[MOD] Manual Command Extension v0.20 (Updated : Jun 28, 2014)

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[MOD] Manual Command Extension v0.20 (Updated : Jun 28, 2014)

Post by Berserk Knight » Tue, 7. Jan 14, 20:08

Original forum thread : http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=350741

Download : http://www.nexusmods.com/xrebirth/mods/357

I've gotten permission from Jack08, the original author of MCE to keep it updated for the new patches.

As of v0.14, I'm adding new features.

v0.17 and above requires BK Universal Menu System v2.0 (updated for XR 2.0) or higher to work.

v0.16 requires BK Universal Menu System v1.1 (renamed from BK Universal Comm Menu) to work.

---------- Updates ----------
-Fixed glitchy booster movement reintroduced in XR 2.20.
-v0.19 had critical errors. Fixed them.

-New combat scripts.

-Fixed the glitchy movement caused by in-zone boosting of capitals.
(The in-zone boosting's still there. I just found a way to do it without glitching.)

-Combat stances.
--Passive, Defensive and Aggressive for all capitals at all times.
--Defensive and Aggressive for fighters during escort/fleet.
(Escort/Fleet options have been slightly rearranged.)

-Includes "fixes" for station parts that were invulnerable for no good reason.
(Badlands Colony, Lonely Giant, Core Dig, Aqueduct can now be destroyed.)

-Delete Orders.xml in the MD folder if you have installed any previous versions. (Or do a clean install and remove the MCE folder entirely before unpacking.)

-Some commands have been rearranged. (All are documented in the manual.txt file.)

-Added a simple "manual.txt" with the layout of commands, and some clarifications on the targeting terms.

-Added 2 new "missions" that track units in the Mass Selection, and the MCE Target.

-MCE Targeting menu is also available from the Universe menu.
--The Universe menu variant of the MCE Targeting menu offers selecting targets through a list.
(Xenon ships can only be targeted this way.)

Please delete the ManualCommandExtension folder before installing MCE v0.15, as some of the old files are not needed.

Requires BK Universal Comm Menu to work.

-Changes to previously implemented commands
-- Some of them can now be issued with other ships as targets. (Instead of just "move to my position and hold" you can also issue a "move to that ship's position and hold" too.)
-- Most of them had their scripts modified to handle various situations and work properly.

-Align to Target
-- Orders the ship to point directly at the target.

-Move Forward
-- Orders the ship to move straight forward a certain distance. (You get to set the distance in multiples of 5km, up to 25km.)

-Attack Target
-- Orders the ship to attack the target. It will not be available if the target is one of your own.

-Escort Commands
-- Has options for formations and break/engage distances.
-- Break distance can be 0 ("do not break formation") for capitals.
-- Sub-formations are available for fighters escorting capitals.

-Fleet Commands (Still a bit experimental. Haven't been able to test much.)
-- Basically "Escort Commands" with a built-in system to give simple orders to the escorted ship without needing to find and call said ship everytime.

-Targeting system
-- Comm menu based targeting system.
-- Currently can not target Xenon ships, due to not being able to open comms with them. (If you own them either through mods or editing, you should be able to open comms and target them.)

-Mass Selection/Commands
-- Add/remove single or multiple ships to the selection at once, and give certain orders to the entire selection in one go. (The number of orders available are currently extremely limited. This was planned for later, but kinda got rushed to help me test the Escort and Fleet commands...)
-- Currently limited to "Join/Leave Squad", "Escort Me/Target/This", and "Join Fleet". (As I said, extemely limited...)

-*Experimental!* Trade Option for traders/miners under Station Managers
(Completely experimental. Use at your own risk, or at least after saving the game. Couldn't get around to testing this one.)
-- Limit trade to wares currently in the cargo hold. (At least, that's what it's supposed to do.)
-- Reset the trade limit. (This one shouldn't cause problems.)

-Updated for patch 1.24.

-Added an Eject/Come back aboard command to non-capital ships.
--The ship will travel to your location before the pilot leaves the ship. They will follow but not leave the ship within highways or "temporary zones" between the named zones.
--If you hired the pilot from a station, the pilot will come back aboard the Skunk, but only if there's enough space in the back room. Issuing the command also has the same requirement.
--If you didn't explicitly hire the current pilot from a station, the command can be issued regardless of free space in the back room, and the pilot will eject in an escape pod.

