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Fishy done stuff (X:AP DiD)

Post by Raithen » Thu, 26. Nov 15, 22:02



Wait, that's what that button is for?



So remember this? Fishies + coffee = bad things

Neither do I. Or should I say, I rather prefer not to remember what happened. Which I remember all too clearly. Damn that daughter.

So who wants a recap? Eh, too bad you don't get a choice; after all I'm just going on a monologue. It's just me in this tiny cramped octopus. Lonely me.

I'm Tana Ro. I'm a Boron. Except I'm not boring, I swear. I was an.. how would you say it.. Cargo carrier? Bringing things like annoying princesses from point A to point B.
Although I wish point B was an airlock.

See, I'm one of the most unlucky peeps in the universe. Not only was I dumped in the middle of Xenon space once, with a Princess throwing a tantrum, I was harassed, followed and pretty much annoyed by all sorts of things. Like Kha'ak.

Pirates were cool though. They liked me. Until I started exploding things.

See, from my perspective things were going great. Really great. After all, I had just gotten myself a neato M7. I started acquiring things. Like credits, power, some measure of self-sanity after saying "HAAAI" to the Xenon and Kha'ak. Almost every five minutes or some such.


That was a thing. Whee.

Anyhow, I had started climbing the ranks of poverty. I finally could afford my "First Real Ship". Which I promptly used to explode things with.

So I got a bit ambitious. Something something crushing Xenon maaybe was a bit too high of a goal? Iunno. Maybe thinking of starting a war with the Split which technically we're already in except not because why are they here all the time.

Now you may be thinking; Tana Ro, did you get your capital ship blown up through an idiotic decision and foray into Xenon territory.

Well no. No that didn't happen.

But Tana, did you have to spiral around in a space suit after obviously the Kha'ak suddenly came in and wrecked the place you were at?

No, not that either.

What happened was much less anti-climatic.

See, remember that gunho gunner I had? Yes, he apparently had a stash of coffee. Well, he also had other things. Like compromising photos of the Princess (I wasn't involved, I swear), drugs, some space fuel.. You know.
Turret jockey.

Stuff he can't handle well, anyways.

And no, no he didn't cause a massive incident via expunging all of my Thresher's guns at say.. Atreus.

Nah, he decided to go visit Menelaus. While I was doing something more sensible. As in getting Her Royal Highness out of my sight because apparently Kha'ak in the sector isn't enough to roast her fishy ass. And yes, I still say to this day; not cute enough for the hassle and stress and pretty much destruction of most of my old life.

Oh yees I'm bitter.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Sorta.

See, Menelaus hates me. A lot. Like just her personally. Because I don't know why.
Maybe it had something to do with dropping her daughter into the middle of a Kha'ak invasion?
And then hightailing it out of there.

So yeah. She kinda took my gunner's erm... Suggestive invitations? Poorly.
At least that's the official thing on my "YOU ARE UNDER ARREST" that the Boron police chief decked me in the face with. Apparently I also have a case of resisting arrest under there.
Y'know, what with me out stone cold on the floor.
She chucked me in the brig. Along with him.
He did look a bit beat up but every time I scowled in his direction he just winked, thumbs up and said "Worth it".

To this day I've never asked him exactly what happened. Also, I don't want to know.

So Tana.

Why are you in an Octopus doing a monologue?


Because I totally just waltzed up to this thing and got in right after I got out of the brig. Apparently there's a war going on now. I don't read the news.

Which to my dismay I found out that they took everything I had.

I swear Menelaus hates me to the point of irresponsibility.

So now I check my own scanners and... Ok yeah that's not fair Menelaus.
That's just mean!
She's parading my Thresher out there. And she's painted my face on it with the logo "ID10T".


Well, lemme turn this recording off.

That being said, I glance over this crappy octopus.
Oh yay.

No money.
No guns.
No cargo space.
Space fuel?

And I'm in Queen's Harbour.
With this Thresher with my face on it above me.



Hello gents!

Raithen here; I'm going to be starting up a DiD campaign again. Because you know, why not.

So remember, I'm diabolical and I do random things and not everything will make sense but remember Tana Ro is a bit.. unhinged.

