[SCRIPT] Salvage Insurance Contract V1.01 : Updated 26/11/2006

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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[SCRIPT] Salvage Insurance Contract V1.01 : Updated 26/11/2006

Post by Cycrow » Wed, 20. Sep 06, 10:44

This is the non cheat version of Unlimited Salvage Insurance.
it will keep your salvage insurance topped up for unlimited saving, but it will charge you for how ever many it added.

:arrow: Download Package: Main Webpage

It adds an AL plugin to be turned on or off, if you dont want to be charged, then you can turn it off in the AL Settings menu.

You will only be charge if you have the money, if you cant afford them, then no insurance will be added

The plugin will be disabled at the start
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Post by Saint-Ashley » Wed, 20. Sep 06, 17:39

Yay! :D

Finally the non cheat version. Thanks. :wink:

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Post by Blueman » Thu, 21. Sep 06, 07:38

great Cycrow :)

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George Wills
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Post by George Wills » Thu, 19. Oct 06, 08:24

Great script as usually. BUT ...
Everytime is some but ...
When I start new game, your script "steal" my credits before I have chance to buy anything other or set that AL script OFF.
What about set it default OFF on start of new game? Then everything will be OK :wink:
After acquire some more credits, player may set it ON to have unlimited SAVEs

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Sun, 26. Nov 06, 06:35

Small update, it will start disabled from the start.
also fixed a small problem with it when its disabled

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Post by aefthe2nd » Mon, 30. Apr 07, 00:46

I thought of a challenging add in, for salvage insurance for ships and traders. I like balance, and I thought insuring your ships, based on the pilot, (keeping the experiance,) reaching the nearest Shipyard.

These can add in little missions as well, you could jump in, pick up your pilot, and take him there, instead of having him go for the nearest station, and paying for a ride. (Yea, charge the pilot based on the danger in getting there as well.)

I hate loosing my traders, and because I have added all the 'make the universe deadly' mods, I barely stay afloat financially. Don't get me wrong, it is more fun that way, but cash for lost ships is killin' me.

Still have not gotten my Headquarters, so it is tough. Getting my ships back, with some added work would rock. Also, this is a small request, but could easily be added, let me pick pilot names!!!

I don't have the time to learn the scripting, but I actually played Elite on a Commadore 64 in 1987! I love this game! I only get a few hours a week, but this would help me save cash on trying to protect my ships.

Thank you


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Post by aefthe2nd » Mon, 30. Apr 07, 00:54

One more thing, if a pilot is captured, could they show as property on a pirate ship, giving you the chance to rescue them? Add into the ECS for Yaki and Pirates, either pay a ransom or make the demand when thy are at 10% shields and 25% hull via ECS?

Say 1,000 cr per level of trader? it iadds a demension better than the pirate just getting another slave to sell...

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Post by Schabernack » Sat, 15. Mar 08, 21:16

hi, for a balancing and roleplaying reason i would suggest to give the insurance trader a small fee for each insurance sold and a small time based fee as he is allways following us to give us a insurance when we need one :)

And for roleplaying reasons only it would be fancy to unlock the insurance contract (once) via BBS or perhaps there are a small amount of ships selling these kind of contracts. The AL to start/stop the option in general would be still needed for controll.

thanks for all your scripts keep up the good work
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Post by bendonahue » Sat, 14. Jun 08, 14:11

Does anybody know where I can download this script as the link at the top isnt working anymore.

Cheers :)

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Post by ezra-r » Sat, 14. Jun 08, 18:29

thanks for another one Cycrow :)

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Post by Deathwalker1701 » Sat, 5. Jul 08, 17:18

Here you are if you still need a linkhttp://www.xpluginmanager.co.uk/scripts ... econtract/

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Post by lardons » Sun, 8. Feb 09, 02:18

dead as a dodo

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Post by Joria » Mon, 20. Jul 09, 20:28

darn i loved that script....bummer..this game is pretty old now tho..lol

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Post by rafezetter » Thu, 1. Mar 12, 02:35

link posted by deathwalker still works fine even now :)

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