NEWS: XTM .7a now available for free download from Egosoft

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NEWS: XTM .7a now available for free download from Egosoft

Post by The_Abyss » Thu, 14. Jun 07, 13:04

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Download Links now in XTM Game/Tech Support threads.

The fantastic fan-created XTended-Mod (XTM) is now available for download in its latest version, .7a from here at the Egosoft site.

We strongly recommend that you check this out as it will add hour upon hour of game play and transform X3: Reunion into a different game.

Image Image Image

Mods are pretty common for PC games these days. It's fair to say that when the first modders started to ask questions and get creative, developers largely ignored them, and in fact often discouraged them. Times have changed - here at Egosoft we have always prided ourselves on taking as much initiative from fans as possible, and when some fans group together and create something as remarkable as XTM, we believe that they deserve as much support as possible.

So, if you're new to modding or just wondering what this new release will give you, check out the screens and read on.

Just what does XTM give you? Well...

- an incredible 90 new universe sectors, including the Terran Solar System and new race sectors
- over 90 new ships from all races, including the M0 and a selection of ships remodelled and brought back from X2
- new in-game effects, from weapons to soundtracks to planets
- new commands, new stations, new wares and commodities, even new ship types.

The list is endless, the download is not. Get XTM .7 now and open your eyes to an X universe created directly by the fans for the fans.

I've always been a 'vanilla' game player, but I'm proud to say that I've installed XTM .7 and I'm loving it. Don't take my word for it though - check out the trailer (you'll need Winrar) or look on Youtube. Not seen enough yet? Then get .7a from the links below, and enjoy!

Then, for those of you wanting to know more about XTM, the features and the people behind it, check your Inbox for a new X-News coming soon. Of course, the Egosoft development team are also rather busy at the moment on several fronts and we can't wait to bring you some more news soon.

XTM .7a mod (337mb)
XTM mod scripts
XTended mod manual (English - external link)
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Post by moggy2 » Sun, 29. Jul 07, 03:25

For discussions related to XTM there are 2 threads open for gameplay discussion and technical support discussion.

If you have a technical problem with XTM, are having problems installing it, or think you've found a bug please post in the [XTM - TECH. SUPPORT] thread.

If you simply want to talk about how to play XTM, discuss a mission, or have a question about the new ships please post in the [XTM - GAMEPLAY] thread.


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