X-Tended -Terran Conflict V2.2 Released. [06/09/2013] (X3:AP prototype available)

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X-Tended -Terran Conflict V2.2 Released. [06/09/2013] (X3:AP prototype available)

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X-Tended - Terran Conflict is a complete overhaul of Egosoft's game, X³: Terran Conflict. Featuring a completely new ship & weapon balance, numerous gameplay enhancements, streamlined ways to manage your assets, dozens of new weapons, wares, missiles, ships, new missions, a completely new map and a setting that is faithful to the official lore laid out by the books and games.

X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.2 / X3:AP experimental version

Please refer to this post by K.J.

X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.0

Welcome to X-Tended – Terran Conflict 2.0, probably one of the most extensive modifications to ever be made for an Egosoft game. XTC 2.0 has been in the making for 4 years and in that time has seen many different team members blood, sweat and tears. It has sent more testers running for the hills in a panic than we can count. It even broke a number of PC's along the way. Not to mention the office coffee machine... But that's a different story... She was a consenting adult!... What?!...

We would like to thank the community for it's patience and support. Even the 5 times a week questions “Is it done yet? When will it be ready?” which at times became annoying are, in the end, appreciated, as it showed that people were still looking forward to the mod and gave us the will power to continue.

And finally we would like to thank Egosoft, who created the original game that made all of this possible. Without the game and without their additional support at times, this mod would not have been possible.

Working Downloads

• Download from mega, as provided by froger: Link
(TC: XTC 2.0 main installer, patch 2.2, hotfix 2.2a)

• Download from Onedrive, as provided by Informer: Link
(TC: XTC 2.0 main installer, patch 2.2, hotfix 2.2a, XTC manual, X-tended X-pantion ship-pack; AP: experimental version 2.2, hotfix 2.2a)

• Download from mediafire.com, as provided by X2-Illuminatus: Link
(TC: XTC 2.0 main installer, patch 2.2, hotfix 2.2a, XTC manual v2.11; AP: experimental version 2.2, hotfix 2.2a, Aldrin_ATF_Rep_Fix.zip)

• Download from Dropbox, as provided by enenra: Link
(TC: Patch 2.2, XTC_Paranid_Plot_Fix_TC.zip; AP: Hotfix 2.2a, Aldrin_ATF_Rep_Fix, HMDAmmoGen-fix, XTC_AP_Music_Fix-V1.1, XTC_Paranid_Plot_Fix_AP)

Outdated Downloads

Torrent: Download (A torrent download requires a torrent manager to work correctly. uTorrent is one program, there are others as well.)

Direct download from Egosoft's Site: [Awaiting upload]

Direct download from ModDB: [Awaiting upload]

Direct download hosted by Akiko (Thanks): Download

XTC 2.0 Manual: [Not available yet]

Installation Instructions

1. Download the Mod. (Duh!)

2. Make sure you have a new, clean installation of Terran Conflict patched to version 3.2 or later. (A clean installation means there are no other scripts and mods installed – Not even the official bonus pack.) Please note: If you have the Steam version of the game, please follow the instructions posted here.

2. Start the mod's installer.

3. If the installation path in the installer is not correct for your installation of Terran Conflict, use the browse button to set the correct location. (It should be pointing towards the same folder that has x3tc.exe in it.)

4. Wait for the mod to install.

5. Start a new game and enjoy.

Warning! X-Tended – Terran Conflict 2.0 does not support game saves from either vanilla Terran Conflict or from any previous version of X-Tended – Terran Conflict. You must start a new game. X-Tended – Terran Conflict 2.0 is only compatible with Terran Conflict, it will not work with Albion Prelude.

Four quick ways to check that XTC 2.0 has installed to the correct location:
a) Terran Conflict's launcher will have additional info for XTC and will say 'Start XTC' on the launch button.
b) The loading screens when the game launches are for XTC.
c) The main menu has XTC next the 'New Game' option.
d) The scene playing behind the main menu is different.

