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[X3LU] Mayhem 3.7d

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For any bug report, please upload a savegame and tell me what to do to reproduce the bug. If I can't reproduce it, I won't be able to solve it. Your galaxy folder is also necessary, in X3\mayhem_galaxies.
Video instructions, by Hector0x

Consider leaving a full review on ModDB, it helps :)


Version 3.7 (20/01/2021)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.
All boarding missions must be finished before updating.

New features
  • New gamestart: 'Terracorp (Prologue)'. You are alone in a galaxy full of Xenons. It's experimental, probably not very fun, but a good sandbox for improvements if you want more action. Only on new galaxies.
  • Lasers are no longer able to shoot down missiles. Only chaffs can do that. 3.7b: cancelled.
  • Xenons in garrison will now get out of their station when its shields are too low.
  • Performance improvements on support ships; and also on Agents, Traders and Flee commands.
  • Added a tutorial message the first time you try to dock to an NPC Outpost.
  • During boarding, the Wire money task grants less money than before. Higher decks gives more (but still less than before).
  • Some marine tasks can now only be done once. It is no longer possible to exploit the system to wire infinite amounts of money, learn the whole map, or know many blueprints.
  • Added a t-file (id="260") setting to hide building messages concerning lasers, missiles and shields. ON by default.
  • Building messages now clearly show the template of the ship you're building, if any, and also if this is a full template or not.
  • Before starting a trade run, Traders now make sure that they will get a positive margin. The price can still change on the way to go to the supplier, but that should limit non beneficial trades.
  • Restored the Missile Defence turret command for M8s to be able to protect nearby allies from all incoming missiles.
  • All ships will use a Fly Safe routine when automatically going to a jump beacon to teleport.
  • Savegame corruption due to circular references in the scripts of the marine missions system. It shoud work this time! :)
  • Data scanner was not interrupted when the target was docked.
  • Galaxy generator was crashing under specific settings.
  • Ships you just boarded were not stopping their current order.
  • 3.7c: Flickering Agents menus.

