(X3TC XRM DID) Universal Violence! (Restarted again 26.2.18)

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(X3TC XRM DID) Universal Violence! (Restarted again 26.2.18)

Post by 89James89 » Wed, 31. Jan 18, 16:45


So, as you can probably see form the title this is going to be a X3TC with mods DiD (excluding stupidity like autopilot and crashes or bugs). Mainly a fighter playthrough with hopefully some capital class fighting but not a lot of station building. Below is the full list of rules and mods that I'll be using in the game.


XRM running with High Hull Mod
Pirate Guild with them on High with neutral ratings
Yaki Guild running default with 8 mother ships
Tortuga pirates
Military Base Revamp with Xenon turned on and at 500% rearguard value compared to rest of universe
Bail and salvage scripts modified to give a much lower time limit and bail rate as in the test run the default was way to high.
2 for normal
1 for big and huge
Bulletin Board mod installed
Tubeless complex mod installed
Luckies Script Package installed
Khaak Invasions 1.2
No Station Wrecks

So apparently I hate the universe. At least this will hopefully add some interest to it!

Games Rules:

DiD ignoring autopilot stupidity
Enemies with Xenon, Khaak, Pirate, Yaki, the usual foes
No dogfighting or voluntary combat in anything below a M6. I can defend myself though if attacked.
I'm a trader, not a mechanic, fixing ships is only done at shipyards or if I have the necessary people onboard my carriers (if I get that far)

=====Begin Log Entry 1=====

1.1 Well hell, this'll read like some kind of really badly written novel but apparently, that's what my life is, so here goes. Parents 'officially' killed by the Xenon on some sort of pleasure cruise over the other side of the Galaxy in Heretics End or something (inconsistent data show that this may actually have been a Terran hit, probably something to do with Nora (see below)), sent to live with Uncle. He's in the military you see so I barely see him and am raised by my Aunt god bless her. See him even less now that the Xenon killed him and his patrol in Black Hole Sun. Anyway Auntie then hit the bottle and got herself hooked on that space fuel crap and well, as usual with that sort of thing, ended up eventually drinking herself to death and I ended up with the Goners.

1.2 As you can probably imagine though, with that sort of upbringing I didn't really share their views all that much and well, as soon as I was old enough to be declared a adult, they sent me packing. Not that it was a bad send off, they managed to get one of their old Personnel Transports back into a running state and hell, even had the heart to stick a jumpdrive and a teleporter device in the old girl. Now when I say old girl I mean old girl, turns out to be a Mk1 Express, inferior in every way to the current model Express but it was my ship and my future and I would be forever grateful, cultural differences aside, to the Goner who had provided me with it.

1.3 However, as Nora, an experimental, prototype AI which had been my fathers life work and my sole inheritance from him (albdeit in a hushed fashion, the universe understandably doesn't really have much liking for experimental AI's given the past and all, probably owing to his death as well, though this is unconfirmed), has just pointed out, I only have 100k to my name and that isn't going to get me anywhere soon.

1.4 Luckily, if I make an effort to get others places soon, I'll start getting to places soon. Shouldn't be all that hard to find work either, The Xenon have begun aggressively pushing outwards and, if you have the means (which I just happen to do so), you can make a pretty penny getting military personnel to the places they need to be.

1.5 So that's what I'm currently doing. Happily taking any Military Personnel transport job posted and less happily taking any private transport job posted as well. The marines and pilots don't seem to care what they're travelling in as long as it gets them from A to B in a timely fashion but damn the private ones complain and comment on the old girl and her state.

1.6 The first true taste of this new aggression from the Xenon was during a Military transport too Black Hole Sun. Apparently there had been signs of a imminent invasion from the machines and all military personnel were recalled from whatever leave they were currently enjoying. Cue the eight guys and girls in the back of this 'Bucket' as I'm now naming my TP (Nora seems to think this wont help with the whole being hired thing but screw it, I think it fits), needing to get back to the sector and offloaded on whatever station they left their ships docked at (which interestingly isn't a military or even government owned station but one of the Cahoona Bakeries. Guess there's a lot of military ships and not enough docks in Black Hole Sun for them).