Additional links

XTC 2.0 Feature List: [Not done yet]

XTC Version History: [Not done yet]

Edit: Added alternative download link provided by Informer. X2-Illuminatus

Edit2: Restructured download section so that the working links stand out more. X2-Illuminatus

Edit3: Added alternative download link provided by froger and added link to Steam installation instructions by The Q. X2-Illuminatus
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Feature List

  • XTC has been designed and built to be highly modular. Don't like something we have added? Switch it off.
  • New working in-game difficulty settings. Make the game as hard or as easy as you want on the fly.
  • Redesigned weapon, missile, and shield systems.
  • 57 new player usable weapons added to the game.
  • Entire game rebalanced.
  • Combat is now more lethal.
  • New custom built jobs/jobwings/fightwings engine.
  • New custom built ship spawn engine.
  • BBS system added with hundreds of new static articles specific to XTC.
  • Dynamic news articles that inform you of what is actually happening in the universe around you.
  • New statistics centre added. Displays a detailed breakdown of your assets, your profits and losses, how each of your stations are doing, and much more. A highly powerful and dynamic system that is much better than the standard games 'your property' menu for traders.
  • New generic missions available at stations.
  • New mission to obtain the Leviathan M2+.
  • New race relations menu. This shows your relation to every race in the game, also by clicking on a listed race you will be able to see that races relation to the other races as well. Race relations are now colour coded and numbered for each rank to aid 'at a glance' assessments.
  • 64 new ships added. (1 unused ES model, 39 imported from XTM, 24 totally new.)
  • New engine flame effects.
  • New engine smoke trail effects.
  • New bullet FX.
  • New sound FX.
  • New sector music.
  • New combat music.
  • New weapon and missile icons.
  • Hundreds of performance tweaks.
  • Fluffy Dice
  • Fully working manual. :D
  • Dynamically expanding universe. This is a new region of space, new sectors are being discovered and linked to the universe while you are playing.
  • A new custom universe map containing 199 new sectors for you to explore. (Once it is fully expanded.)
  • Larger sector sizes. The Teladi haven't been around this area long enough to have dragged the gates to more convenient locations.
  • New custom made sector backgrounds.
  • New planet and cloud textures.
  • All 6 races are now set up ready to fully work as independent races. (Argon, Boron, Split, Teladi, Paranid, Terrans.) The Aldrians are now also a seperate race with their own sectors.
  • Terrans now have a fully working economy.
  • Bounty Hunters added. Watch who you annoy.
  • Custom Safe Jump AL that will put ships arriving through a gate at a safe distance.
  • Most capital ships hulls will slowly regenerate as repair crews fix them.
  • New lifeforms added. Lifeforms now have their own unique life cycles and behaviours.
  • Custom built npc station GOD engine.
  • New wharves added. Ships from M5-M6/TS/TP will now be sold at wharves instead of at shipyards. Shipyards now only sell M7 and up ships and stations.
  • New player mini-complexes added for shield/weapon/ammo production where you can change products as needed. Player mini-complexes can be added to complexes, but once added they will be fixed to producing the ware they had set at the time they are connected.
  • Custom safe undocking scripts for capital ships.
  • Solar power plants (both NPC and player owned) are now affected by the sun(s) strength in a sector.
