Broken Nova Drones

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Broken Nova Drones

Post by Darkfire1 » Sat, 22. Apr 17, 04:20

After reproducing this bug about 5 times, I can say using nova drones at point blank range continually causes my ship to become immobile following the immediate explosion of the drone. I can fire and even boost, but the boost does not move me. It is like the code that goes to control nova drone when firing one does not stop when drone explodes too soon after launch
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Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 22. Apr 17, 13:00

Please provide information about at least your game version, source and its mod state. Have you verified the XR Steam gamefiles cache since the recent update?
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Post by ltdan81 » Tue, 25. Apr 17, 23:14

I have seen this issue as well, and it didn't show until after 4.1 installed.

Entering a drone then exiting will normally fix the issue. Also saving then loading that save will fix the issue.

It's like the directional controls are stuck in remote steering mode if the missile explodes before the remote link animations complete.

*Note: I detonated plenty of Novadrones at point blank range before ver 4.1 came out and never, never ever had this issue.

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Post by Xenon_Slayer » Wed, 26. Apr 17, 15:04

Thanks for the report.

A more convenient workaround seems to be entering the back of the Skunk and then returning to the cockpit.

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Post by elektrohawk » Thu, 3. Aug 17, 18:59

A bit late to the party, but I am also having this issue, only since updating to 4.1. If you still need game and mod information, I can supply that.

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