Version 3.6 (09/01/2021)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • None.
  • New fleet order: Dock at commander's homebase.
  • Quick Access: You can select a wing.
  • Fleets: auto-retreat checks are done more frequently.
  • Galaxy generator: improved algorithm that make a better job at balancing the distribution of factions across the map, especially when 'Limited enclaves' is selected.
  • You can now blacklist an entire faction. That setting affects both their stations and sectors.
  • When a fleet leader dies, all ships are given a Join With command, no matter what their current order is. This is mainly to fix a few weird behaviors that could occur.
  • Yakis have been strengthened: they now start with more territories (and not only Unknown sectors) and with default squadrons. They also can claim farther sectors.
  • Fleet leaders could get deployed to one monitored sectors while retreating.
  • Taxi passengers could have 'null' as destination.
  • Galaxy generator: crash when some valid factions had no sectors.
  • Debris and stations could receive a bounty.
Version 3.5 (23/12/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • New consistent descriptions for a lot of ships and other texts, all done by dunderhead327. Many thanks to him!
  • Coalition system. Thanks to Hector0x for the ideas. TLDR: Several minor AI factions can form a coalition against a major faction.
  • Truce is now changing relations to "neutral" instead of "friend" in order to avoid your own ships getting suddenly targetted when you were attacking their previous enemy.
  • Task Force fleets will not attack player's friendly assets anymore due to too many impredictable bugs.
  • 3.5b: The hitbox of each laser has been revised, and generally increased, especially capital weapons which are close to a buggy state in vanilla.
  • 3.5b: Gauss Canon’s bullets have a new model.
  • 3.5b: Photon Artillery Array and Incendiary Bomb Launcher are now Flak weapons.
  • Marine savegame corruption should be fixed.
  • Some terraforming effects had no effects.
  • The Heirloom station (where you have to dock to get the Data Scanner) could get destroyed before completing the mission. Now the game looks for another station on savegame loading if necessary.
  • Giving a sector to another faction was destroying all factories and was not creating a proper NPC Outpost.
  • Freeze caused by some followers when the leader’s position was not updated. Very rare.
  • After signing a truce with another faction, their fleets would not always retreat from your sectors.
  • 3.5b: Followers would not follow their leader while he was docked to another ship.
  • 3.5b: Reprisals were not reset when a truce is signed.
  • 3.5b: Reprisals were not properly calculated.
  • 3.5b: Ships with a template in which a missile resupply was set would not auto-load this missile when built.
  • 3.5b: Police was not chasing boarded ships.
Version 3.4 (26/09/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • Auto-replace: automatically rebuild a Worker when it gets destroyed.
  • When you capture a ship through the command, or tug it, its turrets are set to "Protect".
  • Traders check all factories before Outposts when they do external trading.
  • The "Patrol" mission (Xenons) can also be triggered by your fleet leaders.
  • AI Outposts now import / export a small amount of Advanced Satellites.
  • Fleet settings: you can now specify "Station" as target priority.
  • Through the Global ship naming menu, you can now have a different default color for each Worker.
  • The number of Xenon sectors is now limited to a maximum of 6. New galaxies only.
  • The number of beacon killers that the Xenons send from their "small" invasion groups is scaled to the number of beacons you own. ie. having two beacons is less dangerous than having six.
  • Laser production time has been halved.
  • Template manager now indicates the type of the ship instead of its sector (useless information).
  • Fleet settings: "slowest ship in the fleet" was not including the leader.
  • The "Attack All Enemies" command was not undocking the ship.
  • A Worker could appear twice in the list of assignments, or in different Outposts.
  • The naming convention was not properly numbering the Workers (except Agents). The number is now based on the homebase, not on the general count.
  • The "Capture Ship" command could get stuck when the target got previously captured.
  • Fleet settings: leaders was not alphabetically sorted.
  • 3.4b: all crystals and minerals were not XL cargo size.
  • 3.4b: the Angel had XL cargo size. Didn't make sense, considering that all other TPs are L.
  • 3.4b: Zeus was removing Xenon inactive ships inside Xenon stations (they undock only when the station gets destroyed). New game only.
  • 3.4b: Truce was not offered to player while other claims on his sectors were ongoing. In other words, truce will now be offered to you if you lose any of your sectors to the AI.
  • 3.4c: Company Traders were being built endlessly, leading to exponential lags after some time. After updating, all company Traders will be removed in your game, and they will slowly going to be rebuilt over time. A new 9972 t-file has been added to adjust the number of Traders per Trading station (default to 5).
  • 3.4c: Performance could be affected by Traders that were not being able to find any trade opportunities. Now, when this is the case, the Trader wait at least 5 minutes instead of continuously looking for a job.
  • 3.4d: Fixes 3.4c.
Version 3.3 (11/09/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • Fleet sector monitoring. From the Fleet settings menu, you can now add sectors that will get monitored by the leader. If a hostile ship is detected in a monitored sector, the fleet leader will interrupt his current task, go there, and resume his previous task. You can ignore freighters, fighters and bigger ships.
  • Fleet reinforcements. You can now auto-build full templates for each one of your fleets.
  • Bounty board. Killing a freighter is against the Terran law! (the rest is acceptable) - Pirate bases now spawn default ships with bounties during galaxy generation.
  • High research costs. When you start a new game, a few random ships gets an unusual increase on their research costs.
  • New fleet setting: "Followers engage the commander's target". It is set to OFF by default, to keep your fleet in formation as much as possible (was ON before). You need to make your followers "join" the fleet again to make that change effective.
  • The Yakis have more chance of hacking an M7 than M1 / M2.
  • Some boarding tasks have a different skill requirement.
  • Battle Groups will try to conquer sectors that are located behind their borders if they feel stuck (eg. surrounded by Xenons).
  • Added quick rename options to the Fleet settings menu. Also two options to show / hide fleet members in the property menu.
  • Added a t-file option (...\X3\addon\t\9972-L044.xml) to restrict the conquest of Unknown sectors by the AI, based on player expansion. Restrictions are ON by default (no change).
  • Added the percentage progress of current productions in the Outposts menu.
  • The Ship purchase menu now displays the number of items in the production queue of the targeted Outpost, and it's possible to cancel your order (no refund).
  • Sometimes the AI builds ships it cannot use, because the original goal of the ship cannot be fulfilled. Previously, when this was the case, the AI was recycling the ship; now it makes a Privateer out of it, defending endlessly its current sector. That can also happen when you cancel a ship order from the new Ship purchase menu (the construction is not canceled). Privateers have no fleets, and they are not very smart; they're only defending their sector.
  • Fancy combat manoeuvres won't happen if the ship's target is also the player's target.
  • Massively increase the number of default resources the first Outposts receive. The goal here is to provide a faster early-game, with more opportunities, more action and an increased ability to purchase new ships. The amount of default resources has now a customizable multiplier in the t-file.
  • The amount of ships the faction should be able to build before accepting a player's order has been reduced from 10 to 2. Given the fact that you're limited to 1 ship at a time, it shouldn't be as exploitable as I first anticipated.
  • You can now specify what resource you want your Miners to focus on (Ore, Silicon, or Any).
  • Outposts now export all their wares, based on a randomized value.
  • If you select a small galaxy in the generator, you'll receive a warning that recommends you the activation of the "Extra sector stats" trait, because on small galaxies, the AI production can be a little slow.
  • Some typos and text improvements.
  • It was not possible to build a station around pirates when you had the Pirate contract perk.
  • The "Collect Astronaut" command was not working on hostile astronauts.
  • It was possible to order a ship through the Ship purchase menu, even if the Outpost was not able to build it.
  • Fleet leader's order string was sometimes not properly displayed in the Fleet settings menu.
  • It was impossible to manually dock at blacklisted stations.
  • Asteroids that are farther than 150 km from sector center could lead to some bugs, especially during Prospecting missions. These asteroids are now removed from the galaxy.
  • Laser compendium: order sorting was not working.
  • The Station information screen was showing export / import thresholds on Trading stations, but they don't have any. Also added a few more info lines on this screen.
  • Trade Run commands was not respecting trade locks.