  • New player owned shipyards and wharves. Build your own ships.
  • Automatic renaming of ships built by your own construction facilities now added.
  • Fully functional player equipment docks.
Ships (NPC).
  • NPC capital ship behaviour reworked
  • NPC Carrier behaviour improved
  • NPC Capital ships automatically restock used ammunition and missiles
  • Custom built NPC ship equipment scripts and templates. These will equip ships based on the race, ship type/size (M5, M4, etc.), and on the difficulty level set in the XTC difficulty options.
  • Custom built NPC loot drop scripts. Giving you more varied loot drops. NPC's will scavenge dropped loot themselves if you are not quick enough. (Hey, they are worth creditsss after all.)
  • Custom built NPC bailing scripts. All ships can now be forced to bail, even capital ships. Bailing chance now depends on the difficulty level chosen in the XTC difficulty options.
  • Exploding capital ships and stations now have crew that try to escape in life-pods.
  • If and when smaller ships try to evade enemy fire now depends on the pilot aggression.
  • Race ships in the M5-M3 classes now have a full set of variations available. (Vanguard, Sentinel, etc.)
  • Teladi, Boron, and Split now have their own M2+.
  • New M2+, TP+ and TS+ classes.
  • NPC M7M's and M8's are now more lethal.
  • Capital ships now have a blast shock-wave that will damage nearby ships when they explode.
  • Destroying any ship that has missiles/mines/ammo on-board can cause these items to explode, resulting in damage to nearby ships. On capital ships this damage is additional to the normal blast shock-wave.
Ships (Player).
  • Custom claim ship scripts. You can now claim all ships you find adrift in the universe, including capital ships using a hotkey or shipcommand.
  • New missile warning system. Now gives more information about what nasties are heading your way rather than the standard "Incoming missile" warning. Now you know if you can shrug it off or if it will make space-dust out of you.
  • Players now have a personal escape pod on Bigships.
  • Capital ship ammo and missile production facilities. Allows capital ships to produce their own missiles and ammo.
  • New 'Choose best missile for target' hot-key.
  • Transfer credits to player account command on stations now works in both directions.
  • New weapons to shields power transfer hot-key. Reduces your laser energy by a set percentage and adds an equal amount to your shield energy.
  • New shields to weapons power transfer hot-key. Reduces your shield energy by a set percentage and adds an equal amount to your laser energy.
  • New missile electronic counter-measures (ECM) added for bigger ships. NPC's will use these too if installed.
  • New anti missile chaffs added for smaller ships. NPC's will use these too if available.
  • New emergency jump. Forces your ship to execute a random jump out of it's current sector. Useful in desperate situations, does not require energy cells, but it destroys your jumpdrive.
  • Engine boost. Temporarily boosts your ship’s speed by diverting your weapon energy to the engine. It can result in harm to the engine however, and larger engines are more likely to be damaged.
  • Notifications on ship loss. Displays a message whenever a player-owned ship gets destroyed.
  • New Boarding Teleporter Upgrade added, this allows players to skip the space walk part on marine boarding.
  • New Freight Teleporter Upgrade added, this allows the teleporter to pickup crates.
  • New factory ships. Produce wares while on the move.
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Release History. [DD/MM/YYYY]

