[SCR][TC/AP] TCAN - Menudriven Full Auto Naming plugin v0.99.9

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[SCR][TC/AP] TCAN - Menudriven Full Auto Naming plugin v0.99.9

Post by Orfevs » Mon, 9. Apr 12, 21:46

TCAN - X3TC/AP Colored Auto Naming facility

Version - Pre release to v1 --WiP--
(This version is not compatible with TCAN v0.62)

Suggestions and constructive criticism welcome.

Namesets have been added in it's own post further down.
Please review and come with suggestions/corrections

Currently known bugs v099.9
- "Playership Follows Player" can't be turned off easily..
- Using the /PLO... tag (production line, least output ) will result in eternal loop.. so best to not use it.

This is probably the most advanced ship naming plugin you'll ever see.
Easy to use - hard to know. Simply turn on the AL and everything is done for you

(Except for numbering - you need to press a button for that.)

The highlights
  • Completely menudriven
  • Artificial Life
  • Fully Automatic
  • Colored
  • Auto Naming
  • Auto Aspecting (ship/station type, equipment and jobs determine aspect)
  • Information about your ships/stations in name
  • Symbol replacements for installed equipment and tasks
  • Fully configurable ..and more. Much more.
New in v0.99.9
  • Main namesets can be used as Prefix and Suffix both for less wonky names.
  • Minor changes and additions to nameset t file (8228-L044.xml)
  • Hotfix from previous version is of course included..
New in v0.99.x
  • Wide/Narrow menus by the click of a menu entry
  • Info-panel open/close for faster menu operation
  • Numbering by the press of a button (not dynamic)

    You can number as
    • Normal (1,2,3,4,5..)
    • Leading Zeroes (scaled 1, 01, 001 )
    • Roman (I,II,III,IV,V..)
    • Greek Names (Alpha,Beta,Gamma,Delta,Epsilon...)
    • Greek Characters (α,β,γ,δ,ε/Α,Β,Γ,Δ,Ε...)
    • ICAO Phonetic Spelling(Alpha,Bravo,Charlie,Delta,Echo...)
    The two current numbering schemes are by aspect and attachment. Numbering is configured aspect wise.
  • Quad tag format
    Two tags didn't do the job, so they were expanded. They are not part of the objects actual name, so there's really no limit to the tags you can use.
    If the tag turns up empty, it won't show. Neither will its attached brackets , if any, and their respective color codes.
  • External support scripts
    Reserve or release an object from TCAN view. This is also an internal function, with the option of forcing release (from the Main Config -> maintenance menu) should some plugin bork it up. Some ships are better off not named by TCAN. #deca. ships are therefore hidden from TCAN view by default. If you want them part of the normal naming mechanism, select the only TCAN command that's left under general commands.
  • Additional "prepositions" for prefx
  • Additional "conjunctions" for suffix
  • Plenty of special characters.
    About 384 of them including the alphabet with variations, greek letters and others.
  • Symbol replacement for pilot tasks and installed equipment
    Available through main config and NameLoader
  • Optimized code
  • More attention to details and more
  • Oh Yes. Debug is turned OFF by default this time ;)
I seem to have "forgotten" one thing, since it's just too convenient to leave it as is. The "press space to ..blahblah" message is still suppressed. If you want it back, remove the relevant lines from the beginning part of 8226-L44.xml.

Features - quick overview:
  • Used to name your ships, stations, satellites, lasertowers
  • Playership auto-naming (own configurable aspect). Shipname follows player(set on by default). You're always in "Spaceforce One" or whatever name you choose, regardless of ship. Switching to another ship restores previous aspect and name. (This can also be turned off...)
  • Dynamic Updates with dynamic tags. Otherwise no update. Satellites shouldn't have dynamic tags as default, so once set, they won't update. Note: doing changes in the aspect will perform an update.
    Otherwise you can turn updates on or off for individual aspects.
  • Manual, Semi auto or Full Auto (Aspecting and/or naming)
  • Name Generator with Primary and Secondary Name Sets
    (approx. 70%:30% ratio)
  • 25(+5 custom) Prefix sets, 25(+5 custom) Suffix sets, 30(+10 custom) Main namesets - each containing an undeterminable number of entries
  • In game name set editor
  • Full xml dump of aspects settings and namesets for safekeeping and import
  • Tag builder menu, Color picker menu, bracketing menu and more...
  • Maintenance menu for partly to full reset of TCAN (includes restoring names to game default) and the objects it names. This also includes options for naming of NPCs, force release(on reserved ships) and the uninstall procedure.
TCAN works right off the bat, and everything is already set up - except for the automation process that will start everything.