  • Loot never worked... Note that the AI really use the wares they loot, so that should make them a little more competitive on the long term.
  • Marine "hiding" status was not properly updated when exfiltrating or boarding again.
  • Exploit: the Sentinel and the signal interception were both reset when you were exfiltrating and boarding again.
  • 3.3b: Proper renaming implementation for fleets, with expressions.
  • 3.3c: Potentially fixed a crash that is sometimes happening when, hypothetically, there are too many containers on screen. Probably.
  • 3.3d: Traders were not fully synchronized. Explanation: when a Trader was looking to import a ware to his homebase, he was synchronized with other Traders as long as the seller was the same. However, two Traders could go to two different places to buy the same ware. Now, it's only limited to one Trader max. I was aware of this "bug", but considered that it was good, because a lot of resources was needed at some point, but after all, seeing that the cargo hold of all freighters are huge, and that they always have something to do (especially the AI), it's better to have one ware per Trader max. Also more friendly and less confusing to newcomers.
Version 3.2 (02/09/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • The "Yaki stage" of the plot has been overhauled. Details here (spoilers).
  • New favor: Truce. The faction will sign a truce with another faction if possible, and disengage from current invasions.
  • It is now possible to transfer resources from your Interorbital Storage (perk needed) to any faction. It requires a reputation of 6. Transferring resources that way decreases the cost of the next favor point (average value of the total amount transferred). It's only possible to transfer the resource that the faction requires the most.
  • Ship purchase. You can now purchase ships from an NPC Outpost, with credits. You can only order one ship at a time and the faction needs to be able to produce 10 times the ship you want to accept your order.
  • Loyalty. You now gain 1 loyalty point after each successful mission. Loyalty points are used for two things: 1/ unlocking higher ship classes to purchase 2/ buying favor points (reputation rank 7 required).
  • Shared resources between allies. Factions with an "unbreakable alliance" now share their resources. Can be deactivated in the 9972 file.
  • Task Force fleets tend to avoid Xenon sectors.
  • The "Insight" Favor now also reveal sectors in which the faction has a satellite. Increased max. number of sectors revealed from 9 to 12, and cooldown from 1 to 3 hours.
  • Favor point targets are now prefixed with a pink asterisk.
  • Favor point targets are always M7 from either a Battle Group, a Task Force or a Border Patrol.
  • Added a bit of reputation reward when you pick up a taxi passenger (no way to detect when you unload him). Also slight adjustments to jump range and number of passengers.
  • Reduced the shipping costs of the Interorbital storage.
  • You can exfiltrate your team of marines when there's a Sentinal on deck. However, if you order a marine to fight, only the other ones will be able to flee.
  • Marine lists are sorted.
  • Increased default marines XP from 20 / 5 to 60 / 15 (with perk / without perk).
  • Default Xenon stations come garrisoned. Various number of ships will exit when the station is destroyed.
  • Reduced the price of ships sold through trade missions.
  • Due to a technical bug, it's no longer possible to rename your marines who are not inside an Outpost. This bug may also be related to a savegame corruption.
  • Abandoning one of your own sectors was causing an endless buggy loop ("null has conquered X").
  • 3.2b: You could sometimes receive a breaking news informing you of a new conquest, but in fact the Battle Group was not conquering the sector at all.
Version 3.1 (16/08/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • New perk: "Dry dock", makes maintenance free for all docked ships.
  • New perk: "Pirate contract", makes pirates in sector only attack ships you are hostile to.
  • New perk: "Insurance policy", makes your Outpost immune to unfortunate events.
  • When you start a new game, Xenons already have some beacons in random Unknown sectors.
  • Yaki's Outposts now also act as Pirate bases (ie. they spawn pirates over time). Pirates don't target Yakis anymore.
  • Boarding gets unlocked when you conquer your second sector (or any other sector in your current game).
  • Added "Append preset" new option for both Agents and Traders sections. That way you can have a very modular logistics without too much manual work.
  • Hive Queens! They frequently attack the faction that owns the most factories.
  • A ship that is directly attacked by a faster ship will not fall back.
  • Messages related to Outpost events are disabled by default (a new 9972 t-file option has been added).
  • About one third of the galaxy has no abnormal signals (new galaxies only), no matter what the expansion is.
  • Xenons need more time to hack your jump beacons.
  • Added an article about the Difficulty setting in the encyclopedia.
  • The AI does not equip its M7 with M2 weapons anymore.
  • Ships are built faster (for both you and the AI).
  • Default factory import / export thresholds for both player and AI are now customizable in the 9972 t-file. Only affects new factories.
  • Outposts now appear at the top in the Courier menu.
  • Number of owned crystals is now displayed in the Upgrade menu screen (Hangar).
  • Range and Energy consumption of all lasers have been reduced by 30%. This is mainly to make AI more efficient.
  • Added an option to dismiss your marines. Also added red warning messages to tell you that you should never eject your marines (technical bug).
  • Removed "Price" and "Availability" options for the Trade Product Search command, and improved logic.
  • Added average price and client price information data to both Trade Run commands.
  • Blacklisted wares only affect external trade of Traders. The menu is now also accessible in the Logistics section.
  • Waste is blacklisted by default for all races, including yours.
  • Added sorting options to the Maintenance menu.
  • Clicking on a ship through the Maintenance menu will order him to return home, if any.
  • Some menus with hotkey could be called multiple times.
  • Building full templates on a loop was not working (only the ship hull was properly ordered).
  • Station owner could be set as enemy during the Suppression mission.
  • 9972 t-file: mission credits and reputation multipliers were not applied.
  • When placing a Yaki Outpost, you could receive a message saying that you could lose some reputation with a neighbour.
  • Satellite Monitoring: Satellites are no longer counted as enemies.
  • When the player signed a truce with another faction, his reputation was not reset to 0.
  • 3.1a: All Outposts were considered Pirate Bases.
  • 3.1b: Agents were still affected by blacklisted wares.
  • 3.1c: When marines were transferred as pilot, they were displayed as in space.
  • 3.1c: It was possible to transfer marine as pilot of your own ship.
  • 3.1d: A very rare crash could occur when a Task Force ship was trying to follow a target in a different sector, then got attacked on the way to the gate, then, in the meantime, its first target got destroyed. It then crashes when the Task Force was trying to lock its target again (not an easy one to fix...).
  • 3.1d: Yakis were not Neutral to Pirates (and vice versa).
  • 3.1d: "Outpost's maximum/minimum stock" controls, in the Agents menu, were buggy.
  • 3.1d: Production loop problems.
Version 3.0 (13/07/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • Quick Access. 5 customizable hotkeys that allow you to assign one command to a group of filtered ships.
  • When Agents are moving wares from an Outpost to another, it is now possible to specify a stock threshold on the targeted Outpost. For instance, if your Agent is in Outpost A and want to import a ware from Outpost B, you can set in his job configuration to only import the ware if Outpost B have a minimum stock.
  • "Capture Ship" new command. Remote System Control Software is not needed, but increases the capturing range.
  • Looters do not require a Transporter Device anymore, even though they still benefit from increasing range if they have one (AIs don't use it anymore).
  • Tugs do not require a Remote System Control Software anymore, even though they still benefit from increasing range if they have one (AIs don't use it anymore).
  • Scan Asteroid stops when all asteroids in sector are scanned. It is renamed Scan Local Asteroids.
  • The "Defend Position" command has been removed (redundant with Attack All Enemies).
  • Removed the "Collect Wares In Sector" command.
  • Trade Run commands and Return Home (heavily used by Workers) use a Fly safe routine (player only).
  • Traders should go back to their Outpost more often to unload needed wares, when possible.
  • Added a stock column to the Logistics->Traders menu.
  • Police Squadrons tend to attack hostile ships in player sectors, if possible, and if you're friendly with them. Before, they were only attacking hostiles in their sectors, and unknown ones.
  • Traders and Agents could sometimes consider a station locked when it was in fact unlocked.
  • Fleet leader's orders, in the Fleet Settings menu, were not always properly displayed.
  • Global ship naming was not renaming the ships in the order you select them.
Version 3.0 RC (02/07/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • None.
  • Increased the number of civilian ships.
  • In the Ministry of War, at the top right corner, you can now see the total number of sectors.
