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(X3TC XRM DID) Universal Violence! (Entry 2 14.2.18)
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PostPosted: Wed, 31. Jan 18, 16:45    Post subject: (X3TC XRM DID) Universal Violence! (Entry 2 14.2.18) Reply with quote Print


So, as you can probably see form the title this is going to be a X3TC with mods DiD (excluding stupidity like autopilot and crashes or bugs). Now below is the full list of rules and mods that I'll be using in the game. Basically a Empire building walk-through mainly probably from the economic side of things but with a very aggressive universe to play around in. Writing style is going to be in the form of these bullet pointed journal entries though may at times get more in depth as I don't have a lot of time to play and like writing things up as they happen in game. Not sure how far I'll get as the Universe is overly homicidal but lets see shall we?

Game rules:
XRM running with low hull pack
Pirate Guild with them on very hard
Yaki Guild running default with 8 mother ships
IR 2.0 running with Xenon and Khaak turned on and M7M turned off along with sector invasion and incursion response on. Also AP race relation values running.
Bail and salvage scripts modified to give a much lower time limit and bail rate as in the test run the default was way to high. Big and Huge ships are both set on 1, rest 2.
ADS on all ships including AI
Official bonus scripts installed as well.
Modified Goner Witness start. Started with a jumpdrive capable MK1 Mercury with all the equipment from the Truelight Seeker which I got destroyed in the Xenon Sector.
No flying anything below a M6 in combat. Not a fighter pilot
No space suit repair laser usage!

Entry 1: Lucky for some!

I. So Apparently I'm a bit too unstable and despite my uncle trying to raise me as a Goner I have too much of my Father's spirit or something in me, which, is apparently the reason that I keep disagreeing with all their teachings and trying to point out flaws in everything... anyway, cutting a long story short I apparently have to leave. They haven't exactly kicked me out empty handed though, even letting me have one of them jump drives to use in this beat up old Mercury!

II. Whilst trading a large number of Pirate and Xenon Relay 148 were taken by the core races. Turns out the Teladi and the Paranid aren't seeing eye to eye either (must be the third eye or something) as the Paranid then took the Relay sector from the Teladi.

III. Picked up bailed Toucan Hauler and Pericles in Merchants Haven. Turns out the passengers on the Toucan were more than happy to pay me for getting them to their destination, what with the original pilot bailing and all. Even better though was the fact that the Toucan had 2 200MJ and a single 25Mj shield onboard and the Pericles a single HEPT. That together with the missiles floating in the sector is going to make a nice pay day!

IV. Also looks as if open war between the Argon and the Terran has finally happened as the Terran have just taken Circle Of Labour.

V. Well holy Argnu. Just popped up to Omicron Lyrae to see if I could pop over into Circle of Labour and see if there was any debris for me to shift through when I jumped into the sector amidst a whole Terran battlefleet. Now luckily, it turns out that they don't hate me which is nice, given that there's two M1's sitting about several km away from me disgorging fighters into the system. Does look like the Argon have tried to fight back though as there's a drifting and abandoned Terran M2 over by the gate. Kind of makes me wish I had some way of actually maybe borrowing it but turns out that space walking doesn't help this time.

VI. Anyway fast forward several hours and whole lot of death and destruction and the Argon finally hold the Terrans off at the cost of 3 M7's and countless M6's and fighters. Bit of a hollow victory given the casualty lists. Still, I benefited a bit from it though as I now own a Mamba, something that looks suspiciously like a Xenon ship but goes by the name of AGI Drone and most importantly, A Vulture Superfreighter! Sure its on 18% hull and slow as hell even when fixed but at 6 times the cargo bay I'm not going to complain. Right lets go see if this haul cover what I can only assume is going to be a huge repair bill......

VII. Surprisingly its not that much and several more hours later I have a single Vulture Superfreighter travelling at 37mps but fully shielded and repaired to my name with 1million in the bank. Now if only that Iguana hadn't got itself blown up on route to the Shipyard I'd be laughing even more.

