HOW TO: Changeing the font of X3:R and X3:TC

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HOW TO: Changeing the font of X3:R and X3:TC

Post by Deleted User » Fri, 6. Aug 10, 05:12

Hi Volks this is my First Tutorial in this Board

I want to show you how you can change the font of the Mainmenu and ship computer interface

Methode: Overwrite existing font - no backup needed -

STEP 1: Finding the right Font
You can use (nearly) all Fonts in your windows-fonts collection
Mac useres may can do it in the same way but as i'm not owning or working on one it might cause some troubbles or the work proccess is different

STEP 2: Needed equiptment
I searched arround finding a tool or something to change the font and i found one:
X3 Fontcreator (alternative download link) in the this threat:
This tool is from some japans so you can try to read the readme.txt
some things are a bit confusing but dont fear it the price is much greather than the work

STEP 3: Creating a new font file
This is pretty easy simply load the font you like in the fontcreator
Set the Wisth and height (I reccomend u use 256x512 as the original *.tgas)
load the glyphs from file or type in the unicode (as example 32 to 512)
Set up the X offset (Left side offset of a line ingame) and Y offset (Line height ingame)
if the digits arent at the correct position ingame experiment with the Adjustment
A:0 B: 0 C:0 are the default values. Increase them to get more Space etween the chars
Save them (i recommend the folder name "f") and give them the name:
Zekton26 for Mainmenu and Headlines
Tahoma13 for Normal Text
As Tip you can look into the Types folder in cat 3 to look what Font is used for what (open the fonts.pck with the Text Viewer (X3 Editor 2).
For additional Language-Fonts there should be some other fontfiles (look in he types folder (Cat 3))

STEP 4: Installing the files
Installing the new fionts
1: Create a new Cat and name it as the highest number in the Install directory
2: Create a folder called "f" in it and upload all files u stored in step 3

STEP 5: Enjoy and upgrade
You can now launch the game and enjoy your work
if the linehight is not correct set you try to adjust the y offset
The default fontsize is 9 for tahoma13 and 20 for Zekton26
As i have changed mine too for mod i can say its more a try around with Yoffset and Fintsize and a peace of feelin what you should give it
I also recoomend not use big fonts for Tahoma as i atm not find out to decrease the fontsize ingame I think it got handeled in the fonts.pck

STEP 6: Last words
I like to say you can try arround with the fonts.pck but i recommend adding it to the new cat in folder types so its easy to uninstall without need of a backup
To Uninstall simply delete the new cat file you created in step 4

Edit: added alternative download link. X2-Illuminatus

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Post by Sire404 » Wed, 26. Dec 12, 14:38

This is an ancient post, but can you please attach some fonts you have created if you still have them?

Much appreciated!
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Post by LV » Sat, 29. Dec 12, 11:42

This account has been deleted so your talking to yourself


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