  • Added a t\9972 option to control how many sectors an empire needs to be left alone by other AIs. If set to 0, the AI can annihilate other empires (default to 2).
  • The AI now uses all ship types they can, except variants (sentinels, vanguards, etc.). New game only.
  • Workers don't go home when under attack (they can still flee to nearest station if needed).
  • AI fleets regularly change their homebase to be more mobile, and to avoid being forced to endlessly defend their current sector.
  • When reaching OCV stage, AI can conquer all unknown sectors without restrictions.
  • You receive more money when you start a new game (40k / 100k instead of 10k / 40k). Also added a third option to only receive 1,000 credits.
  • "Money" Ascension requires more money.
  • Starting questions now ask you again your reputation with your own faction. However, all other reputations always start at 0 (the questions about these have been removed).
  • Increased the time during which the AI builds everything for free in "no-expansion" galaxies from 2 hours to 12 hours (9972 option). New game only.
  • Wares in the Station information are alphabetically sorted.
  • Reduced import-export thresholds of some wares in AI Outposts, from 100k to 50k.
  • Chances of generating a Trading station is greater if Extra sector stats is selected (25% instead of 20%). New galaxy only.
  • Trade run commands: messages at the end confirming buy or sell have been removed.
  • Trade run commands: now show the client directly in the menu.
  • During a fallback manoeuvre, ships go down instead of staying on the same Y axis.
  • In combat, fighters try to go higher than their target if there's enough room between them. There's also a random X/Z offset applied to this manoeuvre to give the illusion that they're flanking or surrounding their target. Can be deactivated in addon\t\9972.
  • AI takes twice more time to build stations.
  • Rewrite of the AI's station building "brain". That improves performance and fixes a few issues, among which one bug that would make the AI builds a lot less resource-production factories than required. Especially true on "no-expansion" galaxies.
  • Squadrons in retreat mode will no longer flee to another safe sector if they are strong enough to fight nearby enemies.
  • Added a t\9972 cheat option to fully deactivate docking restrictions.
  • Improved and fixed the Logistics Overview menu.
  • Increased again the chances of loot.
  • Adjusted the price of stations. Most of them are more expensive.
  • AI will always keep 1 factory slot for resource-production factories only.
  • Galaxy Generator: Early expansion has now more Unknown sectors, Average also (less noticeable though). Limited enclaves is on by default.
  • The amount of Unknown sectors the AI will not conquered depends not only on the number of player sectors (like before), but now also on the expansion of the galaxy. On Early galaxies, the AI will conquer more Unknown sectors than in Advanced. Galaxies with no expansion are not affected by this limit.
  • AI don't use the three following lasers because of high energy consumption: Plasma Burst Generator, High Energy Plasma Thrower, Ion Disruptor. New game only.
  • Trading Stations that are built during the galaxy creation (and only then) receive a default stock of wares. It offers an early-game strategy that consists of being very aggressive on trading and rely on equipment sold by private corporations.
  • Destroying a pirate base in a controlled territory would make it abandoned for a while.
  • Confusing messages were sent to the player when he was starting at war against several factions.
  • Garbage collector was sometimes ignoring docked ships, making some traders endlessly stuck.
  • The same type of mission could appear twice in the same sector, resulting in a weird behavior when the player accepted both of them. Also, because of technical reasons, the t-file option that was modifying the max. number of missions per sector has been removed. It is now always 2 missions max. per sector.
  • Command descriptions for Attack All Enemies and Defend Sector were wrong.
  • Trade run commands: they were respecting "trader locks", which they shouldn't because those locks are only to synchronize automated ships between each other.
  • Game was freezing if the first Outpost was built while the player was in the TL.
  • AI was ordering too many ships when a squadron was only composed of the leader (ie. no followers).
  • When an AI ship that was supposed to join a squadron was built, and that the leader of that squadron was already dead, the ship would recycle instead of looking for another squadron to join with.
  • Traders were not re-checking if their target station was still open to them on arrival.
Version 3.0 BETA 9 (19/06/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • None.
  • Slightly increased Terraformers difficulty for very big empires (>= 16 sectors).
  • Drastically reduced the price of Hackerchips (that also increase the maximum units you can have in your Outposts).
  • The docking script has been modified to allow ships to be more aware of their target. They should react quicker when it's destroyed, or when its owner changed. The ship will follow its target until a certain distance, then initiate a docking procedure instead of initiating this procedure as soon as the order is given (CANCELLED WITH HOTFIX 1).
  • Battle Groups will avoid claiming the same sector twice in a row, if they can and if the sector is not "dejure".
  • AI will now use TP for their tugs, instead of M5. There are also less effective than player's tugs, especially in early game. Will only affect new tugs.
  • AI will only use TS for their traders. Previously they could use TP, which makes transport of minerals impossible.
  • HOTFIX 1: Reviewed AI station building priorities. Sectors should be more varied, with more Crystal Fabs and less SPP.
  • HOTFIX 3: More adjustments to AI station building priorities. More crystal fabs, less mines.
  • HOTFIX 3: Asteroid yields now vary from 10 to 60 to have proper variation in the production cycle. New galaxy only.
  • HOTFIX 3: Fleet suppliers only order missiles from their homebase, if any.
  • Ships you successfully boarded were not properly reset. They could still be considered inside an AI squadron, have an AI Outpost as homebase, and all their support ships were not sent back home (you won't get them for free, sorry!).
  • Marine skills could exceed 100 %.
  • Boarding: proxies could be created inside the Command room, making the ship impossible to board.
  • Trade Product Search could return stations to which you couldn't dock (NPC's Outposts, mostly).
  • Astronauts were instantly killed instead of going to the nearest station.
  • Couriers were not able to load/unload "All missiles" and "All shields".
  • Docking was sometimes denied when trying to dock to one of your own assets.
  • HOTFIX 1: Freeze due to the change about the new docking script. Should improve performance as well.
  • HOTFIX 2: When a ship bailed, it was possible that it didn't have enough space to create a passenger, eject it, and start the "astronaut" task. In that case, it was freezing the game to death, because trying to start a script on a "null" object is not such a good idea (duh).
  • HOTFIX 3: Extra Sector Stats could make the game freeze on galaxy generation, and probably later.
  • HOTFIX 3: Extra Sector Stats was increasing station support twice, and not the max. people. New galaxy only.
  • HOTFIX 3: Factories could be renamed with another Greek name (alpha, beta, etc.) when a second station of the same type was built in the sector.
Version 3.0 BETA 8 (12/06/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • Anti station-collision. Whenever one of your ships collides with a station and is destroyed, it gets recreated a few kilometres away.
  • Ships automatically undock from their station when it gets destroyed.
  • Hotfix 1: You can now order your whole fleet to "flee" to the nearest station.
  • Hotfix 1: You can buy favor points.
  • Added a 9972 option to disable Outposts production messages (started, stopped or interrupted).
  • Added a 9972 option to disable player ships fallback manoeuvres.
  • The Xenons spawned by the Patrol missions do not appear in an adjacent sector anymore, but in the sector indicated by the mission briefing.
  • Missions max. per sector increased from 1 to 2.
  • Added a Mission Briefing command in the Additional Ship Commands section. With that command, you can review the mission briefing of the station you're docked at at anytime. Most importantly, it allows you to accept or abandon a mission with any of your other ships.
  • Missions are no longer restricted. You can take multiple mission types at the same time if you want.
  • When Yakis sabotage a station, they spawn some fighters from that station. Spawned from thin air, yes, but that simulates the fact that they've managed to get there by sneaking, and they get caught when the sabotage is done.
  • Loot: Xenons can drop their stuff.
  • Loot: doubled the drop rate.
  • The fleet settings menu now indicates the slowest ship of the fleet. For technical reasons, it's not possible to automatically assign a new leader from this screen.
  • All AI Outposts have the Solar Panels perk. They now also export Energy Cells.
  • Xenon defensive fleets are now drastically weaker. Destroying Xenon stations is just the first step of any playthrough in Mayhem 3, and it's currently taking too long to achieve. This change does not need a new game, because all previous defenders have been properly removed, and the new ones recreated.