So what kind of run is this?

Just me getting reacquainted with X3. I've never actually played AP, though I have done some TC.

But yes, just for kicks, here's some rules that Tana usually adheres to:

Tana refuses to actively use anything non-boron for extended periods of time. All the other races have crappy ship design.
This applies to his own ship primarily. He has no qualms with getting other suckers to pilot the other ships he 'acquires'

Tana does not actively participate in combat unless drastic stuff needed.
He found out that fighting with fighters makes him sick.

Therefore he will be usually in the command position like say a TM. Or a carrier if I get that far. He can command from any m6 or above but usually won't get involved in combat if he can avoid it.

Tana has a strained relationship with Meneleus.
Basically Tana can only purchase one Boron capital ship before Meneleus says "NOOPE"

That's pretty much it. Sit back, enjoy, expect long times between posts. Maybe.

One Octopus
1x 1mj shield
2x space fuel
1000 credits.

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Post by Raithen » Sat, 28. Nov 15, 05:52

Quietly quietly.

At least that's my hope. I can't help but take a look back at MY THRESHER.

Stupid Meneleus.

I exit out to the west. I recall something about there being some sort of pirate owned sector in that general direction.
Or it may have been the Split. Not much of a difference between the two right?

A quick poke around told me as much that going further west is straight into Split territory.
Well, yeah. They kinda hate me right now for some reason. Maybe had to do with all the dead Split or something.
Totally not my fault.

Thankfully, in Veil of Deceit, there's this lovely little pirate base so I can pretend that hey, I totally didn't have any sort of Space Fuel on board please stop sniffing those empty canisters.
And they don't hate me! Sweet. At least my pirate cred is somewhat intact. Somehow.

Along the way, I get sappy requests of help because apparently there are pirates who think that they can arm-strong people right next to Meneleus' carrier.
I only mumble a half-hearted "Yeah sure" which I think they took a bit too literally? Either way, after a bunch of idiot M5 pirates plastered themselves against Meneleus' carrier,
(And I got all the credit somehow) suddenly a lot more Borons liked me. And casually quipped about how I look so much like that Boron on that new Thresher Her Majesty just got.

Barely contained fury in that. Bleh.

So I am left to scout around, to my own devices. In short, all my little empire, gone. None of the Bofu monopoly I started survived.
Apparently it was dismantled, taken down due to "Health and Safety" concerns. Excuse me if it isn't quite safe for moronic workers to break into the coffee supply, and then spend most of their shifts
doing EVA. Because they don't get enough EVA time apparently.

Oh, and actually half the stuff I bought from a shady realtor. Well, it was the royal shipyard.
Totally shady.

At least I get to see some more advances in technology. As in, I've not seen this ship around.
Or remember it. Most likely never remember it because who looks at these? Heh.


So I've been wandering for a long while now in the Boron sectors. Apparently pirates are clueless here because their whole idea of "Ransoming" these station owners isn't working out for them.
They kinda need bigger guns. Like a fleet. Yeah, totally a pirate fleet. That would be a great idea.
Except for the absolute ton of Boron capital ships sitting around. Yeah.

Lovely idea.

And I'm having a devil of a time actually getting anything done. See, there's a serious issue with the octopus.
Well, other than the fact that it lurches like nuts. Urrg. But it has no cargo space so I can't actually make money trading.
And it has no guns so I couldn't do that either. Then again, I'm rather.. hesitant to actually fight anything in this flimsy cardboard roller-coaster o' vomit.
At least it's decently fast.

However, I did get a lead on one thing! Some sucker wants me to retrieve his abandoned trade ship.
Right into Queen's retribution, except not to the shipyard.
And he only offered me a measly 5000 credits.

Should be something at least.


1 x Octopus
2300~ credits

Also yee images are bugged. I'll have to fix that later.

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Post by Triaxx2 » Sat, 28. Nov 15, 15:56

This is amusing. And now a part of the DiD list. (Which needs some serious maintenance.)

