[SCRIPT] Racers Guild V1.00 : Updated 11/08/2006

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[SCRIPT] Racers Guild V1.00 : Updated 11/08/2006

Post by Cycrow » Fri, 11. Aug 06, 02:03

Name: X3 Racers Guild
Version: V1.00
Author: Cycrow
Updated: 11/08/2006
:arrow: Requires Script Manager to install
:arrow: Download : Mirror Download
My other scripts are available Here

Want to become a race ? If yes, then the racers guild is for you.
With a one time membership fee you can join the guild and take on other competetors in various races.

Joining The Guild:

The guild will build various stations throughout the universe, to join the guild you need to find one of these and check the BBS for an application form
The application wont always be available, so if its not when you check, either wait for abit and check back or find another guild station to check.

Once you have joined you will be able to take part in the races, you can find the races available from the BBS, mainly at the guild stations
but you can occasioanly find them in other stations as well.

When competeting in the race you will earn experience points within the guild, when you get enough points you will gain promotion and
gain access to more lucrative but harder races.

Once you reach the rank of Ametur you will have access to buy various ships from the guild shipyards, these are mainly vanguard and raider versions
of the standard ships.

There are also 2 racer ships available, the Arrow and the Starburst, these will be available to purchase from the shipyard once you reach the
rank of Professional.

Your Guild Level:

To find the guild level, you goto your ships command console and goto the ships addional command slots, these are found below the standard commands
and turret commands.

Then select the option to view the guild level, this will display the current level of all guilds you have joined, including the Racers Guild.
This will also display the current Experienece point (EXP) you have.

Beacon Race:

The first type of race you can take part in, this happens in a single sector and you must race other competetors.
There will be various numbered race beacons, you must travel to each one in order, getting close to them.
Once you get close enough you will hear "Target Locked On", and they will be marked as done, then you can move onto the next beacon.
The race ends once all competetors reach the final Beacon and the scores will be displayed.

There is a fee to join in the race based on the level, and you will get prize money for comming in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. You will also
get exp for coming in the top 3.

Future Expansion:

This is the list of features/races that i plan on adding in the next version of the game.

Time Trail:

For this race, you will be timed doing a lap, and other competetors will also do timed laps. The race will run for a certain amount of time.
During the time the event is running, you can do as many laps as you each and your best time will be counted, you have to pay per lap however.
At the end of the race, the top 3 racers will get a reward. These races happen regardless of player input, so if you dont join, they will still take

To join, you will be sent a message when one is about to start asking if you wish to join. Then you just make your way to the sector and apply for
each lap from the BBS.

Proximity Racing:

Simlar to the beacon race but you have to fly close to the stations in the sector instead. Once you get close enough to the station you have to stay
close for several sectors, you will be told when the station is complete. Then you move onto the next one until you've been to all stations.
Unlike the beacon race, you can do it in any order you wish, the top 3 will earn the rewards.

Gate Racing:

Race from 1 sector to another, this is all about navigation, you must not use the jumpdrive for this, the winner is the first to arrive at the
destination sector.

Station Racing:

You will be given a list of stations throughtout the universe and you must dock at each one in any order, you can also not use the jumpdrive for this race.


You will also get the chance to watch and bet on other races, if you pick the correct winner you will win extra money. You wont be able to bet
on the races that you enter yourself.


There will be a championship which you can join, you will compete in various events each points for the places you finish in. After all races are complete
the racer with the most points will win the big prize.

Do you have what it takes to become the X-Universe Champion ?
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Post by Everyones Antihero » Fri, 11. Aug 06, 03:24

he does it again! :lol:
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Post by Tenlar Scarflame » Fri, 11. Aug 06, 06:35

Cy, if I were Ego staff I'd pay you to make these awesome scripts and sign them all. :D *clickdownload*
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Post by djssuk » Fri, 11. Aug 06, 14:25

These are what make the game... you have to be involved with X4 :)

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Post by withar » Fri, 11. Aug 06, 22:54

Fantastic, at last the enormous amounts I've paid overturning of my ship's engines finally paid off 8)

I salute you sir :D
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Post by djssuk » Sun, 13. Aug 06, 01:13

I like the league idea of one verses one races. A cup competition would be interesting too for some types of competition.

I may be obsessed with the World Cup, but this seems to be limitless and far more fun than just shooting things.

You could have a message for a super cup where ten or twenty ships race. How about class based races for M5, M4, M3, etc, so you could even have m1 racing...

Now all we need is a combat guild where you have one against one combat, but not to the death, just until the shields are depleted.

How about a 'Freemasons' guild where any member attacked gets immediate fighter support, or for their owned ships (or in particular sectors). YOu could get a message stating " a guild member needs help. The guild will pay you X for your support".

Anyway, the more guilds the better, but the race one can become bigger than anything else in the game..

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Sun, 13. Aug 06, 01:24

class based racing and m1 racings is already in ;)

its quite funny watching a group of mamoths trying to race :P

the champsions will bascially be all the different types of racing, so it'll be added once the others are done

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Post by djssuk » Sun, 13. Aug 06, 22:11

Sorrry, not paying attention.

Anyway, this does bring back my attention and keeps me away from Elder Scrolls Oblivion, a mean feat...

HAve you done a list lately of 'ideas' and other guilds in the possible pipeline?

Very, very impressive...

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Post by Cycrow » Sun, 13. Aug 06, 22:15

theres the explorers guild that ill be working on, althou this one is more about planning the ideas and finding the best way to do various things, the scripting side of it is relativly easy.

The Racers guild will be getting expanded alot, i have various race types planned out and in the works. One of them is simlar to the current race, but with enemy laser towers guarding the beacons ;)

I was going to do a salverages guild, but theres a few scripts that do simlar things already, and i will add some of those ideas into the explorers guild.

Race miltary is also going to be expanded quite abit too with lots of new missions

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Post by Fendalis » Mon, 14. Aug 06, 00:26

Keep it up with all the guilds...I've joined most of them in my current game and they add a huge amount of variety. :)
Welcome to Rev-Co

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Post by Narasumas » Mon, 14. Aug 06, 10:01

Hi :)

Cycrow, I've installed a lot of your mods but I happen to have problems with some of them. In fact, the only mod that seem to work properly is the bounty hunter guild. With the others, the guild stations are not spawning at all.

I think the mods are correctly installed because I have the BBS entry saying that 'a new racer guild's has just opened in Farnham's Legend for example. But no traces of any racer guild station when getting to that sector :( Same thing for Merchant Guild.

Maybe I missed something... Anyway here are my specs :

X3 version : 1.4.03
Story mode (quickstart difficulty)
Mods installed with script manager 1.71 (by double-clicking on the *.spk package)

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Moderator (Script&Mod)
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Post by Cycrow » Mon, 14. Aug 06, 10:21

its most likly that you havn't search enuf of the sector.

the stations arn't always in the cnter of the sectors, they could be upto 40km away from the center in any directory.

you just need ot search more of the sector, including going up and down the y plane

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Post by leloa » Mon, 14. Aug 06, 10:36

another good scvript thanks sir

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Post by Narasumas » Mon, 14. Aug 06, 10:36

Okay thanks for the fast reply :wink:
I'll check that as soon as I can.

Anyway thanks for your awesome work :o

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Post by leloa » Tue, 15. Aug 06, 15:38

yust two small thing no m4 races, problem with m5 races when i change ships aboard a station to discoveror that says that i dont have an m5
the another thing when i started an race with no restirections with my m5 when that undocked me no ships in front of me and i cloudn t slow down before i got the massage that i discalificed becuse of not waiting for start
EDIT:one more thing the link from all scripts go to taxi not racers

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