If you wish a manual approach, make sure to turn off autoaspect in the config menu and leave the AL at semi dynamic for updates only. Use the NameShooter menu to alter object details.
Otherwise set the AL engine to "auto" for full auto-aspecting and auto-naming. That's when you press the 'r' key and lean back.

If you wish to uninstall TCAN, you can do that too. It cleans up after itself.

  • 1. Turn off any name changing functions from other plugins.
    TCAN supports CAG,CLS,EST,PSC and SFM through the /PITA (pilot task) tag.
    If these name your ships/stations, it will only cause problems, so turn off their naming functions and wait for the names to be restored.
  • 2. Since TCAN is a pure naming plugin, it can not function properly with other renaming plugins. Names will get all borked.
    So you must uninstall them first per their uninstall procedure.
  • 3. Save Your Game. Exit.
    If you have a pure renaming plugin, remove the plugin.
  • 4. Iinstall TCAN and start the game.
    Once started, save, then load that save.
  • 5. Set your hotkeys.
    There are 3, and you will probably use them a lot.
    The menus are available through the main config menu which can be accessed through ship commands. Alternatively use Cycrow's community plugin menu.
  • 6. You probably don't want to name your satellites or lasertowers. If you are running SEWN, and you simply must rename your sats, remove them all from the SEWN grid first, or the names will get mixed up. You can turn on the grid once the names are set. Satellites running SEWN should not include dynamic tags (uppercase tags). Default aspect for satellites contains static tags only.
  • 7. From the config - set your company name.
    (Full name and initials), then set a Virtual Headquarter. This can be anywhere that isn't an enemy station. It's what you might consider a gathering point for your ships in lack of a proper hq.
    Most aspects contain the tag for company initials as default. The other two can be added as you see fit.

    None of these has any practical value. It's just for personal preference.
    Since this takes (unnecessary) space from the name, you can delete them by entering a single space rather than entering a name.

    Allow AutoAspect ON - otherwise it's advised to leave the rest of the options as they are. (ON by default).
    Here you can ignore aspects for satellites and lasertowers too. (They're ignored by default)
    If you wish to keep your old names as "unique name", then set the option here as well. It is set to OFF by default.
    Unique name is either automatically generated or you can keep the old or change it yourself. It's your ship's actual name without the tags. Such as "Your Buster" that you renamed to "Mighty Devastator".
    For the sake of the experience, you might want to turn off that save option. If you kept unique names from a previous TCAN, set to ON.
  • 7. TCAN is set to SEMI Auto by default (tag updates) - so nothing should in fact happen until you set the AL engine running at full auto. Do that.
    Make sure you're not in an epic battle or otherwise very busy defending your assets. You would want to see this.
  • 8. Press 'r' on the keyboard and lean back.
    ( Note that fresh ships from the yard don't have an identifiable job, so once they have one, the aspect will NOT change. You will have to do this manually - for now. Do this through the ship's autopilot -> general commands or use the NameShooter hotkey.)
    Future versions might include aspect renewal.
What happens is this:
  • Your ships and stations (and satellites - if you must!) will gain "aspects" from what they do or what they are.
  • Each aspect contains a configurable colorized tag string and nameset entries.
  • Tags found in the aspects will be translated for each ship/station.
    Depending on the number of ships this could be a lengthy process. The higher the update interval, the longer it takes. Once all aspects has been set, you won't notice TCAN's presence. (The old names will be saved once TCAN starts it's autonaming process, and can be retrieved on uninstall.)
  • The update itself is set to default 20 seconds. This can be changed, but not much further down. As such TCAN can not be used to monitor shields and hulls as if your life depended on it. If your system runs slow, change the update frequency. Tags will update per the interval set. The wait between each object update is scaled to the general update frequency, so the longer you set, the longer it takes between objects. Downprioritizng TCAN so to speak.