Ea't says: This look fun. Scared Squid always taste best.
A Pirate's Revenge Completed Now in PDF by _Zap_
APR Book 2: Best Served Cold Updated 8/5/2016

The Tale of Ea't s'Quid Completed

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain

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Post by Raithen » Sat, 28. Nov 15, 23:06

That guy was mad. Maad.

See, he had given me the task to return to him a Demeter transport ship.

One quick delivery and sold to a Boron at the shipyard who smelled slightly of cheese, I couldn't help but be smug. Very smug.
Because of his ineptitude, I was now able to purchase my very own dolphin. Hah.

Or should I say being naive? I mean, there's tons of people who want other people dead in this universe. Who in their right mind actually returns ships unless the reward is enough? You don't offer me a piddly thousand credit sum for a ship that is worth like fifteen times that.

But yes, I now have this dolphin which I stick another new employee on, telling him to do EXACTLY as I say. Basically, make me money by doing the things I tell him to.

Not like it's hard considering that this area currently is suffering from a massive food shortage. Totally not my fault or anything.

Still, I've got priorities, which is slowly amassing my personal ar- er. I mean mercs. Yeah. For protection. Preemptive protection.

'cept there's a problem with that around here. There's a distinct lack of places to actually buy any form of guns from. Like sure, there are missiles and the like. And possibly a ton of impulse emitters on occasion at the equipment dock.

But the majority of guns around here are just capital ships. I mean lookit. There are two PPC manufacturing installations. Nothing for fighters.
I swear, someone is hiding something around here. Pah.

Either way, that requires money but at least scouting it out will help me later on. Or I build it.

It's not like I'm foreign to station building. I just don't own any. Anymore.

So while my little dolphin, which by the way I named "Meneleus' jealousy" as an attempt to not at all incite problems, it's time for me to head NORTH. HO.

At least Teladi sell everything right? Like.. guns?


So I've gone about five sectors north odd. And I've marked some things for later use. Like a HEPT factory! Except that I forgot how expensive those things are. Like very expensive.

Still, exploration must be a go. After all I don't want to start actually maintaining multiple traders even though I only have one.
Not to mention it is rather inconvenient that I can't see what the prices are for things. I just have to trust in my idiotic trader who apparently can only count after he buys out the stock.


Further into Teladi space it is! Touristy and stuff. Taking pictures of ships.

Still, for some reason, when I approach this gate somewhere in Teladi space, the name sounds familiar.

Xenon sector something something something.
Now, I've been in Xenon sectors before. I'm not about to go back in.

But hey, people dropped cargo around here!
... including nukes. Well. Money.

And apparently there is another pirate base in here somewhere.
Nice to know at least.

In any case, I feel a weee little bit too.. how should I say. Vulnerable? Out here in an octopus.

I think I'm just going to take advantage of people on the way back to Boron space and make some more money.
1x Octopus
1x Dolphin, "Meneleus' Jealousy"
140000~ credits

Pictures are actually large so, I just embedded them in links. Might use spoiler instead for future reference. Dunno.

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Post by Raithen » Sun, 29. Nov 15, 17:49

Okay, I am mad right now.
As mad as a Split being told their face is utterly smooth. Or a Paranid that their religion is dumb.
Or a Boron that they look like a fish face.

But before I get to that, I'll think about happier times.

Some down on his luck Boron sold me a Manta! Awesome. It was super cheap as well. Probably had something to do with the huge hole in the middle of it. I could fly my Octopus through it.

This meant some EVA time. To fix this hole.
And it takes a while.

After doing all that, I have this neat manta. Which then promptly some other Boron wants to buy.
At full price, with a premium
I can't say no to that, now can I?

After watching a battle between Yaki and Boron border control, I was credited a nice lump sum of half a million credits.

Which I then used to purchase another Manta. This one has the nice sweet smell of not having another Boron sitting in the command chair wetting himself as a huge hole is drilled into the side of his ship.
Oh, and that minty fresh ship smell too. That's nice.

But this allows me to do what I do best, which is ferry people.
Except that Royal Daughter. No. Never.

And thankfully, they pay a lot of money for that. Heh.

And then I manage to snag a Barracuda at a cheap discount. Sweet.
It just needs some good old magical laser.
And within a short period of time, I get a second one.