  • Xenon invasion fleets have been overhauled. Instead of going after your beacons with all their ships, they will send one of their fighters on a special mission to capture them. The process of capturing a jump beacon is no longer instant. Furthermore, the invasion fleets are no longer blind: they will look for nearby enemies first, then in adjacent sectors; and the followers will attack everything that is too close to the leader. If you control a lot of sectors, they will attack stations as well. Last but not least, they will use their jump beacons in the exact same way you're using them. Previously, they were only able to spawn on them, but not using them to travel.
  • Hotfix 1: Pirates are now randomly wandering the galaxy in search for freighters, instead of heading directly to one random TS as soon as they are spawned. They also look a bit more around them. They also have M5, M4 and, rarely, M6 now.
  • The Crystal Transmuter command check was not considering regular Crystals.
  • "Artefacts detected" could be displayed when there was no artefact anymore in the sector.
  • Agents and Traders could get stuck if, because of a faulty import-export setup, the supplier was the same station as the consumer.
  • Ships were sometimes not outfitting equipment from their template.
  • Changing the ownership of a ship from the cheat menu would eventually make it stop for no obvious reason.
  • The Yaki mission was completed when 2 sectors were conquered, instead of 3.
  • Warnings about a "Xenon major activity" were displayed even when it was only a small invasion fleet.
  • Hotfix 1: The game was freezing when a Xenon support ship became a leader.
  • Hotfix 1: When the filter "full product" of the Station setting menu is set, it will now show all factories that cannot produce anymore products instead of showing factories with 100% inventory full.
  • Hotfix 1: Spawn limitation for pirates was not working. Superfluous ships have been removed.
  • Hotfix 2: Carrier repair wasn't working when there was too many ships on board.
  • Hotfix 2: Tugs were not working when they were fighters.
  • Hotfix 2: Fleets could get stuck on "retreat mode" after initiating a manual command when they were retreating.
  • Hotfix 2: Some encyclopedia sections were missing due to typos (Empire category).
Version 3.0 BETA 7 (31/05/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • Xenons love your Jump beacons.
  • Ships that have no main turrets now have a different combat tactics against stations. By default, they rotate around themselves, making sure every possible weapon loadout is always working. Can be changed in the 9972 t-file.
  • When joining a fleet: 1/ a carrier cannot join another carrier 2/ all ships owned by the carrier automatically become support ships.
  • All ships should no longer fire missiles that are too big for their target. In other words, if the missile damage is greater than the current hull of the target, it won't be fired.
  • Several improvements have been made to the Template Manager menu. You can update the selected template (from another ship), and apply the current configuration to a list of ships that are of the same type.
  • Agents and Traders: they were not checking if they had enough place in cargo bay before even considering importers and exporters.
  • Task Force fleets could attack satellites and beacons owned by non-enemy factions.
  • Your ships will now dynamically reevaluate their leader's position and check if a new jump beacon path is available to get to him. Previously, they would sometimes go through gates after the leader used a jump beacon.
  • Couriers could get stuck when cargo bay was full.
  • The Ascension screen was showing empty texts when Quickstart was selected.
  • Regular Crystals were not transmutable.
  • The drastic increasing of HUD targets were - still - causing crashes during big battles.
  • OCV and Xenons were enemies.
  • OCV was not conquering sectors as it is supposed to.
  • Removed the "Your ship X was not allowed to dock at Y" message. It was useless and could show when it shouldn't.
Version 3.0 BETA 6 (27/05/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • Redeem yourself at pirate bases! ... for a ton of money.
  • AI builds more Battle Groups, Border Patrols and Police fleets.
  • Added an AI cheat to automatically equip their ships if they are waiting for a very long time to be outfitted (4 hours by default).
  • AI logistics is smarter. Side effect: the Job presets have changed a bit, and all your custom presets will be erased (AI and player use the same presets).
  • Police fleets can now go into Unknown territory.
  • It's no longer possible to setup a mobile mining fleet.
  • Added a Fleet settings hotkey. Because of how X3 handles hotkeys, you'll have to remap most of them.
  • Added two fleet orders in the Fleet settings menu: "join all" and "priority attack".
  • "Target nearest fleet leader" now cycles through all leaders present in active sector. Plus, clicking a leader inside the Fleet settings menu now targets him if he's in your sector.
  • Courier: it's now possible to add a category of ware for Load and Unload tasks, and to select any of your ships, including miners. Menu bug fixed.
  • Companies are now allied to Xenons, Pirates and OCV to make sure the economy can still work in some very chaotic situations.
  • Increased the amount of Trading stations. New galaxies only.
  • The AI will now recycle its non-capital ships when they are heavily damaged (< 50%).
  • Debris are created around pirate bases and when an asteroid is spawned for a mission.
  • Tugs and Looters don't go in hostile sectors anymore.
  • You can access your production tab directly through the Outposts menu. Also, it now shows the name of the Outpost and not the sector, as it should always have.
  • Previously, Agents who were importing had a "strict import" policy when the load cargo was set to max. Now it really loads to the max of its capacity.
  • Crystals and Silicon were not properly imported by Outposts, which could lead to a serious bottleneck in the AI production chain.
  • Agents were having difficulties when they were docked at their supplier, and when multiple Agents on this supplier were trying to export the same ware.
  • The drastic increasing of HUD targets were causing crashes during big battles.
  • Xenons didn't have any real missiles.
  • "Your fleet has no leader" message were displayed when one of your fleet got destroyed. Now, instead, it shows the new leader's name that is automatically assigned when a fleet leader is killed.
  • The perk "Faster Research" was not working.
  • A ship newly created would not properly join his fleet when it was set as a homebase.
  • A good part of the jump beacon system has been recoded to properly consider same-sector beacons and fix other issues.
  • Cheaper Stations info was wrongly indicating that the cost reduction was 50 %, but is in fact 25 %.
  • Specialization calculation was wrong.
  • Battle Group fleets could get stuck when trying to retreat to a safe sector.
  • Auto-assign could assign more Workers than the Outpost was allowing.
  • Calculation of factory import-export thresholds was wrong when the maximum stock was less than 100.
  • Fleet suppliers were not doing their job when there were enough missiles to supply the fleet.
  • The Research stations menu in the personal console was not properly showing the total cost of projects.
  • Agents "wait for full cargo load" setting wasn't really working.
  • It was impossible to heal marines.
  • HOTFIX 1: A ship trying to jump from beacon to beacon was not considering the total number of jumps he would need to go to its final destination.
  • HOTFIX 2: Agents and Traders could get stuck when preliminary conditions were checked and ok, but when the trading task failed for some reasons.
Version 3.0 BETA 5 (21/05/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • None.
  • Pirate bases spawn far from sector center.
  • Added a spawn limit to pirate fighters, customizable in the t file.
  • Reduced number of pirates spawned (now scaled to number of sectors you own divided by 2, 3 or 4 depending on difficulty). Scaling can be deactivated in the t file if you really want only 1 fighter to spawn at once.
  • Also reduced the maximum number of pirate bases that can be created in the whole galaxy at gamestart.
  • Increased pirate fighters spawning delay from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • All pirate fighters in your current savegame will be destroyed after updating.
  • Increased NPC factories import thresholds from 10 to 20%.
  • Only Battle Group and Task Force fleets are now able to retreat when overwhelmed.
  • Battle Groups will now attack a sector even if the combat ratio against the defenders are not in their favor.
  • There's now a maximum time during which an AI fleet can retreat.
  • Trade product search.
  • Trade command buy/sell; also changed a bit their menus.
  • Bailed ships could bailed twice.
  • Sector ownership could change to Unknown when a station was destroyed.
  • All fleet leaders were selected according to their current max. speed instead of their max. speed. It would sometimes lead to a very damaged M3 leading an M2.
  • Sometimes a fleet ship that was getting repaired was not properly rejoining the fleet when finished.
  • HOTFIX 1: Stuck squadrons.
  • HOTFIX 1: Stuck company traders (and they now have parents who gave them proper names, instead of "Unknown object", which is not very nice while playing with other kids).
  • HOTFIX 1: Bailed ships were not capturable, thanks to another vanilla command that doesn't work. All abandoned ships are destroyed after updating.
  • HOTFIX 2: Company Traders didn't have any money to spend!
Version 3.0 BETA 4 (19/05/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: NO (do not start a new game on your current galaxies).