VIII. Set off from Black Hole Sun in a Mercury MK1 complete with a jumpdrive provided by the Goner. Apparently I was a bit too violent and didn't fit in with the Goner ideals but they wished me the best and definitely didn't shove me out empty handed.

IX. Really does turn out I'm not a very good Goner after all!

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PostPosted: Wed, 31. Jan 18, 16:52    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Asset List:

Combat Assets:

1x M3 Goner Crusader 63% hull, with full shielding and various weapons
1x M3 Perseus 28% hull 4 FBL and single 25Mj shield
1x M3+ Perseus Sentinel 14% 1 FBL

1x M4+ Solano 34% hull 3 PRG's and a single 25Mj shield
1x M4+ Elite 17% hull 8 IRE's and 2 25Mj shield units

Trading Assets

1x TS Mercury Tanker XL badly damaged and sat in a Equipment Dock

1x TP Express full of terrified Boron with 33% hull and 1 200Mj shield unit



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PostPosted: Wed, 31. Jan 18, 20:17    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

DiD Listed.

A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
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PostPosted: Sat, 3. Feb 18, 01:17    Post subject: Reply with quote Print


Triaxx2: Thanks, lets hope this last longer than my older DiD's!

Entry 2: A whole lot of loot!

I. So, back in the seat of my Superfreighter and off to get some E-cells which I've stupidly run out of (stupid, as the nearest SPP is 4 sectors away) and I get a comm telling me that the Split now control Skullweaver. Interesting news indeed so, after refuelling I jump up there and take a look around.

II. Turns out they haven't wasted any time as there's already a few stations set up and ready to go. The Yaki also seem to have taken an interest as they have a Carrier attempting to beat up a Wolf M7 and its escorts. Not that it goes at all well for the Yaki as there ship is ripped apart before it can even launch all its fighters. So much for that invasion. Lot's of loot for me though so I once again become a floating munitions store.

III. Nearly died in Nyanas Hideout when my lovely autopilot tried to pick up some dropped missiles as a Teladi Albatross came through the gate then watched in horror and cofusion as another Albatross who, I can only assume had a drunk captian crashed into and destroyed itself on the Equipment Dock in PTNI Headquarters while trying to undock......

IV. Picked up a bailed Demeter Superfreighter in Profit Centre Alpha while running a Nostrop delivery mission with a 200MJ shield and a FBL launcher onboard.

V. Decide that its about time to set up a home base and, seeing as I've managed to amass over 3million credits and make it all the way to Argon prime without dying, So what to buy what to bu...... OH SHINY A DISCO EXPLORER!

VI. Ok, I may have gone a bit mental and spent 2million on a M5 but its an investment (hopefully one that doesn't rocket itself into something)

VII. Turns out I may have miscalculated a little bit with the purchase of my new Disco as I now cant actually afford the Wheat Farm L that I wanted. Or at least not until I finish doing some more trading and such, still, the Disco did just find me a derelict Enhanced Mercury. No idea why its Enhanced but screw it, let's get it fixed up and use it as a energy transport for my new station (when I can afford it).

VIII. Found a really profitable energy run between some XL SPP's in Thraka's Sun and well, anywhere that actually needs energy which seems to be everywhere. I've also managed to afford to actually get the Wheat Farm and my new home is currently up and running in Herron's Nebula, hopefully about to make me money. Bit annoying that I have to supply it manually at the moment but nevermind.

IX. Turns out that the Enhanced Mercury is worth a pretty penny even at 40% hull so I decide to strip it and sell it. The extra equipment can be stuck in my current cargo holder, a Caiman sat way down in Two Grand and the funds from the sale can purchase a new Mercury from Red Light.

X. I then really hit the jackpot jumping into my usual fuelling sector and finding a Caiman Super Freighter drifting from a Barracuda that seems intent on just wrecking the place. Not a bad salvage run but even better when I pick up a Ion Shard Railgun, a Freight Scanner and, best of all, a Military Scanner worth about 1.4million credits! Payday yay!

