[SCRIPT] Station Trader Camper V1.00 : Updated 11/09/2006

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[SCRIPT] Station Trader Camper V1.00 : Updated 11/09/2006

Post by Cycrow » Mon, 11. Sep 06, 21:36

Name: X3 Station Trader Camper
Version: V1.00
Author: Cycrow
Updated: 11/09/2006
:idea: Requires Script Manager to install.
:arrow: Download: Here : Mirror 1

This script adds a command to allow your ships to camp at a station and buy/sell goods hen they reach a certain price

There are 2 commands available, one to sell resources to a station, and one to buy products from it.
The command asks for 2 inputs, the first is the station and product/resource, the second is the price.

The ship will sit at the station and buy the wares when it reaches the set price or better and will continue to do so until the command is stopped
by you or the ships cargo bay is full/empty.

To use the command you need the Trade Software Mk2 installed and the commands are found in the trading menu in the command console.
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Post by jlehtone » Tue, 12. Sep 06, 09:44

Doesn't GoD eat campers for breakfast? :roll:

But as "buy every BFAA from the EQdock" it sounds both useful and safe.

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Post by tamariel22 » Tue, 12. Sep 06, 22:49

I'm impressed Cycrow, that was quite fast development!
I've been peeking at scripts lately, been too busy at work to dabble directly..
anyway I will download and install this one now and check it out, will post any further comments/ideas I have about it here.
Thanks alot! :D

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Post by vampirecosmonaut » Fri, 15. Sep 06, 07:12

Every time I set a camper to "Sell Ware", on my properties listing and on the ship's command menu it says "Buy Ware". I checked the t file and it looks fine to me. Why is it doing this?
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Post by Augustini » Fri, 15. Sep 06, 07:50

Can the camper also be used to being goods from player owned stations? Can the script be run on a TL ?

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Post by Cycrow » Fri, 15. Sep 06, 18:06

vampirecosmonaut, its just a mistake i made in the script, ill fix it in the next version.

Augustini, its only designed for NPC stations, as you dont have to buy/sell wares to your own stations. It should run on any ship with trade software mk2

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Post by zeddius » Thu, 21. Feb 08, 00:02

Trying to download this script, but it seems like all the links are broken.....

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Post by Brinnie » Mon, 3. Mar 08, 13:06

zeddius wrote:Trying to download this script, but it seems like all the links are broken.....
Same Here.

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Post by Jaxom01 » Mon, 3. Mar 08, 14:56

Try this http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=110772

The script can be found in the script pack with many other goodies ....

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Post by Cycrow » Mon, 3. Mar 08, 22:30

the first page has been updated with working links

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Post by Pogi » Sat, 29. Nov 08, 03:54

@ Cycrow...I know this is a old script, but is it possible that you could put out a new release of it with the following change:

The ability to use it at player owned stations...Let me explain.

I use Nividium's Mining Relay Station.. Nividium, Silicon, Ore-Sec. Res as well as Product..Good for "Sell at Best Price Ships"...The problem, is with the nividium storage..It holds just 16 and the miner waits until his ship is full and never goes to the station anyway with his load (I think that is the nividium-nividium2 issue)...Anyway, your script would save the day for me as I could park that multi-million credit merc at my station and he would constantly top-off the station instead of selling him and his load at the shipyard..More proffittss for me as well... :D ..Please :
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