Awesome. I think I'll sell one though for the money.

That leaves me with enough capital to start to work on the BoFu problem here again! Which in retrospect was a dumb idea.

Because apparently Boron Orca captains are really stupid.

And yes, this is why I'm mad.

1x Octopus
1x Barracuda
1x Manta
1x Dolphin

500,000 credits

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Post by Raithen » Mon, 30. Nov 15, 05:39

After that unfortunate incident, I went about making back the credits that idiotic captain cost me.

Which thankfully was rather quick because someone wanted me to actually move some personnel for about 700K.
Which was pretty neat of them since it allowed me to start finally equipping some of the ships I've bought.

Oh, incidentally I bought a jumpdrive. Singular.
Mostly because I'm trying to make my Manta be like my old Angel, which did have a jumpdrive. Which was quite useful for transporting people quickly across the universe so long as I paid my dues to the energy moguls. Or you go and get space flies

I still don't understand how that works. Is it like putting flies in your jump drive and magically it works? I don't get it.

Oh well.

After more money and scamming and deals and cornering the Bofu market, a plan has started to emerge. See, the Split have more or less had free reign with their ships through our space. Totally time for me to put in that work that they so habitually accuse me of.

With this group.

Two M5s (because they are cheap), an M4 I found on the cheap and an M3 I found on the cheap.

You may note that there is a theme going on here.

Unfortunately there's a distinct lack of things like say.. guns.

Well, I did go pick up some HEPTs, at least. But I have this distinct lack of weaponry. I can only hope some of my targets also are hurting in terms of finding things.


And I found my target. Some Split trader who thinks he can go in here and buy Boron stuffs with impunity. With this shiny new police license obviously there must be something illegal here!

Pilot is Split.

Good enough for me.

Now he does have some help out so I think I'll even out the odds a bit. Like by using a missile.

It's a nice red button to press.

As I watch the missile streak away, I just start wondering why the pilot doesn't do anything. Obviously they must be freaking out. Instead of actually doing stuff like say.. Shooting it.

And apparently I used too strong of a missile since the M5 imploded from too much missile.


Well, the attack is on! Except I don't have any guns on this TM.

I should go fix that some day.

Oh well, my fighters caused the guy to drop his cargo. A bunch of crystals.

He didn't bail though, as I blew him up.
Whereupon I find out that he tried to stiff me by not giving me ALL the cargo.

Typical Split.

Still, I'm happy, since that was over 100K in cargo.

But I've got a ton of work to do with this wing. Exploration is in order. Well, after I nom on some more Split.


Which lead to me losing one of the M5s, and an M4.
M5s are cheap to replace but ouchie, M4 because it couldn't shoot down a missile that exploded it.

I'm starting to think that I might just get a swarm of M5s to fly around and deal with problematic things.

Would be nice. Need to expand my money making operation though because I can't just throw hundreds of thousands of credits away on thoughts.

Onwards to an expedition to find more guns!

1x Octopus
1x Barracuda
1x Buster
1x Pleco, Tana's Revenge

4x Dolphins, Tana's food delivery, Energy delivery, ore delivery
Meneleus' Jealousy
1x Manta, Wannabe Angel

1x BoGas L
700K credits

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Post by Raithen » Tue, 1. Dec 15, 06:23

So I think I nearly wet myself.

Apparently I stumbled upon one of the Argon Military sectors. Like black ops kinda sector or something.
That was unpleasant to see a bunch of guys who started immediately shooting at me.
Now, the sector directly to the north of it does have guns for sale! Just not to me because well, apparently they say "Sorry, but you need to have a better reputation to buy our expensive, shiny useful guns".

'scuse me but I blow up Split for you- er wait. They dislike Paranid.

Uh. Yeah, I blow up Paranid (I haven't) and stuff!

Which isn't good enough for them.
Fine, I get it. I'll just y'know, go and look elsewhere. Or do some work to get you to like me enough.


I got bored of the Argons quickly enough. So I found some new playmates.

This Duke guy, he certain seems to know how to have a good time.
And by a good time, I mean a good time exploding. Well, his peons anyways.