XI. So, continued with my trading and random wanderings and learnt several important things.
Firstly, a jumpdrive is very useful when pirates decide they want what's on your ship and start attacking you for no reason.
Secondly, setting your station to trade with other races and then leaving the e-cells price at 18 means that all potential profits goes down the drain as the station manager buys said e-cells for stupid price.
Thirdly, I wish the Khaak would buzz off! Stupid things have the Showroom in Red Light camped out which is an issue given that my brand new mercury set up to haul e-cells for the Wheat Farm is stuck in there. Where is the Argon navy when you need it? (probably helping the Boron out as they seem to have declared war with everyone, stupid fish).

XII. Anyway, managed to finally get the Mercury off the station complete with some pilot named Scot Gisler who was really enthusiastic to work for me. Which is good as, as soon as he signed the contract I pointed out the small print which left not only the freight shipping to him but also the management of the station! Have fun. To be fair though, I did give him a bloody expensive jumprdive so he should stop whining about his workload.

XIII. So, turns out people pay really well to be transported places, like really well. I mean who in their right minds pays over 1 million creds for a taxi ride several sectors over, and inside the cargo hold of a superfreighter? Apparently lots of people. So many in fact that I've decided to just buy a Iguana and run around in that instead of the old superfreighter. Not sure what I'm going to do with it at the moment but I think, I might need to get another factory in Teladi space, just because, so maybe it can work with that one.

XIV. So, after several runs in my shiny new TP I decide to take my own advice and get the infrastructure set up for a Dream Farm L in Greater Profit reasoning that the local Sun Oil Refineries could make use of it (honest, this is the only reason, nothing to do with anyone else making use of it for any other reason). Anyway, I finally managed to find a Teladi TL in the form of a Science ship and got him to pick up the station and then, after watching him nearly get himself killed by a pirate M6 that no one seemed too bothered by other than the TL I'd hired. Idiot captain was only 2km from the gate as well. Anyway, eventually the local police patrol turned up and distracted the Pirates enough to let my hired TL continue its mission.

XV. So, one headache finally over and I've set the factory up and given it a Teladi Yagosi..... screw it were going to call her Yag IX to run. Yes a Teladi, I know, but its not like she (or maybe he, who knows) is going to run off with my factory are they?

XVI. So, not quite finished with the whole playing factories thing, I've decided that. I don't really need the income from the factories at the moment so there going to sit on their funds and use it too expand the factories into a complex to sell random crap. Starting with the Wheat Farm that's made over a million so I strip it of its money (giving Scot a heartattack until I explain what's going on) and buy a Rimes Fact m and its complex tube whatnots.

XVII. Lets kick this empire building thing up a notch!

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Game rules:

XRM running with High Hull Mod
Pirate Guild with them on High with neutral ratings
Yaki Guild running default with 8 mother ships
IR 2.0 running with Khaak and Xenon turned on and M7M turned off
Bail and salvage scripts modified to give a much lower time limit and bail rate as in the test run the default was way to high.
2 for normal
1 for big and huge
Luckies Script Package installed

Humble Merchant start
Universe is at War and everyone's the old race alliances are in effect so:
Can only buy Argon, Borons, and Teladi ships and stations.
Can't board or attack Argon and Boron ships (unless mission ones like assassination and so on or obviously derelict/bailed ones)
Will not accept missions from anyone other than Argon, Boron and Teladi
Actively at war with Paranid, Split, Terran, Khaak, Pirates, Yaki and Xenon
Can only use repair laser on ships that I intend to keep, no time to spend repairing ships that are going to be scrapped.

=====Start Log entry 1=====

I. So, apparently a relative I'd never heard of had got himself killed somewhere on the other side of the Universe when the idiot forgot to check his energy cell levels and got ganked by pirates. (OOC: This is what happened to my trading DiD. Stupid person that I am forgot to actually refuel the Iguana and paid the price) Not that much of a loss too me though considering I never knew him, in fact, quite the opposite really as he left me with enough to buy a Mercury TS, an Explorer Discoverer and a way out of the Argon navy which, despite being at war with the Paranid still don't see the Split as enemies. I don't have any such misgivings though and will see the Split destroyed with their allies and the Terrans before they get the chance to do any damage.

