Scripting/Modding Tutorials and Resources [updated 20/9/05]

The place to discuss scripting and game modifications for X²: The Threat.

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Scripting/Modding Tutorials and Resources [updated 20/9/05]

Post by Burianek » Sat, 29. May 04, 01:25

List of Scripting / Modding Tutorials
Here are some threads that will prove invaluable if you're starting to learn how to script/mod for X2.

Latest updates are marked with a *

A few general notes:
Every link in this tutorial list will be to a thread on the egosoft board. If there's a good external resource, I'll link to a thread here, on the egosoft site, which links to the external resource. This way, the issue of broken links can be dealt with by whoever is referring / maintaining the external resource. Post all dead link questions to the thread in question, I won't be able to deal with them here. Fair enough?
By the same token, if you have a question about, for example, graphical modding, post it to the graphical modding thread and not here.
If you have a link/thread to some useful info that you'd like to see on this page, feel free to pm me or post it to this thread (along with what category you think it falls under). I'll try to keep this first post organized and up to date so that people don't have to wade through 20 pages to find the link they want.

If the only reason you're in this forum is to give yourself some free credits read this.

For those who simply want to learn how to use / install scripts and mods they download, and have no desire to create them.

How to remove an unsigned script that you no longer want in your game


Script Editor Documentation:

MCSI Programmer's Handbook (pdf) very thorough, excellent work. This is a must have for anyone thinking of scripting!
(available to registered users only)

Beginner's Guides (Newbies Start Here):

Mark Laverty's Scripting Tutorials.

Good Scripting Practices / Script Editor Discussion:

Scripting Checklist - thinking of submitting your script for signing? make sure you run it through the checklist :) *

Tutorials Covering Multiple Topics:

Reven's Scripting Tutorials.
Topics covered:
- Tutorial 1: New X² Commands - Connect a script to X²'s Menu.
- Tutorial 2: Adding new command extension wares to X². How to create new wares and integrate them with commands
- Tutorial 3: Creationism Revisited: How to create planets, nebulas, gates, asteroids, factories, and ships.
- X² Math library - fixed point decimal & trig functions

Useful short scripts / tools / utilities:

Index of useful short scripts for scripters

X2 Script Conflict Report Program (unofficial) by Carl Sumner

Misc thoughts, lessons learned, tips / tricks:

Using the Script Debugger

Guide to the AL engine by ticaki

Xai Corp Scripting Handbook - allows any user to add/edit content. An indexed datadump of knowledge. Also maintains the list of used commands, wares, etc. (avoid conflict)

Adding experience levels in scripts

Thoughts by AalaarDB

Some of my thoughts on economy modeling / station creation

Tips for matrix manipulation using the S.E.

Discussion of the codearray underlying the Script Editor


External Editors:

DoubleShadow's X2 Editor supports multiple areas of modding, including ship / laser parameters and the galaxy map

Altering Game Parameters:

How to unpack game files and create a simple mod to alter game parameters.

How to add items to certain types files

Graphics / Meshes / Modeling for X2:

Index of many gfx modding tutorials and files / tools

How to copy / paste ships from one mod into another

Universe / Map modding:

Manually editing the galaxy using a text editor

Galaxy Editor by XeHonk (requires java) (Site appears to be down)

How to add new Sectors & Ships to the X-Universe

Sound Effects:

Changing What the BoardComputer Has to Say (Accessing the Soundfiles)

Links to external sites that deal with scripting and modding

Xai Corporation

The Commander's Space Station

X2 Source


If you want to have your 3rd party site included in this list, just create a thread that lists your site/sites so that I can link to that thread from here. See the XaiCorp link (it's an excellent example). That way, you're the author and you can deal with the link management in case you want to change / add urls etc. Then send me a pm with a link to the thread and I'll add it.
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Post by CBJ » Sat, 29. May 04, 12:16

Good work Burianek. This will now be the master sticky thread for indexing key tutorials and other useful scripting resources.

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Post by Commander Jamieson » Fri, 11. Jun 04, 23:08

For some X2 scripts and informative tutorials there is always The Commander's Space Station on

Are you stuck in the Main Mission of X2 The Threat? No problems, check out the extensive mission walkthrough on the web site to help you to advance further in it.


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Post by SteelRush » Fri, 23. Jul 04, 20:08

Great resource post!
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Post by LV » Fri, 10. Sep 04, 18:11

How to install downloaded scripts

Open up the folder which holds your x2 install


Thats about it.
LV's TC Scripts
Readme's For All My Scripts

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Post by Burianek » Sat, 11. Sep 04, 08:14

Updated this post with your pics LV. Nice :D
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Post by Valkiri » Wed, 8. Dec 04, 15:27

downloaded the files thingy for 3dmax n i cant use it can ne1 help

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Post by frymaster » Fri, 10. Dec 04, 01:33

the MSCI handbook should get pride of place in this sticky :)
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Post by CBJ » Fri, 10. Dec 04, 01:38

A very good point! Done.

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Post by Galaxy613 » Wed, 30. Mar 05, 01:49

Can you add my post to the list? :idea: :?:
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Post by Burianek » Sat, 2. Apr 05, 07:01

New thread - 'Index of gfx modding threads' now linked as opposed to each individual topic.
New topic - 'Index of useful short scripts / tools / utilities' added, please feel free to post resources in the appropriate thread.
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Post by Galaxy613 » Tue, 12. Apr 05, 00:36

Can you add New Sectors&New Ships Thread under 'Universe / Map modding'? :? Thx
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Post by ShadowTek » Thu, 19. May 05, 03:52

Hi you can add my site to external links if you like :)

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Post by Pirate hater » Sun, 22. May 05, 19:24

Ok I am new to modding I would like to make my self a borg cube to replace the Xenon M2. My question is how easy would this be too do all I done before is make game maps for stuff like dungeon seige.

Also which tutorials would help me the most?

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Post by Burianek » Sun, 22. May 05, 19:56

check out the link under the gfx/meshes/modeling section above. That's the one that should contain all the info you need.
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