[SCRIPT] JCC V2.0 Beta: 12/05/2009

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[SCRIPT] JCC V2.0 Beta: 12/05/2009

Post by JumperBR » Tue, 12. May 09, 20:40

Script Name: JCC - JumperBR Carrier Commands
Released: 12/05/2009
Version: V2.0

Actually, this name is inaccurate as the scope is bigger than my initial idea.

:arrow: With this script you will be able to:
- Define modules for ships, each module has a function, like Energy generation, Missile production, etc.
- Define roles for ships, you can have ships to scavenge the floating wares/collect astronauts, TMs that can trasport others ships, Carriers to assist you at your command and so on.

:arrow: Pre-requisites:
- MARS for the turrets
- Improved Boarding from Cycrow for the Boarder Ship.

:arrow: Resource Used:
Currently, the script uses Computer Components as resource, credits can be used instead of it (configured on each ship). Imagine that Computer Components are a type of construction kits for wares in general. I could create another ware for this function but I didnt want to touch that area.

:arrow: Modules Types:
- Energy Generation Module: this module will constantly generate Energy Cells for your ship up to a maximum of 400 per module.
- Marine Trainer: Allows the training of marines from civilians, marines will be created, each Marine Trainer module represents one star in training, so 5 modules is what I recomend. Fighting skill is a bit random.
- Laser/Shield/Missile/Fighter:Each of this allows your ship to produce that kind of wares. As a rule, 1 module equals the items a m5 require, 2 for M4, 3 for M3
(so if you want to produce and equip a Nova (M3), you will then require: 3 fighter modules, 3 shield modules, 3 laser modules, 3 missile modules (if required)
- Software Module: allows the installation of software upgrades at your ship, so far every upgrade only requires 1 module.
- Repair module: This module slowly repairs your ship and docked fighters. There is only a limited amount of hull which can be repaired per turn.
- Ammo Module: Currently not working.

:arrow: As a rule, the more modules of a same kind the more items can be produced and more fast that happens. So, if a fighter is built in 10 min with 3 modules it would then require 5 min with 6 modules.

:arrow: Ship functions (roles):
- Carrier (any ship with docking bays):
- Fighter (any fighter):
- Scavenger (TS/TM): Gather wares and astronaut (to convert to marines) on the sector the player is. Has drones to speed up the process.
- Scavenger Drone (M3/M4/M5): Fighters used as ware salvage, they gather resources from the current sector and deliver to the Scavenger.
- Destroyer (any cap. ship): Follows the Carrier and attacks enemies which are close to it.
- Tender (TS): Gets freight from the Scavenger and brings to the MHQ, gets wares produced at the MHQ and delivers to the fleet.
- Ship Transporter (TM): Transport fighters from MHQ to the Carrier (if its on diferent sector) and have a hotkey to transport the ship the player is aiming to where he wants (to safe sector or recycling)
- Recycle Bin: Ships with this configuration will seek a Mobile HQ and be decomissioned, its contents will be loaded into the MHQ and the hull converted into Resource.
- Mobile HQ (TL): Deconstruct wares/ships and produces goods according to requests.
- Marine Trainer (TP/any ship which carry marine): Trains marines from astronauts, which are collected by the Scavenger.
- Boarding Ship (M6/TM/M7M): Called by the player via hotkey, it follows the target and leaves when no marine is on board, it will then get refilled with marines from the trainer ship. (I use the script <pesquisar script> to release the marines, works fine)

:arrow: Ship Settings:
- Production local: If not, its wares will be produced at the Mobile HQ and then transported to the ship.
- Resources x Credits ratio: 0% will use only resources, 100% only credits, 50% will use a mix of the two.

Global Settings:
- Safe Sector: This is the place where your fleet will stay most of the time when not fighting.
- Deconstruct items at HQ: items can be deconstructed and be transformed into resources so your Mobile HQ can use them to produce more wares.

:arrow: Hotkeys:
- Call carrier, attack all enemies: Carrier will jump in to your current position and launch its fighters, fighters will then attack enemies closer to the carrier.
- Call carrier, attack only shields: Carrier will jump in to your current position and launch its fighters, fighters will then attack the shields of your current ship.
- Return home: Order carrier and destroyers to return to safe sector.
- Call Boarder ship: The ship assigned as Boarder ship will jump to your current position and follow your target, when it sees that no marine is on board it jumps away. (Hint: Use the Improved Boarding from Cycrow to launch all marines from nearby ships)
- Call Transporter ship: Transport your selected ship to a safe sector or order it to be deconstructed (only small ships)

:arrow: How to Start using (I suggest to start slow):
1. On piracy menu of your ship you have the "Configure Carrier Commands", which contains:

* Layout Configuration:
**Add ship to layout: Insert a ship into your layout library, default shields and equipment is loaded.
**Add ware to layout: Define weapons layout, software and missiles amount here.
* Modules Configuration:
** Here you define which modules your ship will have.
** Queue items for production.
** Define here if you want your production to be local
** Balance between Resource and Credits for this ship.
* Carrier Settings
** This menu has extra settings for you carrier, you can set wings and amount of ships per wings in a way similar to CODEA.
* Global Settings
**(Important)Set a safe sector (a sector where your ships will normally stay, like the PHQ sector or a sector with a Shipyard.
**Deconstruct items at MobileHQ: The MHQ will deconstruct items that are on his cargo hold to make more items, those items normally come from the Scavenger.

2. Assign a role to this ship and for every ship you want to have a role.

3. (Important)Go to the aditional commands and start the JCC command.

4. (highly recommended) Configure a TM ship as your ship Transporter, assign a hotkey to call it
To make it work, select a ship that you want to transport and press the hotkey, select a destination (currently the transport to shipyard isnt working): Safe sector or deconstruct at MobileHQ.

5.(Optional) Configure a TM ship as Scavenger and set the home of some fighters to the TM, this way the scavenger will collect floating wares with their assistance (alternatively, set a wing for the TM on Carrier Settings, it will be produced. TM will also collect astronauts which will then be trained into marines.

6.(Optional)Configure a TP ship as Marine Trainer, it will load astronauts from your scavengers and train then up to X Stars (where X is the number of Marine Training modules).

7. (highly recommended)Configure a TS (with JumpDrive) as Tender, it will load wares from the Scavenger into the Mobile HQ and will also transfer goods from Mobile HQ to the rest of your fleet.

8. (highly recommended)To make production remote configure a ship as MobileHQ (TL preferably)

9. (Optional)Configure a M6 or any ship capable of launching marines as Boarder Ship, it will auto load Marines from Marine Trainer ship and will answer to your hotkey and go away when no marine is on board (use improved boarding from Cycrow to simplify marine boarding)

10. Configure a M7/M1/any carrier-type as your carrier, define wings settings on "Carrier Settings", set production to remote. You can call the Carrier via hotkeys. Fighters will then follow the carrier and attack targets near it (remember the carrier from Starcraft?).

11. Configure a M6/M7/M2/any big ship, as Destroyer, Destroyers have the simple role of Carrier scort, they will follow the Carrier and protect it, focusing fire on big ships.

I really recommend that all TS/TP/TM/M6/M7/M2/M1 have a jumpdrive and at least one Energy Generation Module. Jumpdrives can be built in-ship with the Software module (just make certain that Jumpdrive is on the ship layout), 100% credits allow them to produce the wares required. All software production is local (It doesnt check the flag of "Production Local").

:arrow: Download:
http://www.4shared.com/file/104799194/8 ... C-2_0.html

A note of advice, the script is very beta, it got very complex and maybe some functions doesnt work correctly... I´ve tested it alot but we never know. Go slow when testing it, try one ship function per time, the relation between ships is considerably complex as one ship depends on another.
If possible, save on a separated savegame. The spk allows for a quick uninstall and I made sure that once the script is uninstalled all script loops will stop (but, again, we never know).

Any idea/bug, please post here, I will take a look when possible.

Sorry about my delay, Im talking about this script for at least 5 months...

The old Topics where I talked about it:

The first version:
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Post by bigdan6248 » Wed, 13. May 09, 03:09

Awesome. I had pretty much come to a standstill in TC with my fleet, not wanting to get a carrier group until this was released...

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Post by CraterFace » Wed, 13. May 09, 03:14

This looks pretty darn cool....and handy...in case you got no friends amongst the other inhabitants of the universe ;)
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Post by JumperBR » Wed, 13. May 09, 05:03

On my new game Im pretty much enemy to everyone except Argons and pirates.
I also dont buy any ship and I use disassemble on captured ships to acquire more resources to build my fleet... its a different way to play the game.
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Post by Troubleshooter11 » Tue, 9. Mar 10, 22:28

sorry for necroing this thread but does anyone have a working link to this? Id like to try this script.

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Post by bbgun77 » Mon, 15. Mar 10, 14:12

something is wrong,I cant connect this website.Anyone Can mail this script to my mailbox(nebulaeorion@hotmail.com)THX :D

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Post by Troubleshooter11 » Mon, 15. Mar 10, 18:10

Sadly, i think the link is totally dead and the author of the script might not be active anymore.

Considering i can only find a Beta version of this handy script and no final release one i can only assume Jumper stopped scripting.

However, i think the upcoming new version of the Production Modules script will offer many of the same functions. (ie: producing fighters at carriers) http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=255379

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