II. Still, I don't want to rush things and plan on building up slowly, hoping that the Argon and Boron can hold out long enough for me to get a chance to help out. Deciding however, that I can't face trading at the moment I quickly pick myself up a TSE and send the Mercury that I've bought off to do some remote trading, planning on seeing if I can raise enough money to get a Universe Trader set up, failing that, try and get my head round this CLS thingy. Either way, I'm going to head off and do some exploring in this Discoverer Explorer, seeing as, well, that's the whole point of it. Need to get some CLS as well when I can as this thing, once maxed should be able to do taxi mission pretty well, especially if my clients don't care about riding in the hold.

III. As it turns out, I get the chance to start my exhilarating life as a taxi driver pretty quickly as I pick up a bailed M4 in Argon Space and sent it too a few contacts I've kept in Red Light to use for spare parts, earning me enough to get the CLS and a TSE, as well as some tunings.

IV. It also turns out that the CLS may have been a bit of a waste as, speeding through the sectors around Ventura Sentinel I don't find anyone wanting to go anywhere. What I do find however is a few more abandoned ships, topped by a Pirate Advanced Blastclaw with some HEPT's and some shields left onboard. Knowing full well that I don't have nearly enough credits to actually fix the thing and not wanting to spend 3 years with a repair laser trying to do it myself I strip it and sell everything onboard, before handing the ship over to the Boron's (who I swear were a bit too excited to have their tentacles on it) and using the funds to repair a beat up Caiman and Mercury I'd also picked up, aiming to have them remote trade for me as well.

V. Or at least I would do if I could remember to actually do remote trading. Deciding that it's probably just best that I get some pilots to work for me instead and let them do the actual work, I hire myself a test subject for my first Mercury Calon Springer, and attempt to give him orders to haul e-cells around Power circle which, I think, make sense. He seems to think so anyway as he hasn't told me otherwise and is at least doing something with the ship.

VI. So, with that out of the way I get the other two TS's fixed up and sent off to get pilots and busy myself with doing stupid things like speeding across Xenon Sector 597 (probably worrying the hell out of the Boron in the adjacent undefended sector of Aquata but nevermind). I'd always wanted to do that since seeing the Argon scout corp doing the same thing. Luckily the ship was too fast for the Xenon to even react to me let alone kill me.

VII. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I did the same thing through Xenon Sector 534, though, this was more to do with wondering why the hell a TS was possibly entering the sector. Turns out there's a jumpgate really far to the east of the sector which leads to a apparently completely unknown sector (which is obviously a lie as that crazy, presumably now dead Teladi knew the gate was here, plus it has a classification of 16 so go figure). Flying through that then takes me through some pirate space where, thankfully most of them don't care about me and the others are preoccupied with Khaak and then finally, out into Teladi space. Well that was fun

VIII. The return trip, during which I decide to try and map out some Split sectors, seeing as they currently don't want to kill me, nets me another 3 bailed M4's with some shields between them (which I stick on the Caiman), which after liquidation of aforementioned M4's leaves me sitting on a nice sum of credits

IX. Still, no rest for the wicked. Quick burst through the pirate run across Maelstrom and Hellforge and I'm in Credits Denied wh.... holy Argnu that's two very angry looking Khaak Destroyers attempting to consume the local Shipyard and, I'm sorry to say lizards but several M7's and M6's probably aren't going to cut it even with the fighter wings. Turns out I'm right, hanging a way back and watching the fight unfold. Well, I say fight, the lizards didn't even scratch the M2's. They have however left some M3's floating around so, time to put my money where my mouth is and make a quick credit or two. Sure it comes with the risk of instant death but the pilot M5 being hit by a capital class Kyon weapon probably isn't going to feel all that much anyway so meh.