1.7 Jumping into the North gate (which is the closest to the drop off point but in hindsight a rather stupid choice) I narrowly avoid a couple of Xenon fighters, that are rather luckily, following protocols to engage the actual threats in the system and carefully move onto the station avoiding the centre where it seems a large amount of mixed Xenon fighters are being led by a couple of P's in, what Nora assures me, is a defence probing, rather than an actual attack. Luckily for the sector there's one of the Argon's new Advanced Destroyers on hand and it quickly shows why it was a good idea to spend god knows how much, getting them into production by obliterating the entire Xenon incursion in rather timely fashion.

1.8 In fact, so timely that by the time we make it too the drop off point the threat consists of a few Xenon fighters being mopped up by the local police forces. Still, I get paid and even get a nod of approval from the one of the officers on being ballsy enough to jump into the main through gate for the invading forces. Nora seems to think the term idiotic is more appropriate though.

1.9 So I continue with this, going wherever the clientele dictates and ending up in Teladi space where I get a whole lot more ballsy and have to jump into Xenon Sector 347 so the client can confirm his gate co-ords and we can jump across the sector, avoiding the Xenon ships who haven't taken too kindly to my presence, pull a 180 and disappear into the target sector, at which point, Nora informs me that it might have been safer if I'd used Nyana's Hideout to get the Scale Plate Green, rather than the Xenon Sector 247.Ssshh don't tell the passenger, he's still happy to pay us at the moment.

1.10 Another taxi job actually takes me into Nyanas Hideout, where, it would seem that it may not be as safe as Nora thinks as there's a Privateer Tiger flying around unopposed, blowing chunks out of everything and flagging as red too me. Noticing a spacesuit jetting in the direction of that station closest to him, Nora located an abandoned Mercury Super Freighter drifting with, judging by the readouts several large holes in it. Advised by Nora that the Tiger captain seems interested in something other than us and assured that Nora can get us access the thing I instruct her to distract the passenger so he doesn't realise that I've decided to take a little detour to claim the ship (which I'm also assured by Nora is completely legal under the universal salvage laws.). Getting Nora to try and get the pretty much crippled superfreighter to the nearest station while the Tiger continues to prey on the weak, I take advantage of his continued distraction to pick up some crystals in the wreckage of another freighter and then decide that I should probably actually finish the taxi job I'm being paid to do.

1.11 What's up Nora? Were being contacted by Jonferco? Some guys needs a ride somewhere and apparently I'm beginning to get a bit of a reputation as the go too guy for that in this neck of the woods? Sure thing. Getting in with the corporations can only be a good thing. Get us where we need to go and get him aboard, and finalise the purchase of this guys ship will you, definitely going to make a bit of profit selling it at a shipyard.

1.12 So, while we came in too dock and pick up the client, me and Nora were going over a few ideas I'd had. Having spent the last couple of days taking people various places, buying up cheap ships and selling them on and just generally making some credits I had had a few ideas, all of which were well above my station but apparently, due to a couple of contacts I'd picked up with the various military transports, the Argon might be willing to sell me some tech factories so I can start up a bit of a business, other than this ship. Factories would also be a nice way of having a true home, something I'd not had since my parents had passed away and, if I could get a tech set up on the go I can try and passively help with the war against the Xenon and the Khaak. The only issue that I've got at the moment is the aforementioned Xenon and their aggressive expansion making this area of space probably not the most intelligent to set up shop in.

1.13 This means we need to do some more exploring, for now though, lets go greet this Jonferco guy.

=====End Log Entry 1=====
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Asset List:

Combat Assets:

several beat up fighters ready to be sold

Trading/Supply Assets

1x TP (MK1 Express) 'Bucket' -----Personal Ship-----

several beat up transports awaiting sale


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Post by Triaxx2 » Wed, 31. Jan 18, 20:17

DiD Listed.
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain

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=====Begin Log Entry 2=====

2.1 Right, coffee finished, Jonferco guy safely at his destination and one happy company. Brilliant. Now where's that data pad gone. Time to see if this whole idea of owning my own factory is actually feasible.

2.2 Turns out it is. Bit of a headache though, the whole set up thing but once it's underway it should make me some nice profit. Also Nora points out that it should help with my universal trade ranking. Not entirely sure what that is but apparently it'll help me charge more for my services or something. Nevermind, Nora seems to think its a good idea. What probably wouldn't be the best idea though, according to Nora, is setting up this close to Xenon space. At least not until we can defend ourselves and our Assets anyway and that's a long way off. She's suggesting that we move over to Argon Prime area and set up there where the increased security will make it a bit safer for our new endeavour so why not? Luckily, as it happens, shes managed to buy us some sector charts that will lead us too somewhere at least vaguely near the sectors we want to be in (namely the data for Emperor's Mines and the Savage Spur.)