    Don't panic! Even if everything is automatic, you may still edit everything. Just know that if you edit the aspect, you edit ALL ships set to that aspect. This only applies to the settings and tags. Unique name remains unchanged.
    Unique name can also be edited or changed or regenerated.
    3 hotkeys. Remember those.
Until version one, there will be no more SPK. Instead, install as archive using the plugin manager. Remove and install the new one without an in-game uninstall to upgrade. Since it's undergoing changes, that means the number of files may change as well.

TCAN version v099.9.zip - extract to your X3TC folder or (X3TC\Addon folder for AP)

Please note that a revision change (from rev 8 to 9) does not perform an auto-update. The only changes that require an action is to import the namesets (reset to default - using either option available from the nameset editor). If you've made changes, dump to log first. Then apply your changes to the new 8228 xml file.

Unfortunately, due to my ISP killing my webspace in exchange for cloud system, screenies are unavailable at this time.

1) Select Uninstall from TCAN Main config - at the very bottom. You will get a confirmation menu, breathe easy ;)
2a) SPK - Disable or Uninstall in the X Plugin Manager
2b) ZIP - There's currently no .bat file to remove tcan with in the zip file, but using the search function in windows, look for "*.tcan.*" (in \scripts) Click and shift-click to select and press delete. Then do the same with 8226,8227,8228 (in \t).

---- This is the TCAN breakdown ------------------------------

AL Config:
  • Off
  • Hotkey only - set and translate tags(once). Will not update.
  • Semi Auto - Dynamic mode. Tags will update.
  • Full Auto - Full Auto.
You may set the update frequency in the TCAN config - available through hotkey, ship menu or Cycrow's community plugin manager. This directly influences the load on the system. The further between updates, the more time each update will also take. Leaving space for other plugins. I'm very generous that way.:thumb_up::thumb_up:

TCAN is based on 37 "aspects" in which ships and other objects are adherent to.

Each aspect can be configured using 6 of 100 different namesets(or none at all)
  • Primary Nameset
  • Secondary Nameset
  • Primary Prefix
  • Secondary Prefix
  • Primary Suffix
  • Secondary Suffix
These form the basis for the object's unique name - which is stored as a tag. So in order to use this, you must also use the tag.

Each aspect holds it's own configurable set of tags that yields different information.
Many tags that aren't pre-formatted can be formatted to:
  • Capitalize
  • UPPER case
  • lower case
  • nUt CAse (changes every update).
Many tags comes with further formatting options:
  • Full Text
  • Abbreviation
  • Truncation
  • Initials
  • Quick Extract
  • Extraction
Or FATIQE for short.
Max length of Abbreviation and Truncation can be configured.

Abbreviation takes the first characters in each word according to Max Characters setting. Special handling for "Super Freighter XL".
Mercury becomes:
MeX, MeSX, MeSFX,MeSFXL - depending on Max Character setting.

Truncation just cuts the first word after Max Characters. The rest is discarded.

Extraction works much like abbreviation, except that letters are taken from front, somewhere in the middle and last. Primarily consonants from first letter in the syllables or initials if there are many words. There's special measures to keep the extraction unique. So Mistral and Mercury will come up as MsSFX and MrSFX rather than two MSFX. Same goes for similarities with races, sectors, and wares - ( as soon as I'm made aware of this)

Quick extract takes 2-3 consonants after the first letter in sequential order. No special measures towards uniqueness.

All aspect data can be imported as well as exported.
The export creates a textfile to where your savegames are, and in full XML format.
Just rename and move to <X3TCroot>\t. Then import it.
  • To edit tags use
    The Tagbuilder menu.
    There's no rule stating you need only use tags. Plain text works as well.
    Anything separated by a space or tag character is considered their own item and handled as such.

    Add tags through:
    The Tag Picker Menu
    A growing list of tags you can add to your aspect. As long as there's information in the tag, it will take up space in the ship name. Otherwise not.

    Add special characters through:
    The Character Picker Menu
    Here you got upper and lower case alphabet with variations, and greek letters in addition to special characters - including those on your keyboard.. These are seen as offsets rather than the characters themselves as some characters tend to disappear during export.

    You can bracket everything with
    The BracketPicker Menu
    Brackets comes as tags, and will place a bracket of your choice around a tag. Brackets will not show up if the tag is empty.

