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Post by BlackArchon » Sun, 21. Jan 18, 21:42

I recently encountered the problem that pirate ships spawned from missions won't fire at anything, despite having the correct weapons. They don't fire at my ships and they don't fire at other race's ships. Already existing pirate ships like the ones in Gaian Star however do attack correctly. What may be the cause of this problem?

I vaguely remember that someone asked such a question some time ago, but I can't find it...

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Post by Vercetti » Sun, 4. Feb 18, 18:17

Hello Folks!

I have ben away from the X series for a very long time, after trying X rebirth and unfortunately disliking it... now I have been back for a while with X3 AP and I immediately installed the XRM mod.

I have a question though... I started as Argon Peacekeeper (I know that argon campaign is disabled) I completed the company, NMMC and hub plots, and now I have maxed out reputation with the Split among others... guess this would be time for the shady business plot.. I think I have all the requisites (UFJD on board, max rep with the splits (just achieved) and the HUB) but did not get the message yet. Is it because main plot is disabled so I cannot do the shady business or I just have to be patient (like waiting couple of hours in ATS?)

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Post by Cormyr » Mon, 26. Feb 18, 13:02

So I'm wondering what the best ships for each class are. For example I've heard that the Boreas is the best M2 although the ATF destroyers have quite superiors stats. Has that something to do with the weapon loadout?

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Post by VladWard » Fri, 2. Mar 18, 08:58


I just installed XRM on a fresh install of X3:AP and I'm having some pretty severe freezing/stuttering any time the game changes the currently playing BGM. This occurs any time I enter a new area, enter or leave combat, when idle and the BGM track cycles automatically, and even at the title screen.

I'm running on an overclocked Bloomfield i7-930 (3Ghz) with 16GB of RAM, a 290X, and the game itself is installed on a 5400RPM HDD.

Could this be a software issue, or am I likely being bottlenecked by something? I would normally assume the latter, but my intuition is that loading BGM isn't a terribly resource intensive process.


Edit: Issue persists after moving the installation to an (admittedly rather old) SSD.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 2. Mar 18, 09:34

BGM = Background Music track? If so, there are number of audio codecs which are known to cause problems with the X3-games. See the "Codec Issues" section of the Common problems and resolutions sticky in the Tech Support forum.
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Post by VladWard » Fri, 2. Mar 18, 10:52

Wow! I didn't even think about that. I went through my Programs and Features list and just uninstalled a bunch of codecs I'd installed years ago and the problem is now solved.

Thank you!

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Games crash

Post by guttizz » Sun, 18. Mar 18, 15:47

My game always crash when i try to install this mod.
game crash when i start the game.

Im trying to install it on the x3 ap

I have followed the steps in the instructions.

in the x3 crash file:
Story call stack dump:

What are im doing wrong ??

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Post by BlackArchon » Sun, 18. Mar 18, 15:52

Most probably you haven't followed the install instructions correctly.

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Games crash

Post by guttizz » Sun, 18. Mar 18, 16:05

omg yea i did forget somting lol. did only cope the one cat file over not both :P

so thats why it dident work. Im stupid ;D

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Post by Sorkvild » Mon, 19. Mar 18, 13:08

After recent Egosoft stream on twitch I was thinking about going back to XRM, but I reminded of something I didn't really like.


A fake patch request.

Goal - to remove all gates in outlying sectors leading to opposite side of the map. An example: east gate in Venturer's Sentinel leading to west gate of Ringo Moon.
In my opinion these connections are making the X world of XRM locked in a small ball. There are no "far away" sectors assuming we're in Argon Prime. In vanilla a long journey to Getsu Fune was something worth undertaking and dangerous. Here? Not really, just a few jumps from Argon Prime. Easy peasy.
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Post by Whismerhill » Fri, 23. Mar 18, 13:34

Mythrantar wrote:For anyone interested, I have made a bunch of patches to make TCAP and/or LoCo play well with XRM and AP3.2 and each other; you can grab them from the signature of my post. I also just made IEX patches for them:

IEX patch for XRM-TCAP for AP3.2


IEX patch for XRM-TCAP with LoCo XRM for AP3.2

All you have to do is follow the instructions in the zip file. Let me know if you find any issues!
Mythrantar wrote:Added compatibility patches for the latest version of XRM in AP for the Saturn Complexes:

https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php ... 10#4664510
Thanks a ton.
took me a while to find those though

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Post by zwierzu » Sat, 24. Mar 18, 20:35

Hello, I need help.

It's been a very long time since I've played X3 but I was thinking about giving it another go.

And of course there's a dilemma - I do not know if it would be better to play this mod with X3TC or X3AP?
In past I was playing mostly TC, didn't give AP much thought but after all these years I'm seriously curious which version of the game would be better.

Is XRM compatibility-wise more stable with X3TC or X3AP?

I was planning to install several other mods too (especially TC plots for AP) but XRM is THE most important - and I would really like to know opinion of people that still play X3 to this day.

If someone could explain to me which installation (XRM+TC or XRM+AP) would be more stable 'til the end-game I'd really appreciate it!

I know there's LU mod that's extremely popular and installing it would liquidate all my questions about game stability, but I didn't like it.
My heart will always be with XRM :)

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Post by BlackArchon » Sun, 25. Mar 18, 08:57

I don't think there is a difference in stability between TC and AP. None of the people posting their problems here indicate otherwise, and I personally only play XRM with AP.

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Post by Whismerhill » Sun, 25. Mar 18, 11:51

not sure where to post this, as this is an issue with XRM + IEX + TC plots for AP
any information welcome as maybe it could help me fix this and I'm in the dark right now. I don't think I made a mistake but I guess anything is possible.

I have a slight issue :
everything works fine, I can move between sectors just fine but :
As you can see, some sectors don't show up on the universe map
they show up just fine in X3 Map by scorp though.

My install http://prntscr.com/iw1sah
on top of that I added Mythrantar's 3 patches http://prntscr.com/iw1spg

Thanks for any help

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Post by BlackArchon » Sun, 25. Mar 18, 13:40

You have a mod conflict. Some aren't compatible or installed in the wrong order. I have used XRM and IEX often in the past, so they are working fine together. The following mods I haven't used before so there may be the cause of the problem:
- Impossible mission difficulty
- Saturn complex hub
- TC plots with IEX
- Detector
- Mythrantar's patches (never heard about that)

Please also note that AP is currently on version 3.3, while the Mythrantar files from your screenshot are for 3.2. This may also cause problems.

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