[MOD] XPAN - Eternity - A New System

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[MOD] XPAN - Eternity - A New System

Post by Aranov » Mon, 11. Sep 17, 00:40

Hello There!

Well after about 2 weeks of fevered working, I've "finished" work on a new System, also known as a Cluster.
And all the while I've thought about it, and I've decided to release it after putting in so much work.

First some backstory, One of the few things I found I didn't like about Rebirth was the scale of galaxy, and the restricted nature of building stations.
That is to say, the Build Location system, combined with most Systems/Clusters being Warzones and AI being what it is, I felt there was little room to grow.
Thankfully modders stepped up to add to this game, including new Systems.
But I'm the type that thinks there is no such thing as too much space, So I wanted to try creating my own System.
Normally my attempts at modding games fall short, but with a rare fire in me, I pulled something together. So now that's said, I present,


An new Argon colony during the Terran Conflict, It was raided by a Terran Mercenary band.
It was during that raid that the Gates shutdown, Trapping Terran and Argon together. Now the Gates have reopened, bringing new enemies and friends to Eternity.

Spoilers for what you may find....

After overwhelming to local Argon forces, the Terrans, Finding themselves trapped, started to build and settle.
In time they reconciled with the Argon on planet and the few remaining stations.
Now after countless years, the Gate has opened, the "Everchosen" now find the System besiege by Reivers and Xenon....
A minor mission will start when loaded to direct you to then new gate in DeVries.
This is an early alpha, so backup your saves, and then save often.
The Readme in the archive includes a list of possible issues.
Haven't had much chance to play test yet, but I wanted to get feedback on what's done so far.

Big issues to look out for are broken or odd Highways, Clustered together build locations and NPC over/under population.

Requires Home of Light
Nexus DL Page, With screenshots:

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Post by MegaJohnny » Sat, 16. Sep 17, 02:52

Looks very cool! I like the aesthetic and backstory. I'll have a go with it sometime soon. :)

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Post by Informer » Sun, 17. Sep 17, 23:19

Cool stuff, will give it a go. :D
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