    Once you're happy with your tags and brackets, you can paint them with
    The TagPainter Menu
    Paint tags and brackets as you see fit. Brackets are handled separately as an overlaying item, so the colors you use on brackets does not affect anything but brackets.

    Editing Aspects
    The NameLoader menu.

    Individual handling of objects:
    The NameShooter menu.

    Global options and menus from:
    The Main Configuration Menu
    Here you can set your "player corporation" name, initials and virtual HQ. They can be used as tags, and the initials are default in every aspect. If you don't want any, that's cool. Delete using a single space when setting the name/initials. After all, they do take up unnecessary space and have no actual value besides personal preference.
    The rest should be self explanatory.

    Then there are where all the names come from. Yes, it's
    The NameSet Editor

    Here you can add, replace, edit to your hearts content.
    You can also send the entire set of names to a full XML formatted log file that you can rename and place in the \t folder.
    Once that's done, you can then import it and find that your changes are now permanent.
    Until you actually edit the namesets, there's no need for either action. With the default namesets you already have a lot to choose from.
    Note that the export doesn't nearly hold the amount of comments as the original, so you might wish to keep a backup handy for some light reading.

    Although the Nameset editor is a nifty addition, you might want to consider altering the textfile directly by alt tabbing out and opening it up in a pure text editor. Once that's done, you can simply import it in-game.

TCAN Namesets
  • NameSet
    The main nameset consists of 30 defined sets, and 10 customizable ones.
    Namesets include names, places, titles, objects and perceptions for starters.
    Just not actions, or verbs. Verbs are reserved for the prefix and possibly suffix part.
    You may of course do whatever you wish with the customizable namesets to create interesting combinations.
    Example entries:
    • Bull, Princess
    • Eagle
    • Wolf
    • Prefect
    • Hero
    • Devastator
    • Horizon
  • Prefix
    • 25 defined
    • 5 custom
    These are optionally placed before the main nameset, but can just as well serve as suffix if so prefered.
    Ordinarily, prefixes are actions (verbs) or situations combined with the main nameset.
    You also have a percentage option of adding "The" in front. (This is probably going to give the translators and me a headache.)

    • [The] "Sitting" Bull
    • [The] "Sulking" Princess
    • [The] "Flying" Eagle
    • [The] "Howling" Wolf
    • [The] "Determined" Prefect
    • [The] "Brave" Hero
    • [The] "Glorius" Devastator
    • [The] "Golden" Horizon
  • Suffix
    • 25 defined
    • 5 custom

    Suffices are similar to prefices, except for one thing. No verbs. Well, generally.
    If you can use "of" with the suffix, then it's acceptable. In other words, states and situations.

    • Bull [of] "Sits" (* note)
    • Princess [of] "Sulks" (* note)
    • Eagle [of] "Flight"
    • Wolf [of] "Howls" (* note)
    • Prefect [of] "Determination"
    • Hero [of] "Bravery"
    • Devastator [of] "Glory"
    • Horizon [of] "Gold" (** note)

    (*) I said no verbs! So these words need to be exchanged with something else that can compare.
    If there aren't any, no problem. Just remove the problem.
    Using "Sits" and "Sulks" and "Howls" can't be considered good english in this setup, and particularily not with the "of".
    The result simply looks weird. If there are no comparable situations, then we leave them out.

    (**) Gold is an object. While it's the only thing that "fit", it's still not an option to use it. The sentence looks wonky at best (especially without the "of").
  • The Result
    The primary nameset will always be there. The prefix and suffix options are configurable with a percentage chance plus override. If both are 0%, you get at least one of them with "ForceA-FiX". You can also place suffices in place of prefices and vice versa - or use either instead of primary nameset. It all depends on how you want it. From the few examples above, we can combine them into this:
    • The Flying Princess of Determination
    • Brave Horizon
    • The Sulking Prefect Gold
    • The Golden Determination
    • Devastator Glory
    • Golden Glorious
    • Hero
    • The Glory

    More than often, the combined words makes up a good name for your object.
    If it doesn't, just click the button to generate another name.
    Unfortunately - I left a whole bunch of verbs in the suffices as I tested the thing, so you'll get lots of wonky names. If nothing else, it's good for a laugh.

    Planned upgrades:
    Full numbering support based on local, universal, and attachment with numerical, alphanumerical, greek names and symbols, latin and finally ICAO phonetic spelling.