-Added a Drop Cargo command.
--Drops all cargo except for jump fuel. (I heard station managers occasionally fill up freighters under their command with unwanted, unneeded wares in numbers that can't be gotten rid of in any short period of time.)

---------- Known Issues ----------
-For capital ships, using MCE's "Attack Target" commands results in some odd maneuvers once combat starts.
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Post by jeroll3d » Tue, 7. Jan 14, 21:57

oh, nice man! :lol:

Entusiasta da série X3! The best game.

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Post by dijital » Wed, 8. Jan 14, 03:30

Excellent, way to come through on this. Berserk has some great mods and now MCE is in good hands (once again)!

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Post by INSTG8R » Wed, 8. Jan 14, 06:37

Glad to hear it's being kept up.
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Post by UniTrader » Wed, 8. Jan 14, 07:04

You still havn't set the save="false" Attribute in the content.xml to make it removable from Savegames without Savegame-Edit? ;)

<content ………… save="false" ………>…………</content>
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Post by pgargon » Thu, 9. Jan 14, 21:51

The refuel order (by EgoSoft)in the menu is not function by v0.13. Could you say way? :?
I use version 1.22

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Post by Blackb1rd0 » Tue, 28. Jan 14, 11:03

Does this mod have any known clashes with other mods. I would really like to use this mod but don't want to break my game with a mod clash. Great work. We would all be lost with this game if it wasn't for modders

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Post by Informer » Fri, 31. Jan 14, 15:10

I can't get this mod to work anymore with the last beta 1.24RC3 patch, any one else has this problem?

Thomas Soltau
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Post by Thomas Soltau » Sat, 1. Feb 14, 17:23

Yes, confirm at least "Hold Position" doesn't work any longer, though ships told to do so with 1.23beta still do it. Newer ships follow U wherever U go, even stop doing trading actions (just forget them though they are still listed in the ship captain's details), but this might be a bug/feature newly introduced with this pathch. Wouldn't be the first one. The docking/undocking bug without being able to sell items seems to be back, too. At least I cannot deliver the 300 food rations to Solar Energeticum, and when I leave the zone, the trading ship follows me and doesn't continue to sell them. It's quite a bit....annoying to be stuck in the plot, once again.

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Post by Informer » Sun, 2. Feb 14, 13:58

After some more testing I had the same problems. Ships keep following me everywhere, even if they are not in squad, I had to disable this mod for the time being, so I could go on with the game. But I miss the mod already.

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Post by clj » Sun, 2. Feb 14, 23:24

I can also confirm that the manual command extension does not work with 1.24 RC3 beta. It is deeply frustrating.

I downloaded the 1.23 RC2 beta patch from a torrent site, copied just the .dat and .cat files (not the old version of the X Rebirth .exe) and replaced those .dat and .cat files in the game directory that were changed with 1.24. This fixed the mod, but removed a few of the nice features of 1.24, like the ability to call an NPC back on to your ship (for that, I use the human resources mod still). With some work, I may be able to isolate what they changed that broke this mod, and figure out how to fix it, eventually, but I'm really hoping the person maintaining this mod comes out with a 1.24 compatible version sooner. The game is absolutely unplayable without it. :(

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Post by clj » Sun, 2. Feb 14, 23:24

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Post by clj » Sun, 2. Feb 14, 23:24

I have managed to figure out how to fix it. See here:

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Post by dijital » Mon, 3. Feb 14, 10:35

If it's going to be updated again it will most likely be at the next actual release version. Most mod authors don't update to beta patches, for example 1.24 has had 2 or 3 hotfixes already - which means if it had been updated to the first 1.24 release, it could potentially have already broken again; you never know what they're going to change in these patches. I can also understand not wanting to update a mod for a beta patch that may or may not even get released, such as 1.23 which isn't going to be released outside of beta due to some issues in that build.

That said, I do hope it is maintained into future official releases because this is an essential mod for me and many others. It's bad enough there won't be any more UFO updates, if I lose this then I probably won't play XR at all unless egosoft adds actual control mechanics to your ships. Not being able to tell my fleet what to do completely ruins this game for me.

Thomas Soltau
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Post by Thomas Soltau » Mon, 3. Feb 14, 22:19

I hope you are right, this mod is essential for me, too. But is it true - they re-introduced an old exe-version in this beta? Maybe this is why I cannot deliver the food rations to Nagano's Solarium no matter which ship I use because it undocks immediately before delivery? (As far as I remember this was a bug in early stages of the game, had been solved with later patches and is back now?) Anybody out there with the same issue?

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