1.0 - Initial release. [20/11/2010]

1.0a - Installer fix. [02/01/2011]

1.1 - Bug fix release. [05/01/2011]
  • TShip entries for Skiron and Scimitar Variants fixed.
  • Removed "connected sector" debug message.
  • Imperial police police fix.
  • Emergency Jump fixed thanks to Trickmov.
  • Adjusted crush ore command to count installed weapons too.
  • WareTemplate entry for Paranid SPP XXL fixed.
  • Fixed bad cargo bay extensions on cloned ships. (Ghost wares.)
  • Fixed claimable / comm-able lifepods.
  • Attackers will break off attack sooner. (Based on the pilot's aggression.)
  • Adjusted khaak config to new shields (we forgot to do that for 1.0) and increased timer reliability.
  • Leftover, docked ships from bailed MD pirate carriers are now decloacked automatically.
  • Blocked TP Liner Civilian ships from landing on player owned stations.
  • HUD tweaked to make graphical hull and shield indicators more visible.
  • Engine smoke trails tweaked to look better.
  • Removed the need for advanced satellites in cargo hold from recon drone command.
  • Fixed "missile only" command not displaying on player turrets when set. (It worked before, just didn't display the command had been set.)
  • Disabled unused ECM animation. (Until we make a proper effect for it.)
  • Added command check for transport boarding using "launch all marines".
  • Otana Prime and Otana III sector names (inc Spoken) swapped and descriptions edited. Now Otana Prime is 11/6 and Otana III is 10/5, so it makes more sense with the univ. expansion stages. (Will only show up on a new game. Won't cause errors on a save game though.)
  • Removed credits from buildable wares list.
  • Ware consumption on trading stations and equipment docks added with vanilla values.
  • Exchanged the repair ships installed jumpdrive check.
  • Mining Laser corrected.
  • Swordfish hull adjusted. (Will only be the new value with newly spawned ships.)
  • Merged in camera fixes from draffutt. (Thanks.)
  • Swapped pirate and non-pirate Kestrel versions (the used models were mixed up).
  • Swapped "Terran Supply Kobe" to "Goner Supply Ozias" so you can hire a TL in terran space now.
  • Swapped all Complex Construction Kits back to the original Argon entry.
  • Lowered chances for MD / ID usage on npc ships.
  • Fixed "config production" search function. (Player owned configurable missile fabs etc should now work correctly.)
  • Added ware consumption to player trading stations in race territory.
  • Decades changed to decazuras in gns articles.
  • Fixed ice resource on player (newly) built water purification plants.
  • Yaki M7 model shaders updated to X3TC shaders. (Should fix the issue some people have had with half of the ship visually missing.)
  • Added EQD script hooks to Pirate Bases so buying Cargobay Shielding etc. works on these.
  • Various Typos and text errors corrected.
1.2 - Bug fix release. [25/06/2011]
  • Fixed missing claim option for bailed ships. (While in a spacesuit.)
  • Blocked ware consumption task from consuming upgrades.
  • Restored ware stock on upgrades. (Related to above.)
  • Adjusted factory rel vals.
  • Merged in more camera position fixes from Draffutt. (Thanks.)
  • Added a fix for Statistics Center.
  • Added automated drone repairs on player owned drone carriers. Drones will now be repaired when they are docked.
  • Added dummy entries into Tfactories for Gaz's Complex Cleaner.
  • Fixed ECM. (Some parameters were wrong because we shifted the shield indexs by one prior to release. Example: Capital ship ECM was way too weak)[/I]
  • Added Player Owned Shipyard fixes.
  • Blocked equipment docks from spewing tunings when they are repackaged.
  • Added new effects to stop Kyon beams from lagging the hell out of your system.
  • Changed all Kyon variations to safe values in order to solve the reported lags on several customer systems. Kyons are a even deadlier than before, especially the bigger ones.
  • Changed the IBC to match the expectations on the weapon.
  • Changed the IBC to give it more OOOOMPH. It's now close to the beta Kyons.
  • Added fix for the bailing crash.
  • Akurei fix fixed.
  • Fix to remove leftover 'buy ship' mission ships.
  • Bombers have their range reduced, some Bomber missiles are toned down a bit.
  • Bombers have also had changes to yaw pitch roll and speed/acceleration, which are too complex to write a short explanation here. ;)
  • When changing products on a factory, playership is now properly un-docked automatically.
  • Laser rel. values adjusted. (Fixes stalled production for some weapons.)
  • Switched Complex Construction Kits back to Argon default ones. (At least the Terran ones were broken.)
  • Fixed some ghost tasks slowing down the game over time
  • Emergency jump code added.
  • Added the R6 console (Repair, re-arm, etc, etc.) for player ships and activated automated hull repairs, docked fighter repairs, docked fighter reammunition, recall damaged fighters and automated retreat.
  • Hull regen values adjusted.
  • Fixed some vanilla signal_attacked bugs which blocked subsequent calls.
  • Added new Salvage Insurance AL (disallows saving in hostile sectors but makes sure you can always save in friendly ones - if you can afford it).
  • Lasertowers are now properly shielded again.
  • The repair laser is now added to the spacesuit on easy difficulty. (In-game difficulty menu.)
  • Weapon/shield production complexes limited to one product to make them "complex safe", also you are automatically asked to configure them on placement now (can still reconfigure them as needed).
  • Lifeform loot now decays.
  • Yaki shipyard changed to fix docking problems.
  • Fixed a performance leak in the GNS which was responsible for game stutters / freezes if the GNS was not used for a while
  • USC TS+ turrets fixed.
1.2a - Bug fix release. [26/06/2011]
  • Fixed bug which was causing the game to lock up/crash while browsing the shipyard stock list.
  • Removed reported lag in shipyard stock list.
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Post by Idea »

Finally :D
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Post by hensu »

Finally, Thanks to the team that made this happen.
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Post by newname »

Congratulations on the release, and thanks for all your hard work.
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Post by Gavrushka »

Congratulations and thank you too.

