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Post by gbjbaanb » Sun, 7. Jan 18, 20:20

DaMuncha wrote:I'm very happy that Egosoft are including the community in the development of X4. I know they want to make something exciting and unique, but they have to make a game for the audience that they are marketing to. Rebirth may have sold the most preoders than any X game but in my opinion Rebirth was a monumental failure. So I am pleased that Ego soft are including us in the development this time and listening to our feedback to make X4 the best it can be on release date.
The reason X:R sold so many preorders was that the forums were filled with so much excitement (much generated by ES telling us how it was going to be TNBG (The Next Big Thing) that we were whipped to a frenzy of anticipation).

And subsequently so let down it was clinically depressing.

X4 seems to be better, but if you go back to the old pre-XR forum you'll see you shouldn't get too carried away. Not until they release a demo or alpha and we can see how much like X3+ and not XR+ it is.

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Post by MegaJohnny » Sun, 7. Jan 18, 23:32

I think it's definitely different.

In the run up to XR I mostly remember fairly vague statements like "ship is customisable", "captains follow your orders", "capital ships are fewer but more modular", etc, and videos about gamepad support.

But for X4, we see good news from in-engine footage: fly every ship. Free placement and upgrading of stations. Equipment swapping with graphical editor. Pseudo-gates instead of superhighways. Fewer highways and more undeveloped space. Travel speed and boost. Carriers. Rad new map with many RTS influences.

Yeah, any of this could somehow be removed later on, but I doubt it.

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