Why would advertise that you're pirates so openly- other than the fact all the pirates pretty much do. I mean you look at your scanner and it goes: "PIRATE, BUZZARD" or "PIRATE, DROP YER CARGO SCALLYWAG"

I keep on finding that often enough, there's little to no cargo. I should probably scan them first to see if there's anything worth it to blow up. Eh.

Skipping up to the Grand Exchange, I'm a wee bit apprehensive though.
Because Toasters started invading the sector and exploding everyone.
Like, I thought that bordering Xenon sectors, you would have a huge fleet to deal with that.
Like an absolutely huge fleet.

Turns out there was nothing.
And this Xenon P was blowing up a Teladi Albatross.
Goodbye, profits.

Just before I dip out of the sector, curiosity managed to get the better of me when finally, the Teladi responded. And one of their missiles must have been a large one when it took out all the shields of a PX and two thirds of its hull in one shot.

In short, hooray, the toasters were vanquished and bread did not have to fear being toasted.
And I got to loot the field too! Hee.

Of course, looting the field is only so grand when you find something that scares you when you see it.

1x Pleco, Tana's Revenge
1x Barracuda
1x Buzzard
1x Octopus

Variety of dolphins
A manta
1x BoGas L
1,500,000 credits

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Post by Raithen » Thu, 3. Dec 15, 06:35

So you may or may not be aware that misery follows me everywhere.

Namely homicidal robots or these things which want to put beams of death into your face.

Yeah, seems that hasn't stopped being a thing.

However, when I looked at my scanner wandering around in the Argon sectors (Incidentally I'm lost), something got my attention.

It seemed to be an abandoned ship.

This is uncommon to say the least. I mean, I haven't run into any abandoned ships myself.

But there it was, all pointy. Damaged too.

'course, I've seen these things in action. Mostly at a distance. I know the kind of damage they can do.

Which scares me honestly.

Still, abandoned? No one is taking shots at it either, or paying it any heed.

Setting a course for it, makes me apprehensive. Is this a trap, something these things would have done since they have tried to attack the places I've been in again and again?
Or is this an oversight and the pilot went and died of something?

As I approach the craft, there's only one slight hitch to the plan; I'd have to go EVA. Physically override the computer, if it even accepted that.

Which is a bit daunting.

At least it isn't a Xenon ship, just sitting there potentially offline. Or pretending to be.

As the distance closes I go over the things that could go wrong.

A possible malfunction in the computer override.

Suddenly pirates.

An actual invasion fleet.

Well, however much I make up a bogeyman, I'm next to the thing.

Time to hop into EVA. Which is quite quick to be honest.
Most pilots make the mistake of not being in EVA gear at a moment's notice.

Not this Boron!

Either way, as I exit the Pleco, the ship looms up at me. And I just get a sense of how tiny I am even against the simplest M3

And I'm oddly nervous.

After a bit of fidgeting, it's done, and the ship responds to my commands.

Which then leads me to another dilemma.

How do I fit this thing in my ship?


With some modifications, I now have this:

And with that, I have to ask myself, what do I DO with this thing?

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Post by Raithen » Tue, 15. Dec 15, 18:52

With the triangular space ship of DOOM acquired, I have options, and thoughts and stuff.

Actually the thing came with guns. Laser beams. Which is a nice reprieve; every time someone else sells me their ships, they tend to blow up the shields as they leave it.

Freaking sabotage.

I mean come on. There's an off button for the thing SOMEWHERE right?
It's not like I have to turn off the shields to get out of my ship and back on.

That's silly.

Or is it an elaborate mafia-esque plot for continued support of shields?

Like a shield godfather. Who casually says "How terrible it would be if something happened to your ship"

This makes me want to get into the shield production area. I'll show the shield Mafia a thing or two.

Of course I only actually have a few fighters to actually protect me and no guns.


Guns first then.

I spool up the jumpdrive. And by spool up I mean tell the computer to do the work for me as I enjoy a nice glass of water.

Coffee is banned in the cockpit.

My order has kicked in back at the Boron shipyards and I've some suicidal pilots to greet.


