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Words Of Wisdom

Post by Gosnell » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:07

i would like every player to list one(only 1 per reply ) piece of valuble advise they would impart onto others.

Mine is never park in front of a gate while checking your property list.
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Post by imperium3 » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:12

Especially for fighter pilots, never ever launch missiles while under fire. And certainly not Hammerheads!

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Post by GCU Grey Area » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:12

Never try to shoot down a Hammerhead missile with Ion Disruptors

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Post by Seleucius » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:12

Learn to avoid reloading your last save when something goes amiss.

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Post by brucewarren » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:14

Save regularly.

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Post by Targ Collective » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:15

The X games have a long gameplan, so patience is important above all else.
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Post by Gswine » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:15

Dont be afraid to Tick other races off. Attacking ships may affect your race rank but getting the game agitated will cause weird and wonderful reactions that keep your game interesting.
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Post by amtct » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:16

Read those random quotes from the start of the game.

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Post by Rapier » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:21

Read and remember the [url=http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=80488][b]Fo[/b]rum [b]Rul[/b]es[/url].
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Post by Ares23 » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:22

Don't try to shoot down an M5 with guns (not even flak) of an M7 (or bigger) during a station protection mission.... chances are you will destroy the station before the M5.

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Post by Carlo the Curious » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:38

Read the manual and the FAQ, and check the Resources sticky.

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Post by mrbadger » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 19:50

If a crate shows up as containing a Hammerhead missile, don't shoot it.
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Post by elwayno » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 20:14

Dont cross a xenon sector in reverse.
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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 20:25

Don't consult the sector map whilst flying through a debris field.

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Post by NUKLEAR-SLUG » Mon, 5. Oct 09, 20:30

Never eat yellow snow.


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