XTC is going to be cited as the third party in many an upcoming divorce I am sure.... :)
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Post by HalcyonSpirit »

I just let out a minute-long squee. It was a forcefully subdued one due to me living in an apartment and it being 4AM here, but it was a minute-long squee nonetheless!

Congratulations on the release! I'm sure there was a ton of work involved, and I'm also sure it will be appreciated by a great many players. You have my kudos!

Question (sorry!)... I know this JUST came out, but when I saw the warning about savegame compatibility (or lack thereof) when version 2.0 comes out, I got worried: about how long would you estimate the time between this release and version 2.0 (very roughly speaking)? The reason I ask is because I want to go into this mod and do a DiD completely blind from any knowledge about the universe. However, I don't want to have version 2.0 come out in the middle of it, so if there's any inclination of it being out "relatively" soon, I don't want to start it until it comes out. But if it's not going to be out for many, many months, then I have no problem with starting now.

So yeah, sorry for pestering you, I know you get this type of question a lot, but I'm not sure if I should start my planned DiD right now or not. I hope you understand.
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Post by Sorkvild »

Damn that manual made my sleep quite uneasy. Now say goodbye to nights :lol: Downloading & seeding in progress.
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Post by vr01 »

Well done guys.

I'm sure this will be an exciting first adventure away from vanilla for myself... 8)
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HalcyonSpirit wrote:Question (sorry!)... I know this JUST came out, but when I saw the warning about savegame compatibility (or lack thereof) when version 2.0 comes out, I got worried: about how long would you estimate the time between this release and version 2.0 (very roughly speaking)?
At least 6 months as we have a ton of work we want to do so we don't have to force more than one restart on anyone.

There will be patches and updates between now and then for V1.0, but unless there is a game breaking glitch none of them should require a restart.
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Post by LazerX »

I don't post most but I just gotta say this. Congratulation for this release and I will be seeding this for long time.
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Post by Forked »

Thank you!
Downloading with torrent. I will share for a long time. :-)

(sigh.. "only" five hours left at work)
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Post by Aragon Speed »

Thanks for the 'Thanks!' everyone. :)
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Post by Sorkvild »

Ok, I am after the 3.0 installation and now it's time for the big mod ;)

Naturally I can skip the Bonus Pack and it's not compatible with the mod , right ?
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Post by Arghy »

Dear god you guys have just totally made my day! i got the entire day off tomorrow and i will be playing the mod non stop.
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Post by Alex Vanderbilt »

Sorkvild wrote:Ok, I am after the 3.0 installation and now it's time for the big mod ;)

Naturally I can skip the Bonus Pack and it's not compatible with the mod , right ?

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Post by Xelonir »

Sorkvild wrote:Naturally I can skip the Bonus Pack and it's not compatible with the mod , right ?
Let's put it this way: we cannot guarantee that it will work properly within XTC.

Also, a lot of the scripts included in the BP probably have updated versions anyway, so it would be prefereable to install these latest versions. But again: no guarantees from our side that they will work.
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Post by PhYoshi »

Bah! My current game had just gotten started, I opened the thread thinking "Well, I'll just have a read, see how they're doing. I'll wait for 2.0 when all that good stuff appears", and then I accidentally started reading the feature list.

Well, let's just say I'm finding my disc to reinstall.
How's compatibility with existing mods?
edit: Oh, perhaps I should read your nicely formatted and coloured opening post, huh? I'll go do that :)

edit: Oh, a legitimate question! Are any of those sectors completely neutral? Nothing better for a pirate, or other sort of outlaw, than large stretches of relatively safe space!

Another Additional: Are there any compatible cockpit mods, or planned cockpit mods? Because I find that cockpits /really/ help immersion, for me.
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