Concept: X3 Multiplay?

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Viable idea?

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Concept: X3 Multiplay?

Post by nERVEcenter » Mon, 28. May 07, 05:25

It's technically possible. I giant game world. Lots of stations. A fanbase with the will to roleplay.

And a team of dedicated coders.

Think I'm crazy?

Take a look at Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Multiplay. That team did a wonderful job of making the entire world playable by up to 100 people.

Well, with the dedication of X3 modders (specifically, coders), and the dedication of the fanbase to carry out the will of the economy (I predict many of you would choose a trader's path), this should be fully possible.

We could code a simple external client, where it can be shown which "galaxies" are running (a list, I'd imagine, of all servers being hosted for the game, along with a capacity; I'm hoping it would be over 1000), and one simply connects to the one they wish. The primary galaxy(ies) would be displayed on the side, the ones the player has careers on.

Sound good? Do we need a larger mod base? Because I'm learning C++ now, and I know I'd contribute once I delved deeper into the language.
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Post by Lingo » Mon, 28. May 07, 06:22

Well, whether it's viable or not, I would love to play multi-player with my brothers...

Would you have mearly 2 avatars for the "player" faction,(sharing resources and ships) or would you have 2 seperate factions, possibly allied or opposing?

I could see pro's and con's of each...


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Post by SymTec ltd. » Mon, 28. May 07, 09:39

Do a little Extra Search on this topic - you will find that there are dozens of threads asking for and about a Multiplayer mode.

It is clear that many players would really love X3 being multiplayer, so the idea is not really new. But: It also has been stated often enough that the technical feasibility is the problem of this, not at all if people wanted it or not.

Or, to say it with the words of this thread:
bomb#20 wrote:
minefield wrote:Anychance of X3 Going online Multiplayer ??
New to Forums so not really searched for post but ..

Currently no plans for a Multiplayer version. But every now and then a thread on that topic pops up, allways with the same answers...

No need to hope for an online version of X until Egosoft says so.
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Resume in this thread or this thread - but I can't imagine any more questions to ask! (So, don't.)

Or just read this thread - I do not want this discussion reopen here.



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