X. Several shaky hand filled minutes later and I have a small convoy of several Falcons and a Toucan limping out of the sector and into the neighbouring one where lucky, there's also a place to sell them back to the lizards. Not even I'm foolhardy enough to try and make the sale on a shipyard under fire.

XI. This together with a SupreFrigheter I'd picked up net me quite a few credits which is useful, seeing as my idiot CLS pilots aren't actually doing all that much and I want to turn them into sector traders. Not so useful is the price tag of the MK3 trade software, which, when combined with the jumpdrives they'll probably need, come to about 5million credits. Back to work I guess.....

XII. Trying to decide whether or not I want to invest in mobile or stationary trade ventures I witness a fight that well and truly puts me back int eh Argon Navy days. Turns out the Boron have become a little bit displeased with the Pirates operating out of Talonfire and have a pretty sizeable force in there, who's aim seems to be the Pirate Anarchy Port. An altogether noble cause if you ask me, eradicating the pirate scum and initially it all goes well for the Boron, losing only a single Ray to the 3 M2's and 2 M7's that the Pirates lost. Unfortunately though, several of the Boron captains get a bit ahead of themselves and learn just how dangerous lasertowers are as the ones defending the Anarchy Port rack up a combined kill count of 2 M7's and an M1. This combined with the 4 M1 and 2 M2 relief force that the Anarchy Port manages to somehow rustle up, means that the already weakened Boron task force is summarily picked apart, leaving the pirates firmly in control of the sector. Definitely not a good end-show for the Boron Fleet Admiral who probably thought he had it in the bag. Still, they did manage to take out the Anarchy Port in the end so they could call it a victory, or at least, ,mission accomplished. Bit of a pyrrhic one though. In fact I was probably the one who came out of the whole situation the best with a free Mako M4 which even had some equipment still onboard.

XIII. I then take a look at the most beautiful sector I've ever seen in the form of Tau Sigma. Really weird shade of purple round here, reminds me of.... oh holy moly that's a whole lot of Khaak M5's. Oh right, the computers just informed me that this sector is presumed to be on the edge of Khaak space. Might not want to hang around too long in a M5 then and also might explain why this area of the universe is so heavy with Khaak activity.

XIV. Anyway, once I'd got the sale of the Mako out of the way I had over 5million credits so decided to make at least one of my freighter pilots useful and get him running the MK3 software. Arranging for him to meet me at the Terracorp HQ I travel all the way back and head to the Terracorp Rep to get the software.

XV. At which point I find out that I don't have the clearance to actually buy the software. Clearance? I was in the Argon Navy for gods sake, what sort of trade software requires higher clearance than the one you need to fly an Argon Naval M3. Stupid salesman and their rules. Fine, I'll go get one from the Teladi.

XVI. First though, it would appear that Power Circle has become quite the scrapyard according to one of the idiots I've now got manually supplying the Boron Sat Fab in Kingdoms End with E-cells on account of me needing satellites. It would appear he's also correct as there's no less than 4 TS's and a TM drifting around. Sure there all pretty much wrecks, with the best having 24% hull but I'll still take them thanks!

XVII. So, whilst waiting for the ships to limp up to the Shipyard in Kingdoms End, I decide to go call it a day and dock up at the local Trading Station to get some sleep, its definitely been a interesting one.

====End Log Entry 1====

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PostPosted: Tue, 13. Feb 18, 14:45    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Asset List:

Combat Assets:

1x M5 Discoverer Explorer

1x TP Hermes 200Mj shields'Gils dropship' (10xmarines)

1x fighter beaten up and on way to be stripped and scrapped[color]

[color=lime]Trading Assets

1x TS Mercury Hauler 25Mj shield 'Calon Springer' currently on Sat/storage duty
1x TS Caiman 60Mj Shield 'Toto Po'

1x TS Mercury 105Mj shields 'Frenk Claaseen' UT lvl4

1x TS Vulture Tanker 25Mj shield (storage ship for random equipment)