    More tags and get all current tags working as they should

    Full external plugin support with complete synergy
The Names

Here I will need help. It is hard to come up with suggestions on my own. I aim to add plenty more words, actions, situations and names to the default nameset. So any suggestion will be taken into consideration, and probably added to the nameset.

Each entry has a theme. Some themes may be empty. No titles, no names. Right now, the names are a mess, in particular the suffix part, and need to be placed into narrower categories for a better naming setup. Switching categories around will have an impact on aspects currently in use in-game. So once an update is available, the new aspect names might change drastically. If you have heavily customized the aspects far beyond the default, you will have to do it again. Just so you know :P

- That is all

Edit [1st Dec 2015]: replaced outdated with working xdownloads link. X2-Illuminatus[/i]
Edit:[10th Jan 2016]:Thanks. My ISP decided cloud would do much better than any stupid webspace.
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Technical and Bugs

Post by Orfevs » Mon, 9. Apr 12, 21:47


  • 8226 - Main
  • 8227 - Aspect data for import
  • 8228 - NameSet data for import
  • Ship General Commands 844,845,846,847
  • Additional Ship Commands 1221
  • Station Commands 1159. 1160

TCAN currently recognizes the following plugins:
  • PSC (Prospector) by Lucike
  • CAG (Commercial Agent) by Lucike
  • CLS (Commodity Logistics) by Lucike
  • EST (Economics and Supply Trader) by Lucike
  • SRS (Search and Rescue Service) by Lucike
  • SFM (Station Financial Management) by S9ilent
If you wish a plugin registered for a function tag, please supply this info in a PM:
  • Name of the script
  • Author
  • Short description of its function
  • Name of main script loop and/or custom command
  • [optional]Name of sub script loops for more detailed feedback
  • Relevant local/global variables with info on their contents
  • Supply what short/long names you wish listed for the function
If you wish TCAN to ignore a ship for your own naming scheme, then do this:

Code: Select all

* To reserve an object:
START $null-> call script "plugin.reserve.tcan.object" : Object=$Object, PluginName= $pluginName, Prefix= null , Strip= [TRUE]

* To release an object:
START $null-> call script "plugin.release.tcan.object" : Object=$Object, PluginName= $pluginName
  • Object is of course your object reference. Be it a ship, station or other.
  • PluginName is the unique identifier you need to use in order to release it again.
  • Prefix is a string you choose to place in front of the object name
  • Strip removes any tag information from the object.
    This information will not update once reserved. The unique name is left in it's place.
TCAN can be seen by the global variable "orf.tcan.cool.running". If it's null, it's not running.

Known Bugs v 0.99.9
  • Not really a bug, but rather missing entries. Some tags that are for statistical purposes have no function.
v099.8 -> v099.9
  • Main namesets can be used in both prefix and suffix
  • More names added. Minor changes in namesets. Import required.
  • Added some example entries to custom namesets. Dump your current namesets to log for safekeeping and editing if you've made changes/additions yourself. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I get the impression no one are using this script anyway.
v099.7 -> v099.8
  • Fixed number formatting. Upper/Lower case for non numericals.
  • Fixed stations not resetting in maintenance menu
  • Improved Abbreviation/Truncation. Now Races, Sectors, Objects and wares has their own size values.
  • Fixed problems with FATIQE abbreviation.
  • Changed nameloader menu. Added open/close info panel for faster operation.
  • Put several functions into one library. Less files.
  • Fixed Cargo relation listing in tagpicker. You get the correct tag. Whether or not the tag yields any useful info is another matter.
  • Aspects tweaked further. Use import to get the changes if updating.
v099.6 -> v099.7
  • Left something of a test in one of the scripts, with the result that autoaspect failed. The test removed..
  • While the test was successful in an unexpected and ironic kind of way, I managed to fix a debug bug. Progress!
v099.5 -> v099.6
  • Numbering tweaked. Wings can be included, but not specially handled. Yet. (Still only attach and aspect)
  • Both text and number format was bugged. Fixed.
    I went to a whole lot of trouble to make the nut case format stay once set. Too much trouble. It took up needless time and in the end it's pointless. Nut case format will be forever changing for each update from now on. If nothing else, it's an indication the updating works...
  • Alphabeth with variations wouldn't list in the character picker. That should be fixed now.
  • Quickly switching between ships could confuse TCAN over which ship was the playership. Partly fixed. It is possible the unique name of the playership might change. I'm looking into it.
  • Minor bugfixes
v099.2 -> v099.4
  • Text/Number formatting bit more stable
  • Numbering now working for stations
  • NameShooter displays and retrieves right info. Wide/Narrow menu is no longer "null"
  • Tagpicker expands correctly
  • Symbol replacement works now
  • No coloured title name on startup
  • SPK version kept uninstall separate. This was bad.. zip is still good..
  • Hotfix supplied in download: AL state no longer reset at normal startup.
  • Possibly make numbering dynamic
  • Statistical information
  • Tweaking name generation for less funky names
  • More names
  • Possible Lite version without the name generator and aspects. Meaning individual tagging of ships. Not a very good option for naming hundreds of ships from scratch though.
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TCAN Name Sets

