[WIP] <RetVar/IF><RefObj> sell <Var/Number> units of <Var/Ware>

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[WIP] <RetVar/IF><RefObj> sell <Var/Number> units of <Var/Ware>

Post by s9ilent » Fri, 8. Oct 10, 14:18

@ [START|[skip|else] if [not]|while [not]| <RetVar> = <RefObj> sell <Var/Number> units of <Var/Ware>

@ [START|[skip|else] if [not]|while [not]| <RetVar> = (Integer) Returns the actual number of goods sold. It will only fail conditional operators when the resulting number of units sold is 0.
<RefObj> = (Ship) The ship selling the goods
<Var/Number> = (Integer) The number of goods to try and sell
<Var/Ware> = (WareType) The ware to be sold

Orders the <RefObj> ship to try and sell up to and including <Var/Number> of <Var/Ware>. If for what ever reason, it can not sell the full amount (or any) wares, it will try to sell as many as it can. The <RetVar> will return the exact number sold. The credits from the sale are sent to the ship's homebase (if any) otherwise they are sent to the race account i.e player account.

You can NOT use this command to transfer wares from docked ship to a carrier, use the unload*TODO LINK* command for this instead. The ship's environment, must be a station.

This command is bound by the same rules as selling manually:
  • Wares are bought from the station you are docked at
    Dock must be allowed to buy ware (note, NPC equipment docks, and all player docks/Headquarters do not need to list the item, to be able to buy it)
    Must have required notoriety (Unsure if non player races require this)
    Dock must have enough credits (non-player owned stations have unlimited credits)
    Must have enough free cargo volume
Note, when selling to an NPC equipment dock that does NOT currently list the ware, you can still only sell the max storage amount each time you run this command. e.g. Equipment docks can store 2 PPC's, and if you try to sell 3+, it will only sell at most 2 at a time.

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