[SCR] Add stations (version 1.0)

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[SCR] Add stations (version 1.0)

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 20. Dec 11, 01:36

Das deutsche Thema findet sich hier.

Add stations
(Version 1.0)

What does this script?
As the name suggests, with this script you're able to add stations to shipyards, which will sell these stations then.
In addition to that, there's also a funtion to remove stations.

Why does this script exist?
In the forum you often see requests for scripts that should add different stations to certain shipyards. These are often stations, which you have to complete certain plots for in order to be able to get or buy them (e.g. the HQ after the HQ-Plot, Terran Stations after the Aldrin Expansion) or stations that aren't available at all.

Are there any requirements to use this script?
No. There are neither any requirements nor is there any payment that has to be made.
It's hard to find any explanation or balancing for this kind of function that fits into the game's reality. Also, you still have to pay for the stations after you added them to the shipyards.

Does the script have any limitations?
With this script you can add stations of any station type in the game to shipyards. This includes stations that are not meant to be used by the player, either because they can't be connected to complexes, doesn't produce what they're supposed to produce according to their descriptions/names or doesn't produce at all.
However this script neither displays which stations are buggy nor does it fix problems with these stations. If you added a buggy station to a shipyard, simply remove it with the 'Remove station from shipyard'-function.

How do I install this script?
For X3TC: Extract the .zip-archive in the X3: Terran Conflict main directory.
For X3AP: Extract the .zip-archive in the "addon"-folder of the X3: Terran Conflict main directory.
Start the game afterwards and assign a key to the "Add stations"-hotkey under Options -> Controls -> Interface -> Extensions.

How do I use this script?
After the assigned hotkey was pressed, a menu with three options opens:
  1. Add stations to shipyard - Another menu opens. Here you can add stations as well as shipyards to a list each. When you press "add stations to selected shipyards" the selected stations will be added to the selected shipyards.
  2. Remove station from shipyard - After selecting this you have to select a shipyard from the universe / sector map. Afterwards a list of stations that are sold at this shipyard will be displayed. Select one and it will be removed from the shipyard.
  3. Close Menu - what the name says
Download How do I uninstall this script?
Open the Script Editor (instructions can be found in this FAQ article), select the script 'plugin.X2I.add.stations.uninstall', press 'r' and two times 'Enter'. Afterwards execute the 'uninstall.X2I.add.stations.bat' in the 'scripts.uninstall'-folder in the X3:TC directory (or addon-folder). After that simply delete the 'uninstall.X2I.add.stations.bat'-file and if that's the only file in it also the 'scripts.uninstall'-folder.

This script is compatible to X3TC as well as X3AP. It should also be compatible to all scripts and mods as long as they don't use the language page/file (7336).

EGOSOFT for the X-Series and the Script Editor

The zip-archive contains the following files:
  • Documents
    • LiesMich_FügeStationhinzu.txt
    • !init.X2I.set.modified.pck
    • uninstall.X2I.add.stations.bat
    • 7336-L044.xml
Version history:
  • 18.12.2011 - Release: Version 1.0
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 20. Dec 11, 01:36


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