Post by Orfevs » Wed, 11. Apr 12, 04:42


Ordinarily, the format is like this;
<Prefix> <Nameset> <Suffix>
Although this can be configured as you see fit.

Before you go ape, yes, quite a few of these names are fit as prefix or suffix. However, there is usually a reason behind it if they cover an entire nameset entry. Some are definitely going to prefix and suffix. For now, let's cover namesets only and deal with prefix and suffix later. So help me out here. I need.. more. The titles (categories) will need work too.
Please keep in mind I'm NOT an English speaking person..

Playership Names

Code: Select all

Ergo est sum,Help me push,I break for nobody,Player Piloted Ship,Spaceforce One,Tribbles for Sale,You are here

Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all

Atlas,Camel,Cramped,Dromedary,Hauler,Haulie,Ferry,Freighter,Porter,Rad Haven,
Retriever,Tribble Town,Tugster,Tug Star,Tugger,Behemoth,Shuffler,Mule,Shuttler,Bulkfreight

Code: Select all

Risk,Rustheap,Salvage,Scraggly,Scrap,Scrapheap,Scruggs,Shambles,Shell,Trashcan,Trouble,Unbound,No Refund,Past,Wreck,Reminder,Memory
Hippies and free spirits

Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all

Dictatorships and Sects

Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all

Pride of the stars

Code: Select all

The Sunk and the lost

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

That! Ship

Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all

The Common Male - For use with suffix or another nameset

Code: Select all

The Lord

Code: Select all

The Common Female

Code: Select all

Aunt,Auntie,Baby,Babygirl,Cousin,Feminine,Girl,Girly,Goodlady,Good Girl,Goodwoman,Grandma,Granny,Madam,Mama,Matriarch,Miss,Missus,Mother,Mrs.,Ms.,Sis,Sister,Hag,Witch
The Lady

Code: Select all

The Hangout

Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Code: Select all

Foreign,Furnace,Introspection,Nebulus,Phobia,Pineapple Plump,Poky,Project,Reflection,Ribbon,Rock On,Rock'n'Roll,Rubberduck,Rustpod,Sinker,Sound,Teddy,Thud,Titanix,Freak

Code: Select all

-Custom-Fruits and Berries

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

More custom entries

Code: Select all

Noting here yet
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Post by joelR » Wed, 11. Apr 12, 05:14

Can we get some screenshots? Would love to see how this looks in game.

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Post by Orfevs » Wed, 11. Apr 12, 07:15

Screenies are up. But they're just scratching the surface though.

Some feedback would be appreciated, thanks :)
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Spex: i7 4790K@4Ghz 16Gb DDR3 GTX970Strix(4Gb)
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Post by Zippe » Sun, 29. Apr 12, 15:16

When this script is enabled while starting a new game it prevents this custom Start script from running, why .. I have no idea.


It also conflicts with the Salvage Command Software, when both are installed the SCS Messages (i.e. stripping an selling of ships) are just empty. When I remove TCAN everything is back to normal.

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Post by Orfevs » Sun, 29. Apr 12, 17:42

I use SCS myself, so I'll check this out and try to make a fix.
As for custom start, I can only guess.

Due to the recent use of CC cleaner and system restore my windows installation is totally ruined.
Right now I'm on the spare laptop which doesn't have X3TC/AP properly installed along with recent scripts, so I cannot check. Exscriptor refuses to load the custom start scripts atm.