Well I say suicidal but they all seem to be in EVA suits. They all have a extra supply of oxygen with them too. Oh, and I checked the ships they're flying.
Apparently these pilots already got their hands on them as every single one has an ejection mechanism jury rigged. From something as simple as a crowbar to plastic explosives around the cockpit.

Oh well. I don't judge.

Apparently these pilots know each other. And they've been flying suicidal Octopuses for years. The number of accidental crashes are only exceeded by the number of Octopuses exploded.

And these guys just keep on coming back.

Incidentally these aren't actually Boron pilots. I've.. learned about that and Argons actually make better pilots in these types of circumstances.
I've caught too many Boron pilots making poems in their fighters.
During combat.

Which is understandable because sometimes they just tend to explode instead of SHOOTING DOWN MISSILES.

That and some Argons are just weird and like flying Boron ships.
I guess they like hand-crafted flying death traps.
I will never understand that.

It's a group of five of them, and I've outfitted them with the very best octopuses I could afford.
Which means dirt cheap, I couldn't be assed to spend more money on these specific ones.

A short heartfelt speech later, the pilots went to their ships.

Of course by heartfelt I mean more like "You're all working for me now, try not to scrap your ship and you're all replaceable".

They seemed to like it.


Anyhow, my little collection of fighters I've decided to put to the test by going to Faded Dreams and blasting every split transport I see.

Including say some of these TMs. Should be a good test for these pilots right?

After all the Split still haven't learned and are flying traders into our sectors.
Which I will happily let them explode for various reasons.


And then I learned that regardless of who you are, no one can fly M5s properly.

I saw a TM with escorts come into Faded dreams. Sweet. I ordered the suicidal wing to engage the escorts and have the meatpunchers hit the TM itself.

At first everything went well, the enemy fighters were in disarray, the TM was being pounded by my M3s.

And then the suicidal wing flew straight at the TM turret side up.

Despite ordering the wing to engage the enemy M5s, multiple times, they wanted to shoot the TM. In a very predictable pattern.

And kablooie goes one of my M5s. I think I saw a space suit spiraling out over there.

That guy isn't getting hired again.

Shortly thereafter, the TM explodes, along with its escorts.

And I get basically nothing out of the ordeal other than feel good dead Split.

Which admittedly was alright. I'm okay with more dead Split.

Excepting that it costs me money to replace that M5.

I vent at the other M5 pilots about it. I think I saw one of them picking up the space suit.

They don't seem to care since they're zooming around.

Well. Back to Queen's Harbour. Along with this misfit group. Maybe they can redeem themselves.


So while my little trader army is going around, there's a Boron convoy going through. Normally you would think that would be absolutely nothing of interest since this is smack dab in the middle of Boron territory.
With a carrier sitting over there.

Y'know. The Queen's personal carrier.
Along with my Thresher.

Except that pirates seem to have decided to invade. Something something convoy greater than self preservation.

Awesome, something that I can demonstrate to the rest of Boron society that I am not an idiot!

The first engagement goes well. The pirates are completely routed by obviously superior Boron technology.
And I guess the pilots helped too.

And then more and more of them come.

Now, there's a few odd things about this I come to realize. One, the pirate ships are able to fly about uncontested in the sector without being blown to smithereens. I guess the Queen doesn't care?

And my Thresher is firing with wild abandon. Anti-capital weapons. All firing.


Missiles are streaking in and the pirates aren't even phased by them.

I watched them pound into the convoy and I can't help but shake my head.

Eventually they are dispatched by more missiles.

And an overzealous Barracuda pilot who has too many missiles in his cargo hold so I took some away.

Yes yes the missiles are nice. They are also expensive.

As the battle rages, I decided to make the most of it and drop some Mk 1 attack drones to help out.

'cause why not.

And then I found out the Thresher has an Ion disruptor on it and it's hitting my ships.

It's at this point that I think I know who's in command of that ship.
It must be that daughter. The Princess herself.

I swear Boron royalty is out to get me.

In any case, I'm sitting off most of the way away from the fight as I see entirely too much ordinance being thrown about to hit some measely M4s and M5s.