2x Various beaten up TS's on way to be stripped and scrapped



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=====Start Log Entry 2====

I. So, settling back into the cockpit of the Discover now named 'New Enterprises' I undock form the Trading Station and set the autopilot to take me on the 8 sector journey to Home Of Opportunity where I'm hoping they'll sell me the software for me to then take back to 'Yatima Danar' who's still sat at Terracorp HQ waiting for me. Checking on the other two it would seem that 'Calon Springer' has docked up with the Sat Fab in Kingdoms End so I order him to sell the E-Cells he was carrying and then wait round to get me some Satellites. Sitting around for god knows how long on a Boron station isn't exactly my idea of fun so should teach him a lesson for being so useless.

II. Travelling through the required sectors is pretty uneventful up until Hila's Joy where it seems to the Boron have been helping themselves to the Split freighters that are tryign to cross the sector as I get a Mamba Vanguard, a Caiman Superfreighter and, possibly unrelated to the Boron, a Hermes. Not a bad haul for 5 minutes work and the last one is particularly exciting seeing as, not only does it still have a 200Mj shield unit onboard but I want a TP (only realised this after selling the one in the last log). You see, I forgot to mention but in the fight the Teladi had with the Khaak last entry, the crew of a Teladi Osprey had also decided that living was preferable to certain death and had bailed leaving it drifting in space. Now these M6's and higher all have more sophisticated systems on them than the basic transport or fighter and you can't hack them form the outside. I can though, with the help of this new TP and a few favours from old friends from the Argon Military, now turned mercs, pick up these ships by boarding them. I mean sure, I could also get the highly illegal Stealing Others Ships software (more commonly known as Salvage Override Software) but that costs a fortune and is, well, highly illegal and not something I want to be caught wit. Nope, we'll do it the hard way!

III. The rest of the journey is rather quiet with no more salvage. There is however some Khaak wrecking the traders in Company Pride so I give them the widest berth I can while trying to dock at the Equipment Dock where thankfully, the Teladi salesman who told me to call him Rex was only too happy to part with the 3 million credits required to buy the software. Good old lizards!

IV. The return journey is even more uneventful though I pick up another bailed Mamba Vanguard. Looking at them they don't appear to be all that bad for a fighter if you like a speed advantage. Over 300mps and 50Mj of shielding is quite nice though, at the moment, capital is what I need. Docking back up at Terracorp HQ I find that Yatima has found better employment with Terracorp apparently and left to go work for them. No worries, there's some guy named Frenk Claassen who seems only too happy to work for me (plus he knew how to install the stupid software which was a bonus), so with that done and him off to work, guess its time to go do some more exploring and sat laying.

V. What the hell do you mean you've only managed to buy 4 satellites in the entire time I've you've been here? You are aware that they were the ones I bought remotely right? I haven't actually told you to buy anything? Oh right, my bad. Several minutes later and I think he's understood what I want him to do,we'll have to see. Now time to go actually set up this Sat network, one in every sector with a Shipyard or Showroom should be a good idea.

VI. Turns out though to nearly be a really bad idea when a Teladi Arena currently operating from a MK1 Phoenix jumps through the gate as I'm about to enter it on autopilot. I real quick scramble for the manual override and a hard pull up narrowly avoids me going squish against the bloody huge ship. No idea who was at fault but the no one aboard seems to even notice that they nearly ran me over so nevermind, I'll just slowly enter the gate while the adrenalin wears off.

VII. Then, with the adrenalin obviously not having worn off, I decide to take a jaunt through some of the pirate areas around Elanors Fortune and manage to find myself watching another of those massive fleet battles, this time between the Pirates and the Paranid. Deciding to watch seeing as, a, they may leave some salvage and b, I don't really care for both sides, I keep an eye on the gravidar for opportunistic pirates looking to try and off some guy loitering in their sector and grab my lunch.

