[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Missile Defense Mosquito (MDM)

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[X3TC Bonus Plugin] Missile Defense Mosquito (MDM)

Post by jlehtone » Sat, 24. Apr 10, 20:01

Missile Defense Mosquito

Version: 3.1.02
Scripter: Lucike
Abbreviation: the MDM
Thread for development version
Bonuspack index


  • This software protects small and large ships against enemy missile attacks and fighter drones.
  • This software protects the leader or the whole convoy against missile attacks and fighter drones. Only one ship within the group should be running this command.

Quick Start
  1. Equip any ship with Fight Command MK1, MK2, and Mosquito missiles
  2. Start ``Missile Defense Mosquito'' in the Additional Ship Commands menu.


Missile Defense Mosquito requires Mosquito missiles, Fight Command Software MK1 and MK2. These can all be bought from Equipment Docks of most races.

Ship Equipment
  • A ship of any class (M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, TL, TS, TM or TP)
  • Fight Command Software MK1
  • Fight Command Software MK2
  • Mosquito missiles

The software is started with the command ``Missile Defense Mosquito'' in the Additional Ship Commands menu. The software now watches for enemy missiles and drones and fires Mosquitoes at them. To stop the command, remove it from the Additional Ship Command menu (by selecting the command slot and then 'None'). The command also stops if there are no Mosquito missiles present or when they have all been used.

The command ``Missile Defense Mosquito Convoy'', also in the Additional Ship Command menu, allows one ship to protect itself and it's followers. This requires the following ships be using the navigation command ``Follow..'' or fight command ``Protect..''
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Post by jlehtone » Tue, 27. Apr 10, 16:04


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Post by mr.WHO » Wed, 28. Apr 10, 20:28

Does it work with Terran ships?

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Post by Lucike » Wed, 28. Apr 10, 20:39

mr.WHO wrote:Does it work with Terran ships?
No, the ship must be able to install mosquito missiles.


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Post by Nanook » Mon, 10. May 10, 22:15

I really, really wish this command had the option to turn off firing at drones. I hate it when I attack a freighter, which releases a bunch of drones, and then my whole supply of Mosquitos gets used up in a flash. Most of the time drones are no real threat, so when they use up all my mosquitos, I have none left for dealing with the missiles fired by the freighter's escorts. :roll:
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Post by biggie1447 » Fri, 27. Aug 10, 14:54

do i have to have the mosquito missles equiped in my missle slot at the time for the script to work? :?

i have my captured Blastclaw prototype equiped with mossies and the software but i didnt notice the mossies being used when i was fighting a zenon horde in Black Hole Sun. :(

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Post by Starhero » Wed, 1. Sep 10, 22:11

I have the same issue ...no mos'es fire at all when this script is active...i have tryed everything to get it to fire.

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Post by Triaxx2 » Wed, 1. Sep 10, 23:55

Perhaps M8's should be removed, since not a single one is capable of using Mosquito's...

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MDM vs. Wraith missile = fail

Post by Scoob » Tue, 20. Dec 11, 23:51


Just playing around with Missile Defence Mosquito...it's really not very effective vs. Wraith missiles!

I had 300 Mosquitos onboard my Boreas when a Tokyo launches a barrage. We are facing head-on at this moment. MDM starts launching mosquitos but very few hit. Even when the mosquito is flying directly at the target...well...it's not! It appears to fly directly just to the side of the missile so consquently misses, then circles round until it self destructs.

Before too long all I get is a repeated "Mosquito Missi..." as the mosquitos self destruct...and the Wraiths hit my ship.

Maybe it's just the Wraith missile, but mosquito's launched manually at other missiles had a very high success rate for me.

Even with the Tokyo stationary (ships were docking) and myself also stationary - reducing the variables for targetting - my mosquito's very very rarely hit their targets. Combine this with turrets being largely ineffective against such barrages now (a good thing) I generally have no option but to jump out.

I'd not expect MDM to be 100% effective, far from it, however at the moment it's 5% at best vs. Wraith missiles.

Anyone else having problems here?



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Thanks! Too many windows open for my own good there. Shudda twigged I'd not hit "reply" when I entered the topic title :)

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Idea for Mosquito Defence

Post by Stealth17 » Wed, 21. Dec 11, 12:44

Hey all,

I love the Mosquito Defence system and I really like having it back in Albion Prelude. There is one thing I'd like to see it do though, and that's protect a Fleet or group.

Let's say you have a formation of 5 ships: 4 Nova's and a Falcon Hauler. Now I don't want the Nova's to have to follow the Falcon Hauler so that the Falcon can bring up a missile shield.

What I'd like to see is that you can designate one ship of your fleet/wing for dedicated missile defence. The ship would just act like any other in the sense of fighting, but it has an extra task: see if there are any missiles targetting ships of its fleet/wing and fire a Mosquito to defend.

Especially for battlegroups of capital ships that would help a lot. You could fly the M2 for example with a carrier and a couple M6s in your group. The Carrier could function as a missile-defence for the entire group since it has a large cargo-hold.

I know that there's the Protect Convoy command in the script right now, but that does require ships to follow the ship set as convoy leader. At least with wings that doesn't work very well because the "Leader-ship" is constantly changing back and forth depending on the threat.

Ok, it's been a bittle of a wall of text, but I hope that this makes it clear how I think the Mosquito Defence can be enhanced. I'm no scripter to I can't do it myself unfortunately, but I hope there's someone out there who can help me build it.

Thanks for reading! :)


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Sir Warwick
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Post by Sir Warwick » Wed, 21. Dec 11, 19:44

Are you looking for more protection of fleets from missiule frigates and bombers, or more to protect softer targets from the odd non-spam missile?

I find that MDM does deal with bomber torps OK ish depending on how many are in flight by the time it decides to look for them. But vs hammers hmmm... while it takes a few down, it doesnt really change the outcome.

vs flails - then forget it ;)

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Post by Stealth17 » Wed, 21. Dec 11, 20:45

Flails surely aren't a problem. Yes they can kill fighters faster than you can launch them, but capital hardly notice them when they hit.

No the issue is with more protection of fleets for missile frigates and bombers firing their torpedoes and heavy missiles (Tomahawks and the like).

And yes, MDM does deal with bombers, but all ships have to have it enabled, meaning you have to keep all ships stocked up with Mosquitos. I think it would be more convenient if 1 ship in a wing/fleet would just put up a missile shield for the rest of the fleet ;)
Like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn...

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Post by Quixotic-Neutral » Tue, 27. Dec 11, 01:25

Wait... what? MDM in AP? Can someone show me where to set this up? All the links to MDM I've been able to find are broken, and I REALLY miss having this script.

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Post by Zaknafein » Tue, 27. Dec 11, 02:13

I would love a "anti-missile-ship" script too that fires moskitos at all hostile missiles.
The convoy command in this skript is more or less useless :\ .u

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Re: MDM vs. Wraith missile = fail

Post by Iynara » Sat, 14. Jan 12, 16:49

Scoob wrote:Hi,
I'd not expect MDM to be 100% effective, far from it, however at the moment it's 5% at best vs. Wraith missiles.

Anyone else having problems here?
I'm having a similar issue right now with a mission target spamming Phantoms. No matter how many mosquito missiles I or the MDM fire, they all pass by the side and then swirl around in circles until they self destruct. Between that and my autoaim/turrets doing the exact thing, I'm going to have to give up on this mission.

Time to look for a flak or plasma-spray enabled ship I suppose!

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