2.3 Fortunately, Nora and some Split I pick up as a client seem adamant that the edge of Argon Prime space is one sector North of Emperor's Mine. Unfortunately, we don't have the jump gate data for the system so were going to have to jump into Savage Spur. Now, Nora promises me that the IFF transponder will flag us as blue to the Yaki that have claimed Savage Spur but that still doesn't put me totally at ease as we exit the south jump gate.

2.4 Luckily though, it would appear that either the Yaki have other things to worry about or Nora had masked our IFF as the Yaki ships ignored me completely. Turned out to be a very lucky thing as we progress deeper into the sector given the sheer amount of Yaki ships and firepower in the sector. I suppose that's the benefit of not having a whole load of sectors to patrol, you can afford to patrol the few that you do have pretty zealously.

2.5 Making my way though the god knows how many asteroids in Savage Spur, (seriously though, who the hell puts a gate in the middle of a asteroid field that dense? Suppose it helps with defence though) we finally make our way back into controlled space and then, via the Paranid sectors, back up to the space around Argon Prime where I begun to take work again and get a bit of knowledge of the area.

2.6 Taking pretty much all the work I can, I begin to form a bit of a name for myself in the area and, thanks to picking the brains of some of the passengers as I take them about there business I begin to pick up on some good business advice and pointers, including what the area seems to need at the moment. Turns out this is equipment needed by the military to help in the fight with the Xenon and the Khaak. Even more promising, for the immediate future (given that I can't afford to go and buy a PPC forge right off the bat) though, is the fact that low end equipment is in demand by everyone, not just the military

2.7 One quick asteroid scan job later, revealing a huge Ore asteroid.is Antigone Memorial (Nora reveals that its content is 90 or something, not sure what that means but she assures me its bloody high so I'll trust her) and some hurried hiring and purchasing of a Ore Mine and we have the beginning of my complex plan (plus, potentially one rather peeved previous employer as I'm sure they would have loved to put there own mine here. Oh well, they should have been faster). Repairing one of the many ships Nora had been remotely purchasing in order to sell on for a profit, gives the mine a superfreighter to shift the cheap power cells that are abundant in the nearby SPP's and the place gets to work stockpiling resources for the next stage.

2.8 This as it happened was aided by some insane guy paying me a million credits to get him across 4 sectors quickly. Seriously, he could have bought a fully tuned discoverer for that price and not got there much later..... Still, lets not look a Split bearing gifts in the mouth as it allowed me to add a Mosquito Missile Fab to the cattle ranch and cahoona bakery I had already got set up bringing the missile plex online properly and trading!

2.9 Not too soon either I found out jumping down into the Paranid space transporting a rather obnoxious Paranid back home. Empires Edge is beset by a pirate fleet and a Yaki strike carrier, obviously taking the opportunity to try and weaken there neighbours.

2.10 The passenger seems puzzled and worried by the lack of intervention from Paranid Prime (and his mood isn't exactly helped when I make a quick detour to grab a bailed Pegasus Explorer, not that I care, that ships worth 2million credits!) but I soon find out the cause after dropping him off and jumping up there myself.

2.11 Seems, they're not one for luck today as there's a load of bugs, including a Destroyer and Carrier in the sector shooting things while the defences try and come around from the South gate, presumably going to help the assailed in Empires Edge. Grabbing a bailed Nova which I can only assume by the paintwork, formerly belonged to a pirate, I wish the Paranid (and my new Nova) the best of luck and head back to my new home. Apparently finding people to populate the new stations hasn't been at all hard, given the citizens that are trying to return to the safer Argon Prime space, away from the border areas like Black Hole Sun, and they're now waiting for me to come give some grand opening speech or something.

2.12 Didn't I hire a manager to sort of this sort of crap Nora?
Yes, I know you really hired Hayla so I had someone to socially interact with that wasn't a computer but I still expect her to actually do the job!
You hired her based on a algorithm you created for relationship compatibility rather than her CV..... oh god....
Well where the hell is she if she's not onboard the actual plex anyway?
Arguing over the price of e-cells in Power Circle.....
But there under the buying price threshold anyway......
Screw it lets go home, I need a drink first.

=====End Log Entry 2=====
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Restarted with new Did will reedit with entry 3
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Restarted with new DiD. Will reedit with entry 4
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Restarted with new DiD. Will reedit with entry 5

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