It gets to the point where I tell my lone Barracuda to dock up, as I watch the M4 buzzard get wrecked by a missile. Yay.
This is starting to get expensive.

Incidentally I'm down to two Octopuses right now.

And they're chasing pirates all over the place.
I think I saw one Octopus ram itself straight into a solar array.

I mean.

As I'm contemplating getting instead an army of M3s, my shields suddenly take a hit to half. It seems I've garnered some attention.

Excepting I.. kinda don't have any guns on this ship. Missiles yeah.

After firing almost every missile at the couple of pirates who decided to attack me, I spool up the jump engine as I tell my docked M3 to engage the M4 and M5 attacking me.

Which was kinda pointless since I just rammed the M5 and the pilot can't seem to HIT the M4, but hey I'm out of here, going straight to a place I can actually buy guns; the Military outpost in Faded dreams, one jump over.

Except they only have ion disruptors. Eh. That works.

As I slowly trundle my way over there, I caught sight of the very same M4 coming out of Queen's Harbour.


And it's making a beeline for me.


Okay, first off. HOW does he know I jumped to here?
Secondly HOW did he get out of there alive? I.. I don't get it.

Which leaves me wondering what to do.

I have the docked Kha'ak fighter, but it has no shields. Not an option, also I don't want to risk that.

I have a jump drive. That works but this guy seems to want to chase and end me personally.

All the octopuses are now dead. Hrm.

Also I have no missiles anymore.

Bob and weave it is!

I'm halfway between the gate and the military outpost. The M4 catches up rather easily and happily starts shooting my defenseless ship.

Whereupon I try to ram him. Which apparently spooks him since he stops shooting momentarily.

Three quarters of the way there and he still hasn't chewed through my shields. Ahoy, a friendly face, the Barracuda comes through the gate!

And it's hot in pursuit. Except that it can't hit the damn thing.

Almost there and the M4 has broken off a bit. Shields are good.

200mj is decent enough heh.

Finally, I manage to dock at the military outpost.

Skipping past basically every security protocol (Have you ever seen a Boron run in full EVA gear through a military outpost?), and one of the fastest bought Ion disruptors later, I'm ready to undock.

Except I can't. Someone has physically blocked the entrance back to my ship after I left it in a dead run. There's a crate and a guy sitting on it telling me I can't undock because of one major flaw.

I don't have a gunner.

Yes, to operate the damn turret, I need a gunner.

Unfortunately, I recognize this guy. Y'know. My old gunner, the guy who had a go with the Queen.

The damn Argon smug bastard.

Apparently he's here on the behest of Her Royal Highness the Princess. Who apparently sends her regards. Oh and since you obviously need guns and needed a gunner, she sent one of the best in the business.

I'm thinking that this is deliberate sabotage.

I'm going to dump my gunner back somewhere in Argon space far, FAR away from here. Later.

Either way, I've got some business to attend to.

With him back in the turret seat and my ship finally undocked, it's time for some payback.

A lot of payback.

The M4 is still in a duel with my M3. Neither side can really hit each other. And then the M4 goes straight towards me.


I can't help but smile as the Ion disruptor fries his ship's shields, his guns, everything.

And I actually hear a plea from the Teladi pilot. He's giving up his ship!

Whereupon the friendly Military large weapon array plants a missile firmly into the M4.


Final casualties
All M5s I had
The M4 buzzard


I might need to start hustling people around to make up for that loss.

Maybe expand my operations.

And some people want to go on a tour of a lifetime huh.
What's the worst that can happen?

1x Pleco, Tana's Revenge
1x Barracuda
1x Fighter (Kha'ak)

Variety of dolphins
Manta, "Wannabe Angel"
1x BoGas L
1,000,000 credits

I'm taking a break for a couple of weeks yay holidays, just saying.

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Post by KiwiNZ » Thu, 3. Mar 16, 10:09

Hi mate. It has been a long time and I just chewed my way through this new adventure. Stirs up memories. Love your style :D

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Its all going to end in tears, or a Sushi bar.
When traveling pause occasionally, look back and enjoy the moment again.

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