New features
  • Galaxy generator: Race relations.
  • Galaxy generator: Six new traits that replace the previous ones: Scattered galaxy, Hollowed galaxy, Extra sector stats, Random distribution, Clustered Xenons, Limited enclaves.
  • Galaxy generator: Possibility to fully deactivate each race (down to 1 race minimum).
  • Outposts repair rates have been drastically increased.
  • Xenon blueprints are researchable in Research stations.
  • Yakis goal increased from 2 to 3 (no spoil).
  • "Yakis reputation hit" has been removed.
  • Yakis debt system, on by default, can be deactivated in the t-file. Without infinite resources, they're just completely useless.
  • AI retreat is now a t-file customizable value, and it's OFF by default. Why? Because I thought it was a good idea for them to reassess their chance of success when one of their ships get killed, but without jumpdrive, it's a slow process to retreat and they often fail at it. It was weird to see them suffering heavy losses without retaliating. So now, they fight to the death.
  • Ships don't fall back when their target is a station (not to be confused with the retreat that is mentioned above; "fall back" is a tactical temporary individual retreat).
  • The one-fall-back-per-combat rule only applies to damaged shields (a ship can still fall back multiple times to recharge its lasers).
  • When Traders are looking for Outpost needs, they will now sort the wares by quantity. For imports, that means that highest demand will be taken care in priority.
  • The Docking Restrictions menu is replaced with a Station Information menu, that also gives you info about every ware in every station, including import-export thresholds.
  • In your Outposts, the Traders menu has a new option called "External trade: import maximum value", allowing you to control how much credits a Trader is authorized to spend for each external trade. Can be set to 0 to forbid external trades that are not related to Outpost's needs.
  • Agents are now also affected by trade locks. Previously, when a Trader wanted to buy or sell a ware, he was "locking" the ware, creating a synchronization with every other ship, without impacting performance. However, this system was not extended to Agents. Now it is.
  • The Assignments screen (from the Station settings menu) is now also available in the Administration tab of your Outposts.
  • The three difficulty questions are now regrouped into one single more explicit question. Also removed the question about your reputation with your current faction.
  • The "Fame" Ascension now requires to kill pirate ships instead of increasing reputation with other factions (still requires to increase your own faction reputation).
  • Added a confirm message when conquering a sector would put you in negative reputation with one of the neighbours.
  • Galaxy generator: the dominant race is more dominant.
  • HOTFIX 1: Battle Groups can now claim sectors they don't monitor.
  • HOTFIX 2: Outpost events are less frequent.
  • Exploit with Traders and AI Outposts.
  • Some functions were removing empty stocks from station inventories.
  • Fighters were not doing any damage to stations, plus there was an unnecessary OOS range calculation.
  • Recycling a ship was not stripping it from its wares and equipment.
  • Autorename was not adding homebase name to several Workers.
  • Galaxy generator: it was sometimes generating sectors of #undefined race, which lead to the game engine not creating those sectors at all (and potential crash if this happened to be your spawning sector, plus probable weird behaviors).
  • Bailed ships were not "dropping" an astronaut.
  • The calculation of the conquest penalty was wrong: it was taking into account the sector you were currently conquering (ie. it was based on the number of sectors you would own after conquest, instead of the number of sectors you owned).
  • HOTFIX 1: Agents were considering their own Outpost as valid client.
  • HOTFIX 2: Pirate bases didn't spawn any pirates.
Version 3.0 BETA 3 (13/05/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: YES.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • None.
  • Docking lights from wormholes have been removed. Side effect: all docking lights are removed, which I think it's a good thing. (if you want to restore them, delete 10.cat\tex\true\68.jpg)
  • In previous versions, Agents and Traders were re-checking the import-export thresholds of their targets on arrival. Now, only the export threshold is checked again.
  • AI now dynamically changes the max. range of its Outposts depending on their location and the number of sectors they own.
  • AI will build more looters and tugs, and tugs will no longer be TM.
  • The delays of Xenon invasions have been increased.
  • Bailing is limited to 2 ships max. per sector. Note that all neutral ships of your current save will be wiped out after updating.
  • The "collision sphere" of all gates have been increased. This change only applies to new galaxies.
  • Trading Stations no longer trade Energy-Cells and Waste.
  • AI Outposts now also import Hull Plating, Computer Components and Quantum Tubes.
  • New model for Research Stations. Actually the one from LU's SCH. Smaller is always better for stations, and the previous model was too big.
  • Increased Waste production from 1 to 6.
  • Missing resources are displayed in red for all crafting.
  • The amount of reputation you lose to adjacent factions when conquering a sector now depends on the previous number of sectors you own. Your second sector will cost you 500, third one 1000, fourth one 1500, and so on.
  • After you, the player, destroy the last station of a sector, you will no longer automatically conquer it. Instead, it will go to Unknown race, and you'll have to build a station to conquer it.
  • It is now possible to make fleet followers less aggressive by setting the followers scanning range to 0 km. Hint text has been updated, because it wasn't very clear before.
  • All your Workers are now using Fly Safe commands instead of the default move. Bear in mind that the algorithm will still pass through blacklisted sectors if they are considered safe. "Fly Safe" does what it says: it flies through safe sectors if it can, or default move if it can't. AI Workers are not affected, for performance reasons. Can be deactivated in the t-file.
  • The starting TL now appears closer to your spawning sector.
  • Wares added to the Traders menu of the Outposts Logistics section now appear in the inventory of the Outpost. Affects both AI and Player's Outposts.
  • AI's Outposts are now open to your Traders. That includes your trade run ships. You cannot buy things from Outposts that the AI doesn't want to sell (like weapons or crafting resources).
  • The galaxy generator was deleting some savegames even if "do not handle my savegames" was ticked.
  • Tugs were sometimes crashing the game when trying to unload their ships while being docked.
  • Tugs and Looters synchronization was not always working.
  • Escort ships were endlessly trying to follow ships they shouldn't follow, freezing them in space.
  • Lasers could appear as valid blueprints.
  • Traders were ignoring Trading stations and Pirate bases.
  • Mines had wrong yield. All mines (yours and AI) will be rebuilt with a yield of 100.
  • It was possible to jump to abandoned ships (but it didn't work well).
  • A sector with an Outpost could still be Unknown.
  • Some ships were not getting close enough to their target when attacking a station.
  • The mission "Learn To Jump" was sometimes not triggered. If you're affected by this bug, the game will give you the mission again after updating.
  • Company Traders were sometimes unloading their wares at their trading station, creating tradeable wares that shouldn't be.
  • There were several problems related to the new bailing system. They have all been fixed. A radical solution has been implemented to ensure that: every time a ship bails, it got duplicated and the engine recognizes the copy as a fresh new neutral ship.
  • Research Stations were crashing the game. They are all rebuilt in your game, so maybe to a slightly different location or rotation.
  • Fixed some combat behaviors. Among other things, ships can now fallback only once per fight, and they do not react to attacks during their fallback (both could lead to endless cycling passive behavior).
  • Fly Safe Path commands were ignoring jump beacons.
  • Trade reports.
  • NPC ships would buy from your stations even if they considerate the price too high.
  • Trade Run commands were ignoring import-export thresholds.
Version 3.0 BETA 2 (07/05/2020)
Previous savegames compatibility: NO.
Previous galaxies compatibility: YES.

