[MD] Increased difficulty of fighting missions

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[MD] Increased difficulty of fighting missions

Post by Striker304 » Tue, 15. Feb 11, 21:07

Deutsches Topic

Fighting missions are boring. Fightrank 'X-TREME', and what is there waiting for me? Two M2 and one M7? I own 20 M2, so... well, no challenge ;)
Do you want some more action? Do you want your enemies to have whole fleets? Then look at this:


This MD-script increases the difficulty of fighting missions by using the so called 'Opponent Balancing System' of earlier versions of X3: Terran Conflict. In those early versions, fighting missions were much mor difficult than they are now, but that has been changed within an update.

The missions will be way harder than they are right now, but it'll still be playable!
Example: Patrol, fight rank 'X-TREME', mission briefing said that the mission had a 'normal' difficulty: There were 5 M2 + 2 M1 + some fighters withing the first wave.


Download link: http://www.2shared.com/file/7aE7-OVp/Ha ... sions.html
The download link is a bit hard to find, it'S at the bottom right corner next to "Save File to your PC: click here".

Installing it
Unpack the .zip-archive (e.g. by using WinZip or WinRaR) and copy the 2 files into your X3:Terran conflict folder.
After that, rename them so they get the next available number (fake-patch method) or put them in the 'mods'-folder.

Just delete the 2 files.

- The missions where you need to protect a station from pirates create commonwealth-owned fighters on pirate ships

I'm not sure whether this will cause a 'modified' for your game profile. Maybe someone of you can figure it out? I have modified all my saves so I can't try it...

If you have any questions or ideas for this or just want to comment on this, feel free to do it here.

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Post by Striker304 » Tue, 15. Feb 11, 21:07


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Post by alphalvr » Sun, 20. Nov 11, 15:48

The best stuff s always hard to find.

Just what i need when im master of the universe in 3 easy weeks :D

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Post by primvirlaux » Tue, 22. Nov 11, 20:02

Sounds great, Striker304! I'm a bit puzzled though, what is the "Opponent Balancing System" you mention? An algorithm that was in the original game and was removed by egosoft, or a mod that was released earlier? Also, care to explain how it works (i.e. what to expect) and if this mod will conflict with other mods (I'm using "Unleashed", which lowers the total ship count).

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Post by alphalvr » Wed, 23. Nov 11, 03:57

well iirc when x3tc was released it already had this leveling enimies system depending on your fight rank. tbh i had no idea it had been removed till i found this on the german forum.

i do rejmember a lot of whinging from the trader types *ducks* mainly about difficulty completing plot missions. i could be remebering this all wrong but im guessing they got there way in the end.

never mind this puts it back, hell once you have a fleet you need some challenge, no?

i guess if you reload cuz you lost a m5 somwhere you dontg want this :twisted:

iirc it takes into account your fight rank and the ship or ships you turn up in fo said missions. so im guessing if you turn up in a m5 you wont get 5 capitals to deal with.

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Post by Catra » Wed, 23. Nov 11, 10:38

Just saying it forward: I give everyone 2 posts to make good, in context posts(proper english, as always, is optional). After that I'm ignoring what you have to say in that thread that's directed to what we previously were talking about.

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Post by primvirlaux » Wed, 23. Nov 11, 18:25

Awesome! Very informative thread.

Sorry for being persistent (or an idiot), but this thread describes OBS very much in detail, but it doesn't answer if it was abandoned at some point through a patch.

I was under the impression my current version (3.1) also somehow took into account my fleet strength when determining opposition, but perhaps I was mistaken.

Basically, I now have one part of the question answered (what to expect), but does somebody know, roughly, how opposition is calculated in the current version?

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Post by littleliliput » Thu, 24. Nov 11, 19:01

Is it XRM compatible?

Joshua the Bear
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Post by Joshua the Bear » Thu, 24. Nov 11, 19:20

This is not marking my game as modified.
This means three things:
It works without marking the game modified.
It does not work because I need to activate the script editor.
It does not work.

I have not played a combat mission yet, though...

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Post by primvirlaux » Fri, 25. Nov 11, 16:11

Alright, there's a distinct lack of feedback so far, so I guess someone has to make the first step... so I decided to install the mod tonight and run some tests (to see how mission difficulty changes between vanilla and modded). Will report back tonight.

darkstar one
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Post by darkstar one » Fri, 25. Nov 11, 19:37

been testing this and as far as i see it works, im militant rank in combat and i get like more pirate corvettes showing up in missions cant wait till i get higher rank , need a challenge for my griffon :D

so great work on this

btw i installed as a false patch :D
You've got the flying skills of a large asteroid

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Post by alphalvr » Sat, 26. Nov 11, 11:55

if you really want more info you can follow the link to the german thread in op.

plenty feedback in there and what with translator ofering to translate,, jobs a goodun :)

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Post by primvirlaux » Sun, 27. Nov 11, 02:28

Okay, here's my short feedback: I installed it, and shortly afterwards uninstalled it. Here's the reason:

For all I know, this mod will make missions harder if you have several additional ship IS when taking the mission (that's what OBS does, if I understand it correctly), but I was also hoping it would make missions *generally* more difficult, even if you only have one ship IS. However, this doesn't seem to be the case.

If fly a Springblossom, and using this mod, the total number of enemies is increased in a 'very difficult' Assassination mission (about 5 or 6 M6s instead of 1 or 2), but the target is inside one of those M6s, instead of a M7 as it usually is when I play this type of mission in vanilla.

I reloaded a few times, and the results seems consistent: as long as I fly an M6, the OBS seems to give me (several) M6 as opponents, instead of a mix of an M7, some M6 and some smaller fighters.

In short, the M7 version of the mission is actually more difficult, so I went back to vanilla.

Please note: I'm not critizising the mod author, it probably does exactly what it's supposed to do (i.e. if you have a whole fleet of ships with you, you will get lots of opponents), but if you fly a single ship without wingman, as I do, it seems missions aren't getting harder, perhaps even getting a bit easier.

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