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Post by Razgriz9 » Fri, 11. Sep 09, 05:15

Is there any way to delete a Reference Object? I know you create them with the "Rotate Station Z-" Hotkey, so maybe the "Rotate Station Z+" Hotkey to delete the reference point?

Just an idea :)

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Post by Gavrushka » Thu, 24. Sep 09, 12:21

It was late, I was bleary eyed but I needed a few microchip factories so I installed this, dutifully dropped three TLs worth of stations and complex hubs in a neat little block OOS, then thought how on earth to I connect them... :o

Beyone bleary eyed I switched off, I do hereby promise to read the manual, but I have to say this looks great! :)
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2.5 Patch

Post by Pares » Sun, 18. Oct 09, 11:35

Hello! I just wanted to ask, that is this great mod compatible with the latest (2.5) patch? Because the other station complex mods (like Complex cleaner) are already updated.

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Post by Saetan » Sun, 18. Oct 09, 12:03

FCC works fine in X³:TC 2.5 for me. At least when building while I'm InSector. It even works for stations of one of my modifications.

I don't use the functionality for building OutOfSector. There may be stations which aren't contained in the database for OOS building. But even that should be no problem. As far as I remember, the manual describes how you can let the FCC update this database.

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Post by Pares » Mon, 19. Oct 09, 15:57

Thank you very much for your answer! :)

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Post by glorund » Wed, 21. Oct 09, 16:26

Is someone know how to target station in complex?
I'm usualy use this feature to move my stations and redesign existent complexes.
Looks like in 2.5 path this is impossible.

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Post by eltano » Wed, 21. Oct 09, 17:52

Someone knows if this work with the ATF shipyard Script ??


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Post by Saetan » Sat, 14. Nov 09, 16:14

FCC - X³:TC 2.5 Compliance-Update

Image Image

This inofficial update is not needed anymore for the FCC in version 4.02. That version of the FCC now includes similar functionallity to cycle through the factories of a complex.

This script adds a station command, with which you can select stations inside a complex as target. Additionally you can set a station directly as a reference for the FCC.
Also the factories of a complex can now be cycled, in alphabetical order, via two hotkeys. Therefore the complex hub has to be targeted first. After that, any complex-factory can be targeted (e.g. via the terminal) to start cycling the factories from there.

As additional feature the "move step"-settings got two more distances: 1m and 10.000m.

Download: Factory Complex Constructor: X³:TC 2.5 Compliance-Update (1.00)

This download only includes the new scripts for the station command and two modified scripts from the FCC. So the FCC must already be installed!
The downloaded .zip-file has to be extracted into the X³:TC-directory. Existing files have to be overwritten.

To uninstall copy the file 'setup.plugin.fcc.sadiablo.xml' from the './scripts.uninstall'-directory into your './scripts'-directory and load your savegame. Save it and exit your game.
Next, delete all script- and language-files with the help of the 'Delete all 'FCC X3TC 2.5 Compliance Update.bat'-file in your './scripts.delete'-directory. Simply open that file and it will automatically delete all script- and language-files of this script.

used PageID:
- 8844

Used command slot:
- COMMAND_TYPE_STATION_39 (changeable)


  • First release.
  • The stations can now be selected directly as a target.
  • Bug Fix: Stations can't be set as target anymore, if they aren't in the same sector as the player.
  • New: An overview of the stations, incl. coordinates and rotations, can be written into a external logfile.
  • Bug Fix: English language file couldn't be loaded. Fixed.
  • New: Added two hotkeys to cycle through the factories of a complex.
  • Alpha-Phase finished.
  • Hotkey for "last factory" doesn't target the first alphabetical factory anymore, but the nearest one to the playership, if the complex hub was targeted.
  • Beta-Phase finished.
  • Added a routine for uninstallation
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Post by Nestan » Tue, 17. Nov 09, 03:31

for some reason after using this script for several days I have lost the ability to target any factories inside my complex while in sector or OOS. I even destroyed the hub breaking the complex into individal stations and I can't target them. I can still target new stations and NPC stations but I really don't want to rebuild my complex from scratch especially since I don't know if this is just going to happen again. Any ideas?

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Post by Saetan » Tue, 17. Nov 09, 13:43

Nestan: That's a bug by X³:TC 2.5 ... I didn't check, but I don't believe that FCC is causing that bug. I think thats got into X³:TC 2.5 with the new complex administration by Egosoft.

If you break up your hub, you have to re-enter the sector to be able to target the stations again. But it works, tested once by myself.

Else you can try my inofficial "update"/extension for the fcc, posted just above, which allows you to target your stations again via the command console of the complex. Not as comfortable like before X³TC 2.5, but it works.

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Post by Nestan » Wed, 18. Nov 09, 01:15

I will try that tonight (leaving sector after destroying hub) but I already installed your patch and I dont have that station command at all. I am using your latest patch alpha .2

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Post by Saetan » Mon, 23. Nov 09, 14:06

Nestan: I just did a parallel, English installation of X³:TC to test. I've found the bug. Due to a error in the English language file, it couldn't be loaded and so no command slot could be assigned for it. I've fixed it, and already uploaded the new version alpha.03.

I'm sorry for that bug.


Two hotkeys to cycle through the factories of a complex got added in the new version of the "Compliance-Update".

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Post by -Dusty- » Wed, 25. Nov 09, 18:16

Hi all,

I didn't have much time recently to read the forums here, so sorry for my long absence. Anyway, I have updated the FCC to version 4.02, which should now work correctly with TC version 2.5.

The changes include a function to cycle trough all Stations of a complex to target them (Targeting a station in a complex has been made impossible in patch 2.5). To do this, target a (fixed!) complex hub and press [Rotate Station X-] respectively [Rotate Station X+] to cycle through the stations.

Additionally, you can target the station in a complex which is the closest to the Playership by pressing the [Send report] hotkey while targeting the hub of the complex or any other station in it. Note that the station will only be targeted if it is no further away from the playership than 1500 metres.

I have also fixed several smaller bugs that came with version 2.5, including a problem with the library lib.cm.isincomplex by X-Freak Cartman. The new version of this script should now work correctly with TC version 2.5.


The new version 4.02 can be downloaded in the start post of this thread. Have fun - and if there ary any bugs left, please report them here.

Last but not least, many thanks to Saetan who did a great job fixing the bugs while I wasn't here! :D

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Post by Saetan » Wed, 25. Nov 09, 19:02

-Dusty- wrote:Last but not least, many thanks to Saetan who did a great job fixing the bugs while I wasn't here! :D
No problem, it was fun to sight you source code and to do that job. I just did it quite to late, as there were just a few days between my "fix" and your official update. ^^


I'll add an uninstall script within some of the next days, maybe at the weekend. Then you will be able to do a clean uninstall of my unofficial fix. At the moment I'm quite busy because of working and getting my own flat. ^^

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Post by Requiemfang » Sat, 28. Nov 09, 05:06

Hmmm... you might want to post this in the OP post because two of the files are the same as ones used in the MARS mod


I'm also posting this in the MARS thread

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