VIII. 20 minutes later and the pirates emerge victorious with one very badly limping Tit... oh wait, more flashes, well damn Mr Argon Command, that's both a rather low and inspired move. Seems they'd been monitoring the fight and had decided to jump in after the Nid's and the Pirates had beaten eachother up to clear up the victors and I presume, take the sector. Bad luck to the Titan that's for sure seeing as it doesn't stand a chance against the two Argon M7's and their fighters. Good job well done....

IX. Or at least it would have been in the Paranid hadn't decided that enough was enough and jumped in with a huge assault fleet very swiftly and brutally cementing in everyone's minds that this is now, very much Paranid space. Bloody costly on all sides seeing as there isn't really that much in Split Fire. Maybe they know something I don't.

X. Anyway, speaking of costly, some Boron guys just called to let me know that I appear to be holding up no less than 8 docks in various Boron Shipyards with ships that all look like their about to fall apart. Oh yeah, my bad, should probably sort through that lot really. First order is fixing up the Toucan and as quickly as possible. Split Fire has a Truelight Seeker drifting in it and although it has shields so I can't actually do anything to take it anyway, its a bit of a reminder to get a salvage crew set up.

XI. Mind you, it'll be a bit useless without a jumpdrive so I should probably also go do some favours for some Argon's somewhere as, if Terracorp aren't going to sell me the MK3 software, they sure as hell won't sell me a jumpdrive.

XII. Still I should have a little way to go until I actually need a jumpdrive so it should be all fine. Just got a message from an old mate Gil Rider, who's been sat on the Argon Federal Instillation twiddling his thumbs, having been discharged from the military (no idea why. He didn't want to say and I trust him so that's good enough for me, knowing him though, he probably tried to hack something he shouldn't have). Anyway, he's interested in employment and has a friend, Mikal who's in the same boat. I've let him know that his timing couldn't be more perfect and, although they still might not see that much action, he should have a look at the guys looking for work and get some of them onboard..

XIII. For me its back to exploring, or actually lets go get another MK3 software package and get another Sector Trader set up.

XIV. Several hours later and I'm sat in Kingdoms End, having explored about 30 sectors and getting nowhere near Company Pride where I was planning on getting the software from. Woops. Oh well, I got several ships from it which helped the bank balance a little as well as a couple of TS's that I think I might keep hold of for the time being. Prime amongst the finds though were a Mako with 3 Ion Disruptors on it which, along with several shield units from random salvages are now sat in 'Calons' cargo bay while he slowly builds up his stock of satellites, and also a Blastclaw Prototype and Nova, both of which came with guns and shields and, even stripped the Blastclaw sold for over 1million.

XV. One thing that did scare the crap out of me though was coming back up through Brennans Triumph. No idea how the hell the clan there managed it, but there's 10 Carracks flying around the sector and god knows how many M6's.... Good luck anyone trying to take that sector...... The Argon have also begun to push into Paranid Space which is always good news, taking Clarity's End from the Nids. Good job lads!

XVI. All of this salvage put us over the 6million credit mark and, as I'd finished up my exploring in Teladi home sectors, with a Vulture at about 80% hull too boot, meant that I could get another trader set up and sent out to make me profit. 3.5 million payout for hopefully a nice long term gain. Going to go do some asteroid scanning while he gets himself acquainted with Boron space.

XVII. Turns out as well that the Argon are now happy to sell me a jumpdrive which is nice of them so I get Frenk to jump one over to Gil's Hermes so that they're jump ready if and when I need them.

XVIII. Lets check back in with our new trader (should probably actually learn his name). Where's he gone? Can't seem to find him in my property list. Suppose I can check my messages, see if he's sent me something about how nice it was for me to give him a ship before he disappeared in it.

XIX. Your ship Vulture Hauler was destroyed by Xenon LX in Atreuse Clouds......

XX. Son of a Split...... Well that wasn't what I wanted to see....... Guess that's the 3.5 million down the drain. Poor guy as well, didn't even get a chance to learn his name before he bought it... Guess that's the risks of flying around in a TS.

XXI. I need a drink.....

====End Log Entry 2====

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