New features
  • Pirates. They have bases in some random Unknown sectors. They harass freighters.
  • Bailing. New bailing system, disregarding the old one. This new system is bound to the new combat mechanics where a ship can fall back for a while before returning into the fight. He will reevaluate at this time if whether or not he wants to go back to his mom.
  • Loot. New universal loot system, disregarding the old one. Every ship can drop stuff when destroyed, including your own ships, and all freighters drop a part of their cargo, whoever kills them.
  • Traders no longer import more than the Outpost is asking (from the import threshold).
  • Traders and the ships that scan asteroids now take your Blacklist into consideration.
  • Tax value is reduced.
  • Combat missions: the difficulty level has been drastically reduced. The general idea now is that those missions are only viable in early-game. I had the idea to fully scale the enemy strength to player's, but gameplay-wise, it's better to avoid massive spawn in mid and late game. It still scales to Fight rank though.
  • Economy: the price range has been reduced for Ore and increased for almost all other resources. There now should be more trade opportunities.
  • Economy: I've rewrite a good part of the logic behind AI decision about station building. Now they should be smarter and build all the factories they need (previously they were not able to build Protein Paste factories).
  • AI Outposts no longer import-export crafting wares. They have Agents to do that, and it should be enough. They are, however, still exporting Waste, food, colored crystals and minerals.
  • The AI builds more factories when the galaxy expansion is set to Early.
  • Introducing... Zeus. Also known as The Garbage Collector (I'm an expert in Greek mythology), this script checks all idling / stuck ships and make them do something. Of course it doesn't affect player ships.
  • Xenons work differently. Now they have small regular invasions that only attack other ships, every half an hour, scaled on player's strength (number of sectors in fact). They should be manageable. Bigger invasions come later in the game, and attack stations.
  • Realistic economy is great, but on the long term, the AI has hard times building the station it needs. Which is a serious problem as it stalls every other crafting. So I've added a debt system, only for stations. There is a global debt system that is off by default, that makes the AI build anything and pay later if possible (or never if not possible). The debt system for stations only is on by default.
  • Outpost's models have changed. They don't have these spikes that could mess with collisions, and they have a nice round shape. They have infinite fighters and freighters, + 4 capital docks. Thanks to XenonArchitect7.
  • Food production and consumption have been drastically reduced. An Outpost can now produce food for two other consuming Outposts.
  • Production of Energy-cells from the Solar Panels perk has been doubled. I've also added a customizable multiplier in the 9972 t-file.
  • The Acquisition mission (used ships) will spawn more frequently.
  • Added synchronization for Looters and Tugs.
  • When you have a Mapping diplomatic favor with a faction, it will now give priority to put satellites for you. Before, they had so many sectors to map that they rarely had times for player sats.
  • Repair laser is back. A bit faster than in LU, but with a range reduced at 100 meters.
  • Added CCDS to every ship that receives Chaff when the AI is able to afford them.
  • It is no longer possible to become the enemy of a faction after cancelling a mission (ie. no negative reputation).
  • Halved speed of missiles. They were too fast to hit small targets.
  • Both Flak Artilley Array and Cluster Flak Array see their Rate Of Fire drastically reduced. DPS and projectile speed are the same.
  • Some important changes have been made to make Agents and Traders a lot easier to handle. See the Logistics section of your Outposts. Command descriptions and encyclopedia have been updated.
  • Shields display had kJ and kW as suffixes.
  • Custom player name was disregarded in some messages.
  • Sometimes stations could spawn too close to gates. Min. distance has been increased from 5km to 10km.
  • Some AI ships, when attacking a station, were not going close enough to the target to reach it.
  • Some missions were not starting, due to a callback unknown problem. In consequence, missions will always trigger, no matter if you read the associated message or not.
  • Outpost events were repeating themselves endlessly.
  • Template outfit was respecting the export threshold (making it impossible to outfit any ship in most cases).
  • Some ships were getting stuck while trying to jump out of existence (this behavior can happen when a ship cannot find anything to do).
  • It was possible to jump to non moveable ships, like satellites, with the Experimental Transporter Device.
  • There was an internal conflict that prevented the commands Move To Nearest Beacon and Move To Coords to be accessible in the navigation menu.
  • The game was sometimes freezing when the AI was trying to build a mine with no viable asteroids in reach.
  • Garbage quality ships had the same costs than Normal quality ones.
  • Xenons were conquering sectors and even proposing truce to the player! (this was a lie though, as they never had any intention to really make peace with you).
  • Xenon M's cockpit was "misplaced". Thanks to XenonArchitect7.
  • Traders and Agents were trying to transport wares of higher cargo class than possible.
  • Station settings was flickering after assigning a ship.
  • Workers were not properly restricted for the player.
  • Performances have been slightly improved.
  • Huge ships (including TL) were ignoring fighters even when they had no previous target.
Version 3.0 BETA 1 (30/04/2020)

