[Script] Add Jumpdrives and Transporter Devices to EQ Docks

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[Script] Add Jumpdrives and Transporter Devices to EQ Docks

Post by ITFUncleDave » Fri, 29. Aug 08, 16:30

Just a simple script to add Jumpdrives and Transporter Devices to Equipment Docks.

Hey, the military use them, so they should sell them, it doesn't make sense only selling jumpdrives in 2-3 places, and transporter devices in a few more.

It's also my first script so be gentle :P


Install: Just open the .SPK (Uses Cycrow's Plugin Manager)
.xml files for manual install are available on request.

Uninstall: Deactivate the AL Plugin in the AL menu BEFORE removing the script files/deactivating or uninstalling with Cycrow's Plugin Manager.

Feedback: Welcome :)

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Post by Coruskane » Tue, 2. Sep 08, 16:24

yey, at last. XD

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Post by Deathgeese » Sun, 14. Dec 08, 20:22

I'm surprised there are more posts here supporting this. I heartily endorse this. I'm installing it now.

Now, if only EQ docks sold ecells.

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Post by Criminal_Colt » Sun, 8. Mar 09, 11:00

Oh yay, you're my hero.

Quick question, could you also amend it to be included as an option when purchasing ships at a shipyard? (i.e. so you can install jd/td as part of the purchase options)

Or would that be automatic anyway?

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Post by KRM398 » Sun, 14. Nov 10, 16:07

How about making it TC compatible? I tried it, the manager said it went in, but it doesn't show up in the AI menu, or at the stations.

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Post by Nameless573 » Tue, 28. Nov 17, 09:23

Does someone got this script or a non broken link in the XML Version?

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