[WIP] <RetVar> = <RefObj> serialise object

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[WIP] <RetVar> = <RefObj> serialise object

Post by mark_a_condren » Sat, 2. Oct 10, 15:20

<RetVar> = <RefObj> serialise object

<RetVar> = The returned variable containing the 'serialised' information and will be of DATATYP_STRING.
<RefObj> = The object you wish to get the 'serialised' information for.

This returns a unique 'string' to identify the object.
This can be used when passing varibles to incomming questions, you pass the serialised version and the callback script will convert the serial code back into the object id.

The serialised information looks like this, $#-18676$ (sometimes 4 digits and sometimes 5)

The only part of the serialisation that i understand is that the last 2 digits, '76' in above example, are the last 2 digits from the objects unique ID code.


Please see the tutorials for incomming questions, for methods to use this command correctly.

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