the Missile Warehouse also has some more Tomahawks and with a delivery from Viper Strike, I'm nearly capable of mounting and firing 256 with only a small delay.

I take two missions, one a kill mission for a Split, which sends me first to Legend's Home to speak with a contact on the OTAS shipyard, then to the southern end of the Montalaar sector to destroy a Pirate Carrack. Unfortunately, it's sitting just in front of the South Gate, so in order to save my Elephant, I have to go to ramming speed. Thankfully my shields hold, and the client is okay with that as a kill method.

A few minutes later, I interdict a pirate fleet for one of the silicon mines. Unfortunately, the local Titan is right in front of the gate and I only get a few extra credits for one measly M5. Figures. Heading back to Legend's Home, I figure I'll see what OTAS wants. If it's an assassination, I'll take Rapscallion, rather than the Revenge. I'd rather not have to try and ram another ship to keep the Elephant from blowing up.

It's actually a defense mission for the Wheat Farm L beta in Montalaar, so I tell the Elephant to hang around at LH, and jump in. It's a good thing, as I run over three of the four bombers, and the fourth one blows itself up on it's own tomahawk, deciding to launch under fire from a capital ship. Idiot. The Carrack they've brought fares no better and goes down under the forward guns.

After it's over, one of the Ore Mines also wants protection and I agree to assist. This time it's two bombers, but as close as I am to the gate, neither lasts long under the pounding of the FAA. The Pirate Osprey proves more resilient and survives long enough to pull out of range as I deal with the fighters they've brought along. I get snuck up on by Carrack. Fortunately, amongst it's qualities the Panther is quite agile. So I spin around and blast it with the bow and port IBL's. The view port compensates for the sudden, blinding light as the Carracks fusion reactors go up.

With that over, the Elephant is finally allowed to enter the sector and dispatch it's Goblins to clean up the mess. Meanwhile the fighters clean up the Osprey. Stopping for a moment at the Light of Heart Equipment Dock, while a military transport docks, carrying nothing more exciting than a single Paranid gunner, I jump to Legend's Home and check on the mission for OTAS. They want me to pick someone up from a Buster Vanguard in the south of the sector. I have 13 minutes.

Umm... I'm not quite positive on this, but I'm pretty sure a Buster Vanguard can make 40km in 13 minutes. Guess not. Oh well. Amazon takes care of it in a very short run. 5 minutes to go 80km? Speed is my creed.

Someone at OTAS HQ wants to head to the Ammo Factory in Akeela's Beacon. One short jump later and I'm 50k richer. Hooking back up with the Revenge, I calculate a jump to Kingdom End. I need that Ray and Shark, so I don't have to keep Born of Ashes in that unknown sector. A fit of inspiration suggests it's better to use the Venomous Cobra instead.

The Shark capture goes flawlessly, except for some minor damage due to the overage of Flails. So I send it to Command and Control for repairs, and fitting with 2GJ shields. Actually that last was simply pulling them from the Scavenger's Lair, since it's sitting in the HUB, and I can retask my shield purchaser to drop some off for it to use instead. Sending a single Hammer Heavy Torpedo to splash a Pirate Nova Raider in Kingdom's End, I snap up a Boron Pelican at the Shipyard, and pull the four marines off it to fill up Cobra. It seems I'm out of Boarding Pods, so sourcing them is a priority.

I'm going to have to locate a Ray to Compliment the Shark, which I've named the Warsquid. Yes, I admit it's a bit silly, but if my enemy underestimates me, so much the better. Purchasing 45 Pikes is a bit of an expensive proposition, particularly when you make a mistake and pick up 10 Barracuda Vanguards instead. Fortunately, since it was at the Lucky Planets shipyard, I'm able to move the shields and weapons to the Enhanced Dolphin sitting there, and then sell the Cuda's back. I'll probably sell the 5MJ shields at some later date, but the PRG's are typically hard to find, so I'll be able to put them to use. Probably arming some Solanos to defend the supply Elephant. With the Warsquid repaired, and shielded, if not yet re-armed, I send it to Lucky Planets to link up with it's fighters and to equip itself at the local equipment dock. I think I'll fill it with Boron pilots, and then move it down to help watch Born of Ashes back until I can find a Ray.

Parking up at the Kingdom End shipyard, I order the crew to shore leave for a bit. Left alone on the bridge I contemplate my next move. I'm about to retire for the night when I get a flash from Morgan, informing me that her Dragon is now repaired and rearmed from it's damaged state. She's ready for the pilots. I give orders for a number of Solanos to be purchased at the Legend's Home OTAS Shipyard, and for them to be outfitted for service as part of a Security and Rescue Service wing. Morgan and Hussar will lead the wing, and the other fighters will escort her. I'll see how that works, and move them up when the time comes. I'm thinking I might even buy Heavy Dragons from the Split, instead of stealing them this time.
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