Initial release.

If you're coming from Mayhem 2, you must install Mayhem 3 from scratch, on a fresh folder of X3AP. Mayhem 2 is NOT compatible with Mayhem 3.
If you're coming from the "Playground" alpha version, please remove your Mayhem Game Creator folder, as all the files of the program are now installed into your X3 root folder. Also, you can remove your previous addon\scripts folder. All savegames and galaxies of the alpha version are incompatible with this beta.
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Re: [X3LU] Mayhem

Post by Hector0x » Tue, 28. Jul 15, 18:27

Awesome stuff!
Joubarbe wrote:Not compatible with LU's Export/Import.
Can you explain this a bit further? If i hit the shiny "Export empire" button it

a) will melt down my CPU
b) would be pointless, because i couldn't select the import gamestart afterwards
c) works, but doesn't export any of the mod features like sector ownership and basicly starts it all from scratch while keeping player assets and OCV/Phanon state
d) kills my bunny

In short: Are we stuck at one LU codebase?

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Post by Joubarbe » Tue, 28. Jul 15, 19:12

Well, making Mayhem compatible with E/I would mean to spend a lot of boring work, and IMO, LU is good enough as it is in 1.5.2. Maybe, if Litcube comes back with a lot of updates, I'll reconsider, but for now, you can export your empire, but I deactivated the import feature on the New Game screen. The reason is that it would not import any of the Mayhem features, not even the new stations and the universe configuration. That would be pointless.

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Post by Hector0x » Wed, 29. Jul 15, 17:29

It should last for a decent time i guess. Making another copy of the LU Backup right now. I'm thankful for your hobby selection.

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Post by Shomey » Wed, 29. Jul 15, 19:15

This looks amazing. A painfull Yaki start seems nice.

How does the player deal with stations you cannot obtain because of racial wars? Like Yaki, I don't believe they have much stations by themself. And something like a PHQ, isn`t it only buyable at an argon shipyard?

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Post by Joubarbe » Wed, 29. Jul 15, 19:28

If you really want a PHQ, you better make Argons your new friends :) A lot of Borons to kill in their sectors. And now with the bounties, it should be easier.

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Post by ColeTahn » Sat, 1. Aug 15, 11:04

I assume you have to start a new game or does it work with an existig one,no matter how far the player is?

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Post by Joubarbe » Sat, 1. Aug 15, 11:14

Yes, new game is required.

I recommend waiting for the 1.0 RC, coming soon, if you want a serious game. Yep, sorry, it's probably stupid, but I changed more things that I anticipated first. I also have more time to fine tune this mod.

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Post by Shomey » Mon, 3. Aug 15, 18:11

Just wondering how you get enough money without much trading. Is there lots to gain with combat? And from there build some infra to get missiles and such?

Did you beat this gamemode yourself?

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Post by Joubarbe » Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:10

"Without much trading" ? You mean that if you don't have the whole universe, you won't make profits ? IMO, it's untrue. I can be wrong, but with the inflation, I'm under the impression that my traders make the same profits as before, if not more.

Besides, in LU, mining makes a lot of money. Some players seem to forget that.

And yes, combats, especially bounty hunting, + all bails and wares that get on the numerous battlefields between races, have good rewards.

I didn't beat the game with this mod ; but I'll release it anyway, because after the same number of days in several test games, my empire is in better shape than in LU's vanilla. Making war everywhere gives a lot of opportunities.

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Post by Shomey » Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:14

What I mean. Since only the Teladi + one other empire will like you from the start there are less sectors to trade in.

In my 'vanilla' LU I had 7-8 mining fleet but it din`t seem to do much. Maybe my setup is bad. Maybe guns and missiles instead of full mining drills.

I`m trying your mod anyway. Maybe the full combat start will be fun from the start.

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Post by Joubarbe » Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:20

Well, I have more fun in Mayhem than in Vanilla, so I think it's good and that some people can also have some fun :)

But I'm playing with the unreleased 1.00RC, that I'm going to release before the week-end. A lot of things have changed.

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Post by Shomey » Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:53

I better wait then.

I really like LU for the new mechanics and tools it gives. But the OCV seem so weak. They expand to slow to make me scared. I never got far in midgame/lategame because of that. I dont really feel the urge.

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Post by Joubarbe » Wed, 5. Aug 15, 18:46

1.00RC released !




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