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good or bad?

gief multiplayer
no no im happy in my bubble
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if only mp x-rebirth

Post by growe87 » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 15:41

How nice would multiplayer be for rebirth, now before you say bla bla bla seta hear me out

First off handled dedicated server style with scripts being server side, so all players have the same ones.

Game speed set able by admin, or game speed set by voting

When starting first first time being able to choose a corporation name + CEO name

Being able to offer jobs like defend system, and setting pay options like x per kill or x per hour in system, paid in seconds so if there for less time you still get cash.

Owning systems and taxing on entry to empire, ability to either recruit or ally with other corps.

Auto saving server side to save player states positions incase of crashes

Ability to build own jump gates and charge for short cuts, build hq's in own empire only tax goes here + money for jobs comes out of here

Ability to queue commands, for when offline eg. Hired TL> Dock shipyard > pickup *station* > fly/warp to sector > build station at xyz.

Each following command is available based on previous command, so build station not available unless buy/pick station is somewhere in queue.

Jobs to offer other players,

escort paid per secound within 25km of target ship.
Bounty on empire ships killed in, empire,sector,universe
Courier paid either on distance or one fee
Defend area within target location paid rate or per kill or both

To handle lagg etc, less npc ships than singleplayer as players will around.

How great would it be to get a group of friends all on one server which would keep running while not around so queue commands system would replace seta to a degree

Admin/server set able commands

Classes - similar to game starts now can pick starting ships+cash
World setting - economy, death match or sandbox
NPC activity - *checkboxes* race can war, active traders, expands territory, aggressive competitors
Game speed - 1x - 5x
Universe size - small, medium, large, full *I would love random maps but could be cornered off sections of universe

Server password - private games etc
Costs- low, standard, high adjusts buying prices of ships,factories,equipment from NPC buildings resources still same based on stock

Etc etc a whole lot more people could think of.

And it would be very nice walking around other people's ships and seeing them.
a way to hijack??

Just what I would like to see not an MMO but a multiplayer feature for dedicated servers

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Post by Earth Ultimatum IV. » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 15:48

Very very bad. Ultra bad.

Only multiplayer I would accept would be a normal universe like in SP, only difference is that you have an inteligent wingman. I mean, really, NO DIFFERENCE to singleplayer except another player.

Imagine the HUGE amount of annoying players and noobs if it was MMO.
Hell no, never.

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Post by EmperorJon » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 15:56

X as multiplayer would not work. End of.

So you set up your factory and decide to go offline for a few hours while it makes profit. 2 minutes after you leave some guy flys over and blows it up. Then blows up all your ships. Then anything else nearby. And they he says "lolololol" and logs out.
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Post by Falcrack » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 16:03

EmperorJon wrote:X as multiplayer would not work. End of.

So you set up your factory and decide to go offline for a few hours while it makes profit. 2 minutes after you leave some guy flys over and blows it up. Then blows up all your ships. Then anything else nearby. And they he says "lolololol" and logs out.
Make game invitation only. Play with friends. Problem solved.

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Post by growe87 » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 16:07

You guys are missing the point, if you want to play in a x-universe you can by leaving server values at the normal, and yes someone could just come along and blow up your factory and log out, so why not make it a private server and only give password to people you want to play with.

The point in having a dedicated server is customisation you can tweak it or leave it alone, or in reference to your player blowing you up if you have a fleet set them to defend sector or station build defenses if you know your risks.

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Post by Cycrow » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 16:29

ur forgetting about the additional cost required to add multiplayer and the lack of extra income it will actually bring in

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Post by Gazz » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 16:30

You don't have to proselytise. The heathens will either want MP or not.
Let's just wait a few days and find out what the poll says. =)
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Post by Nikola515 » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 16:46

Personally i would love to see MP in XR but game is not design for that purpose... And I want to see this game come out sometime in my lifetime... Also if i was playing XR MP i wouldn't be following anyone as wingman because it's boring and i want to be in charge what i do in game :D

But what they can do right now for MP or for next DLC :

1) Build free trading center and place items that you want sell and other players can purchase them from you on online market or something like that....

2)Arena-Random generated sector where players can fight each other to test their skills....

3)NPC Arena- Random generated sector where two huge NPC fleets are fighting and you take side and fight on their side and other players can join other fleet or your fleet....

4) Sector Invasion(co op)- Random generated sector where two huge NPC fleets are fighting and you are helping one fleet to defend or attack sector...(Xenon VS Argon)something like that..

This is some ideas what they can do for XR :D

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Post by The Q » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 16:59

X as a multiplayer could work, but I don't want it and I'm happy in my bubble. :)

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Post by Fallent » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 17:29

Adding multiplayer would defeat the entire purpose of what an X game is.

The instant you make something multiplayer balance issues have to be addressed. On a game like X it would completely change the game in a fundamental way.

I'm happy in my bubble slowly building up my fleets without chat in the corner going "omg, he's a ****ing haxxor". "No that ships just overpowered!". "ONLY NOOBS USE CONCUSSION LOL".

No. Thanks.

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Général Grievous
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Post by Général Grievous » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 18:15

Multiplay? no way for me.
Maybe, a LAN game with 4 - 8 players max. But when you star a game, it takes a lot of time... some days, some weeks and some mounths!
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Post by bluenog143 » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 19:34

I voted for staying in my bubble/singleplayer.

Multiplayer: All I'm going to say is no.

LAN servers: Maybe, if this does not take away any aspects from singleplayer, then I guess why not; although X is not a match based game, X is a sandbox game so how this would work I don't know.

Singleplayer: This option gives me the most freedom to do whatever, whenever so I would choose this over LAN and definetly over multiplayer anyday.
SinisterDeath wrote:This reminds me of something...

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Post by Dr2i » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 19:46

A thread about multiplayer... and the poll... omg the poll... biased, badly written... it shouldn't be locked but burned!!!
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Post by BigBANGtheory » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 20:21

I think MP would lower the overall quality of the product at this time, there are higher priorities and features required IMHO.

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Post by Nukah » Fri, 15. Mar 13, 20:29

What i think would be best is for the dev to let that door opened for the community to make it themselves. I say that, however, i do not know how modable the game will be, therefore i do not know what will be in the realm of possibility.

Personally, a little thing like having one of your friend use direct ip to connect to your world and then you assign him a ship to control that is part of your escort is as much as i'd like to see it go for now.

Kind of a "come, i'll give you a tour of my empire" option.

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