Diplomatic Aid crappy mission

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Diplomatic Aid crappy mission

Post by foxxbl » Sat, 28. Apr 18, 18:12

Well am really pissed now.
Trying to pass Diplomatic Aid mission (3rd tier on MEDIUM). So I am covering the "important diplomats" trying to make peace between TOR and TER in a damn crappy Gigurum.
So can I ask who could put diplomats on a ship which every piss poor ship in the galaxy can squash like a bug??

I have 8 Interpid Mk2 drones as active defence, 5 Eterscel Sentinel fighters worth of 5mio (the reward is 11mio) for which I cannot order to defend my target, so they wander around me trying to keep up.

So in the middle between Last Step and Sol Gate zones mission spawns 10 ATL fighters and I can't do crap to defend this little fragile ship carrying "important diplomats".

I wasted 5 hours trying to pass this "mission".
What the hell? What a waste of time..

Any helpful hints before I discard this mission and try to forget wasted time
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Post by MegaJohnny » Sat, 28. Apr 18, 19:28

I have the same problem in escort missions.

It only takes one or two fighters to kill Gigurums very quickly, it's a pain. If you could command ships to protect an NPC ship (as in X3), that might actually give fighters a new lease of life in XR.

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Post by Snafu_X3 » Sun, 29. Apr 18, 06:15

This mission type is doable if you pay close attn to the radar (& Betty's warnings) & hone your tactics. First you want all attackers to focus on you (Skunk) rather than the client, so fire off some homing missiles at each individual hostile ASAP as they come within missile range, then attack them piecemeal until destroyed or the Gig enters a tube/station's AoE.

If it enters a tube break off your attk & follow it ASAP: the mission is to get the Gig to survive, not to kill hostiles. Once the Gig has entered a station's AoE the station's PD guns should destroy enough hostiles for them no longer to be a threat to mission completion
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Post by ajime » Thu, 7. Jun 18, 04:16

I had a similar incident for the mission too. Which it died upon spawn in murky skies. Once i had an Destroyer stationed patrolling there, wasn't much of a problem anymore. But yeah, i tend to use starflash missiles to quickly take enemy aggro off from those transports. if gigurum bumpered something and exit the highway, that really annoys me especially if i wasn't autopilot on it. I tend to use manual flight in it for some reason though.

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Post by donzi » Sat, 9. Jun 18, 18:32

I just did the plot escort mission for CHOW on very hard and as Snafu_X3 mentioned, getting the ship to the destination is paramount.

I used just the skunk and selective use of auto-pilot.

Those little ships can evade pretty well so I primarily paid attention to my ability to keep paced with it, particularly when normal highways are concerned.

Also, with autopilot on, switching to 'cursor' mode will allow some ability to defend/shoot enemy with autopilot on and using the right button to shoot.
Not very suitable for firing missiles though since the AP has player follow so close.

Between tubes, it's easy to get distracted with enemy and stray too far from the ship which needs protection. I often get disoriented when trying to keep up with more than one target so I keep the ship I need to protect my target as much as possible and visually chase/shoot enemy with guns only more than anything so I can always quickly realign to mission ship quickly with AP.

The diplomatic mission may be a bit harder than the CHOW plot mission, but another tactic I've used -- cap ships 'on hold/standby' with 'attack all enemy' positioned along stretches between highways. ;)

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