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[AL.Plugin] [TC][AP] Pirate Guild 3 v.160

Post by Nicoman35 » Wed, 18. Jun 14, 18:13

Pirate Guild 3

Hi people!
I am presenting you my version of the mod Pirate Guild 3 by SerialKicked.

My version is designed to work especially with ADS-RWE!


Two additional resources needed formerly included in the mod!
This is neccessary, because my versions of ADS-RWE and Yaki Armada 2 need these resources too.
Anarkis Libraries


  • - Option to give pirate guild assets a custom color
    - Made some of the features difficlulty dependent
    - Some little bugfixes

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Post by BlackArchon » Sun, 18. Jan 15, 15:04

I have a running XRM 1.30 game with SerialKicked's Pirate Guild 1.59 and ADS 2.65. Is it safe to upgrade to your Pirate Guild 1.60 and ADS 2.65.1/1.14?

Second question, what bugfixes have you found?

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