[MOD/WIP] Improved Object Menu

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[MOD/WIP] Improved Object Menu

Post by MegaJohnny » Fri, 23. Mar 18, 21:09

Here's my next menu overhaul! This time, it's the object details menu. You use this a lot in XR for many different types of objects, but I sadly don't find the vanilla one very nice to use. It gets the job done, obviously. But it's a pain to expand and collapse all these sections to find what you want, it has lots of (IMO) wasted space, and nothing updates like it did in X3. So this is just my attempt at a replacement that does all these things.

  • Two columns! Make use of that screen space!
  • Extra information on many rows, and more use of colour for readability/to catch your eye on any warnings (see images!)
  • Smaller font if the menu thinks it's running in a high resolution
  • Many things update in quasi-realtime - ware amounts, production status, crew commands, location, etc...
  • Most categories are expanded by default (now we have the luxury of double the rows)
  • C hotkey is enabled - if you have an NPC selected it comms that NPC, otherwise it comms the object normally
  • Shipyards have their build modules displayed (mostly for fun, but maybe this is useful if you have a player shipyard mod? let me know...)
Freighter with colour-coded shopping list info
Olmekron starts repairs after a combat mission (see the engineer row showing at a glance what's under repair)
Plot URV forge chugging away (empty resources are still displayed among the cargo, in grey)

Steam Workshop

There maybe some niggles with when data is displayed vs. when it should display ???. I'll try to squash these as I find them!

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