It doesn't use the same text files, so that's definitely not the problem.
However, commands might possibly be conflicting, assuming it's not entered in the community command list.
All global/local variables are named with "orf.tcan." first, so they could not possibly interfere.

TCAN uses a fair amount of memory, because it's loading all names on install and assigning them as arrays, but I doubt that could be the cause.

The only thing I can guess about the SCS problems is that you colorize the names. Try turning this off.

Once I get the damnable windows sorted out, I'll look into it.

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Post by Zippe » Sun, 29. Apr 12, 19:00

This is what I am getting:


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It should look like this:


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"Return ship to former Owner" works fine with the renaming scripts installed.


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Looks like something gets wrong with the Message Author, that should be my salvage ship name. This is probably better be looked at by the SCS Author.

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Post by Orfevs » Sun, 29. Apr 12, 19:50

AFAIK The sole reason you get a blank message from "unknown"is that square brackets [ ] are used in the message somewhere (assuming you use TC v3.1+ or AP).
Which is why you should never name your ships with square brackets.

Square brackets are a big NO-NO. If they don't contain a valid code, the message is void - sent from unknown.

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Post by Zippe » Mon, 30. Apr 12, 03:06

Orfevs wrote:AFAIK The sole reason you get a blank message from "unknown"is that square brackets [ ] are used in the message somewhere (assuming you use TC v3.1+ or AP).
Which is why you should never name your ships with square brackets.

Square brackets are a big NO-NO. If they don't contain a valid code, the message is void - sent from unknown.
It's actually something with SCS, TECSG sorts it out for SCS 4.10

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Post by Orfevs » Mon, 30. Apr 12, 03:56

Sounds good :)
Now, if I could only sort out windoze 7, I can actually continue with my work.

Managed to install things on my laptop, so I tested the custom start.
Everything worked without problems, and I couldn't find any conflicting code.
I think *maybe* you needed to wait until TCAN was installed before clicking on the start menu. TCAN won't run properly until you load the game (once). Only then can you activate the AL engine for TCAN.
If you have a mass of mods installed, then it might as well be the memory load that does it. Beyond that, I don't have a clue.

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Maybe a Change in Commands Access?

Post by Aegyen » Tue, 1. May 12, 20:08

I have had my eye on this for better than a week.. looks to be really comprehensive...

The only problem is.. I really hate to restart my AP game, to insure that your hotkey will appear, so this got me to thinking...

LV, in particular, often has his mods set, so that they can be accessed via the command console, rather than a hotkey. A very nice alternative to that buggy system, and more convenient as well (easier to remember, in a modded game full of hotkeys).

I just wanted to lay that out there as an idea..

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Post by Orfevs » Wed, 2. May 12, 20:38

Restarting the game won't set any hotkeys. There's absolutely no need to restart the game just to install TCAN.

After installing TCAN you need to save, then load the game for its full functionality to appear.

The hotkeys are for the main config, aspect setup and naming - for when you need the manual approach - all menus.

The commands (also included) are for setting/clearing aspects and the main config respectively. From the main config you get to access other menus as well. There's limited space for commands, so I try to keep it to a minimum.

In the end, the only thing you have to worry about are wonky ship names.

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Post by Aegyen » Wed, 2. May 12, 22:45

The problem with the hotkeys does not lie with you script...

Once you have a modded game started, and say 12 mods loaded in that set up hotkeys for feature access, or whatever.. and you go and install a new script that has hotkeys, it will either replace an existing hotkey, or not appear altogether. I have also seen it show half the hokey bindings in the interface menu.

If you start a new game, however, with all your mods installed, then all of the hotkeys will be in the interface panel for you to assign at will...

Gotta love bugs.. :evil:

In reading through the forum, I came across someone that posted the exact mechanics of that bug.. it was around in early TC days too..

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Post by Orfevs » Thu, 3. May 12, 02:00

I c.
Come to think of it, I have a missing hotkey in my game from another plugin, so that is definitely an ugly bug.
Gonna see if there's anything I can do about it.
Do you have a link to that posting?

Made a script to "reset" the hotkeys - with the effect that I lost one of them :rant:.
Seems I have my work laid out. If there are any ways to circumvent this bug, I'll add it.
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